I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 387 Do you have a well-known organization?

The Shangyuan Na will leave after being shaken after white.

All black pots were pushed to the big torch on the millennium before the millennium, and he seems to have a ninja that is just a bit of strength.

A huge ancient dragon dropped from the sky, with Shangyuan and the big tube Hui Hui night, black left the battlefield.

Wait until the last navigation leaves.

Many talents have dropped their eyes on the whirlpool and Yishe Sasuke, apparently they want to get more information from the mouth of these two people.


The whirlpool is can't help but flexing his hair. The face gradually became serious: "First, all the top of the original is fake! No, wrong, it should be said, he threatens us is true!" "

The whirlpool sounds looked at the face of the face, and the sound of the expected expression, "or say, I can't judge that the original is true, because he is the legendary six immortal part of Chakra transfer, Although he has never admitted this ... "


Every ninja is not self-owned mouth, the guy just in the original nair, but the six cactors are not satisfied!

This person can be really embarrassed ...

Even your own past life is going to be black!

Just the six immortal Chakra reincarnate this virtue, play pigs to eat tigers, play casual machine to play with them?

The whirlpool is a shocked crowd, and the light continues to say: "The purpose of this war is the legendary Chakra's starting ancestor night. When you want to swallow all people, you just have to stop from the original navigation. ...

Therefore, the strength of Shangyuan is actually very strong, whether it is Chakra's ancestor or another part of the six cactus, Chakra, is a relaxed defeat ... "

The whirlpool is not too much to hide.

The war has been said by him.

Whether it is the origin of the thousand-handed and the Yishabo family, the six cactors still appeared in the world, until the final release is the original six immortal Chakra transfer.

Everything makes the five shadows shocked.

The secrets of these millenniums ... it is indeed amazing.

"That is to say ..."

The hand slowly turned his head and looked at everyone, whispered: "After a week, he invited us to participate in the war ... we must go to participate."


Yischo Sasukes open the mouth: "You can not go, like these decay guys, all destroyed!"

"Breast, what do you say ..."

The four generations of Lei Ying's temper is stunned!

Next moment, he was helped to defeat the land!

Just as helping to pull out his own tips, when a knife will directly die, the whirlpool rushed to stop his movements and slowly shake his head.

"Sasuke, don't spread hatred."


Yischo Sasuo looked at the Naruto, and slowly recovered his own troirers, scornfully opened: "A group of idiots!"

After Unexpello, he didn't stay, and he left here with oneself.

Just as a few clouds slowly pulled out his own troirers. When you kill the Sasuke for the four generations of Lei Yutu, the whirlpool smelled the body, and a golden Chakra giant hand, will these people All in the ground.

"You are not an opponent."

The whirlpool sounds looks at the back of the left, whispered: "

No one in the entire endurance is Sasuke.

Ju Xu Zhi Bo Sasukes left, I feel that my ambition is a bit where you are nowhere, and an ancient dragon is guilty in his ear.

Yizhi Bozuo can't help but look up.

The ancient dragon is sitting in a quite person, except for the original naval, Hui Night, black, Xiaomi That group is enthusiastic to play hands with him.

Even two people in the long gates and pharmacists are also.

It's just a pair of ordinary eyes, it is a pair of eyes that are the power of the original naval.

The pharmacist is still old, seeing people pushing glasses.

Oh shit…

The guy who is silent in this group of people.

Just as Yuxi Bozuo bury his head and didn't want to pay attention to it. When I wanted to leave, the sound of Shangyuan Nae lost in his ear: "Hey, Sasuke, even if you don't want to see me, at least do your responsibility?"

"What responsibility?"

"Take care of your Australi-Zonghui's night cite!"

Shangyuan Na Lu sounded a bit bad: "Ha, I just went to receive this group of guys, I saw you alone alone ... Since I have no place to go, it is better to be like it. Xiao! "


The forehead wrinkled in Unecheo.

In the next moment, the figure of Yuxio Sasuke fiercely jumped to the high altitude, and he fell on the ancient dragon, the cold voice opened: "Shangyuan Na, you don't put it in front of me, you are a friend. ? "


Shang Nai was shot and shook his head, and he took the ancient dragon and fell empty, flew in the direction of Yuyin Village.

Didala looked at Sasuke, dissatisfied with his mouth: "Really ... Why do you have to join Xia Zhibo's guy!"

"All right."

Red Sands interrupted Didala's complaints and whispering: "The Shangyuan's meaning, it should be the location of the top of Sasuk Tops."

Yuyin Village.

Xiaoshan is still a little uneasy.

After the unlimited month read release, Yu Yin Village returned to the right track, but people were only avoided.

At this time, the air came from the ancient dragon!

Xiaonan's figure instantly made a sheet of origami floating out, falling on the high tower of the village, re-emitting her body!

A far-age dragon fell on the side of the tower.

A row of people in a row of clouds in the back of the ancient dragon.

Shangqi Nai Lu sat in the forehead, waved his hand in Xiaonan: "Teacher, here! I will bring the long-term adults!"


Xiaoshan's gaze is over, falling on the door.

Xiaonan's expression is gradually stiff, her brow can't help but wrinkle: "Actually ... I didn't get out of illusion at all?"

Before this disciple left, he would definitely bring back the body's body back, how to bring back a living long door!

"Not illusion."

Shangyuan Nairou appeared in Xiaonan, reach out his palm, softly falling on her hair.

Xiaonan slowly looked up and looked at the last neighborhood, and there was a bit calm. "If it is illusion, I don't care ... this is also very good."

Unfortunately, this is not an illusion.

But the real world.

After the arrival of Shang Na, their lives seem to have returned to the past, but the long gates no longer hit the tower, and occasionally played.

As for members of the organization.

In addition to the dedicated drug teacher, black and Unechebra Sasuke, the members of the tissue are more than one in the past.

Cotta wooden gight.

Shangyuan Na will continue to understand the people in the organization, no one knows what he wants to prepare, and even he also has prepared many Xiangyun black robes.

This is really not understanding.

In particular, the corner doesn't like to waste money, he believes that each person has two uniforms, it is already a waste ...

This is a necessary preparation for the last navigation.

The only troubleshooting problem is that the big torch is getting more and more quirky, this woman is like a ghost, and sometimes suddenly comes from the Shangyuan from the time.

Seven days later.

The five shadows arrived in Yuyin Village.

Upward Nairies sat in the office, after seeing them, did not have too much nonsense, direct opening: "From today, all the endure of the war requires the approval of the organization, and even the downtown battle, Is there an objection? "

After the Shangyuan Na, he still didn't wait for them to open against, whispered: "If anyone has an objection, don't go back, because when you return to your village, there should have been destroyed."


Five shadows fell into silence.

Everyone's cheeks are not smoked.

At this time they miss the Shangyuan Na Rou in the Tiezhi National Talk, at least at least, I will be willing to lie to them.

So this is the original navigation ...

Each time you open a layer of true face, is the character of harsh?

Shangji looked at the silence of five shadings, continued: "Of course, this is not a absolute law, and the tissue will also help the five major countries to deal with disputes, mediation war ... In addition, the organization will also absorb the strong ninja to become a member of the Ninja, Cultivate them stronger. "

After that, the hands of Shangyuan Na will raise five documents, with those documents falling in the hands of the breeze.

Shangyuan Na is rushing to his own head, and the face is quietly opened: "In addition to things about war, other things such as tentative exams, may also be discussed at the meeting.

In addition to the leader of my knowledge, the usual thing is to give a self-determination of the organization members to vote, so you may not have a chance to implement your own measures.

Xiao Zhi is just a shackle on your adventure war behavior. If you want to let the organization through a resolution about a tolerance, you can find a way to make your proposal to get through the meeting.

As a big country, each big country has three candidates, which can be your big name, shadow, and shaft. If you want your own proposal to get more votes, let the Ninja in the village become more Strong, join the tissue. "

After the Shangyuan Na, after the face, the face suddenly revealed a smile: "If this is, the whole tolerance is always in a negotiation table, although now controls this negotiation table is me, but it will not be it in the future. You! "


Five shadows can't help but lift their heads.

At this moment, they faintly feel that they were treated as idiots.