I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 375, you sell to me, can you defeat the original navigation?

The dark spirit world.

The water droplets raised a large piece of corrugated.

The whirlpool has slowly climbed from the water, and some shockedly stroked his chest, did not reply to raise his head: "I ... isn't it dead?"

"What do you think is dead?"

A hand holding a tin cushion, suspended in the year of the old man, slowly swallowing, and his mouth said: "In my world, the end of the ethical perspective seems to be some Not too, don't easily think that you die, a little positive, new people ... "

"you are…"

"This is a problem, but the time is too long, I don't know if the name you know and whether my own newspaper is unanimous ..."

After that, this old man slowly turned around, showing his true face: "I am the incarnation of peace, named Feather!"


The whirlpool is in silence.

Just as this old man is to mention, the whirlpool is really realized, whispered: "Wait, Shangyuan guy killed me, said that I will see people ... Are you ... you are ...? Six cactors?"

After that, the whirlpiece's eyes stared tightly, and the forehead gradually became nervous: "Reincarnation ... The legend of the legend of the fairy ... It looks ... Sure enough, is it a six cacto?"

"You can know that my name is so good."

After the sixth cactus slowly swallowed, his reincarnation slowly stretched: "The original guessed you will see me ... I didn't expect that in this era, there will be a strong ninja as us. "

"That guy ..."

The whirlpool is toddled slowly, and she has thought of all the performances that have been encountered in the original Naid. "" Indeed

"It's a person who is unpubated!"

The six cactors have a ripple in the water, and the water is exposed to a shadow that smiles, it is the original navigation.

The six cactors have frowned their own brows, whispered: "This little guy can cultivate it with his own strength to defeat my point, and even find my trace ... it is unimaginable."

The six immortals muttered their whispered: "Why do you want to see me? Is that you want to ask ten tails and unlimited months? Still want to challenge more people? Should not "

This is a problem that is very flexible.

The six immortal thinking, can only temporarily send the idea to see his thoughts to get the idea to get the unlimited month.

After all, it seems that I want to take the initiative to read in the unlimited month.

"Ah, what?"

The whirlpool scratched his backheel, wrinkled his own brow: "Anyway, the original guy has always been strong, before we think that you can catch him, but now it seems but gap is getting bigger and bigger ... "


The six cactors looked at the whirlpool calmly opened: "However, the original navigation is too self-contained, his strength is strong, and you can't overcome another person of this endurance ..."

After that, the six cactors looked at the silent swirls, slowly swallowed the tanneu in the hand, and saw the surface of the water formed a woman.

"My mother, the big tube, the night."

The six cactors looked at the whirlpool, and slowly started to tell a very long story: "My mother's big tube Hui's night cite is from the far place to this planet ..."

This story is somewhat bizarre.

A woman who came in a farmway was a powerful force, and then ignited the endless greed, and wanted to rule this endurance, and finally sealed up by her son.

"The mother's body has strong Chakra, and the body of the eternal life, it is absolutely impossible to be the existence of Shang Nai, she has already taken everything in this world, even if I can only seal her ..."

After the six cactors slowly finished, looked at the vortex, Shen Sheng continued: "Even if the original is strong, it is impossible to overcome the mother's power ... Because Chakra in this world is the mother. "


The whirlpole sounds can't help but scratch your head, and looked up and looked at the six cactors. "If you can't even win the original navigation, then this world ..."

"I can only rely on you ..."

The six immortal face flashed a worry, and his eyes did even dignify: "If the mother can learn Chakra, the original naval, maybe she can become more powerful."

"to be frank…"

The whirlpool eucalyptus slowly shakes his head, Shen Sheng: "Even I, I can't catch up with the former strength, if he can't overcome Chakra's original ancestor, even if I will fight hard, but ..."

"do not worry."

The six cactors slowly used the tin waters in his hand, and there was a laugh and good man, he calmly opened: "Your body has my son Ashura's Chakra, it looks like this The original neighborne guy also found ... "


The whirlpool is in silence.

And the spirit of the other side.

Another six cactors have just completed Yizha, and he also finished the story of the big tube Hui Night and Dalo Luo.

This six immortals look at Unechebra in front of the eyes, because Uzhi Bozuo seems to have an initiator of Inner Luoquera.

Yuxi Bozuo does not care about it.

Yuxi Bozuo took a look at the six cactus, and his eyes became more and more cold: "You just said so much, just want to tell me, my strength comes from Dotho Charra paid?"

Yiszhike Sasuo dismissed his mouth: "There is no Chakra to turn in the body. It seems that this stock chase is obviously hindering me to become stronger!"


The six immortals shook their heads and calmly opened: "That is because the real power in your body has never been guided."


The eyes of Unechebo Sasuo looked slightly, asked: "If the power in my body is guided, can you defeat the original navigation?"

"The main conditions of force do not overcome the enemy."

The six cactors slowly extend their palms and calmly open: "Only a unyielding will and feel the love of others ..."


Yischo is a little speechless.

Is this six cactors say serious?

If you don't do it, you can use love to feel him?

Up to the queen of the kings, it is a bad thing to do good, Yisi Bozuo helps this six immortals go out and see if you can feel the original navigation!

The six immortals turned over to the palm of their palms, looked at this and the original navigation, and couldn't help but said: "Let's alternative to the enemy you need to deal with, he can't play this last battle ..."


Yizhi Bozuo couldn't help but looked up.

After the six cactors slowly nodded, Shen Sheng said: "There is only a round-eye-looking person to avoid the rays read in the infinite month. There is no blood in the in the body of Shangyuan Na, even if his strength is strong, it may not be able to Escape the infinite month reading ... "

After that, the six immortals suddenly looked at Unecho Sasuke, and the sound of sinking: "Maybe you can consider saving him at the end of the infinite month, this kind can also add it to you when the mother is coming to this world. A powerful battle ... "

"Ha ha…"

The corner of Unecho Sasuke revealed a laughter, he lowered: "If I saved his words, after defeating the big tube Hui Hui, the original Nairua is deceived. He has a lot of precedents. of!"

Sixth Cactus: "..."

I really didn't think about this problem.

But should this be less likely? After you have spent the crisis of the world's destruction, can you still do your knife?

This is due to Dhara Checkla, there is still no love in your heart ...

The six cactors slowly looked up, looked at Unechebra, calmly open: "What do you want to do?"

After Unechebra helped for a while, he suddenly lifted his head: "Let's tell us how to solve the big tube Huachang Night!"

"…it is good."

The six immortals looked at Yiszo Sasuo and took a nodded and calmly opened: "Extend your usual hand, this time I won't ignore the strength of the eldest son, I will also entrust my strength to Dalo. Rogue. "


Yuxi Bozuo has extended his left hand.

In the next moment, the six cactus sticked his palms in his hand, a huge god like his back!

The symbol of a cada falls in the palm of Unechebra.

That is the Yinzhi seal of the six cactors.

Within another spirit space.

The whirlpool also slowly reached his right hand, he got the Yangli seal from the six cactors and six Xianke.

"Although I think my strength is enough to change everything ..."

The vortex moistry couldn't help but wrinkled. He looked at the white sun sign of his hand, and looked at the six cactors: "But I feel that the guy is still more than me!"

"Ha ha…"

The six cactors loudly, and the old life often talks about general opening: "Sometimes I want to solve the dispute between people and people, as long as I can understand each other ..."


The whirlpool is heard for a while.

After a moment, the whirlpool todped slowly.

"Well, make sense!"

After the whirlpool said, the brow wrinkled: "But what is going on, I really can't understand it!"