I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 371 You can't be well-behaved by those who have given ten tails?

"rest assured."

When I heard the original Needle, Yu Zhibo spheres slowly stroked their eyes, and there were more self-confidence.

"The power of the round is absolutely far more than your imagination ... whether it is the power, or the way of fighting, it is elegant than any combat method."

"Then hurry to show me!"

Shang Nai was settled to open his palm, and laughed and continued: "If it is a god, the style of Stars, I am, I am tired of those species ..."

"... Your little guy is quite very picky!"

Yuxi Bao spokes and shakes his head, looked at the nine tail beasts not far away, and the eyes were slightly shining: "Let you see, the rotation of the true power!"

The eyes of Yuxibo spots were slightly contracted. He didn't work in hand at all, but it was only cold and dranked!

"Wheel Tomb · Prison!"

Within the sight of other people on the battlefield, Yuxi Board has no action.

However, the next moment, the nine tail beasts of the not far beat it, and I fell inexplicably!

This kind of strange style is not helpful!

No matter who is unobeding, this strange attack!

Yuxi Bo is satisfied with his own strikes to defeat nine tail beasts. He snorted: "Hey, have you seen it? With the power of the eye, just a few seconds, you can defeat these animals. "

"It's amazing!"

Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa…

Shangji ran softly, his palm, looked at the strange attack of Yu Zhibo spots, his face with a shunner, intended to praise: "It is a very terrible style ... it is a legendary endurance Tribune! "


Yuxi Bin couldn't help but looked at the original navigation. It seems like some testimony asked: "Can you see the attack of the tomb?"

"No, I don't understand at all."

The original Nai's face gradually became more dignified. He shook his head and gradually smashed his voice: "Can't see any attacks, so you will feel terrible ..."

This is of course deceived.

Because Ji Zhibo spheres released the wheel tomb · When the prison, Shangyuan Na will see an illusory shadow from the body of Yuxi Boss's spheres!

The four shadows of Yuxibo sphere suddenly rushed the nine tail beasts, and the tail beast did not pay attention to the shadow of Yuxibo spheres, and the shadow of the Xi Zhibo spheres were easily knocked down. Di!

Really ... "

The mouth of Yuxibo spheres slightly hook, his eyes slightly flash, whisper muttered: "Do not understand?"

Next, the four rounds of the tomb shadow suddenly went down to the original navigation!

Just when these turminals launched the attack toward the original navigation, they suddenly stopped when they were about to come into contact with the original Na.

These rounds of shadows are only different from the original navigation!

However, the original neck is not moving, but it is not worthy of the shadow of these rounds. After all, his physical quality is not the same!

It is a bit awkward ...

It is clear that the original navigation can be clear, and even he can clearly know that Chakra on the shadow of these rounds, but it is also possible to pretend to see.

This is too uncomfortable!

I really want to poke Yu Zhihua!


Shangyuan Nai turned his head and looked at Yuxibo spheres, and smiled and asked: "I just saw the eyes of my forever, would you try to attack me with a round-eye?"

"Oh, how can it be?"

After Yuxi Bao smiled, he recovered his own round of shadow. He looked a little in his heart. It seems that he re-has means to suppress it.

Shangyuan Nai's smile has a bigger a bit, he slowly shakes his head: "It seems to look up, the predecessors have mastered a surgery that can be easily solved with me!"

"Who knows!"

Yuxi Bao smiled and laughed, and there was a lot of cold in the voice: "Okay, don't say these, I still take these beasts to all!"

Next, Yuxi speck turned over to the outer road of the magic, slammed his palm: "It seems that these animals have been less learned, and they will be more honest. Next, we will wear them. Collar! "

The mouth of the outside magic is suddenly opened!

A purple chain flew out from the mouth of the outer road, suddenly bundled a neck of a tail beast, turned their huge body to the direction of the outer road!

One tail, guarded!

Two tails, also travel!

Three tails, jam!

Four tails, Sun Wukong!

Five tails, Mu Wang!

Six tails, rhelle!

Seven tails, heavy!

Eight tails, cattle!

Yinjiu tail, nine lama!

A tail beast is quickly stuffed into the magic of the outer road, even if the whirlpool is waiting to come to support, it is not enough to stop this!

Just a few seconds ...

The nine tail beasts were all stuffed into the mouth of the outer road, and the original vaginal magic of a stiff and closed eyes suddenly opened all their eyes!

A huge momentum spread out of its body, the original villain's outer road is getting more than a hint of life!

At this moment, no matter who knows, ten tails have to resurrect again!

Only this resurrection is seem to be because of the control of Yuxi Boss, it will be much better than the big snake pill!

The face of Yuxi Boss is finally revealed with satisfactory look. It has led his hand to take the head of the head: "It looks a little pet! But this point Chakra seems not enough. ! "

Because Yu Zhibo spheres remembered the end of the last ten tail, the big snake pills who have been playing with the original navigation, obviously the ending of the big snake pill is not very good.

No, even his process is not good.

The eyes of Yizhibo sphere slowly lifted, slowly looked at the entire battlefield, and finally his eyes slowly in the whirlpool: "If I have not seen a wrong, there is still half the tail of the ghost. Right?"

The whirlpool now is a bit miserable.

Because even turned into a golden demon fox, he was manipulated by a huge wooden man in the middle of the giant wood.

This is really ...

It is very helpless.

Darkly drilled the ground, the open mouth: "It doesn't matter, the ten tail has been resurrected. As long as the spots become the tail of the ten tail, there is no one can stop the spots from releasing the monthly read!"


Shangyuan Nairi nodded, with a black, said: "I can't wait to feel the dream of unlimited months ..."

to be frank.

This is a kind of illusion on this moment.

He and the two people are like a small devil. Two people have the same purpose, constantly urged Unexpectedly, this guy is embarrassing ...

"It's really no way!"

After Yuxi Bo shook his head, he slowly closed his palm. His face gradually became serious, whispered: "Six Ten Ten Tail!"

The huge tens of the tens of the tetracks were spirally spiral, and slowly drilled into the body of Yuxibo spheres after the body. After the tail entered the body of Yuxi, his appearance was slowly changed. .

The original dark hair gradually became a snow white ...

Countless Chakra crystal floated from his hair ...

A black-colored black-looking jade is generated behind the Sui Zhibo spheres ...

With the tail of Chakra gradually converge, Yuxi Bao's spheres have gradually floated the six cactors' hook robe, and there are also a black tin cushion in his hand.

This feeling…

Obvious than big snake pills guys!

No, or if this is what you should be!

Because Chakra from Chakra from the Sixth Cactus in the Sixth Masters Dynasty Dallai Dragona, there is also the strength of the immortal and a part of the immortal!

Most importantly, Yuxi Bao is very smooth when it is a tail of the tail, and he does not have too much and ten tail, and it is easy to suppress the awareness of the ten tail!

Yuxi Boli this guy ...

It's really much better than the top ten tails!

Yuxi Bou spots slowly extended his palm, stroked to the forehead, and a rare weird top corner: "Hey, is this the strength of the six cactors? It is indeed a big difference than the power of the past "

When I was at the time, I was looking at this everything, but I saw the Siwei Bouramid Switch in the hands of the squid.

After this guy became a six-channel level, the first thing was actually sneak!

Shangqi Nairou grabbed the tin cushion of Yuxibo spheres, and the eyebrows couldn't hurt it slightly: "It's not the attitude towards allies."

"never mind."

The mouth of Yuxibo spheres slightly hook, revealing an arrogant smile: "The guy between the column lost the value of the challenge, but the power of your guy I haven't seen the limit!"

Yuxi Bouvel waved six Ti Ti tucks to force the Shangyuan Na, whisper: "Shangyuan Na, come, let me see your true power! Before you lost in your hands, but I am very unhappy!"

The tin stick in Yuxi Shibang suddenly was suddenly on the ground, came in a crisp sound, he looked at the original navigation, the cold voice opening: "Moreover, Shangyuan Na, the place where the endure is too small, so that only I am a person who is tossed! "

The voice of Yizhibo spheres becomes colder and cold, and his turn is staring at the original: "In my side, don't need one person standing with me side by side!"

"It's too overbearing!"

Shangyuan Nai fell to his forehead, and the face was a bit helpless: "You can't help me because of the people who get the tail force, will you be a little well?"