I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 373, how do you let me use you? (Fifth!)

"Wheel Tomb · Prison!"

The shadow of the four rounds flew directly from the body of Yuxi Boss, and the shadow of each round of the tombved is along a route, rushed to the original navigation!

These shadows are all illusted!

In addition to the round look, you can see that these shadows and six fairy can be perceived, and there is no other way to do it!

"Hey, I have always want to say ..."

At the end, I got up and felt the ground, I looked at the shadow of the rushing, a whirlwind was played in the four rounds of shadow!

The eyes of Yuxibo spheres suddenly narrow!

In his sight, the four rounds of tomb shadings have not even met the bodies of Shangyuan Na, and they are all in the original navigation.

After the original naval, the shadow of the tomb will be kicked out, this guy still seems to have nothing to do, and take a shot of his clothes.

The atmosphere suddenly fell into a hint of ambition.

Yuxi Bouvet looked at the movement of the original Nair, but waved his own round of the tomb shadow, holding his cheek, staring tightly at the last navigation.

"Ha, really, I was cheated again by your guy!"

Yuxi Bou spots slowly spread his palm, laughing and continued: "It seems that you have always understood what is going on, but it is also deceived. I don't understand, Shangyuan Na, you This guy is really ... "

"... no."

Shangyuan Nai slowly swallowed his nodded, full of inside, explained: "But I missed the eyes of the forever."

Yuxi Bo sphere looked with the original navigation, there was a shameless face, couldn't help but bite his teeth: "Do you want to deceive me? Do you think I am the idiot between the post?"

Yuxi Bao is really interesting this person.

Once you encounter something that makes him surprised during the battle, it will immediately turn into a talented high-grade blow. Once the strength of the column is blown, it seems that the whole endurance is outside the mail. Strong is also garbage;

Once in the conversation or life, he will turn into a thousand blacks of the unity, once the IQ between the black column, it seems that the entire endurance is except for the thousand-handle, others People's IQ is normal.

In this life, Yuxi Bo pointed is that it is not going to have a thousand hand.

Shang Nai was looking at the expression of Yuxibo spheres, and nodded slowly, sighed a little: "You are right, I am really deceived ..."

After saying, Shangyuan Needo and faintly opened: "Anyway, when you just resurrected today, I have already deceived you once, now you should not care about this kind of thing?"


Yuxi Bao's expression is subtle.

At this moment, Yu Zhibo spheres remembered that the original naval pair and arrogant, this guy seems to have said that I used to defraud you once, so even now I will lie to you once, you can accept it in your heart. if.

What is the truth!

The original Naidu has a problem!

Someone will not care about being deceived!

Especially in the same person, I will pick up the deception of two, but I can't accept this kind of thing!

Fortunately, the Sui Zhihu is wide. He looked at the original navigation in his eyes. He shook his head calmly. "Forget it, there is a little bit of small things in the district ..."

"It's worth it is a rare, my heart is big!"

Shangyuan Nair is slowly todped, continue: "Former forever, in fact, you can't win me, if there is no ability to grasp, I will never resurrect you!

As early as a few years ago, I can already help you to reincarge, just, I am worried that I can't completely control you ...

Therefore, each time I put forward your embrace, I have always let the pharmacist have delayed time until I can determine, even if you become a tail of the tail, I can completely press you, I will order the pharmacist to resurrect. "

Yuxi Bouvet: "..."

Black: "..."

Shangji Na Ruo this guy ...

Mom, or forgive him too early!

The expression of Yuxioba is slightly subtle. He slowly knocked on his arm and calmed his mood: "If I don't absolutely master a person's power, I will not easily resurrect him easily."

After that, the expression of Yuxi Boss suddenly became serious: "If you just use the feeling, you can estimate the winning and negative, the battle has any meaning, Shangyuan Na, our battle has not ended!"

Next, Yu Zhibo spots took a look at the jade in his own hand, and the jade is black!

"Yeah, I am also worried about this problem."

Shangyuan Na will take a nod, his palm stretches out towards a certain direction of the battlefield, and a chain is flashing in an instant!

This is the stealing skills of their people!

Shangyuan Nai Lu directly steals Meteki's eight-door body surgery!

On the top of Shangyuan Nai, a group of red steam suddenly watched the Sui Zhiwa spotted: "Former generations, in order to welcome you to resurrection, you can determine your strength to suppress your strength, I will prepare a lot of bottom card for you!"

These tops are available ...

Even the original navigation, I don't know how Yishibo spheres will win!

Yuxibo spheres gaze the red steam of the original navigation, the whole person's face has gradually changed: "This is ... Eight-door armor? Red steam? Do you want to live this guy!"

This can be eight gates!

Yishibo sphere has also heard of this body!

It is said that when the eight-door armor is fully opened, it will become a red, which is the peak state of eight-door armor because of the blood of the burn.

This will be killed!

It's just that the Sui Zhibo sphere is sophisticated is that the strength and breath of the original Needar are so abundant, and it seems that there is no loss because of eight-door armor ...

Fortunately, many people who have a lot of people who steal the enemy's surgery, black and sinful open, explain: "The big people, be careful, Shangyuan can steal all people's surgery, there seems to be what consumpted to him!"


After Yuxi Bo spoke, after the black, he slammed his head, staring at the red steam that was staring in the whispering of the whisper, and his face couldn't help but change.

The eyes of Yuxibo spheres are slightly tightened, watching the red steaming for a faucet, gloomy face: "This Chakra's power ... Can't let people ignore ..."

Of course, the problem is not big.

The heart of Yuxi Bao is still not panic.

Regardless of the strong attack on the original Nair, the tail column is unable to die unless someone puts out the ten tail of his body.

Shangyuan Nai's hair gradually floating because of red steam, he spread his palm and whispered: "In order to let you taste this trick, I deliberately let the people who have resurrected this kind of person! "

"Eighth door · Dead door · Night!"

In the next moment, the Shangyuan's figure suddenly rushed toward Unexpo, the huge red faucet crossed the earth, and the dragon walled behind!

At the powerful vitality and Chakraka, the red dragon of the night Kaya is almost up to 100 meters, so it is rushing to Yisi Bouvelle!

The defensive barrier that is in the face of the jade is stopped in front of Yuxi Boss!

It seems to feel that one barrier is not enough, and Yu Zhibo spheres are waved to manipulate other kinds of jade, also form a layer of barrier!

Unfortunately, it is ...

The red dragon steam of the Shangqi Na Ruo is destroyed to crush the barrier of the jade, and kick it on the body of Yuxi Boss!


Yuxi Bao spurted a blood.

At this moment, Yu Zhibao only felt how much his body is not known, and even most of her body is kicked directly!

In Chakraga, the original Nakra, the power of the night is almost maximized, and Yuxi spots can hardly feel that their bones are broken, and even the organs in the body are all crushed ...

Even if the ten tail column has given his high-speed recovery ability, let him hurt the body to recover, but it is impossible to let Yu Zhibo spots to avoid serious injuries at this moment.

This is also terrible!

Under this trick, even avoid it!

When the group wrapped in red steam, even the space was distorted by huge strength and very fast speed, and could not escape!

"Can you still resist it?"

The red steam on the original Needle, after he looked at Yisi Bou Shu Shu slowly recovered, his brow was slightly frightened, waving another chain blinking, he turned his move again!


Yuxibo spheres saw that the original Nairou took a red steam once, his expression couldn't help but change.

Yuxibo spheres are looking at the original navigation, and the look is ugly: "Shangyuan Na, will you only use the art style of others?"

To be honest, the night is really a bit hurting in this trick.

Shang Nai wrinkled his own brow, looked at Yuxi Bouvelle: "This oysters, it is enough to converge my strength ... Is there a big man fight in a child, and use your own effort? ?"


Yuxibo spots slowly fall into silence.

This sentence said by Shangyuan Na, is inexplicably familiar, he seems to have said this sentence, no, Shangyuan Nai said more arrogant than him.

"If you really want to see my strength, then I will satisfy you!"

In the next moment, the figure of Shangyuan Nae suddenly appeared around Unexpell Plepers, and the speed was so late did not capture the trail!

"So fast!"

Yuxi Bao's eyes have changed momentum!

Because the speed of the original Naqi is too fast, so that Yuxi Bo is only available and rushed to extend a hand in front of himself!

Shangyuan Nair's palm flying, almost arrived in an instant, simply reversing Yuxi wave spot to block his arm!

"this is…"

The eyes of Yuxibo spheres are black.

Next moment, Shangyuan Na's palm has been explored, directly pressed the face of Yuxi Boss, put him into the ground!

A group of destroyed Xiancao rays brewed from Shangyuan Nairi!

Shangji opened his palm, overlooking the Yuxi Bouvet that was pressed on the ground, calmly spread his hand.

"Planens, even if I use some strength to you, the battle between us will turn this, how do you let me use you?"