I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 376 This world, there is no original play, unlimited month reading can also be played!


On the battlefield of the ground.

After the vortex tumor woke up from the spiritual space, he looked at the righteous sign of his right hand, and slammed his head to the Shangyuan Na Rou.


The whirlpool song suddenly slammed a layer of golden Chakra, his eyes have become a cross. He looked at the original navigation, Shen Sheng: "Now I have seen six cactors, Shang Shang!"

"I can tell."

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly erected his fingers, manipulating four nigns and lifted the Red Radi, his brow wrinkled: "The six cactors did not appear in person? He shouldn't be able to come to this world?"

"I do not know."

The vortex moist eyes stared at the original naval, waving other people's practices, he will continue to say: "Shangyuan, what is your purpose, because you can't accept the realism of your teacher, so I want to Want to enter the fantasy reading of the month! "

This is one of the unrelinged guesses of the six cactors.

And it seems that it is not a direction.

The whirlpooling people have always been to say that there is no concealment, and they said it directly in front of tens of thousands of ninja.


All ninja faces present in the field could not cause change.

Everyone's eyes are not from autonomous, from the whirlpool's face, and slowly look at the original navigation.

Next moment, a whispering voice came out.

Tens of thousands of ninja began to say these things.

For male ninja, they are obviously curious about what women can make such a strong ninja to make such a thing;

For the female ninsee, they are more curious to make a man to do this level for them.

There is a saying.

Although the idea of ​​going to the end of the original navigation is quite dangerous, it seems to be touched now.

Fortunately there are several normal female ninies.

"Shangyuan Na!"

The expression of the program changed, she was looking at the original naval, whispered: "Is this the reason you want to help Uzhi Bolibin start the moon? No wonder you didn't bring Xiao Nan to participate in this war ... you think How do she see you ... "


The eye angle of Shangyuan Nae is not smoked.

In the eyes of these ninja ...

Is he getting the script of Unexpello?

This whirlpool is talking, even if it is in the endurance, it is also responsible! Especially dare to make his rumors in his face!

When I was going to open an explanation, the whirlley troped people looked at the original navigation, and she proposed another possible: "I still say that you think that my strength is too strong, in order to challenge the legendary Chakra's ancestor, so I want to want Is the month of the moon plan? "


After the master, after he heard the vortex, she couldn't help but smoke.

This reason seems to be reliable than the previous reason!

Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his eyebrow, erected his finger, point to the air, whisper: "Just guess! The arrival of unlimited months can not stop, Naruto, soon you will know the answer ! "

"What do you mean?"

The whirlpool rings to the back of the backland, and then lifted his head and looked at the air. I saw that Yu Zhibo spheres have been vacated to the moon!

The look of the whirlpool is a change, and the figure is suddenly high, rushing up toward the empty Yuxi Bo!

Just when the whirlpool signs just rushed into the air, a huge purple must be suddenly flying toward him, holding the whirlowman in his hand!

That is the resurrection of Unechebra Sasuke!

Because I also saw Yishibao spots close to the blood month, Unechebra helped the unlimited month reading, immediately rushed to swim the swirls.

Once the rumor of the Yangzheng, the lying month read ...

There is no way to do anything only, there is no way to do anything, and this world is really finished!

"Sasuke, what are you doing?"

The whirlpool sounds faces unrequited Yizuo Sasuke: "If we don't stop Yu Zhihu spots ..."

"It's useless."

Yiszo Sasuke is located within the crystals of the must.

"But can you save more people?"

The whirlpool has frowned, looking at tens of thousands of ninja under the bottom, sinking: "Good color cactus, post wife, small Sakura, Kakasi teacher, there is Shangyuan, if he also brought the unlimited month reading "

"Isn't that just?"

Yizhi Bozuo snorted, and he didn't care about his true thoughts. He learned that the unlimited month read or licensed on the original navigation ...

Yuxio Sasuke immediately thought of using the unlimited monthly read to solve the enemy!

After they solved Yu Zhiwei or what is the big tube Hui's night, Unecheo Sasuke is planned to kill the Shangyuan, who sleep in the infinite month!

This is really no way ...

The strength of the guy is too strong ...

Uchi Sasuke can only take advantage of the principle of unlimited month reading.

The whirlpool has frowned, and some don't agree with this opinion: "However, Sasuke, the power of Shang Shang is very strong ... I will convince him soon!"

"There is no need."

Yis Zhike slammed his head quickly, and looked at the whirlpool of his hand, Shen Sheng said: "There are two people in this world!"

Hey, let the bastard first entered the unlimited month read, I feel that my strength is unprecedented, anyway, my round looks can unlike the unlimited month reading! "

After Yuxi, after the help, he slowly smashed his eyes. One of his eyes had become an eye-catching eye because of the gift of six immortals!

God tree.

The moon in the air has become a blood month.

Yuxi Bo spheres have broken their own top corners.

Today, the top corner of Yisi Bo is a bit miserable, and it has been broken many times by the original Na, now it is difficult to recover, and it is broken by Yuxi.

"According to the content on the stone monument, when the Ninja with the reincarnation is close to the moon, it will be opened ..."

Yuxibo spots slowly closed his own round of eyes, feeling his eyebrow skin gradually creep, a red reincarnation opened from his eyebrows.

This eye has long been exactly the same as the ten end!

Yuxibo sphere slowly erected his fingers, the mouth flashed a smile!

Next, the blood red moon in the air changed the appearance, reflecting the round-eyed eyes of Yuxi Bowei!

Unlimited month reading, start!

The huge bloody moon as if it is a eye, long on a white long-haired woman with a wide-widescreen, which is flashing.

Next moment, the moon suddenly looked up!

The whole endurance is between the day!

A light-free moon-free light sprinkled on the entire endurance earth, and every ninja that was dropped in the body was not compromised in the air, looking at the moon in the air.

Their eyes are a little bit rounded back ...

Every ninja is not compromising with independently.

Tens of thousands of ninja stood in the same place, let the rays of unlimited months were sprinkled on the body, and only the ninja of the dust can be surprised.

In addition to the Ninja on the battlefield, the other people of the tolerance and even animals have gradually lost their consciousness after exposure to the light of the infinite month.

Everyone is not compromised by autonomously.

Without any living creatures, they all under this light shining, sinking into the sleep dream of the infinite month.

No, there are some.

For example, the Pharmacist who saw Unechebra helped the resurrection, his figure was in an instant to the Shenwei space.

As for another person, it is more pit.

After the unlimited moon, the light of the Yue Yue fell on the top of Shangyuan Na, his eyes turned into a pair of rounds, and stood in the same place in the air.

Yischo Sasukes stood in the purple full body, and he also saw this scene, couldn't help but mildly: "Shangnai returned this guy, still sinking into the infinite month reading? By the way, it also solves him! "

Just at this time.

Yuxi Bao has closed his palm, noted that everyone above the earth fell into a fantasy, and also noticed that the purple of Unechebra is a must.

"Is that little ghost?"

Yuxi wave swayed and shook his head, softly sighed: "Now Shangji Na Ruo has already entered the unlimited month reading, you can set off what kind of wind waves ... God · Tree Directance!"

this moment.

Yuxi spots have released an alleytomeling of the whole tolerance, and countless huge rough vine roots drilled out from the ground!

These vines roots are the branches of the god trees!

In the air, a slender vine broke down from the branches of the gods, wrapped up a ninja, and pulled them on the branches of the gods.

Whether it is any ninja, all entered the unlimited month read, wrapped in the vines falling by the gods into the mummy, usually hang up.

Every Ninja is no exception.

This situation seems to be slightly strange.

Originally God, the tree is a result of using the unlimited moon read, the purpose is to draw the branches of the god tree directly extract the world's scattered Chakra.

Even the last navigation is no exception.

A vine was drilled out of a tree near the god, and the vines quickly started to spread along the branches of the god trees until they stopped in the top of the original Na.

This vine is slowly stopped, slowly falling the branches, entangled in the body of Shangyuan Nai, wrapped him, symbolically hanging him on the god tree.

And after this vine will be wrapped in the original package into the mummy ...

Shangyuan Na Rou finally couldn't help but blinked his back to the eye, and he took a sigh of breath: "I don't blink in the eyes for a long time, my eyes will really do ..."