I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 365 Sorry, Fire Shadow, should you still accept me again?

This approach is not human.

Big snake pills hate tooth itchy, but he did not have a half-resistance under the attack of a boxing in the original Na.

This top is not a mental space!

How can I have this way of separating the column!

However, let the big snake pills are in a horror, just under the attack of the original navigation, the tail beast in his body seems to be spread at a little bit!

Shangyuan Nairies is also a punch in the small abdomen of the big snake, and he sighed a little: "If you don't release the god tree, maybe I will want to think about other ways ... You are in the search ! "

"Blend ..."

A silky blood is out of the teeth of the big snake.

Under the attack of the original Nair, the five internal organs in his body must be smashed, and the pain swept his body!

Even when I use no corpse to replace my body, my big snake pill is not like this!

"Shangyuan Nair ..."

The eyes of the big snake pill flashed a yin, he was weak, and his voice was on the arm, and the voice was somewhat weak: "Your guy ... is really cruel ... more cruel than anyone ..."

"Mr. Big Snake Pill, don't you boast me good?"

Shangqi Nairou continued a punch in the small belly of the big snake pill, softly sigh: "I let you get the strength of the six cactors, let you go to this endot of the end, let you realize your dream, at least to me Say thank you! "

"Blend ..."

The big snake pills looked up and looked up at the Shang Shang's face. He snorted: "Push the peak, and let people fall down the cliff ..."

"At least you used to see the scenery of the height."

Shangji took the shoulders of the big snake pill, watching the nine tail beasts of the big snake pill, whisper continued: "Some people, but there is no such opportunity in the lifetime!"

Next, the nine tail beasts jumped out of the ground from the big snake pills. Every tail beast gradually had an entity. After losing the bondage of the god, nine tail beasts were reappeared. The land of the endurance.

With the nine tail beasts, Chakra leaves the body of the big snake, the air of the air gradually begins to wither, and it has been dissipated for a group of bubbles.

After the big snake pill lost the power of the tail, the strength of the beast was almost lost, and the corner of his head gradually retired, the six-way hook in the body gradually disappeared ...

His hair, but no longer recovered.

"Okay, Mr. Big Snake."

Shangyuan Nai squatted with the arm of the snake, whispered: "Now you can play your own heat ... Help me resurrect the long-haired adult and Yizhi Bo!"


Big snake pills he raised his head.

That double round, I didn't dare to reply to the original navigation!

What is this bastard? It is very embarrassed to say this.

Isn't he miserable now? How did the original navar still want to use him? Is this a hard to squeeze his life?

"You bastard…"

The teeth of the big snake pills tightly bite their lips and collapsed several words from the lips: "Don't give me too much!"

"Do you want it?"

The Shangyuan wrinkled his own brow, and he wanted to open his mouth. "After the ten tail, your life will definitely go to the end, anyway, it will die, so, let's play my last value ..."


The big snake pills looked at the original navigation, and the head was angry with him: "Even if I die here, I will not be used up again!"

Is the top of the tribe?

Isn't he think of thinking about it in his heart, is it a person?

Now others are dead!

How can I bully him?

"Don't look at me ..."

Shangji shook his head, continued to open, said: "Forgot to tell you, Yushang washed red beans already in our hands, it is your resurrection ..."


The big snake pill was silent for a while, and the eyes were slightly said: "If my resurrection is in your hands, don't you use you after the resurrection! This is reciprocated, then my resurrection is What is the meaning! "

Big snake pill is really a bit desperate.

If each resurrection is in the control of Shangyuan Na, then his resurrection is just the Used again and again?

"It makes sense."

Shangyuan Nai is blinking, saying that there is an irreparable word: "But for Mr. Big Snake Pill, it is better to live!"

After a while, the big snake pill was silent, tightened his palm, gloomy voice, a word: "I want to live ... but I can't live like this!"

Shang Nai wrinkled his own brow, speechless, and looked at the big snake pill: "Your request is quite ..."


The face of the big snake pill is complex.

This is a good chat!

"Forget it, tell you the truth!"

Shangji looked at the big snake pills, whisper continued: "I simply threaten you, you come to guess, how much hidden things have been left in this body?"


The big snake pill is caught in silence.

In fact, I don't need to think that the pharmacist has followed him for so many years, will be learned to learn with him, leaving behind it in this body.

The pharmacist is a dog that is going to the original Nairo. If he knows the top programs, it will be in this body to lay a lot of curse ...

"Blend ..."

The mouth of the big snake pill is seepdated, and the eyes are full of resentment: "You are two ... it's a despicable ..."

"The traitor, I feel that my means is gentle enough."

Shangji was calmly spread and calmly spread his palm, whispered: "When you betray, you should bear the consequences of his backhand ..."

"Blend ..."

The big snake pill slowly nodded, biting his teeth suddenly opened: "When I left, you have begun to calculate me!"

"Almost? Maybe?"

Shangyuan Na was turned on his forehead. After thinking about a while, his face suddenly revealed a smile: "But I can help you all the time ...

Otherwise, how can you find that it is the most suitable material that is most suitable to become a non-corpse? How can you think of finding a way to break the neighborhood? "

"It's all you…"

The big snake pill is slightly tightened, he stared at the original navigation: "At that time, he had betrayed me, became your part ..."


Shangyuan Na will take a little bit, and I feel open: "I just helped the village group, from this, I will give my own loyalty."

On the face of Shangyuan Na, I revealed a touch of remembering: "To tell the truth, in fact, I am still grateful to Mr. Tang, I just use his life, in exchange for a faithful part. "


This is shameless to let the big snake pill don't know how to pick up.

"Okay, just here!"

Shangji Na will go to the big snake pills, let him fall on the ground, sigh, sigh: "Mr. Big Snake Pill, since you are willing to do, then I can only use it ... you just kick a big play The curtain, the truly good show, just start now! "


After the body of the big snake pill has just fallen on the ground, the distance is still celebrating with others, and the war is coming soon.

I have a bitter in my hand, I have no hike, I have a big snake pill!

At this moment, this big snake pill has passed by friends, it looks like to kill your old friends, send him a way!

"Thank you, Shang Shang!"

The coming is flashing on the face, falling around the big snake pill, Shen Sheng: "Let me send him a ride!"


The agency also walked over, and her eyes flashed a touch: "Late, hurry to kill him! We still have to solve his hunger, end this catastrophe ..."

" ..."

The big snake pill looked at the sky. He didn't go to the two friends, just got a slowly falling in the air, and the hoarse voice: "The aperator, the two guys are still so light. "

"what did you say!"

The program is hand-knocked down, and slowly put down, wrinkled with brows: "The big snake pill, now you have lost ... Haven't I realized that I have walked wrong with it?"

What is the big snake pill, is it so stubborn?

If you hear a hand, the laughter of the big snake pill is getting more and more harsh: "Hey ... What are you don't really think this is the end?"

The eyes of a hand are tight. She doesn't want to judge what conspiracy in the big snake pill is just a high voice: "Late, I am moving!"


The bitterness in your hand suddenly waved!

When I wanted to cut the throat of the big snake pill, I grabbed the arm of myself, and I got out of him!

Next moment, the aperator was also flying out!

True man, is Yuxi Bouvel!

This man who has been hidden around, finally exposed his true face and ambition!

Yu Zhibo smiled: "Do it! Black ..."

"It is ... the big people."

A gloomy laughtered came out of the ground.

A dark figure seems to have a liquid that gradually covers the body of the big snake pill, and shrouded the half-length of the big snake pill, and slowly handled the big snake pill.

It is precisely

The coming is also reacting with the ahead, and their faces don't dare to confuse the appearance, and look at the black trimming that gradually covers the big snake.

"Black ... is an espionage of Yuxi Bouvelle!"

No, this is not the most dangerous!

If the black is not a laigue of Yuxi, then the introduction is black and joined to join the Ninja coalition, and even recommend black and become the Shangyuan Na Rounda of the intelligence forces. ...

Do you really believe in this person?

Especially this guy is in the forefront!

When it was also raised at the same time, it looked at Shangyuan Na, which was slowly floating down, and the look became unusually unusual.

There are more dried in the audio, she is somewhat, she is afraid to reply to the original naval, slowly stopping the side of Yuxi.

This action can almost declare his identity!

Up to the original never, it is a spy where the undercover is in the Ninja coalition!

Shangyuan Needan did not pay attention to the agency and the coming, just looked at the black and sneak of the big snake pill, and the opening told: "The elder generation, don't forget to resurrect the long door."

"…it is good."

Black is only able to agreed to it.

Yuxi Bouvet looked at Shangyuan Na, the face, and the smile on his face could not still suffer: "Hey, don't do it, I thought I want to solve the big snake pills to steal our fruits!"

"It's just a tight little thing."

Shangji shook his head calmly, turned his head and looked at it and also: "Lord is also adult, the master, you have found a real identity, now again, you should accept it. Is it? "