I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 386 When the earth is falling, remember to wish!

Yuyin Village.

The vines on the small south gradually withered.

Next, she slowly opened her own eyes, looked up at the sky of Yuyin Village, and turned down a little bit: "Is it just a dream?"

"Angel, have you woke up?"

The figure of Ziyang flowers quickly jumped down, kneeling around Xiaonan, reached out to help her: "Although I don't know what I have happened, it seems that everything is solved!"


Xiaonan slowly nodded, whispered: "I don't know how it is on the battlefield, the original he ... should it be okay?"

Xiao South is really worried about your disciples.

Shangyuan Needar is much better than Xiao Nan, but when he feels good, the mood of others will definitely be so good.

After unlimited month read release.

Everyone in the Ninja coalition gradually woke up.

Because the god tree extracted Chakra, they still have some weak weakness, and even some ninja also needed to take care of each other.

At this time, a voice fell into their ears.

"Hi everybody!"

Shangqi Nairi standing high, overlooking the Ninja coalition, laughing and opening: "Let me introduce yourself, I am the crime of rain, the leader of the Ninja, the head of the Ninja, the fourth endurance battle Sponsor and manipulator ... "


Each ninja fist is not hit by autonomous.

Just when someone wants to speak questions, Shangyuan Na will continue to say: "If you criticize or want to ask me, please allow me to warn you first!"

When I said here, the sound of Shangyuan Nairo gradually became a little pleasant: "The legendary six cactors, the gods of the ninja, the end of the ribo, Zhizhibo spheres, all are my hand!

So I want to remind you here, all enemies weaken in the six levels of the stream, in fact, even if you talk in front of me; of course, even if you have six kinds of immortals, in front of me and one Nothing difference.

Maybe you don't understand the six-level person, what is the concept, let me briefly explain, that is, it is to easily kill everyone in the scene! Naruto, Sasuke, who do you have two people to show you? "


The whirlpools and Yiszo Sasuke can't help it, all the ninja does not look at them in their own.

The whirlpool has frowned, looking at several familiar people under the lower part, there is a bitterness of the mouth: "The master mother, a good color cactus, Carti teacher, Shang Shang said there is no mistake ... and this war has ended "

"and so…"

The apeer looked up and looked at the original navigation, Shen Sheng: "Shangyuan Nair is the last winner of this war?"

"No, everyone is a winner."

Shangyuan Nai went to wave, faintly opened: "After all, I can't bear to kill so many people, so you got my gift to live, it is also winning ... We are, in fact, it is your own!" "


Mom, inexplicable!

Who dares to be my own!

This religion once thought that the original navigation is the ninja of his own people, can you fall?

"Shangyuan Nair ..."

The program wrinkled his brow, Shen Sheng: "No matter who is winner ... At least you must tell us, what happened!"

"This is the long ..."

After the next navigation, I was picking up my eyebrows, I looked at all the ninja at all my head: "I may have to say a long time, if you look up too long, the neck may be very painful ..."

"... Is it now not painful?"

The open mouth is open: "even if we can't do anything now, but at least tell us the truth!"

"Um ... can."

A stone chair appeared under the top of Shangyuan Na, he slowly did it, and he looked at the big tube Hui, the night, whispered: "The source of this war has to come forward from Millennium ...

Thousands of hands, Yuxi Bo, Japanese, and whirls, etc. The ancestors of the ruthlessness, the first place with Chakra, the goddess of Chakra, the big tube, the night house unfortunate, she gave birth to two children, but her child Growing up, in order to capture her for her strength ... "

"and many more!"

The whirlpool rings immediately stopped the original navigation. His expression was boring. "You talk too much about it.

"Really ... leaving."

Yischo Sasuke also couldn't help but help his forehead. Can't help but twitch: "Hey, Shangyuan, the story you tell usually to add materials to it in this way?"

"To shut up!"

Shangji wrinkled his own brow, looked at the whirlpool, Shen Sheng Xiang said: "If your story will never be pleasantly listened, will only talk to people with people, who will be willing to listen to these stories. ! "

After saying the whirlpool, Shangyuan Nairies also looked at Unechebra: "Sasuke, your brother is very storytelled ..."

Yischo Sasuko can't help but shoot his forehead: "Betting ... Can you always mention the tone of an old friend?"

Shangyuan Na will be silent for a while, waving together, and then fell out of the two, he slowly turned his head: "Okay, now we continue."


Five-shadow faces.

Some ninja waiting to listen to the story is some speechless. Now I haven't started to tell the focus yet, I just wanted to lie to them.

Shangyuan Needan is not concerned, continue to say: "Before the millennium, the legendary Chakra was ancestral nine, and was sealed by her two children. One child was created after the power of his mother. Because. "

When I said here, the face of Shangyuan Nae gradually became serious, he looked at the respective amazing ninja on his face, Shen Sheng: "You didn't guess the wrong, the child is the legendary six cactus."

Shangyuan Nai slowly continued to continue: "Unfortunately, the six immortals did not think that in addition to him and his brother, his mother's goddess was still left behind, still left a child named black, Is our intelligence captain. "


Everyone in the field is again silent.

To be honest, the Ninja coalition will lose nothing.

At the head of the coallers, the leader of the coalition, was a black hand after the scene. The intelligence captain is also a black hand after the scene. What do they take to fight?

Do you miss it?

The original Nairo overlooks the face of everyone, and laughed and continued: "The black has been trying to resurrect the giant night, which is the illusion of unlimited month read.

Similarly, in order to retaliate the old six immortals, it secretly organizes Yuxi Bo and the thousand-hand family, while sitting on these two blood relatives self-conflicting, while secretly picking the right chess and resurrectless night.

This is why Yizhi Bo and the killing of thousands of hands.

Later, after a short-lived resolution of the Qi Zhibo spheres, he retreated and finally picked up a piece of chessian Zhizhu spots and began to implement the reunion of the night.

In order to achieve this plan, all the people in the endure of the endure as a chess, just it misses my strength, did not expect Chakra's resurrection, not my opponent, so you can still have to stand here. "


The dark heart is a bit uneasy.

This is too unfair to the original navigation, even the past life is to be?

Even if the whirlpool and Yuxi Boce help two people can listen to some speechless. In the description of the original Naid, the six immortals become a despicable villain ...

Is it true that it is true?

Because Shangyuan Nai is a part of the six cactors to change!

See what virtue is the original navigation this, is it a good person? Can you still hope that the six immortals before the millennium?

After listening to the story of the original navigation, the agency couldn't help but wrinkled his own brows, Shen Sheng: "Shangyuan Na, then you play a role in it, I am in the illusion, your guy seems to be Read the infinite month! "

"Oh, I pretended."

Shangqi Needan responded with the mouth: "I saw everyone in the unlimited month, if I didn't have the kind of illusion, it seems to be a bit less than a group ..."


How is this saying?

When you fuck, I felt that I was not very inciting, I didn't think so when I betrayed the entire ninja.

If everyone is present in the eyes of the knife, Shangyuan Na will be estimated to be Ling Turumic bone shelf.

Shangyuan Nairo ignored a group of knives as the same eyes, quietly continued: "So after I pretending to read the unlimited month reading, I found out that the monetic conspiracy, defeated the legendary Chakra's ancestor, saved you ..."


The ninja coalitions have different expressions.

To be honest, they don't know if they should be.

"Well, I want to know the details, I will ask the Naruto and Sasuke! Unfortunately, my highlight is only only two viewers ..."

After the arrival of Nairi, she sighed, looked at the people to continue: "After a week, I will wait for the five shadows in Yuyin Village. At that time, you must come with me to discuss the war after the war ... "

After saying, Shangyuan Na will slowly hold his fist, and add a sentence calmly: "Because if anyone has not arrived, I may feel that I am not very happy, maybe your village will become a stars, or will There is a star falling in your village ... "

Next, the land of the distant land rose quickly and formed a huge meteorite!

Shang Nai fell to the meteorite manipulated it in a lake, the whole earth dramatically trembled, everyone's face showed a panic!

"Have you seen it? It is the kind of stars!"

After Shangyuan Na, the face gradually became serious, he turned to continue: "If that time, it really becauses someone didn't present this unhappy thing, I hope that all Ninja present must remember ... "


All ninja's ears are unstoppable.

Shangji Looking at these looks nervous ninja, the corner of his mouth gradually hooked: "When the sky is broken, when you are scratching the sky, when you fall in your village, you must remember the wish, you will be willing to do nasuses in your next life."


Numerous Ninja is in his heart from the head.