I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 389 The truth of the black hole universe, the tight chapter

After the first meeting ended.

The original Nairou basically arranged everything.

Shangyuan Na is falling in the remaining time, starting to stay in Yuyin Village, waiting for the system uninterrupted to give him a task reward.

For example, the day of the task reward for Ningxing.

For example, several members of the organization live a reward.

This kind of sound has been dense, but it is unfortunate that the system seems to have no reward skills, and began to reward gold coins or 3D properties.


Yuyin Village.

Shangyuan Nai Lu accompanied the small south to have a walk in Yuyin Village, Hui Night suddenly drifted from one time space, and he was also floating on him.

This scene ...

Let Shang Nai will think that he is a slag man.

At this time, the eyes of Shangyuan Nai suddenly stopped, because he saw a person who made him thinking to see him, that person is in the rainy village with a bookstore, and the hand is annoying a world-tech paradise. Very happy!

Mom, that bastard!

The bookstore boss who sent him to the fire world!

Just when Shangji is going to let Xiaonan and Hui Night leave, I saw that the bookstore owner seems to be observed, rushing to the original navigation and waving.

Next, the whole world fell into a dark!

No, not the whole world caught in a dark, but the figure of the original Nairou appeared in a dark space!

"Here is my black hole universe."

The voice of the book stall has fallen into the ear of Shangyuan Na, as his voice came, the whole world is slowly bright!

Shangyuan, I walked around.

Now they are within an empty space, Shangyuan Nai looked up only a few planets, and there is no other thing in addition to this.

"Don't be nervous, you spend the money VIP customers!"

After the book stall, the boss made a referring to the space, there were two seats and a table, and there was even a pot of tea on the table.

Shang Nai Lu sat on the chair, after the emotion gradually calmed down, he watched him in words: "You are still very embarrassed to have in front of me, I bought your book according to the pricing of the book, you actually send me to the endurance ,Are you still human?"

"Cough cough ..."

The book stalls have cough a few times, spread their palms: "So, don't talk to strangers when you are fine ... and my book can be all genuine, support genuine, everyone is responsible!" And my book can be all genuine, support genuine, everyone is responsible! " "

"Tell me first!"

I was shook his head and shook his head. "What is this task? What is this system?"

"... garbage system."

The book stall was shaken and sighed, and Zhangkou first replaced a system, helping his forehead: "Do you think of it? In fact, we are very happy, so I will plan to let you come. Try to do our line ... "


Upo is speechless.

"I will introduce you to our line."

After the book stall, after drinking a tea, slowly swallowed: "We mainly want to let these worlds reserve before some worlds."

"Do this ... significance?"

"It doesn't make sense, it is purely because of hobbies."

"Your hobby ... What is the black hand in the scene?"

Shang Shang's expression is a bit unrest, what is preferences!

"Hey, I can explain this."

The book stall is slowly spread, and his face gradually became solemn: "In fact, we do this, the most important thing is to learn to hide yourself ... Otherwise, others will strive to become strong, you know how to open, Wan One is known, is it a bit awkward? "

"More than a little ..."

Shangyuan slowly nodded, and the look is delicately open: "But ... then why do you pick me? Just because I also like second yuan?"


After the book stall was nodded, he looked at the original naval. "In fact, it is mainly your person's inner heart to make life.

Don't refute this, because my mission is to achieve your wishes, give you a system, not too clever, I only have this garbage system. "

After that, the bookstore owner continues to open: "Don't worry, you can just marry your system, because it is very rubbish.

This system is small, once the skills are displayed, it will automatically crash, you now have so many skills, yet, oh, already crash ... "


Shang Nai wrinkled and frowned, his eyes gradually became a round, he whispered: "But my ability can ..."

"None of your ability."

The book stall is shaking his head, whispering continues: "The system sent to you is to send you the body directly. It is only responsible for showing you, but until the memory is not enough, it will start to automatically send it to you. Skill adjustment becomes attribute or gold coins. "


Shangnai is still stupid.

What is this garbage system!

After the book stall is finished, I shaken it again: "Don't care, I can use the modifier, wait for a while, I will help you modify it. In fact, it is best to have three-dimensional properties of each world. Because Your black hole is universe. "

When it comes to the end, the face of the book stalls gradually became serious. He continued: "Every place you have experienced, you can find a way to put it in your black hole, avoid it. The future is threatened. "

After saying it here, the bookstore owner couldn't help but laugh: "And in the future, you can still charge the scene ... For example, when there is a war in a world, you can also call a few from your own back garden. 10,000 people can charge the scene! "


Shangji Nai, I remembered that there was a strong strength in an anime, but I also took a bunch of bones of the younger brother. I nodded: "You said it very reasonable."

"For example, Huang is a small planet, but you want to put such a small star in your own black hole."

The book stall is slowly spreading his hand, whispering: "After all, this is to make your black hole universe to swallow a planet and maintain the normal operation of this world, so the energy required is very much."

The book stall is silent to see the original navigation, calmly open: "If you want to put the fire star ball into your own black hole universe and maintain its operation at least more than 5 million three-dimensional value ..."

After saying this, the bookstore owner will continue to continue: "You can also choose to give up this planet, maintain your own power, after the system helps you, maybe you can open the next world."

After that, the book stall has added another sentence: "But I still suggest a more planet in your black hole in the universe, because it will give you a strong enough feedback ..."

Shangyuan Nai couldn't help wrinkled his own brow: "I am not too enough now, only more than 3 million Chakra ..."


After a while, the book stall was thoughtful, and the sound opened: "Then there will be some skills, the rest of the skill is exchanged! By the way, in addition to the talent skills, other skill value is not high, because it is easy to get."


Shangning Nai was caught in meditation.

After a while, the original Nairou suddenly raised his head and raised a fatal question: "Don't I go back to the world?"


The book stall is slowly nod, and the light will continue: "Then you have to be best prepared because you may always receive some very strange wishes because of a second-year fan ..."

"Garbage system, can you still meal?"

The forehead of Shangyuan Needs can't help but jump.

The bookball owner couldn't help but shoot his forehead: "Because these systems are too garbage, there is no need to recycle! Wait for you to become stronger, don't want to do this, you can destroy it directly. "


Shangnai is falling into silence.

After a moment, he slowly looked up: "Then you are laborious for my predecessors, help me open the modifier of the exchange skills! I will pick the ability to redeem ... first put the planet into the black hole in the universe!"


The book stall is nodded.

Shangyuan Na Rou originally thought that this bookstore boss will modify the system on the system, I plan to see if there is a flaw, I didn't expect to let himself modify!

Grass, redemption functions have been there.

It is just that this garbage system is not shown.

After Shangyuan Na, after redeeming a bunch of skills, finally raised his three-dimensional properties to 5 million boundaries.

"You can start."

After the book stall, the boss took a referring to the end of the endurance, he whispered: "Now try to run your black hole universe, put this planet and the satellite and stars around it. Go in. "


After the next navigation, she fell out of the eyebrows, and she stretched her hand, a black hole panned from his palm, this black hole slowly broke the upper palm of the Shang Shang!

The sun, the endurance, the moon, gradually covered by black holes.

Until ultimate, they were all incorporated into black holes.

The boss's boss has a wingdoma, because the existence of the stars, this originally the place temperature in the parameters of the Became suddenly decreased a lot.

After seeing the original navigation, the book stall was hit: "You pay attention to a little! There is also a person outside! Black hole universe, not allowed to enter it, you will use it as a mighty space to ponder Use it. "


The top is slowly nod.

"The newbie is over, and the remaining basics will no longer need me."

The book stalls waved towards the original Nairi: "Novice must experience the next world, follow the direction of your own inner, go!"


At the last naval, I looked at this pothole's bookstore, the figure of the boss was disappeared. He felt that he didn't seem to ask ... It seems that if you don't realize the main line task, what will be punished?

Unfortunately, people have left.

The brow of Shangyuan Nairo moved, his figure suddenly appeared in his own black hole, a star, a planet, a satellite.

There are only three planets within the black hole in the universe, they seem to be alone.

Shangyuan Nairi suddenly appeared above the star of the relief, although he can use a lot of power, but this moment he felt that he was in this world.

The presence of this planet is because of his strength.

The sound of Shangyuan Nairi suddenly appeared in the heart of the members, he lowered: "Prepare to meet, tomorrow I intend to pick a few people to perform the task ..."