I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 350, the most annoying people in thousands of hands ... Yuxi wave spot!

The sun is so beautiful.

Shangyuan Needs and everyone bathed in the sun.

The palm of Shangyuan Na is spread, and the sunshine is shot through the finger, and sighs a good air: "Such a good weather, don't fight the child is a pity ..."

"Seniors ... you still look at it!"

The face of Unezhi Sasuke flashed over a gloomy, heard the original Nairies, he was anger by Shangyuan Na.

Sasually manipulated the purple must be able to pull out the sword of the feat, looked at the original navigation: "Are you still doing me as a child? Don't use the past concept to see me, that concept is already outdated. ! "

Yuxi Bozuo manipulates the purple mustache's tall figure. He stepped over. The more you add a few more crazy on his face: "See it? Seniors, this is the power I reaffected, the strength you get there. ! "

Shangji shook his head, looked at Unechebo, sighed in the air: "Sasu help ... give you strength to make this kind of thing? He is just to protect you, do not let others hurt you ... "

Shang Nai fell in the direction of the mustvas, the voice gradually became serious: ",, let me take care of you, I will never tolerate your most dangerous On the road! "

Well, it was a leek that was taken.

If you don't receive it, it is estimated that after Uki Boli is, this leek is estimated to be taken away by the six immortals, and the leeks will be old ...

The leeks are old, but it is not delicious!

Shangnai rushed up to the direction of Zuo Can!


Purple must be Skille in his hand, slowly point to the Shangyuan Na, the journey of the rushing, and the eyes of Yiszo Sasuke flashed a fierce, and the momentum must be continuously improved!

"Don't take those to teach!"

Yizhi Bozuo said that his position suddenly rushed toward the original navigation, his voice became more cold: "I was very optimistic about you ... this world of truth has been mastering a few people. , Is this not you telling me? "

The huge fence is rowing the horizon!

A mad air pressure was picked up by the sword of the victory, and all of the earth, all people did not help but look at this scene, looked at Shangyuan Na, standing below the sword of Mustic!

This sword can directly break the upper body!

The eyes of Yiszo Sasuke flashed a complicated, no matter how respectd the original navigation, no matter how good his brother's wisdom and Shangyuan Nai, they have become different roads, they have become Life and death enemies!

"Sorry, seniors ..."

Yiszo Sascurable manipulated the sword of the must-have, and smashed his eyes on the original Nairi, and his eyes were flowing down. Friends, I will never stop! "

Yizhi Bo sagais slowly reached his palm, wiped the blood of the eye, and added a madness in the voice: "Seniors, this is the cost of growth!"

"is it?"

A gentle sound rang.

After hearing this voice, the look of Yizhi Sasuo changed, couldn't help but look down, he only saw the people under the sword.

Shangqi Na Rong raised his palm, his palm tightly grabbed the sword of the must, slowly looked up and looked at Unechebra: "Sasuke, have you got this strength? "

Shangyuan Na's face gradually became indifference: "Just because I got this power, have you already want to fight my will?"


A broken sound rang!

The Shangyuan Nairi has a shiny, and he slammed the whole must be the sword of the whole box, set off a more strong boxing!

Next, the whole must be a punch to be a fragment of the original Nago.

Even the fourth form of Yuxi Bozuo must be a strong force, and the texture of the Hexago sword is hard. For the man who is able to easily and easy to raise the beast, it seems to be a little bit ...


Yuxi Bozuo flashed a fear.

At this moment, he reresed his fear of the original navigation when he was taught in these years.

Shangyuan Nair's body slowly floated to the air, his body floated to the head of Qiqi, looking at the hidden in Sui Zhio, who must be in the head.

Shangyuan Na's mouth hook, watching the Sasuke that gradually became serious, laughing: "Sasuke, it seems that the power you just got, I seem to be still not very enough for me!"


Yuxi Boato bite his teeth, his face returned to the indifference and calm: "Sure enough, I know that the predecessors are not so easy to solve ... then let you see a real Yischi is what is like! Tianzhao ... · Delivery! "

A touch of the sun appeared on his body!

Tianzhao's inflammation instantly became a black long sword that must be able to have the hands of the hand, and once again, it went up!

"This is a talented!"

Unechebra helped to watch the waves from the burning of the burning, and the high voice: "Under the burning of the sky, no one can escape!"

"God ... or Tianzhen ..."

The original Nairou flashed the attack on the sword of Tianzhao Heaven.

His figure appeared around him, and a Chakra broke out from his body!

Shangyuan Nai's hand slammed to the shoulders of the need, and shredded in the shoulders of Zozy. The purple arm that handed the sky with the sword of the black inflammation fell to the ground!

In the anger of Yuxi Sasuke, the rush of Shangyuan Nairo appeared in another place, one foot kicked a leg!

In the blink of an eye, I will be able to take the seventeen eight falls.

Just relying on your own brute force, you will be able to dismantle it into a paragraph. You Zhibo slammed his eyes, looked at himself. You only had a huge head, and surrounded him. body of…

"Really ..."

Shangji was holding his fist, a punch bombarded the head, and a punch will take Sasuo to fly, he slowly screwed his wrist, wrinkled, frown: "Sasuke, You have let me down too much…"

Branch Task: Defeat Unecheo Sasuke (Eternal Kaleidoscope Words Wheel Eye), the task has been completed, reward passive talent skill inflammation.

The power of inflammation (activation): Hide passive talent skills, can freely drive the Yinzhi + the inflammation of the fire, and create and use the inflammatory tolerance.

Really disappointed with Sasuke.

Originally thought to open up!

The Sasuke in the state of the Eternal Kaleidoscope is only awarded the power of rewards, and the inflammation of Chakra and Yinjing Attribute Chakra is almost equivalent to controlling similar lanes.

It is said that the Yishao family has once sent it with the Yinjing Attribute Chakra and Fire Attrach, because only the most ultimate Yin Character Character of Yushui is only a good fire property talent.

This reward is definitely unsatisfactory.

When I heard the original Nairo, the eyes of Unecheo were flashing in his eyes. He wanted to reappear, and the hit that he just received made him couldn't help but spit a blood ...

"So be it!"

Shangyuan Nairi looked at Unechebra, whispered: "I will look at the face of the class, protect your life, so on the time of war, I will first put you first!"

"Shangyuan ..."

The whirlpool is not helping to scratch your cheek, whispering: "Can you let me help me?"

"The war has not ended yet."

At the last naval, I looked at the whirlpower, frowning: "Then, I will give you the hand to you, haven't a problem?"

"No no…"

The whirlpool rushed in a hurry.

This result can not be satisfied.

Just when the whirlpool songs wanted to help with Unechebra, a person appeared in Sasuke, and kicked the whirlowman kicked out!

"Hey, it's really a small ghost!"

A thousand hands, I greeted an eye, Zhike Sasuke, scornfully opened: "The guy of the Yishabo family has been so big?"

"To shut up…"

Yiszoato bite his teeth and got a thousand hands, Shen Sheng: "Take me away from here, I need time to restore the ..."

Yuxi Saso has always thought that the pharmacist is controlled by the thousand hands.

He believes that the pharmacist can hear him through thousands of hands, now since it has already defeated, then you can't continue here.

"no need."

It is a pity that shook his head between thousands of hands and rejected the request of Unechebra.

The hands of the thousand hands are closed, whispered: "Little ghost, let alone here, it is better to see the power of that person!"

"What do you mean?"

Sasuke frown wrinkled.

In the next moment, the palms of the thousand hand suddenly fell on the ground, whispered: "The most annoying guy in this life, the guy is also a truly person who is really doing the power of writing the favorite! Tongling's technique! "

A coffin slowly floated from the ground!

In the next moment, a full of Chakra appeared on the battlefield, and each perceived ninja was unrespending their eyes!

In particular, the unique troops are unsatisfactory, and its mood has gradually become somewhat nervous, its voice has become a little hars: " ... In order to block the coalition, do they still use the body?"

Just as everyone's gaze is not coming to the coffin, the coffin has passed a clearly disdainful and laughter, falling into the ear of nearby people!

"Hey, I didn't expect it to be your disgusting guy called me ..."

At the next moment, the coffin was kicked by people, and a touching wind swept all the land in front of him, and it seems to want to kick and kick thousands of hands!

The figure of the thousand hands suddenly flashed this attack!

Looking at the coffin between the thousand hands, or looked at the figure of the coffin, his face flashed a angrily: "You this babies ..."

"Hey, you are still in the past, you will only die, and then hide in the vital corner of the Hall of the mouse ..."

The people in the coffin snorted, and they were humiliated with a thousand hands, and they extended their palms on the coffin.

The figure is wearing a red armor, sharesing his hair, walking out of his own coffin, open his eyes, clear every move is very common, but because his identity is extraordinary.

Retois, Yuxi Bang.

He has had countless names, and sometimes there is a deed today, and the statue of the End Valley means how the two most stronger ninja is terrible ...

The eyebrows of Yuxibo spheres are slightly frowned, and look down at their own arm: "Is it a problem??"