I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

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Let the strong people in the five major countries will join the tissue.

This proposal in five shadows, it is obvious that it is very bad.

However, under the stress of the original Needle, this proposal is actually quite reliable, and it is much better than the proposal of the upland directly under the role.

The worst result in their heart is that the original naval is forced to ask the entire endurance merger, which is to rule this endurance.

It seems that the proposal of Shangyuan Nae is significantly worse than the result of their heart.

Every big country must be clamped by Xiwi, but each big country has a certain voice in the well-tissue, although this claim is also subject to Shangyuan.

The agency picked the eyebrows and whispered: "If we joined this, do we mean that we have to perform tasks since then ..."

"Generally, there will be no troubles."

After the original Nairi pulled the mouth, the light continued: "Only once there is any village to launch the war, and refuse to listen to the mediation of the child, then when we need to be dispatched, we should only be a pediatric. ! "


Five people were still in silence.

If only just for peace, the proposal of Shangyuan Na will not be better, but the shadow of several of them has expanded ...

"I personally agree."

I loved the head and calmly opened: "I still need to negotiate with the high-rise in the village, after all, before and we ..."

"It's ok."

Shangqi Nai Lu interrupted my love, whispered: "The wind shadow, since your individual agrees, then everything is good."

Just as people in the field have thought that the Shangyuan Na will settle again: "In order to avoid the opinion of Shang Yin Village, I can now help you destroy the sandy village, you can work in our organization Next, in the country of the country to build a new sandy village, we will guarantee that no one is invading the country ... "

Shangyuan Na will be a good job.

This is not simple and fast!

I love: "..."

Damn, this is the original navigation is really good!

Now I am even delayed and even think of the way to go back and people in the village. I can't do anything!

I love Lufei quickly shook his head and immediately opened: "No, if there is different opinions in the village, I will find a way to convince them."

"Really? I don't believe it."

Shangyuan Na was squatted, and his mouth persuaded: "With it, so many tongues, persuaded those old stubborn, not as good as our help, have another sandy village ..."

"no need."

I loved the head, and his heart was returned to it, but it was still going on the mouth: "I will pick it up to the teacher's candidate."

"Ok, Ok."

After the arrival of the navigation, he took a nod to continue: "So when the wind is going back, bring three-piece uniform, in the future, Sandy Village has another person to join Xiao, I will send People have been interviewed in the past. "


I loved my nod slowly.

At this moment, I Ai Luo has a little regret that I will speak first.

Because he speaks first, it has become the first yield in the fifth image.

Shangyuan Nai turned to the other people, and the opening continued: "So is it disagreed? Since this is the case, then we don't have to waste time ..."

"and many more!"

The master hurriedly put his hand and sink: "In addition to the three quota of fixed, other members want to join the tissue, what kind of interview is needed?"

"The strength is the only standard for the test."

Shangji opened his palm to open his palm, quietly opening: "I will send the most suitable candidates to assess the strength of members. If you can overcome or draw, you will pass."

After the Shangyuan Na, he looked at the face of the play, showing a smile of playing taste: "However, there are still many people who can take the assessment ..."

Location, flagmarks, Mtiki, whirls, rumor, and even the current spring Sakura is also possible.

After saying it here, Shangyuan Na will add a saying: "Any strength is strong enough to defeat the official member, but if you don't join Xiao, it will be listed as a risks of danger. I will reject them."

The eyes of Shangyuan Nae gradually became dangerous, he continued to say quietly: "Don't read the intelligence capabilities, I believe we will never let you disappoint."


Everyone's face is a little ugly.

In this case, they really want to hide some powerful ninja, and now it seems that it is not very good to explain!

"It's better to be so good."

Shangyuan Nai's mouth hook slightly, he laughed and opened: "Whenever there is a strong strong ninja every village, please send an information to a lecture.

Every year, we focus on the assessment of these powerful ninja, in accordance with the frequency of the exam, how do you think? "


The five shadings have been in a silence.

Of course, I don't think so!

But what can I still do it, do you flip your face?

It's just a thought in everyone's heart ...

Since it is necessary to let the powerful ninja join the village, if you really do this, the members who have entered the well-known members will be significantly larger, obviously the right to speak significantly.

In addition to the three person quotas that the leaves can be obtained, the wooden leaves can rely on the way of post-deployment, and five even more add-to the quota of the organization.

This is too beneficial to the wooden leaves from the geniors!

"If you say it, this proposal is not necessarily good."

The three generations of Si Shado is in the heart of the way: "At least we can ensure that everyone wants to happen in the future, everyone will restrain, once a dispute, there is also a place where we can sit down negotiation."


Shangji is gently drums, open the mouth: "In this regard, the three generations of Siboyha is very neuran."

After the three generations of Spring shadow, he suddenly made his opinion: "This approach is very advantageous for the nature of the geniors;

However, for some of the ninja bases, it is difficult to have a strong ninja, which is just that the powerful ninja is very unfair. "


After Shangyuan Na, it was silent for a while, he looked at the Three Generations of Soil: "However, the rush, this endure is unfair ...

Maybe you think that the leaves can join a lot of candidates, but the vortex of the wooden leaves is also a ninja enough to easily destroy a none.

And this is not irreversible, if some proposals are too beneficial to leaves, you can apply for arbitration to the upper layer of organization.

Now I am just a blueprint, and I will need to work together in the future to improve this system. "

"Hope so!"

The four generations of Lei Ying took a sigh of breath, and the sound of the sound: "That way, I agree with Yun Yin Village!"

The four generations of straighteads said in Yun Yin Village.

Basically Lei Ying said, Yunyin Village has no one will oppose.

Since the four generations of straits agree, the remaining people have no reason to disagree, mainly there is no courage, after all, the safety of a village is on their body.

Each ribbon basis is three places.

The three places are shadow, shadow and big names, respectively.

In addition, the five shadings also wrote some people in their respective villages that need to participate in the assessment of the members of the child, and only the apeer wrote at least seven or eight. She is still trying to think that anyone can come to participate.

"Can you calculate it?"

The program wrinkled, and he looked at the original navigation: "I got a few six Taoo in the battlefield every day ..."


The forehead of Shangyuan Needs can't help but jump, how to do this, how can I have a golden corner of the golden corner?

Does the Emperor are European?

No matter what happens, the emperor's luck will not change?

"That is Yun Yin Village!"

The four generations of Lei Ying can't help the teeth.

The hand picks up the eyebrows and opens: "If you calculate it, it should be the six cactus that belongs to the previous neighborhood."

"Whose is it now, who is it!"

Shangqi quietly sighed, softly persuaded: "Some people can be strong because they have enough efforts, some people can be strong because of their blood, some people can be strong ... because they are good ... "


The eyebrows of the five shadows can't help but jump.

This change is strong, theory ... It's really enough ... but the tamper that is called every day is doing this ...

"Hey ... every day ..."

Shangyuan Nai can't hurt my own eyebrow: "It seems that it is also a vomiting, plus Didarana guy, knowing is probably really busy!"

After writing the list, I suddenly opened: "Right, can the pig deer butterfly in our village can calculate a quota?"


Shangyuan Nai's eyes shake, cold sound opening: "Do you still make a quota for one hundred ninja?"

This is too bad!

It's not enough now, the future is really not necessarily, but it is only too much trouble in the grass, and now it is too much trouble!

The five shadows completed the list, and after the date of assessment, they received three uniforms of three wells, and they were will leaving Yuyin Village.

Just at this time, I saw the window of the office to see a corner, and suddenly called the five shadows, and the high voice: "In addition to these things, there are also a year that the annual contributions will organize our organization. Do it! "


The horns outside the window nodded with satisfaction.