I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 384 Main line tasks complete! (Fifth!)

This person is just outlined by this person.

Obviously, in addition to him, anyone else said that he has a clean place; only this bullman has a lot of dirty, and eats the deafness.


If it is not the original navigation, the bauble strength is too strong. The whole endurance can not find a person who can play the original Needle ... Now I will be in the village of the five big fortune now.

"All right."

Shangyuan Needle waved a group of Chakra, calmly opened: "The big tube Hui Hui night, the elder, let's talk!"

Shangyuan Na Ruo watched the brilliant night and continued: "You will release the nine tail beasts, let me suppress you at any time, I can choose to spare you, otherwise, the elder generation, you should know my character, what do I do? I can't think of ... "

" ..."

The dark laugh came out, it looked at the original navigation: "Shangyuan, in fact, you didn't destroy our strength at all!"

"That takes you to do an experiment?"

The original neighborhood is going directly to the arm!

"and many more…"

The black is completely stopped, and it will continue to say: "If the mother lost strength, when the existence of the world is really threatening ..."

"I will beat them."

After Shangyuan Na, it flashed a bright light: "If you lose this power, you will lose it, then you lose it. It is not surprising!"

"What is your purpose?"


Shangyuan Na will be silent for a while, and his face is incapacitated.

"Because I want to create a peace organization that can shock the whole tolerance, I must find a person who can find information at any time, my elder, you have to get a person at any time. The most suitable person. "

After that, Shangyuan Na will add to the mouth: "Your mother is in the night of the night, it is used to hide your hostage!"


The dark expression is faintly yin.

At this moment, it really wants to turn his face, but unfortunately, the Shenshu is taking the Nakara, which is arrogant, which will only rely on his body characteristics to return to the injury.

As for Chakra, you can only recover slowly.

Now the glory of the night, even if you change your space, you can't do it.


The dark voice is open. "Is it? Shangyuan, I remember that after you defeat the obstacles, Chakra seems to fall very powerful ..."

"is it?"

Shangji fell in a punch, a breeze suddenly blown, the iceberg in front of him was taken into a flying ice slag!

Shangyuan Na Lu has finished all this, and looked at his own Chakra and life energy recovery speed. In such a short period of time, life energy is almost soon to recover.

Well, you will recover your strength ...

Don't let the night to extract God Tree Chekra recovery.

The original Nairou has erected his fingers, and the sound of the sound: "You have three seconds to consider me ..."

"I agreed."

The big tube Huahui Night suddenly opened the mouth, her eyes were slowly stopped on the Shang Shang, and the sound gradually became a little depressed: "At least you ... I am already very satisfied ... feathers."


The eldest son of Hui Night is seal her directly.

Nowadays, Chakra, which is now very powerful, but he did not seal his mother before the millennium, but it was proposed to make his mother in the endurance life, and even protect his mother.

About this is the difference.

And now the Chatclanti of the coaching is really strong!

It is not polite, Hui Night seems to be entangled with him, but when I really want to win, I feel that I have no power!

Shangyuan Nai's eyelid shaking, no more troublesome, repeating his own words: "Hui Yi Ji, you really admit it."

Do you have to treat him as a big tube!

Obviously, he and the big torrent of the wooden feathers were removed, and there were also a huge Chakra, and there was no idea!

Hui Night is just slowly hanging down.

After a long time, Hui Night finally decided.

A sleeper slowly drilled from the back of the night, and everything was sluggish when the beast was falling on the ground.

Just after these tail beasts, when I wanted to say something, I arrived at these tail beasts in the past!

"Bulk Star!"

Shangyuan Na was released with these tail beasts, and countless cold ice flew from the ground and seal these tail beasts.

These tail beasts have not yet come and say a few words, so they are blocked by the original naval.

" ..."

Darkly looked at this scene, the gloomy voice suddenly passed out: "Shangyuan ... You are really skilled in use the starry star!"

Basic operation. "

Shangyuan Na Luo waved his palm and whispered: "So now, let's leave your space! Go to the outside world's unlimited month reading ... I have a lot of stories to tell them!"

This war is almost the end of the declaration.

At the last naval, I looked at my own main line task progress. The face revealed a wipe, why did his main line task progress is still 99%!

Mom, this task progress is not moved!

The garbage system, is it really let him stay in the endurance?

When I was in my heart, I suddenly updated it, I finally jumped to 100%.

This system is simply like a card!

This is already a system installed on the person. Is it not enough?

After the reward of the last main line task, I suddenly felt that I was too early!

Main line task: Implement the wishes of the bookball owner, becoming the largest BOSS, task progress, the task has been completed, reward the world skill black hole universe.

Black Cave Universe: A very natural empty universe, this is an unique space of God, and every planet will continue to consume the strength of God, and will provide God's imagination.

Note: Novice please don't pay free to explore the world skills, so as not to cause irreparable losses, the newbie guide will fall within one month after the main line task is completed, please do not be in an abnormal state.

This potholes system!

A skill also needs a newbie guide!

After got, after a while, I slowly put down my curiosity, he has helped the world skills that did not use the black hole universe.

One month ...

Novice guides will come ...

At that time, he should get the truth!

The boss of the potholes, must be a good account!

Now I saw that the main line task was completed, I was so angry, at least he could know that this system bind his truth ... just this month, you can also let go of the original Needle.

According to Shangyuan Na, the existence of this black hole seems to be there in the planet inside, and maybe you can find a way to send the rim of this small planet, but how to do it, you have to ask that novice guidance member…

Just as the original navigation is still thinking about it, his appearance of his eyes suddenly changed, it is obviously that the big tube Hui's night has relieved her in the sky.

People who leave the sky in the sky are not only the original Nair and Hui Night, but also whirlpools and Yuxi Board help these two people ...

to be frank.

Swirls and Unechebra help really wrote.

Both people are in a very unbearable space.

Just when they saw the original Needle and Hui Night, I still didn't forget my own mission, the two people's palms suddenly attached to the body of Hui Yiji!

At this moment, their sneak attack is too sudden!

Don't say that it is a big tube Hui, even if it is the original navigation, there is no reaction, and Shangyuan did not detect that they will do this!

Do not…

Naruto and Sasuke don't surprise this kind of thing!

Because the cube Wooden Night see Shangyuan is also directly sneak attack, or this is the inheritance of their family, it is really a family!

I didn't ask if I saw people, I traveled directly!

"Dostoman and Ashura?"

At the big tube, the night looked at her, her eyes were slightly tightened, because she also saw the symbol of the whirlpool and the Yuxi Board.

That is the graphic style of Yin's strength and Yang!

The whirlpool song and Yizhao Sasuo saw that they sneak their hands and suddenly launched the seal style: "Six, explosive star!"

An illusory look of the idiots if there is a hidden.

Next moment, the body of the big tube Huachang night slowly flew down the sky, and a stone flew from the ground, and he would re-seal her!

The big tube Hui guanye hangs down the earth and can't help but low voice: "Feather ... is the surgery you pass to them ... Will you deceive me?"

Countless stone instantly wrapped the body's body, and the meteorite gradually surrounded, and formed a huge stone ball to continue to fly outside the sky.

"Sure enough, it is a liar ..."

The dark voice is also a bit gloomy.

Before the glory of the night was sealed, the black and shedding from the brilliant night, obviously wants to continue to hide.

However, it is still not equal to the ground, and a huge need to grasp its body to continue to fly outside!

"I don't like to lie ..."

The sound of Shangyuan Needle suddenly appeared in a dark ear.

The black and dead staring at Shangyuan Na, which must be in the crystal, Shen Sheng: "What is your guy wants to do, do you also seal it?"

"No, I just came to teach you."

The original Nairi can ride the huge must, and the stones have taken a sharp knife with the stone ball: "I want to save your mother, I have to learn the moon directly!"

Next, the blue sword light flashes!

The huge stone ball just seized the brilliant night was one minute!

"Also, I am not a feather ..."

Shangyuan Nairouwing the brilliant night of the stone ball center, reaching out, the arm, grabbed her, and some of his faces looked at some panicked at the big torch.

"I want to repeat a few times, I am the original navigation, you don't think of me in your home in this woman!"