I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 357 I want to make the original navigation in the world! (Fifth!)

Anyone in this world escaped his control.

Because the original navigation judges that his acting has always no problem.

Unfortunately, this time I got to be disappointed, and Yu Zhibo spheres were silent after a while, and suddenly nodded: "You ... very good, come on!"


The original necklace is full of questions.

Do you have to comfort him?

This is the original navigation, and the character of Yuxi Bouchet this guy looks more dark, in fact, he is a resolute man.

Although the same as Chakra turned to Dhara, Yuxi Boli was more stronger than Yuxi, and Yuxi Bouvet was more accredited by those strong men.

Shangyuan Nair's speech is a bit green tea.

Yisi Bouvelle does not care about hiding, he is only a little appreciation that the original navigation is desperate.

At this moment, Yu Zhihu is really thinking about it. If he does not resurrect, the mesteration of the month is actually handed over to the original navigation.


Everything is not!

The voice of Yuxibo spheres gradually became high, he was looking at the original navigation, his face became inchabulent: "Shangyuan Na, I recognize you! Even if you are born in the Warring States era, you will not be strong because of the time Faded! "

Yuxi Boli looked at the original navigation, he was seriously opened: "In all the Ninja, I am confront, no one can surpass your strength, even if the column is in this age, you must be inferior! "

Yuxi Bou Shu Shu slowly cleared his palm, and his eyes were slightly tightened, and Shen Sheng said: "I recognize you here for the talented Ninja, I believe this name will never change because of the times!"

"... Thank you?"

Shangyuan Nairi is nodded slowly.

Ok, another branch mission is completed.

I have no time to play with Yuxi Bao now.

The wings behind Shangyuan Na will move slightly, because they have seen the deep red tail beast jade shot in his line!

"It's a tail beast jade ..."

Shangyuan Nair's figure suddenly appeared around the beast jade, and his body appeared a layer of golden masks, and kicked the tail beast jade!

That tail beast was played down by the original naval, falling in a deep mountain moment!

The ground is dramatic.

Within the sight of everyone, there is a big land of cracks everywhere!

The power of the ten tail beast jade explosion is far more than people's imagination!

Yuxi Boupeng looked at this scene, his eyes were slightly solidified, his eyes were slightly flashing: "Take the ten tail beast jade, it is a stunning way ... Town is resurrected, then there is no need to be here!"

There is nothing more important than Ten Tail.

Next moment, Yuxi Bao is no longer stopped. His figure suddenly appears around Unechebra, picking Unexpello Sasuke, jumping to the direction of the ten tail.

After leaving here, Yu Zhibo spheres are also specially transferred to the black, let it and the original Ninja will lead the Ninja coalition to help, after all, the original navigation is the existence of powerful combat power.

Yuxi Board and thousands of hands were stunned after a second, and the figure of two people disappeared at the same place.

Ten tail is resurrected!

There will be no one is willing to waste time here.


Shangyuan Needle to look at the Ninja coalition forces under the bottom, high voice: "Immediately move towards the direction of the big snake!"


The response of the Ninja coalition is like a tsunami!

Shangji felt his wings to the position of the ten tail, others followed him after the land.

Under the leadership of the five combat captains, the entire Ninja coalition gradually began to advance in the tapered direction, and everyone rushed to the area of ​​the ten tail!

When Shangyuan Na was flying over the resurrection position of the Ten, it also looked at his reward. Almost the task reward took the seven seven or eight eight, in fact, it is quite outrageous.

The first is to defeat Uzhi, and collect the soul of Uzhi.

Branch Task: Defeat Unecheo (11), the task has been completed, reward the skills population storm.

The striking storm: appears in the target position, summon the endless crow to attack the enemy around 800 meters around, the skill cooling time is not, the skill minimum consumption Chakra 100 points.

This skill ...

I can only talk about it.

Branch mission: changing the fate of Utizhi Boosaus (11), the task has been completed, rewarding skills soul.

Soul : Instantly extend a chain bunch of the soul of the enemy, duration of 4.5 seconds, the skill cooling time is not, the skill minimum consumption Chakra 100 points.

Shangnai is falling into silence.

Said truth, he didn't know a few of this system. Now Yisi's fate seems to be better than the fate of the original.

Moreover, the escaped guy is really the natural snake pill, the skills give to the big snake pill.

This kind of restraint ... is amazing.

The next is the dark harvest, defeating the ä 40,000 three-dimensional attributes provided by a bunch of embarrassment, but only the three-dimensional attributes of the original Nair fall to about 650,000.

Finally, it is a small harvest moment.

A pile of leeks from Yuxi Boupera!

In addition to the serious punch of the fist crushed the meteorite, there are some other messy tasks.

Branch mission: In the tandem ratio of Yuxi Bao (11), the task has been completed, rewarding 3,000 gold coins.

Branch mission: in the body is better than the hidden Music (11), the task has been completed, rewards 3,000 gold coins.

Branch mission: In the mortality ratio of Yuxi Bao (11), the task has been completed, rewarding 3,000 gold coins.

Branch task: Interrupt the legs of Uti Waquel, let him unable to dance (11), the task has been completed, reward 1000 gold coins.

Branch task: Crushing two emblems (11), the task has been completed, reward 500 gold coins.

What is this reward!

Shangqi Na's equipment was long, and his gold coin was enough to replace resurrection, how to send him so many gold coins rewards.

Especially these difficulties in defeating Unexpeus spots from all aspects and the front breaking of the meteorite can not be low, even if the film-level ninja is not done!

This garbage system is really broken?

Until the next reward, he would be barely happy.

Branch task: Beat Unexpected Boss (11), the task has been completed, reward passive talent skills cactus.

The heavenly reincarnation: the blood of the god tree fruit, the top of the top, can control the existence of yin and yang and all attributes Chakra, have a variety of magical power, and can master the top of the beast Down!


The expression of Shangyuan Needs is a bit unhable.

So, do you still gave the feelings of the immortal, this double-round ability seems to be the same as the six cactors?

Forget it, it can be opened at least in the future.

Although every time, a punch is a must, it is true that the original Nairi is also very much!

And in his body, there is also the power of the Yin and Yang. It seems that you can directly launch a six-way starry star.

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly lifted his head and looked at the long ten tail. He didn't disclose his own round of eyes, just a smile in his mouth: "The big snake pill, facing me, even if you want to break free from my control Can you escape? "

Another place.

The area of ​​ten tail is ravaged.

The big snake pill has erected his fingers, he still continued to control the ten tail, because the ten tail strength is too large, and the big snake pill is still a bit worried, worrying that it is the will of death after the tail.

Anyway, now the ten tails still listen to his command.

The pharmacist stood around him, and he urged: "The big snake pill, please faster, Shangyuan Nairou has already come!"

"I know!"

The big snake pill flashed a touch of impatient, and naturally saw a person who rushed over and saw the people of the Ninja.

Originally, the big snake pills will take the ten tail to spray a tail beast jade, but the original navar is kicked!

This makes the big snake pill.

Now he must find a way to become a tail!

Because when the original Nairies caught the guy, he may catch him with the protection of the ten tail!

Single is just a pair of rounds, and still has not been developed, the heart of the big snake will really do not think that the hope of the last naval can have a victory ...


It is too dangerous to become a tail!

"Six Dao · Ten Tail!"

The fingers of the big snake pill suddenly followed, watching the ten tail under the bottom, slowly starting to find a way to let the Tettail Chakra into your own body!

The pharmacist stared at this scene and pushed his eyes, whispered: "The big snake pills, at least now you don't have to worry about yourself.

Because the process of becoming a tail column is not reversible and uninterrupted, even if it is killed, it will not die, and the Ten Takla will enter your body and ensure that your body will not be injured. "

"Is this?"

The eyes of the big snake pills are slightly tightened, and the two rounds are slightly big in his eyes. To tell the truth, this pair is really not suitable for him.

The big snake pill slowly looked up to the Shangyuan Na, the arrival in the distance, snorted: "But according to this distance, the Shangyuan Na will go here, I should be able to income my ten tail. Is it in the body? "


The pharmacist nodded. He looked at the tail of Chakra flying into the body of the big snake pill. He said on his face: "The legend of the six cactors! This legend will have a strong ..."

After the pharmacist said, he slowly lowered his head, and his mouth hooks slightly: "And this power is strong, can this limit?"

"Oh, is it the little ghost?"

The big snake pills showed a painful smile. When the ten tail of Chakra felt not good, he felt that his body may expand at any time!

Just next moment, the big snake pill quickly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly and the sweat on the forehead, whispered: "Reassured, this time, Shang Nai will not resist the power of this force!"

When the big snake pills said, his face gradually appeared in a madness: "I want to make Shangyuan's depends in the world, let him feel the torture I have experienced! "