I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 353 This is the power of Yuxiobang!

... ...

The Armor's Armor collision continues to ring.

The look of Yuxibo spheres is not shocked, and tens of thousands of ninja coalies have come over. It seems that tens of thousands of ninja in front of them are governed.

"Is that person Is Yuxi Boss?"

One of the captains of the intelligence troops, the sound of the young Tiantian fell into the ear of all the people in the mountains in the mountains, her voice inclusing, did not dare to confuse: "Everyone ... pay attention to his Chakra ..."

Yuxi Bao spot is accelerating!

The red armor hits into the Ninja coalition!

Next moment, countless ninja was hit by Yuxi Bao, and one by one mourned in the air, and these ninja even did not see clearly!

The entire Ninja coalition did not have anyone to block the Yuxi Bao, almost unarmed Unexpectedly, one person killing, or anyone could not block Yuxi spots!

At this moment, the Ninja joint forces experienced the feeling of the Eight Legion. Just now, the original navigation is like mowing the grass, and now Yisi Bao sphere is in the ninja coil, without anyone can stop him!

A ninja's hands waved their own troirers!

If the figure of Yuxi Bao is in the style, if the dance is usually turned to avoid attack, the hand has taken the knife, and the back hand flew out!

Even if it is a non-dead body of the bobbin, Yu Zhibo spots still keeps their own battle instinct, he will not think about injuring in battle!

Because in their era, once the body is slightly injured, it is very likely to defeat in the battle that is enemily enemies!

This is the battle instinum that is left behind in the Warring States!

Yuxi Bouvelle waved in the hands of the knife into the coalition, his swordsman quickly made people can't see it. I could only see the knife of the tattooed knife flashed. No one can be on the knife. Top and fight!

This is not a battle ...

This will be a tragic slaughter!

This is also a feast of body integrity and swords.

In the Warring States Period, Unexpected Yisi Wait Sports and Unexpected Waveflow Swords, was displayed by Unexpected Boss!

this moment…

The Ninja Alliance finally felt the fear of Yuxi Bud.

"What jokes!"

I bite my teeth, I plan to rush to Yizhibo spots, but the people next to stop him: "Lord, you still take a break, restore your own Chakra ..."

"it is good."

I have a noddron again.

Because I am also war, I will be a Ninja, a Ninja, who hold the wind and vacuum blade in his hand. It looks very concurrent.

Wind, the vacuum blade, is the B-class winds, the ruffles!

It is generally possible to do this degree of ninja, it is definitely a sword master!

as expected.

Next moment, the Yunyinja, which is invited, found the opportunity to find the opportunity, waving his vacuum!

When the body of Yuxibo spheres slightly, after connecting his attack, the scarlet's writer stared at his eyes, and the powerful moment of writing the eyes made this cloud tolerance. in!

This cloud is full of horror, and you can't make any resistance!

At this moment, the only idea in his mind is that Yuxi Bouchet This guy does not talk about Dr. ... Are they not more than a sword?

No, this is on the battlefield!

After Unexpell Spheres Live his body with illusion, suddenly reached out and smashed his neck and scarlet writing.

"Do you want to dance too?"


A silence on the battlefield.

Every ninja is not compromised with the area that is emptied with Unecheck, and the look is nervously staring at the Zhu Zhibo spotted!

Each ninja is not swallowed in autonomously!

Is it in front of them now, is the battlefield?

With body integrity and swordsmanship, illusion, the Ninja coalition in the field will fall into a huge horror, and there is no one to compete with him!

No, there is still one!

A person's figure appeared on the side of Yuxi Boss!

Next moment, this person swept out of a foot, the huge power of the person directly broke the legs of Yu Zhibo spheres, and the body of Yizhibo spheres suddenly!

That person watched the body of Yishihua spotted, and the eyes were slightly revealed. "" If the leg is broken, is there any way? "

Yuxi Bao, was knocked down!

Yuxi Bouvelle brings the whole Ninja coalition forces to be imagined, that is almost a strong powerful, and now I saw Yu Zhiwa, the entire Ninja coalition was shouted in an instant!

"Is that guy!"

"Is Shangyuan!"

"It is the general team!"

Although there may be a factor of sneak attack, at least he knocked down Unexpellbus, and then combined with the results of the arrival of the scorpion army before the original navigation ...

Sure enough, it's hope of hope!

The eyes of Shangyuan Nair falls on the body of Yuxi Boss, watching his legs quickly recovered, and there is more sound. Characters, should you get rid of the control of the earth? "

"Yes ..."

Yishibo spheres have nodded, waiting for his legs to recover, suddenly played a foot from the original navigation, I want to kick the Shang Shang's head!


His feet kicked on the arm of the original Naid!

Next moment, Shangyuan Na will turn to take advantage of it, and one foot is on the chest of Yuxi Boss, and kicked Uzhibo spheres out of the crowd!

Shangyuan Nair's figure has not stopped!

In the flash, the Shang Yang followed the Yu Zhibo sphere flying out, the arm suddenly stopped on the waist of Yuxibo spots, and smashed the Yuxi Bao spotted directly to the waist!


The heart of Yuxibo sphere is not panic, even the corner of the mouth also hooks a smile: "Your body is very good, is it because of this halving, is it a betrayal?"

"No, it should be a predecessor betrayed us!"

Shangyuan Na Ruo watched the Sui Zhibao sphere hit by himself, began to believe in nuts: "The elder generation and I have said that the big people support our messee, he will turn back to the eyes and the will of the eye. Inherited! "

Yu Zhibo spheres were silent for a while.

To be honest, the spots feels out.

But in the end, I have a little one, because the information is not enough, Yuxi Bao pointers don't think, he can only continue to fight!

What he became a betrayal!

Do you not the owner of the moon?

Mom, what is going on here!

Yuxi Bouvet stared sharply at the original naval, scarlet's writing in the eyes of Shangyuan Nai, enlarged in an instant.

This is the illusion of writing the eyes!

With Yisi Bao's, no one can resist!

Shangyuan Na is looking at Yuxi Bao spots, picking up his eyebrows, and flying Yis Zhibo again!

"Sure enough, is it old?"

At the end of the original Nair, he went to Yishibo spheres, cold voice open: "We are still fighting, how do you start to stay?"


Yuxi Board wrinkled his brow, his face gradually became ugly, because he used illusion, but did not have any effect on the original navigation!

Because the last navigation, I got a pure Yin, even if it was written, the blood, the blood spread from the vibrant, for illusion absolute immunization ...

The body seems to be very inexpensive!

Illusion seems to be difficult to play people in front of them!

"Fire · !"

Yuxibo spheres stand their own fingers, just after using two two hand printed, it will go out of the huge flame towards the original navigation!

"Inflammation · !"

The printer of Shangyuan Needle is a little bit slightly slower than Yuxi Bou, so he just learned the movement of Yuxibo spheres, and after a handset, Zhang Dou was sprayed out of the flame of the container. Surgical black!

There is a black inflammation between flames!

Even if the fire of Yuxi Boss is extremely broad, this is not as strong as the violent black ohritis, just in the blink of hematology, it is in the fire.

Some people have occupied the wind than the Hu Zhibo, this is the wind, this is that Yuxi Bao has never thought about it!

But this is normal.

Single only a B-class fire, naturally there is no way to counter the power of the yin and the power of the fire.

"Is it?"

Yuxi Bouvet glanced on his fire, was suppressed by the black inflammation and started to swallow. His eyes were slightly revealing: "I haven't seen such a strong inflammation ..."

"It seems that I have won me."

Shangyuan Na, looks at Yuxi Bouvelle, Shen Sheng Xiang said: "Former generations, we are the most suitable candidates of the monthly plan of the month. You should not betray us as soil, please get rid of the control, please join us! "

"Oh ... little ghost ..."

The mouth of Yuxibo spheres slightly tickled a smile, the next moment, it became serious: "Are you persuading me? When you see Yu Zhibo spots in the surrender!"


Shangyuan Na will be silent.

Just as Yuxi Botel believes that he has nothing to say, Shangyuan suddenly opens: "Yuxi Bo has not surrendered ... how to build a wooden leaves ..."


Yishibo's spheres fierce the blue must be able to!

Is this fucking when discussing this problem?

Now that the spokes are not complete, it is only the fourth form of must, and it has completely pressed Uneerso Sasher in the momentum!

Yuxi Bao is standing in his own, and it is overwhelming the Shangyuan Na.

"Do not."

Shangji shook his head, his body suddenly high, kicked in the head of Qiqi, and kicked this thin high but a robust blue Maxiang!

Shangyuan Nairou slowly stopped in the air, cold voice opening: "I just explain the facts, because I am an honest person!"


The battlefield is silent.

I don't know what these people are silent.

It may be because the original na will be able to play the strength of the flying to the flying. It may also be a honest person to say that he is a honest person ...

Only Qi Zhi Bozuo is unpredictable.

Unechebra helped looked at the taller of Yuxi Boss, and his face was surprised.

"This is ... Is this power?"

However, Unechebato has seen a must-have to be able to kick the spot, and the face of Sasuke reveals a self-departure.

"Oh ... it seems that there is no difference between me ..."