I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 346, this guy is a lot!

Most of the leaders of Xiaoxiao are not good at speaking.

Or, the leader of Xiao Xiao is not good at doing a decent speech. Once they are black, they are quite high.

From the Austral Times, I have experienced a long era, until now I have entered the Shang Shangyuan Age, the three generations of the three generations are almost none of the mouth.

A speech of Shangyuan Na Luo, let all the ninja in the scene hate to the teeth but have no choice but to admit that the original navigation is correct.

This is an unavoidable war.

So these people around them may be the Ninja who is accompanying their lives, and after they die, they can deliver their consequences to friends and relatives or the only person who can deliver the vectors.

I am afraid that they have hated the people around you. The Ninja coalition has become an inevitable, no matter how it is, it is impossible to change.

"It seems that everyone should all understand the facts!"

Shangqi Ninja overlooking tens of thousands of ninja, whisper: "If you don't want to make a person who will get the corpse, then give me peace of peace, come up with your attitude towards friends, understand?"


Nearly 80,000 ninja is quiet.

At the next moment, the entire Ninja coallers got into the ocean of the people. Everyone should not send a man with a old blame, and only take care of the head.

"Blend ..."

"This king is eight eggs ..."

"The guy of Xiaoyu, it's not a good thing!"

"I really don't understand, why is the five shadows let him come as our head leader!"

"There is a feeling of inexplicably, there is such a guy to do our commander, the hope of this war victory is even more embarrassing!"

Just after they finished Shangyuan Na, they quickly poked their teammates around them, and there was a short born in a very short of talk.

Fortunately, they still have a common language.

As long as you are in the original captain, we can become good friends.

Although it is not particularly good from the process, from the results, Shangyuan Na Ruo did fulfill his duties of his Ninja coallers, will be a seven or eight thousand ninja troops firmly united together.

"lets go!"

Shangyuan Nae glanced at everyone, Shen Sheng: "The stunned troops take the lead! The rest of the battle force quickly keeps up!"


The captain of the five combat troops didn't help each other, flying in front of his troops, with them to the place where they rushed to the big snake.

The intelligence force has also passed the news.

The first batch of enemies have appeared in their perception, and that person rushed over the collection of the Ninja coalition!

Shangyuan Nairi is also listening to the news of the intelligence troops. I learned that the first batch of embassies and ninja appeared, and asked: "What is the first batch of embassies?"

"only one person…"

When I said to the young field, her voice was out of the sound: "The enemy is the sage of the wooden leaves, the predecessor's member Yisheo!"

"I know."

Shangqi Nai immediately reached his own order: "Now, the news is now delivered to the company, let him lead the first special combat team to rush, I will immediately send him part of the assistance, and help him quickly seal Uzhi Hosi!"

After saying, Shangyuan Na will be undead and told: "That all the troops will continue to move forward, don't worry about Utiliary, don't waste time, can't block the Journal of Journal of Ninja, you can't block the Journal of Ninja."

"Yes, Shang Shang Shang!"

On the day, he agreed to the young field.

the other side.

After receiving the order with the first special combat team, immediately took the lead in rushing to the neighboring part of the Ninja, and Qing Yushuo.

Their special combat team added the eight tail column of the just returned, and if you want to solve the imuppy, there is no problem.

What's more, I will send them aid.

It seems that this is not necessary.

Even if Yisizo's fighting power is very amazing, but there is no pressure for their first special combat team, whether it is to be able to still have a solution, and month reading can only hurt one person ...

When the first batch of embedded operations, Yu Zhihe was already surrounded by everyone of the first special combat team, immediately opened his own kaleidoscope to write the eyes!


"Be careful…"

When the whirlpool tag, he had to remind it, his mouth suddenly spit a black crow, and the crow is loaded with a kaleidoscope to write the eyes!

This scene is a bit amazed in everyone!

Even myself thought they had illusion.

Yuxi Hostel stopped the attack, his will recovered.

The crow of swirls in the whirlpool belly is loaded, which is the way to leave the water, which is used to deal with Unecheva.

When the crow is asked when the Yiszo's pupil, it will drill out, using other trend of the seal, the effect of the seal, the effect is to be loyal to the leaves.

Now, this episode changed the will of Yisi.

"Is it still not what people?"

After Yuxi Houh was awake, he did not show a shint of excitement, but it was desperate because he was clear that this is a pharmacist and others behind the scenes!

In the next second, the scratched S broke in the past, and he was reacted immediately, and he said: "Mr." "Mr."


A huge soul chain suddenly attacked the body of Uzhio!

This hook chain is coming out from a forest in the distance, and people who appreciate people are very drilled, just waiting for this opportunity!

"this is…"

The nature of Yuxi Pub, he has already perceived this horror on the chain chain, which is not the ability to target the soul, just right for him to reincarnate him!

Next moment, a red giant appeared!

The skeleton that must be sapphuses quickly wrapped the body of Uzhi, and helped him block the attack of the soul chain, and barely let him escape temporarily.

Just as Yuxi hub is reluctant to strengthen a sigh of relief, and it is planned to rapidly mention the news of the pharmacist.

The scope of this spell is very broad!

When Yishe is strange, he raised his head, he perceived a huge Chakra that was flying toward them!

"Heroes ... debut!"

I am daughter!

A tall stone statue is on the ground, and the Sui Zhi's must be able to fly directly, and then this tall stone statue is a boxing of red.

In the next moment, the stone statue made a punch toward the red festival, and he pulled a crack on the body. This high stone statue suddenly appeared and the attack was attacked. Even if the Yuxi Pub is not reacted!

No, or he know!

Unfortunately, there is no power to resist!

"What is this?"

Yisizo's face is ugly. It is necessary to pull his ten boxing sword, and enclose this horror stone in front of his ten boxing sword.

The red mustache is almost suddenly, it is tall, and the louder is tearing into a fragmentation!

"No ..."

Yiszhiso immediately turned his head and waited to wait, just looked at them, standing in place, there was no shot, and Yisi's heart flashed a desperate.

"First destroy, don't say it ..."

Perhaps because it is about to go to the real end, Uzhi is very awake, he doesn't know what happens now, but he can confirm that this is definitely the conspiracy of the original Needs and pharmacists.

Therefore, Unexpo is spent in this donkey, but also releases the crow that only puts the eyes of the nation of the gods, and burns the crow into the ashes!

Just as Yushuo is planning to release the month reading again, I want to use all the opportunities in the moon reading space to tell the whirlpool, and a hiped fist is smashed in Yuxi Pub!


Justice Dragonfly, a punch, the body of Yuxi Bohed it into ashes!

When the body of Ju Zhi Subico gradually recovered, the hook chain appeared again, suddenly hosted the body!

A weird green figure flew over the chain, in the desperate of Uzhi Hou, the green figure fiercely lost a lantern that passed pain, and the lantern incorporated the soul of Udi.

The bodies on the ground were lost, and it was quickly broken after the support of the soul, revealing a died of death, obviously this is the sacrificial sacrifice of embarrassment.

When the battle here, everyone has not reacted for a long time, and everyone's eyes are not looking to the tall giants and the green monster figure.

In the next second, the two stories were a smoke.

They are the absolute king cards used to be used for Utizhi Bohed, just the loyalty of Gario, mainly used to use it directly to destroy his must, the soul lock, the long hammer, used to trap Utueo soul.

"I gave you aid for Uri-Zhi Bohed, solved him?"

The sound of Shangyuan Nae has appeared around them, and he urgently urged: "Lord, if you solve Uki Houh, quickly move toward the front, the second batch of ninja has arrived!"

After that, the Shangyuan Na will open and speak: "According to the news from the perception troops, the second batch of embarrassments and staff are far more than imagining! And they are divided into five troops, respecting our Operational troops! "


After you should put it down, you will immediately leave with the whirlpool, and the swirl swirl is just standing in place.

"What happened, Naruto?"

"No ... ok ..."

In the eyes of the whirlpool, he flashed, and he shook his head whisper: "I just feel that Urshi Hosi seems to have not malicious to us ... Just now, the kind of eyes ... very weird, can't say the weird ..."


I also took a shot of the swirls, whispered: "The second batch of sniper tilms have arrived, there is our support, let's drive first!"

"it is good."

The whirlpool rushed to nod and put the case of Yuxi.

When the first special combat team rushed to the front line, the stunned troops came from the news that the death and injuries had to retreat, and the captain of the stunned troops surveyed Jiulang also brought the enemy's intelligence to the coalition.

"Big Snake Pills Bar!"

"The bastard will group all the embarrassments in accordance with the Village, and the ninja is also compiled by him."

The Sirikiyu's wounds, and the son sounds explained that they were encountered by the enemy: "Every rushing the villain ninja is concentrated together, we encountered the saddron army of the father Luo Same, everyone was They defeated ... "

As a member of the hilarious troops, the face is explained next to the face: "And I have detected in the air, compared with the embossing the tenure of our wooden ninja, the obscene ninjet army is not worth mentioning ..."

"Break, is it a comparison now!"

Jiu Lang couldn't help but angry.


The Saso's face revealed a worry, his voice was a bit heavy, "I am talking about the fact ..."

One list appeared in the pen of the intelligence force, and these news were urgently sent to the upcoming combat forces, and the army of the anti-reincarnation Ninja is too amazing!

Even when I got the list, the whole person couldn't help but suck a cold: "Take this guy ... a lot!"