I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 367 Opener: Familiar feelings come back (fourth!)

Shangyuan Needs is a bit busy.

Now, he is a person who plays in the back of the scene, slowly unveiling to the Ninja coalition forces, and then put a cover on the head of Yuxi Boss.

Shangyuan really feels you busy!

How to get the original naval to make Yuxi wave rebar to the meditation!

If Yuxi wave spheres come back, how to resurrect in the night! Even now, everything is all, the most important purpose is to let Yu Zhibo spots completely resurrected!

Obviously, all this is Yuxi wave spot.

After the Nairi Na Luo, she looked at the surging, many ninja in the event, and smiled and said: "What happened, should you make your stupid?"


Everyone has fallen into silence.

to be frank.

The Ninja in the field is still uncomfortable than sitting in the mountain car.

If it is the original navigation, the rebellion can also be understood, but everything is the behind-the-scenes manipulation of Shangyuan Na, which makes people 's emotions collapsed!

"The team grows, are you joking?"

There is still something that I can't believe in a sand, he looked at the original navigation and reached out: "Don't open this joke! I have been working hard, you saved us ..."

Because Shangnai is very heroic in the previous battle, even in the life of many ninja, the entire Ninja coalition is almost very attacked him.

It is because there is a presence of the original Nair, and let them go now.

Now, the original Nair is suddenly exposed is a black hand behind, how can this ninja accept it!

"Yeah, the team grows!"

"Shangyuan adult, is joking!"

"Hey, Shangyuan, are you funny?"

Some ninja couldn't help but have their own eyes, and struggled to their directions, and even Lai Lila was also joining.

"I just worried that there were few spectators."

Shangqi Nai Lu waved and watched it. After seeing the Chilaby of the crowd, suddenly: "Oh, I almost forgot, eight tail column Li Qirabi, you can live back to the Ninja coalition is also my manipulation!"

Shangyuan Nai rushed to Chiraby blinking his eyes, smiled and said: "Because you brought out the intelligence from the enemy's nest, you can let five shadows will be assured to me."


When Chilabi was caught in silence.

Bast egg, this dead liar, he is upright!

Next moment, the former eight tail column is silent to pull out his own troirers, and rushed up towards the last navigation!

Silence is the precursor of Chiraby anger!

However, Chiraby just rushed to the front of Shangyuan Na, it was raised by the original na.

Shangji shook his head, soft sigh, said: "Really, you can live it is my big compassion, I am your benefactor, actually use the sword to me, it is a person who doesn't know how to be grateful. what!"

"... Bar!"

Chilabi squeezed two words from the teeth.

Shang Nai was shot and shook his head, and his eyes were removed from Chilabi's body. Looking at everyone in the scene, the smile on his face was gradually can't stop.

"Don't be so ugly, you are very happy!"

Shangyuan Na said that if the face of the people present is more ugly, he smiled and continued: "You are so silent, it will make me look very embarrassing ..."

"Shangyuan Na!"

I loved my teeth and silently said: "All this ... isn't you at the scene behind the scenes?"

Why this person is always like this!

Whenever I love to re-have a good feeling of the original Needle, even when I plan to accept the original navigation, this guy will make a more bad thing!

Why is it always like this!

This person, is there no heart?

Don't he do your personal?


Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his forehead, laughed: "All, everything, I am manipulated behind the scenes! The fourth endurance battle is what I ordered the pharmacist."

Shang Nai's smile is more strong, he looked at the big snake pills on the ground, smiled and continued: "It is really interesting! In fact, Mr. Dashan Pai has been killed, only the soul is still inhabited. Dragon Cave.

Everything I made the pharmacist is all published in the name of Mr. Big Snake Pill, until the resurrection of Mr. Big Snake, I know that someone helped him open the fourth endurance battle, and found five major countries as an opponent ... "

"What is the meaning of doing this?"

The master feels a little tired. She took a breath and suppressed her anger: "Since you can quietly solve it, why should I get into the Ninja coalition into in, is it to see your performance?"

Mom, it's a disaster!

Obviously, the original naval, I know the position of the big snake pill, even the resurrection of the big snake pills and the tail of the ten tail. The column of the ten tail is he is being manipulated. Why do you want to launch the Ninja Wars, bring these innocent ninjas into it!

"No, all this is the step that must be taken."

At the last time, I looked at the card and shook his head. If I don't do this, if I don't let Mr. Big Snake Pills will be enemied by the world, Mr. Big Snake will not be willing to become a tail of the tail! "


There are some people who have some people present in the field.

At this moment they didn't know that it was a distressed, it was a distressed big snake pill, because they seem to be the chess pieces in the hands of the original navigation.

The eyes of Yuxibo spheres can't help but smoke.

This little guy ... I have enough!

I am stealing the Ninja coalition, and my ministries are manipulating the Big Snake and the Dirt Legion. This is the legendary yourself.

Now it seems that Shang Shang himself is nothing ...

The face of this group of Ninja, seems to be a bad expression that is born.

Every ninja is unable to accept this kind of thing, and the anger on the face is almost suppressed. No matter who is changed, no one can endure this!

Like a fool, it is manipulated by a war!

As a result, they are just a tool for the tail of the tail!

Even them once again manipulated the behind-the-scenes of the war, as a hope of their victory!

At the scene, all the Ninja faced angrily, he looked at the original navigation. They really want to use the anger in their eyes, they will fash the ashes!

How can I get this person in this person!

Too fucking!

For the agency and the ride ...

came back.

They are back.

That feeling is back.

This is not that the original navigation is half-hidden in the face, and it is a half-hidden adult.

Therefore, when the wood is facing the tissue, they will be the most powerful helper of the original Nair and the mountain pepper.

The result suddenly learned that it was a long time to die for many years ...

And the last navigation is actually a core member of Xiao ...

This feeling is actually really not very good.

To be honest, people with bad hearts really have to die on the spot.

Subsets and slowly clever, and the son said: "Even if the long door will resurrect, he will never forgive you ..."

"Oh, I asked this question."

Shangji was quietly looked quietly, softly opened: "The neighbor said, no matter what I do, he will forgive me."


The people present will not be caught into silence.

The long door in the distance is also watching the white light on his body. As a used user, he knows that this is a sign of embarrassment.

The face of the long door couldn't help but show a bitter laugh.

At this moment, the heart of the long door is really .

If you are gratified, he also became an Shang Shang's chess; if you say anger, everything that Shangyuan did is for him to resurrect, and separated from the destiny.

The other side of the battlefield.

All Ninja coalitions also saw the white light on Yuxi Bao.

Among them, people who have also seen the surgery of the heavens are immediately reacted, and the prime will release their own commands immediately: "Everyone, now immediately attack the big snake pills! Be sure to stop him from resurrect Yizhi Bao!"

Even if you know that you have not won, they must do it!

Because the agency realizes that Yizhibo spheres are not reasonable, he wants to re-resurrect to the big snake pill into the tail of the tail, carry out the so-called moon eye plan!

The plan that makes the entire endure into illusion!

No matter how, it will definitely can't let Yu Zhibo spheres!

It is a pity that because the big snake pills have just fighting, many Ninja coalitions have been absorbed by Chakra, and now they can't do it!

Just when the aperator looked at only dozens of people standing out, the eyebrows were more worried, such a combat force wanted to stop the original navigation and Yisi Bouza ...

It's too much to tell the idiot!

Especially in the body, Chakra is almost exhausted ...

Just at this time, the whirlowman suddenly rapidly surrounded the entire Ninja coalition, and his palm had encountered a ninja, the ninja will quickly float a layer of red tail beast!

"Planner mother-in-law!"

The voice of the whirlpool falls into the ear's ear. He highly said: "Two nine lamas have promised me, they can provide you with Chakra ... and all the tail beings are willing to fight with us. ! "

At this moment, everyone re-ignited hopes.

Every Ninja, who has accepted the nine-tailed Chakra stood up, clenched his fist, looking at the position of the original Needle and Yuxibo spots.

In the gap of running, the whirlpool is looking at the original navigation. Senior: "Shangyuan, Yin Jiu also told me everything! You use your mother to threaten Dad, I will never forgive you!"

At this moment, the whirlpool is full of anger!

Obviously, the feeling of Joji once again, for the whirlpool, the people of the rings, is really not good!

Especially this guy, it is harmful than the act of deceiving them!

"Is the nine tail of Chakra dispersed?"

Yuxi Bao's brow wrinkled slightly. He looked at Shangyuan Na, and asked: "Although it is a group of blackcomes, there is also a bite after Chakra, I haven't bite your ability. I haven't yet. Thoroughly resurrected, can you solve them? "

This sentence is half a half vacation.

This situation is good for Urshi Boli.

It was originally in the plan of Yuxi Bao, which was to fight the original naval and the Ninja coalition, so that he was able to fisher.

Shangji, I looked at Yuxi Bao, and I laughed and said: "Of course, there is no problem, the Ninja coalition will be solved. As for the nine tail beasts outside, they will give the predecessors to solve it. It is not a pressure on you. ? "

"Hey, I am working together."

Yuxi Bou spots todped slowly.

Shang Nai is not careful, his palm suddenly patted on the ground, looked up at the rushing of the Ninja coalition, calmly opened: "Then let them see what I have to face. The enemy! Tongling is taking advantage! "

next moment…

Four people appeared in front of the original Naid!