I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 362 is sorry, big snake pills, or I (fifth!)

The big snake pill is actually very happy.

As the second six cactors in the role, the big snake pill does not mind let everyone know the power he has, especially the two of the two, always think that he does not have a dream.

Now, the original Nairi is actively jumping in. The big snake pill does not mind, this guy is, this is the enemy he hates the bones.

In the heart of the big snake, the shock of the Shangyuan Breakthrough in the Jiyang array, his body slowly floated, stopped in front of the top.

"Shangyuan Jun, have you seen it?"

The big snake pill has rushed the jade black sword in his hand, and smiled: "I am no longer the past, now I have become a new six cactus, in this world, no one will have anyone. My opponent ... includes you are also. "


Shangji Looking at the figure of the big snake pill, kneading the hair before yourself: "You are so arrogant, I look at it is a bit uncomfortable!"

"But how can you?"

The big snake pills have cleared the jade black sword in their hands, and smiled and opened: "Use you before, I just like you can't see me, but I can't help it again ... this sentence is once What I said to me, is this guy not forgotten? "

The big snake pill looked at the original Nairi's expression, got his own lips: "Unfortunately! Shangyuan Jun, the power of the six cactors is unable to match, I can clearly feel your power ..."

When I said, the eyes of the big snake pill gradually tightened, and the round eyes flashed in his eyes: "Shangyuan Jun, remember how you did this?"

"to be frank."

Shangji set off his palm, put his hand: "I forgot, after all, you will be in the dragon floor, if it is not a pharmacist, I have almost forgot that you are actually not dead ..."


The big snake pill is silent.

He is a hatred for this year.

Big Snake Pill has been looking forward to himself, it can be reunited with Shangyuan Na, just like this scene.

He hopes to see the appearance of the scene!

Just like you have just seen him!

What did this guy just say?


The big snake pills manipulated a sword with a hand of jade, this hand sword passed through the scene to the original navigation!

"do you remember!"

The face of the big snake pill gradually revealed a gloomy: "Shangyuan Na, when you use this hand sword, crush my eternal life and unbeaten dream!"

At the beginning, it was the most proud of the big snake pill.

Because his no corpse has a most suitable body, he found the way to use the death of the god, because he knows how to get the soul of the wave of Watermen, then the big snake pill really thought that he did not have the endurance. Opponent.

As a result, the sword broke all his dreams.

The hand of the hand is a nightmare that can't spend every night, and he began to live in the Dragon Cave.


The jade hand sword is tightly buckled in the hands!

Whether it is in the body's Xianke Chakra or the power of the yin and yang, it will be immunized by the original navigation to the attack on the jade black sword!

The fire of a group of Xianke Chakra is out of the hand from the original Naqi, burning the palm of the hand, jade hand sword!

The big snake pill is watching this scene, flashing on his face, his eyes spoiled: "Shangyuan Na! Your guy is really underestimated ..."

"of course…"

Shangyuan Nairo slowly released the jade hand sword, watching it was caught by Xianke Chakra, he did not carefully open the mouth: "Otherwise, how can I have guts to let you re-recognize my identity? ! "

Next moment, the figure of Shangyuan Na will disappear!

Big snake pills hurriedly manipulated the jade to wrap the body, but a burning immortal fire was wrapped in the jade!

The barrier of the jade is gradually begun to be causing corrosion ...

The body of the big snake pill has been exposed from this barrier ...

Shangyuan Nai's figure suddenly appeared behind the big snake pill, one foot kicked the neck of the big snake pill, kicking the big snake pills above the earth!

The ground splashed a large dust!

The people watching or participating in the battle saw the original snake pills, and after kicking from the sky, there was even some dare to confuse the mind.

That is not the big snake pill that is often beaten in the past!

Now the big snake pill, but the second six cactors!

There is a little darer in the field, I also understand that there is a burst of the big snake pills, because he has not seen the movement of the original navigation, it will be kicked by the top!

He is beaten before he is not ten.

After getting a ten tail, he is still beating.

This is the original navigation, is it a bit too much!

"What is wrong?"

The big snake will float from the ground, and a kind of asked jade floats from his back and falls in his own hands, and it is a black sword.

"There is no problem!"

The wings behind Shangyuan Na will drive him with the side of the big snake pill, spread its own palm, whisper: "Mr. Dabake Pill, this is your destiny!"


The big snake pill frowned.

Last Nai is calm and watching the big snake pill. It is like a god. "When you stand in the peak of life, there will be one person will wake you, let you know the cruel cool ..."

When Shangyuan Na was here, he looked at the big snake pill and sighed: "It's just a person who wakes you, I have been me alone ..."

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly closed his palm, smile stacked on his face: "When you study the Ninja in the peak of the past, you are me;

At the beginning, when you study the way to break the ghost, you want to rely on the corpse to solve all the enemies, you are also me;

Now that you have become a tail of the tail, I think that the whole endurance doesn't have anyone who is your opponent, I am awakening you or me ... "

Shangji, I looked at the face of the big snake pill, gradually black, I couldn't help but laughed out: "Sorry, Mr. Big Snake Mr. ... Maybe this is the destiny?"

Shangyuan Needo is quite like that.

After that, if you know that this is all the manipulation of yourself, you almost believe in the back of the scene.

The big snake pills have heard the nuts of Shangyuan Na, and the face is more difficult to see a bit. He holds the jade black sword in his hand, squatting his eyes.

"Shangyuan Na, just the advantage of the fairy, you think you have won?"

The big snake pill once again put forward his own defeat theory, the cold voice opening: "Because the tail of the tail is not dead, I can lose many times, and you only lose once ..."

"rest assured!"

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai gradually became serious. His fist was slowly cleared, and a full of Xianke Chakra spread his whole body: "Mr. Big Snake Pill, what should you remember? We have happened between us? Things, I have not lost once! "

"Ha ha…"

The big snake pill is revealed, and he looked at the original navigation: "Shangyuan Needel, do you still think that you are the one who controls everything? When I got my eyes and ten times ..."

Just as the big snake pills said here, he remembered why he got an eye and ten tail, because all this is a pharmacist to give him!

The pharmacist is loyal before the guy, it is the original navigation!

The big snake pills combined with the situation you have encountered now, and the original navigation is facing him of the six level, and he is not afraid to fall.

A especially terrible idea has fallen into the mind of the big snake!

The face of the big snake pill suddenly changed, and a pair of rounds stared at the original navigation, and the throat suppressed his anger and nervous: "Shangyuan Na, it is you!"

"It seems that accidentally leaked any confidential ..."

At the last naval, I looked at my main line task progress panel jumped, I couldn't help but help my forehead. The corner showed a dangerous smile: "It's a keen ... Mr. Dabelle, this secret is still discovered! "

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly erected his fingers, whispered: "Hey, don't leak out ... Otherwise, I can give you the power, naturally I can get back!"

"Really you?"

The eyes of the big snake pill are again narrow.

To be honest, this moment of the big snake will not believe.

Because he is very difficult to escape from the Dragon Dragon Cave, it is also a strong person who has strengthened his own will, and now I will tell him about the original navigation now, all of which is his behind-the-scenes!

If it is true, the mentality of the big snake will be a bit collapsed ...

If everything is the conspiracy of the original Na, then this bastard is obviously awkward, and how many times he wants to pit this bastard!

It is unlikely to be true.

The Big Snake Pill has done this idea. He slowly raised his hands in his hands, and his face was returned to calm: "Shangyuan Na, if not because I can feel the power, maybe I am almost Just believe ... "

The big snake pill slammed the jade black sword in his hand to the original navigation, and the coldly opened: "Your mouth will always lie, you will always believe, hey, Shangyuan Jun, because it feels the power of this force So do you intend to break my will? "


The expression on the face of the original navigation faintly sorry, he slowly helped his forehead: "Mr. Big Snake, as a boss, will you give a subordinate to escape his control?"

This is on, how does the big snake pill have a fantasy!


The expression of the big snake pill is again changed.

Shangqi Nai's mouth can't help but hook up, suppress his own smile: "Those who come to the free time space, who is their control?"

Shangyuan Nae lost his forehead, the smile of his mouth gradually could not stop: "Sorry, I have to control my emotions first."

When it comes to this, I will gradually cough a few times. I will slowly converge my smile: "Mr. Daba Pill, we will continue to fight, wait for me to take the ten tails to take out, I I will give you a satisfactory story ... "

After that, Shangyuan Na will open again and again: "Please rest assured, Mr. Big Snake, the tail of the tail and other people are different, even if you are separated from your body, you can continue to live more, listen to the story I want to talk "


The jade black sword in the hands of the big snake pill is gripped.

With the big snake pills, his heart will sink a little bit, because he is almost known as the real answer.

In the next moment, the big snake pills held the jade and black sword rushed to the original navigation, and the voice was somewhat. "Shangyuan Na, you ... or people?"