I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 374, fortunate, fortunately, you are also useful for Nerat of Needers (sixth!)


At the end of the Nairi, he stood up and looked at him, looking at him: "Now you can release the unlimited month read?"

Yuxi Bao pointed to the original naval, slowly todped: "You can, as long as I close the moon, I will use the round-eyed eyes of the unlimited month reading, you can enter yourself. Dreams ... "

"and many more…"

The black reached his palm, slowly looked at the original navigation, and the hoarse voice asked: "Shang, what is the purpose of entering the unlimited month?"

To be honest, it is also a little hater.

Because after the battle of Yuxi Bao and Shangyuan Nai, the black suddenly felt that if the original navigation was not read, it was not read by the unlimited month ...

Then there is more pothole ... No, it's a pit mother!

Although only the owner of the round, it can avoid unlimited month reading.

However, in case, he did not enter the unlimited month reading with his powerful power, or broke freely, and found that this is a lie ...

Its mother's big cylindrical wooden glow night after resurrection ...

Is it a little dangerous?

Although the black absolute mother has absolute confidence, it is really a headache if it is a guy who is in the face of the original navigation.

How is this guy coming out!

This is the original navigation, it feels like the Chakra of the feathers or Yun Village, but this is not reasonable, because Yu Zhibo, thousand hands, the day, etc. Huge strengthening!

After all, there is no blood in the body of the original Nairi ... Basically, the blood is in the same manner as the synthesis of Chakra reasons.

And since the millennium, Chakra, who has never been revised ...

Is it that the feather finally found the round-edge and conspiracy of the spot. Only special Ticrase reminded to stop the glow of the night.

This is not too like.

Because the original naval is not a bright and big person.

On the contrary, Shangyuan Nai is playing with conspiracy, and the character is sinister, and everyone is playing between the palm.

Not black, think it is not a good person ...

Instead, in the dark heart, evil and sinister are actually a commendatory term.

The sentence is real, and the black is not thinking that the original Nairou may be its own reincarnation, or even more reliable ...

Mom, I don't understand!

The black heart is a little uneasy.

After hearing the question, I took a deep breath, and I slowly looked up and looked at the air of the air: "I am a little bit of a woman who is more than my big woman. But I I know that the endurance can not accept this kind of thing, only the unlimited month read ... "

"Useless feelings!"

Yuxi Boupet took the first to open a sentence: "Black and I have said, the woman you said, will you be your teacher Xiao South?"


Black is also full of black lines.

To be honest, the first thought is also this.

Because of the darkness of the emotion between the original navigation and the homes, it also believes that the original Nair is designed to enter the dream of the unlimited month ...


Stable stable.

As long as I arrived in the illusion of the unlimited month after I arrived in a while, I was tall and summon my mother and let my mother killed the original navigation!

Black this guy is not a good thing.

Since the idea is set, it will turn to the Yuxi Bao spots, and the son sounds will persuade: "The big people ... can start! After the success of our plan, the entire endurance will become peaceful. serene!"


Yuxi Bomb is re-released with a tall god tree!

After the death of the big snake pill, the gods were bizarre, and now they were re-released by Yuxibo spots, which were prepared for the unlimited month read.

When Yishibo spheres were watching the tall gods, they nodded, along the thick god trees, flew over the air in the air, and the black is also directly slapted, falling into the smart wave spot width. Hook in the jade robe.

After seeing two leaves.

Shangyuan Nai turned his head and looked at everyone who was still fighting. Chakra on his body gradually started to join, and now he is going to prepare for unlimited months!

Shangyuan Nair's figure gradually fell on the ground, the palm suddenly closed, and she watched: "Mu Wei Tree Directive!"

A forest moment began to spread along the god tree!

This is also preparing for an actor for a while.

In addition to these, the most important thing is to let the whirlpool and Yizhao Sasuke caught in the crisis of death, in order to let them see the six cactors!

To be honest.

The original neighborhood is really a curious six cactiguys have not monitored him.

It is a pity that the six cactratures seem to be less easy to see because of the free life and death, and it is not too easy to determine if he can come ...

Maybe he really can't come to the endurance?

However, other people who are swimming between life and death are not his two sons, and it is impossible to pay what Chacra, what is the power of Yin and Yang, these two power is only a seal and printed .


I don't want to use it now.

Then let the whirlpool and Yizhabe sang into the state between life and death, see if they can see the six immortals!

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

After the whirlpool is incarnation, it is turned to the Millennium and other niche.

Fortunately, it is still a good power with the flag woodkasi, a master, and the wild wood, and they are barely to compete with the four signs.

It is a pity that when they intend to stop the Unecheck spots from absorbing the ten tails, they are closed by the four noodles and shadow of the thousand-handles.

This is awkward.

The Ninja coalition was closed in a prisoner.

Other counterparts are free to carry out their own plans outside.

The program is over the junior of the Achi-Range. The two eyes look at the thousands of hands, and they bite the bite and still ask: "Grandpa, do you really can't get rid of the control of the earth?"

This sentence has asked many times.

"There is no way."

It is a pity that the answer between the killer has not changed.

After all, there is no way to do this kind of thing. He can feel that the original Naklaby is more Chakra, and it is not too much than six Yuxi Bo pointers!

After the thousand-handles, he scratched his back, he suddenly opened: "To be honest, I feel that the little guy who is called the original navigation is a bit problem ..."

"what is the problem?"

The prime hand didn't stand his grandfather, and continue to say: "All the plans in the original Nairou will have to succeed, we are already the last power of the endurance, but by you are related to this knot ..."

"No, there must be a problem."

There was a shaking between the killer, and the opening continued to explain: "If an Ninja has a strong power as the original navigation, even if the legendary six cactors can't overcome him, then what will he do?"


The agency wrinkled down.

The four generations of Lei Yai is standing next to it, and the loudly said: "The original Neuro is a liar, it is also a neuropathy, who knows what he wants? "

"To shut up."

The open voice was drunk, and the eyes were slowly placed on the body: "What do you think is the original navigation? Is it true for the merits of the moon?"


I also frowred myself.

The thousand-hand post is separated from the Red Yang, continue to open: "The master, the power of the guy is so powerful, so far exceeds the power I have had, I think that guy wants to do anything!"

If he really wants to bear the peace, he shows the five major powers that can't make people the enemy's strength, forced the whole tolerance to sit on the negotiation table to ensure peace, feel that you may promise! "


The five shadows in the field have been caught in silence.

The rouses said between the thousand-handles, if the last navigation wants to bear the peace, he only needs to show the strength of the ninja, you can!

After all, the god of the ninja is the thousand-handles, and it has also compressed that other big powers can't lift their heads, even at all, don't dare to play the war.

The only difference ...

It is that the aggressiveness between the kilochages is not high.

"you're right."

The hand slowly moved his eyes to the thousand-handles, slightly smashed his eyes.

After breaking the silence, her eyes gradually became a bit sharp, directly looking at the thousand-handles between the eyes, the cold voice opening: "What is the real purpose of the original navigation? Can you tell us?"

At this moment, this killer is wrong!

As a child who is playing with the thousand-handles, she is very understanding of her grandfather. It is difficult to say such a high IQ who can say such a high IQ!

This kind of work ...

Generally, her second grandfather is going to do.

"Shangyuan Na, no need to deceive us."

The operator gazes the eyes of the killer, and the sinking continues: "I know, now you must be your body behind you!"

"Demolished it ..."

A voice falls into the ear of everyone.

Next, the figure of Shangyuan Nairi suddenly appeared around the killer, he looked at the people in front of him, helpless sighed: "Why are you gathered in the first generation!

Is it because I will put it from the hopes of debris control?

I really have no way, and I can only use the body of the first generation of fire and you. Is it because his strategy is insufficient? "

"Not bad."

The head is nodded, and Shen Sheng: "With the character of Grandpa, he can't say such a reasonable and classic analysis!"

"Hey, Xiaogang ..."

The killer is lost.

Shangyuan Nai Lu also looked at the lost thousand hand of the dead, shook his head: "IQ is really trouble ... Ok, if you are still enough, I don't mind give you a very long story."

Shangyuan Nai turned his head and looked at Yisibo spheres in flight, and turned back to the head. Looking at the portrait: "It seems to be enough, but I want to wait until the truth, after the truth, I will for you. Tell a long story! "


All Ninja in the field fell into silence.

The ahead was separated from the Jiyang array, and he looked with the original navigation: "So you guy, now I don't want to deceive it."


Shang Nai fell back to a promo, a speechless eye, Shen Sheng: "After waiting until the truth, I will tell you everything!"

After that, I was looking at the swirls in the crowd, and I fierce my fingers, and I gave a look: "Naruto, after you see the six immortals, let's see!"

"Hey, Shangyuan, what do you mean ..."

Next moment, a vine is suddenly drilled out from the bottom!

The sharp vine suddenly penetrated the whirlpool!

A group of people have been surrounded by, the hand and the Hano Sakura's hand put out their own medical tickchai, and hurriedly wanted to hemorrhage for whirlpool!

On the other battlefield at the same time, a vine also drilled out the bottom, and Yischo Sasuo, who was fighting with the pharmacist, was also influenced by the vines!

Just as Yuxi Board did not dare to pay a letter to penetrate the vines of his chest, suddenly fell on the ground, blood instantly dyed his body ...

The figure of the pharmacist falls around Sasuke, reach out his hand palm, and help him for emergency assistance.

"Oh ... Well!"

The pharmacist gazarded Yuxi, showing a smile on his face: "Celephant Your place to use the neighborhood. Viewer. "