"As long as you can survive, it doesn't matter."

Hui Night is not in mind, and her face is still calm, just a full face, and explains.

As a goddess of Chakra, the goddess of Chakra, maybe because of the truth of Shangyuan Na, she is eager to solve it all.


Hui Night did not underestimate the original navigation.

"We are different."

The brilliant night's face suddenly appeared a glimpse of the glimpse, and the heads of the whispering were once again floating, and a long hair was roll down on her manipulatory.

"We have got the true meaning of Chakra, as the existence of our borders, should not be restored to anything."

After the voice of Hui Night, her long hair spread toward all sides, and the white hair was again swept again!

Shangyuan Needle slowly frowned, looked at the white hair like a waterfall, he slammed his palm, and a venous is wind blade, countless white hair is broken by wind blade, such as rain Falling down!

However, the white hair of Hui Night is almost stretched!

Shangji Nai's wind, the wind, sterilization, suddenly became a tremendous dragon, rushing in the direction of Hui Night, and pulling her arrest as the white hair in the way!

When the dragon consisting of the wind, the dragon, it would hit the night, her face is still indifferent, but she reached a palm of her palm.

That is enough to cut the gold dragon, the brilliant night palm is pressed in the original place, she calmly wants to absorb it.

The ruins of the ruins are suddenly a countless wind blade. It is instantly surrounded by the bodies of the night. It seems that she wants to cut her body into pieces!

This release of the can also change the form!

Hui Night did not panic, her palm was still hanging in the original place, just looking at countless surrounded her wind blade to form a chaotic flow!

However, those blades have been in the moment of touching her body, but only gently blows her hair and wide raise robe ...

"Sure enough ..."

Shangji fell to shoot his forehead, the mouth tickled with a slight smile: "Ordinary sickness is really no effect on you!"

The eyes of the big torch, the eyes of her eyes fell on the original Nairi, and the lips were gently moved. "Can you easily manipulate Chakra as your heart, you really ... isn't you? ? "

I still don't wait for the original naval to open the opening, Hui Night, I shook my head and moved quietly: "Forget it, it doesn't matter, Chekra must be mine in your body."

"Do you want to get my Chakra?"

The palm of the Shangyuan Na, turned on his palm, and his face also revealed a smile: "If you can do it ... In fact, I may also hold similar ideas!"

Next, the figure of Shangyuan Nae suddenly rushed to the direction of Hui Night!

The blade of the void has passed an arc in the hands of Shangyuan Na. It is necessary to wipe the shoulders of the night, just being driven by the big tube!

A black time-haired time-free door appeared around the night, under the eyes of the original Na, her figure drifted into the door of time space.

That is the ability of the round to write the eyes ...

The Huangquan Bioba is known as in the moment of not full.

It is said that this time space is very fast, no matter what the flying thunder is still what is the neighborhood, it is not enough to see in front of Huangquan Bigns!

The vocabulary used to describe time is already short-lived, but Huangquan is faster than the launch of Liangzhao!

This enemy ...

Really a little terrible!

Shangyuan Needs can't help but be a little horrified, such a powerful time and space of time space, no fall than his void!

"Destiny, Hunting Larity, Solites!"

A series of detection enemy aware skills are open!

Shangyuan Nairies even feels not too insurance, and puts a layer of gold in his body, this is his invincible skill, and he dares to challenge the bottom of the night.

Ok, there is still a lot of life life skills.

In the next moment, Huangquan has a sudden hole of the gains of the time and space of Huangquan. From the back of the original navigation, he has led a palm, and he fell on his golden shield. Some thin!

The voice of Hui Night appeared in the ear of the original Nairi: "Although this lazer is difficult to break through, the essence of Chakra will not change, as long as it is a force released with Chakra, there is Possible to be taken by me. "

"What this ..."

Shangyuan Nai slowly swallowed his nodded, and turned his body to look at the mood of the night, and the exquisite face was separated from the saint of the saint.

It is worthy of the legendary Chakra's ancestor!

Even this kind of invincible skill can be found by her, or she can crack any tissue!

The hair of Hui Night is once again floating, and it is surrounded by a native neighborhood. She whispered: "As long as you relieve the golden mask of this defense, I can instantly control your body ..."

After the night of Hui, continue to add: "If you don't lift, you can only let it absorb your Chakra so."

The eyes of Hui Night were watching the original navigation, and some shock sentiments after she got an Shang Shang's intelligence from the black, it has gradually succeeded.

Hui Night's eyes slowly hanging, soft continuation: "I have already felt your strength in your body, it seems that your body has not left the essence of human flesh, you still die ... and I am different."

This sentence is right.

Shangyuan Needs and I can't help but nod.

The body of Hui Night will not die, whether it is from attacking, no matter what attack is injured, it will recover quickly.

This kind of body ...

Really think about it, I can't stop my heart!

"It's really worried ..."

Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his eyebrow, looked at the big tube in the night, couldn't help but hook your mouth: "What should you do?"

At this time, the two people suddenly appeared behind the brilliant night, extended their left hand and right hand, and explored the lumbar of the brilliant night!

It is Yuxi Bozuo and a whirlpool!

Have to say, their two chances have a good opportunity!

Especially now looks that Hui Night is in the same way, even if the night hurriedly mobilized the long hair of his long hair, if you want to be entangled, there is no use, but only temporarily delay for a while. Time ...

Now, Hui Night must use more effective attacks!

For Hui Night, this is a rare opportunity to capture Shangyuan Na, the next time I want to limit the original Nairi, it is estimated that it is very difficult ...

The palm of the brilliant night suddenly passed through the sky.

Next, all the scenery of everyone suddenly changed.

Carton Mu Hui Night, Shangyuan Na Ruo, and Suzhi Sasuo Sasuke suddenly appeared within a cold space, they were trapped in the ice!

Hui Night uses the characteristics of the ice space to control everyone, her palm is still slowly swallowing on the golden mask of Shangyuan Na, and draws Chakra.

This is another ability of the big cylindrical moon.

Time and space styles named Tianzhi!

The sky is the spatial force that is unique to the night, she has five different spaces and a spatial space!

"This is a world that is my world."

Hui Night is calmly open: "What a fierce battle occurs here, you don't have to worry about destroying the seedbed that is unique to my."


The eyes of Shangyuan Needle turned, and looked at the cold ice around and whispered: "Why didn't we put our battlefield in this space when we just fight?"

"Because of the triad to mention your strength ..."

Hui Night has a thick ice and golden mask, looking at the original naval continued: "We have the existence of these trees, all have the power of time, in case, if you are leaving the coordinate, perhaps It is possible to cause a lot of trouble. "

"what about now?"

"It is now because there is no need."

Hui Night's body is not allowed to move in the cold ice, but she will continue to speak quietly: "I have already controlled your body, I can feel very difficult to quickly extract your Chakra, but for me No matter how long is long, I can wait. "

"Oh, in fact, I am also very worried about destroying the endurance ..."

The top of Shangyuan Nae gradually looked up, he looked at the face of Hui Night, and the softness continued: "So, now our warm-up is over ... I can fight you unscrupulous!"


Just as the night is still thinking about this sentence, the ice suddenly broke, and everyone presents at the same time, and everyone's face has been shocked!

The expression of Hui Night has changed!

Because Hui's night is very clear, her side has three enemies, Shangyuan Nairo's strength should be the strongest; but whirlpools and Yuxi Bozuo also have enough power to seal her strength!

The brilliant night's palm floats, and the Yuxi Board and the whirlpiece have been exhibited to other spaces, and I have to solve them in a while!

When I was completely separated by the battlefield, I saw a huge blue vain floating from Shangyuan Na.

Next moment, the imaginary shadow gradually condensed, and it was a huge need to be able to!

Single is only a body shape, it is far more than Yiszo Sasuke and the complete body of Unexpectedly, it is almost the same as the ten tails!

"this is…"

The eyes of the big torch, the eyes of the night changed, and her eyes stared at this huge must. The word opened: "Feather ... must be Zuo ..."