I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 341 The atmosphere has eased a lot (the third!)

The big snake pill really wanted to kill the pharmacist.

One is not qualified as his assistant, and even become a pharmacist who has not been qualified to renew the alternative container. It will take him on the road today.

Pharmacist pocket this baument ...

Only with help him dig the grave tomb body!

Now this guy really feels that he has become stronger, just want to turn over to be the master, but also dare to force him for the former boss to be a ten-tail column.

The look of the big snake pill gradually seriously, he immediately stared at the movement of the pharmacist, asked: "If I refuse you, what is your cooperation?"

"Dead is not buried."

The pharmacist has opened his palm and sighed: "The big snake pill, I can sell you now, let you attract the five major countries ...

And the original Nairies will now think that I am faithful to you, maybe he is going to the dragon hole to find your trouble, you have no other way, big snake pills. "


The eyes of the big snake pill were slightly slightly. His eyes were deadly staring at the smiling pharmacist, and there was a smooth Chinese and killing: "You are not afraid that I really becomes the tail of the tail. ... kill Did you fall? "

"Not afraid ..."

The pharmacist swayed and shaken his head. He calmly opened: "I have deceived the Shen Zhiwei, who is in the godbogence of the Shen Zhiso, who is deceived from Shangji, and the strength of the big snake pill, I also have to work."

After the pharmacist finished this sentence, pushing his own glasses: "I always like to consider everything I will do some will implement the plan ... this is why the big snake pill will lose to the original naval, and I will Successfully got rid of the reason for the original navigator. "


The big snake pill is nodded, and the voice is indifferent to: "Pocket, your guy has lived for so many years, it is really a lot!"

"This is also grateful to the cultivation of big snake pills."

The pharmacist pockets his mouth and smiled. "If our experiment is successful, I will not mind reminiscent of the big snake pill."

After talking about it, the pharmacist took a smile: "I am not joking ... After all, the strength of the six cactors is still worthy of admiration, although the power is strong, but may not threaten my body."


The big snake pill is nodded.

After thinking about a while, the big snake pill gaze the mouth of the pharmacist: "I promised your condition, let me enjoy my new body!"

"of course."

The smile of the pharmacist pockets.

The eyes of the big snake pills are slightly convulsive, and slowly closer their palms, the body of the eight-legged big snake begins to shrink rapidly.

After a few seconds, this eight-legged big snake turned a small white snake, slammed into the mouth, drilling into the mouth of the mouth!

The body is stiff for a second.

Next moment, this white is getting striped.

Single only seems to look at the appearance, this is only a seven or eight times in the past. It is obvious that the big snake pill will succeed.


The big snake pills feeled to feel the power in the body, and nodded: "White is really suitable for containers that are not born."

In addition to Chakra in the body, Big Snake Pill also felt the two strange blood stories of his body, one of them naturally.

Another share is his double eye.

At this moment, the eyes of the big snake pill are already a pair of eyes, this eyes carefully looked at their body, clearly he can't satisfy this body.

The pharmacist looked at the eyes of the big snake pill, and laughed and continued: "If the big snake pill is satisfied, then we start to extract the eight tail column, the eight tail of Chakra and the fourth-generation watch in Chikla!"

"…it is good."

The big snake pill deeply looked at the pills and whispered: "But I still need time to be familiar with the power of the round."

"There is no need."

The pharmacist swayed calmly shook his head, and the smile on his face was more concentrated: "I only need the big snake pills to use psychic surgery, I will teach the big snake pill, a column, a column, a pilot, to enclose the outer road Surgery ... "

After that, the pharmacist opened: "Oh, yes, the big snake pills remember must cooperate, absolutely do not waste our time.

I almost forgot to tell you, I didn't control the first generation of the new year, but he was defeated in the beginning of the whole day!

Even if the big snake pill has the power of the round to the eye and the outer road, I am barely, let alone the victory of the original naval? "

The pharmacist looked at the big snake pills, and the word opened: "The big snake pills, only you become a six immortigation to defeat him."

"... I will cooperate with you."

The eyes of the big snake pills slightly, this is a bit similar to the original naval: "Because than your things you do to me, let me feel the thoroughfare. Hate! "

Up to the original born!

In the past few years, Dashan Pills have recalled one drop in his and Shangyuan Na, which seems to be bullying every time!

Upo the bastard, almost all will force him into the dilemma!

Especially in the past few years, the rolls of the wooden leaves, the babble is completely exposed his shameless face, and he is unscrupulously, he has been playing with yourself!

That bastard!

The big snake pill is turned to the pharmacist, and slowly closes his palm, and the Zhang has a handprint: "Forbearing, Tongling is!"

Tongling · Outer Road Magic is the most basic ability to go back to the eye.

Even if it is unable to develop the power in the eye, you can also use this simplest way to summon the outside of the outside.

In the next moment, the huge outer road is in front of them!

Big Snake Pills Feelted Chakra in the vitness of the outside. His reincarnation flashed an obses with the light: "It's terrible, it is just a seven tail beasts in Chakra, there is almost unparalleled power ..."

The big snake pill is finally revealed with a satisfactory look: "Pocket, maybe you are right, as long as we resurrect the magic image, let me be the tail of the tail, maybe I can really master the legendary six cactors the power of!"

"of course."

The pharmacist will continue to say: "In fact, it is not particularly dangerous to become a tail of the tail. As long as it is enough to firm your will ... and I can remind the big snake pills, the ten tail column, but the existence of life is not dead!"


The eyes of the big snake pill are in an instant.

Obviously, eternal life is even more attractive to him. Since so many years, he has worked hard, isn't it necessary to ask for an eternal life?

"eternal life…"

The big snake pill slowly turned his head and looked at the pharmacist.

"This is what I have learned from Xiao."

The pharmacist did not refute, he looked softly: "The tail of the tail will be eternal life, let's take a look at the specific situation ... but there is no doubt that the ten tail column is able to master all the endurance of the endurance, it is absolute Yes! "

The pharmacist looked at the outer road magic. The voice gradually apologized: "The nine tail beasts of Chakra, completely let the big snake pills use any sickness ... This is also a dream of the big snake pill."


The big snake pill was silent for a while.

At this moment, the atmosphere between the two people gradually slowly eased.

Although the pharmacist is forced to take the price of the big snake pill to try to become a tail column, but if it is really successful, he can give him a powerful force.

Even the pharmacist also remembers the dream of the big snake pill.

After a while, the big snake pill was slowly swallowed and nodded: "Okay, I know, then we will start now!"

After that, the mouth of the big snake pill has a smile: "The five major countries and the original Na Na Group guy ... must be waiting for me to fight them!"

"Yes, the entire endurance is waiting for your return."

On the face of the pharmacist, he revealed his respected. He smiled low: "No, or said, the entire endure is waiting to rule their owner."

"Hey, it's good."

The big snake pill snorted, smiled and laughed: "Then let's get started! First send eight tails into the outer road!"


The pharmacist waved his hand.

The Sui Zhike belled behind him opened a time spatial whirlpool, and the figure of the eight tail column was dropped from the sky swirl in the sky.

The eyes of the big snake pills are slightly smashed, and they slowly clogged their palms: "I have to resurrect ten tails, become a six cactus, I must have lost things from the original nailed bastard, all have to come back!"


The pharmacist nodded and pushed his own glasses.

Yuxi Bo belt soil, the waves and thousands of hands are not talking, because someone behind the scenes manipulate their body.

There are thousands of miles away in Yuyin Village.

Shangyuan Na will slowly put down your fingers.

Through the few embarrassments of him, Shangyuan Na will take everything between the pharmacist and the big snake pills.

"Pharmacist, this guy is good ..."

Shangyuan Na's mouth hook, laughed: "I am afraid that this guy is saying that it is fake, just after listening to it, I actually felt that he said it was true ... This feeling is a bit fine!"

Since everything is done in accordance with the plan, then it is not necessary to worry.

Shangyuan Na will follow the things to do, that is, with the group of talents to participate in the Ninja coalition collection ... The enemy of the big snake will soon be in place, as the chief of the Ninja coalition, how can he be late!

Six big snake pills ...

It's really expecting the enemy!