I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 361, Mr. Dayun Pill, have you had fun? (Fourth!)

The thing of this pharmacist is too much.

After dark, the pharmacist took the spirit of the martial arts, and the heart was a bit dissatisfied. It never intended to resurrect the long door. It is mainly worried that the original naval is in the long door, and the resurrection of Unexpected Bottle rushed to the eye.

After a while, it was slightly opened: "If the long-door and the spots are resurrected, then who will show the eyes of the month?"

" ..."

Shangyuan is laughing, and the eyes slowly fall into the black body: "Isn't we agree before? Is the person who executed the moon not me?"


The black is silent for a while, and suddenly grinned.

Just when the black is not intended to deceive the original navigation, I saw the original naval but shake his head: "Okay, I am joking, my predecessors have developed the month's eye plan, if you let him to show the merits of the month It is also to let him have to pay yourself! "

Shangyuan Nairou looked at the poor door of the pharmacist, faintly opened: "I just want a world that makes the universal adult and Xiaonan teacher, a world that has no war, one forever and peaceful world ..."

" ..."

The black spot is nodded: "Reassure, Needar, as long as the messengers plan can be successful, your dreams will be realized!"

They have been discussing the big snake pills.

Within Six, there is actually a huge advantage, even the arrival of two people, and the arrival of the four generations, and still have not changed the situation on the battlefield.

"I will solve the universal adult."

Shangji took a look at the black, whispered: "The elder generation, here will be given to you, wait until the big snake pill has lifted the Siliyang array, I will come to the battle!"

"it is good."

The darkness is nodded, looking at the battle within the Six-Chiyangfang, if it is not good, then you can only let Yuxi Boss also want to join the battlefield!

the other side.

Shangyuan Na's wings were moving slightly, with his body fell in front of the long door, his eyes were slightly flashing: "How, is it happy to be happy?"


The door shook his head without helplessness, looked at the original navigation: "Shangyuan, I never thought that when we met again, it would be in this situation, small south is not in the battlefield?"


Shang Nai was settled to open his palm, whisper explained: "This war is very dangerous. I haven't gratified it. I naturally not bring Xiaonan teacher."


The eyebrows were slightly frowned, and they looked at the original navigation in the face of the face. "If you sacrifice in the battlefield, only Xiaonan's words ..."

"There is no relationship."

Shangji shook his head, slowly extended his palm, whispered: "The long-door adult, I hope that I will do what I will do, you will forgive me."

"Ha ha…"

The long door showed a smile. He nodded quietly: "I said, when you are sixteen, I have told you, no matter what you do, I will help you, I will not Blame you. "

"That's good."

The original Nairou means a long time.

Next moment, a touch of wind attaches the body of the long!

Shangqi Nair's figure suddenly hit to crush the embarrassment of the long door, the momentum fell in front of the pharmacist, and the sound opened: "You can tell him all the truth, preparing to wait for the elderly to resurrect, just take him Income of the Qiwei Space. "


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses calmly.

Shangyuan Needo did not surprise the pharmacist pocket, lowered his voice: "Is it behind the body of the big snake?"

"left behind."

The pharmacist slowly closed his palm, whispered: "Only, I have hidden within the column cells, I can't play the big snake pill for this state. usefulness…"

"Is it just a body?"

Shang Nai wrinkled her brow, whispered: "I thought you would have any hands in his soul ... It seems that your movements have not been used for the time being."

"No, the soul is also a hand."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and sighed. "I have captured the red bean, her body is a curse of the big snake pill."

The backhand of the big snake pill is in their hands, no matter what the big snake pill wants to do, he will never give up his last way.

"Don't do it."

Shangji nodded, watching the battle within the distant Siliyang arrand, whispered: "If the black is unable to control the big snake pill, then you will play!"

"Yes, adults."

The body of the pharmacist has no other movement.

After all, the big snake pill is good at seizing the body's body, and it is very good at controlling the body of others. Two people don't win the victory?

After two people exchanged, after a short half, the body of the door was about to completely recover. Shangyuan Na will disappear in front of the pharmacist, he is just to brush a long door, and make the pharmacist to do a good door Preparation of resurrection.

After the arrival of the original navigation, the body of the long door has been restored, his face became unusual, and the brow wrinkled dead.

"Pharmacist, what is going on?"

"As you can see."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and whispered. "Now everything is an adult's order, everything is in the control of adults."


The long door was stunned into silence.

At this moment, he understood who is the adult in the pharmacist.

After a long time, the long door is suspiciously asked: "You said that everything is in the original control, what did you control?" What happened now ... "


The eyes of the pharmacist have slowly become firm.

In the next moment, the pharmacist looked at the way to find the original navigation and asked a clear door, suddenly erected his finger!

I saw the movement of the long door suddenly stopped, and his will went down.


The pharmacist shakes his head, watching the long door, opening sigh: "It's a good luck ... Others are working hard to find the direction of victory, you stand directly from the beginning of the victory."

Within the six red yang.

The combat situation is still not reversed.

Because this guy this guy is very clear how to take advantage of its own advantages.

Most importantly, Big Snake Pill is very familiar with the enemy present, he even has handed hands with most enemies, especially the main combat!

"Wind, big breakthrough!"

The big snake pills spurted a wind!

This can only be called a Class C, which is extremely horrible under the blessing of the six Thatchikra, and all people in front of the moment!

At the same time, a kind of seeking jade suddenly attacked the position!

Fortunately, the cells on the four generations of Thunder are highly activated. He hurriedly grabbed the figure and jumped to another position and escaped the attack of the jade!

In this battle, the four generations of Lei Ying have been doing this.

Whenever other people can't avoid or have no attacks, all are all high-speed instantogenesis remedies by the four generations of Lei Yai.

After worried about the four generations of Lei Ying: "If you move this high-speed movement, your body can't get it?"

"Uncle Lei Ying, let me make up!"

The whirlpool is draped into a golden Chakra gown, and there is an immortal model in the eyes. The Shen Sheng continues: "In this battle, we can't make a little mistake!"

"Do not…"

The four generations of Lei Ying looked at the people present, shook his head and went to open the mouth: "Everything must be the maintenance of the shank and the safety of the Naruto, I have a woman with the ahead of the same ..."

Whether it is a four-generation strainer or a hand, they can't make effective harm to the big snake pills, even if the medical ninja is the medical ninja, there must be no effect on the time ... They must give the vortex people and self Come!

Only they are the hope of defeating the big snake!

When the four generations of Lei Ying started to talk, the figure of the big snake pill appeared around the four generations of Lei Ying, and he waved the jade black sword in his hand.

"Do you want to sacrifice?"

The jade black sword in the hands of the big snake will have to cross the throat of the four generations of Lei Ying. As long as the Taoju's black sword can turn the neck of the four generations of Lei Ying to virtual!

Just in the most dangerous time, a golden Chakra Master suddenly grabbed the back of the four generations of Lei Ying, and he brought him to the drag!

Even so too late!

The big snake pills in the hands of the jade black sword wipe the arm of the four generations of Lei Ying, suddenly cut his half arm, the arm of the arm was blamed into a piece of virtual!


"Lei Ying Hou!"

"Uncle Lei Ying!"

Everyone is frightened to look at the creation of the four generations of Lei Xiang, because they are very clear about what the arm means anything.

Especially the four generations of Lei Ying, a ninja dominant!

"Don't quarrel!"

The four generations of thunding came from the crowd, and the sound opened: "I said, my woman is a scope of sacrifice ... don't worry, there is a arm in the district ..."


Everyone has fallen into silence.

The whirlpool is flashing on the face, he once again incorporated a huge golden demon fox, whisper: "Good color fairy! You come to cover me! I will launch offense!"

"it is good!"

Location is nodding.

Just as these people are supporting, some people have a punch on the Siliyang array, only to see a crack in the Chung Yanyan knot, followed by the entire Silk Chung, and become a fragment. Disappearing in the air!

Shangyuan Needle to pinch his palm, appeared in the sky of the big snake pill, : "Mr. Big Snake Pill, have fun?"