I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 390, I, Shangyuan Na, find a part-time job!

Sea reel 1517.

Desert Kingdom, Alabastan, Rainfield.

Alabattan is a majority of the country of the desert, even if it is a city around the rainforest, the air still droughts, the sun is hot, so that everyone is somewhat.

One cafe.

A brunette mature woman wearing a small vest, which is a bit attractive.

She is holding her own chin, and she is interested in her own book, and her finger knocked her cheek a little.

For others, it is only a glass of leisure afternoon tea for this woman for this woman.

Just at this time, someone pushed the door of the café, and a little messy footsteps made a woman frowned, a young man and a group of people wearing Xiangyun black robes came in.

"Sorry, today is not open here ..."

The brunette woman still looked at the book with himself. Her mouth hooks slightly, and his face did not apologize to apologize.

It is a pity that the coming is not good.

The young man headed, took out a reward, hanging in front of this brunette woman, his eyes smashed.

"Self-introduction, my name is the original navigation, now is a leader of mercenaries, and I have been looking for you after I came to this land."

After the introduction of Shangyuan Na, he was full of rewards, smiled and smiled: "Nicole Robin, the dangerous woman who was crowned to 79 million bounty from eight years old, but now look at you I have grown a lot, I have become a very charming woman ... "


The brunette woman's face revealed a dangerous look, she slowly put down the book in her hand, looked up to the youth in front of her, and returned to a sweet smile: "I am sorry, do you find a wrong person? ! "


The Shangyou frown wrinkled, he turned down his own reward, and looked at the brunette woman in front of him. There was a little doubt on his face: "No, don't I really admit the wrong person? "

After saying, Shangyuan is sitting in self-sincere, and waving unconventionally: "Everyone is sitting first, in case I really appreciate the wrong person, then please have a cup of tea ... casually, Help me find a cup of juice here. "

"Yes, Needar."

A white-haired youth wearing glasses pushed his own glasses. After respecting the nod, I started to find it in this cafe.

Other people who are wearing Xiangyun black robes will soon sit down, they seem to have not taken the owner of the cafe at all.


Shangyuan Na was rudely staring at the mature woman of the brunette. He turned over the reward order in his hand, shook his head and sighed: "Hey, I should find a way to get a Nicole Oerbaya. Suspension, this kind of words should not refute ... "


Next moment, the brunette woman heard the familiar name, and his face showed an overcast, because Nicole Oerbia is her mother!


Her indeed Nicole Robin.

Since childhood, because it is the last archaeologist in the world, it is crowning for 79 million super high bountasiers, which will not be inferior to the bounty of some big pirates!

It is a pity that she does not have enough power to take this bounty!

These guys who are wearing Xiangyun black robe are obviously not good. They have even known her mother, and these guys have already identified her identity!

The brunette woman looked at the scene, and her eyes gradually became a little dangerous. Her fingers suddenly stir, a bunch of petals appeared in the air!

Next, the two white arms suddenly appeared in the upper shoulders, and the palm of palm was to reverse the neck of this youth!

This is the ability of Nicole Robin!

Legend has the secret treasure of the sea, the superman, the flower fruit, can appear with petals in any place!

However, today she is destined to encounter an enemy that cannot be resistant!

"Nicole Robin, don't do too dangerous action."

Shangyuan Nai slowly lifted his head, his body suddenly took a thunder, directly crushed the two arm to disappear!

Nicole has flashed a shot in the eyes, she just watched the man in front of her eyes, gradually sinking in his heart: "This is ... Natural Series · Lei Lei Fruit?"

In this world, the evil fruit is divided into three kinds, superman, animal system and natural system, no accident, natural strength is considered to be top fruit!

Single only is that the natural actor cannot be physically attacked, it is enough to let people who have natural fruits solve most of the enemies, especially Nicole, joined a company last year, and the company's boss Klock Dar is also nature. Series fruit!

So Nicole is very clear about the strength of the natural line!

In particular, this rope fruit is known as the result of the strongest natural system, which is more powerful than the boss's sand fruit!

Finished ...

Nicole has dropped a cold sweat on the forehead.

Now that claims to be temporarily sheltered, she is not in the rain, and the whole rain will not find anyone who has the ability to fight against the youth.

"Ha ha…"

The original slowly reached his finger, laughed and opened: "Nicole Robin, if you say it, you should be more afraid of this fruit ability?"

After that, the Shangyuan's finger spread out of a cold, falling on the coffee in front of Nicobin, and the cup of coffee was turned into a hockey!

Nicole has been glanced at this scene, and her heart suddenly spreads the boundless fear, let her face are very frightened!

Freezing capabilities!

If she has not remembered, this fruit power should be on the man who once let her fall into a dream, the Navy's highest power general of the gods!

How can I appear here now?

However, let Nicobin is a horror of these fruits, but this youth seems to be in your own palm!

This youth who claimed to be Shangyuan Na, he knew his past, even knowing everything!

After a long time.

Nicocos slowly cleared his fingers, calmly returned to her body, she looked up and looked at the original Na Nai: "You ... don't you have a sacred ..."

"It's a smart!"

The white-haired youth that wearing glasses came over and put a glass of juice in front of the original navigation, and then watched Nicole Robin said: "Shangyuan, who is sitting in front of you, is a real god ..."

People talking, is the top of the original Nairi.

"Pocket, I have passed."

Shangyuan Nai went to wave, and then showed that the pharmacist returned down, he reopened Nicocobin: "I am just a little bit of power." Ok, we don't say those other things, you should know yourself. Can't escape. "

Shangji opened his palm, put the lightning on the palm of his own, continued to say: "I heard that there is a company named Baroque Workshop in Alabastein, just now I have to find a part-time ..."


Find a part-time job!

Nicole's forehead couldn't help but jump.

This powerful person actually said that he wants to find a part-time job!

Non Nicobin, people in the entire café can't help the forehead jumped, they don't seem to have a person to be east!

Shangyuan Nairies did not care about everyone's expression, continuing to: "I heard that the behind-the-scenes of the Baroque Tourism, is the king of Klock Dal, one of the Qi Wuhai, I am very respect of him. , Want to have a power for his career ... "


Nicole's eyelid couldn't help but shake.

To be honest, only the two demon fruits of the original navigation, Nicoco feels that this guy will hang Klock Darr!

If this is the original naval, the Baroque Tourism has no conspiracy. Nicocobin thinks that her books have read ...

In the cafe, those people in Xiangyun black robe are also somewhat subtle, their eyes move slowly, stopping a black people who are shaking ...

Obviously they all know the cause of the last one of the people who came to hold a certain person, and the outcome of that person saw it.

Really ...

The death of the pit is still a kind of people who are "!

"You don't seem to do this?"

Nicolellin maintains his own face, whispering: "With your strength, Crokdal does not seem to be your opponent ... Does this kind of thing do not need?"

Shangyuan Nairu has also spread his palm, faintly open: "It is necessary ... What happens in the future, you can push it to his head!"

Nicole: "..."

Is this bright and big to make the Crokdal's stick!

And the trouble you have such a person, can Klock Darn really can live?

"Okay, I don't want to talk to you."

Shangyuan Na's face gradually became serious, he watched Nicole Robin, calmly opened: "Now you have two choices, first, join us Xiaomi, essentially become my department, then let me Join Clockdal's Baroque Studio ... "

After that, after the end, the last Nicole of Nicobin, the face gradually became indifferent, and his body gradually emerged: "As for the second choice ..."

"I chose one!"

Nicocobin bit his teeth.

"But you are not sincere."

Shangji shook his head, looked at his own system display panel, shouted at the people in the cafe: "Hey, you, who will kill her?"

"Hey, let me come! This is 7,9 million!"

"and many more!"

Nicole Robin's face is a little ugly, she looked at the original navigation: "I didn't promise you?"

"I said, you are not sincere."

Shangji took the juice, there was no expression of the juice. He loudly followed: "Rest assured, after you die, we have a way to use your body and soul ... This world does not lack the use of the deceased, we Not missing! "


Nicole has become more and more difficult, she looked at the original naval to continue: "How do you believe! And use strength to threaten someone to join this means, it is impossible to expect people to join. You have loyalty! "


Shangyuan Nairi took a nodded, watching an eye in a glance: "Since you are not loyal, I said that I want to kill you, use your body and soul, so everyone is good!"


Are you talking about people?

What is this ghost!

Nicocobin felt that he was going crazy. After the big sea was drifting for so many years, he didn't see this navigation!

She is really not afraid of death ...

But she didn't want himself to see the truth of history before he was dead.

Just when Nicote is a little desperate, a handsome young people suddenly open: "Hey, Shangyuan, do we force a woman is not very good? Let me use the write-wheel eye to control her!" "

"Curse can also ..."

Another young person who is full of redhead also opens: "I can use the lake sand sand to control her brain."

"Do not."

Another man who grew some horrible man shook his head, Shen Sheng: "I think she should kill her, use her head to change the bounty, and then use her left body to reincarnate, so we don't delay ... "

"I also agree with the comments of my elders."

"In favor."

"In favor."

In the blink of an eye, the entire cafe is lively.

Only Nicocobin did not understand, although these people didn't understand, the big is the brain, the body and the head, and what is still understandable!

Nicocosbin regretted, why do you want to read a book in this cafe? Whole group of people today is a group of people!

"Okay, I asked her again ..."

Shangyuan Nikou took a look at the table, overlooking some soft Nici Robin, looking at the fear of her face.

Shangyuan Nair's hand gradually spread, he continued to say: "The last chance, you should choose to join Xiao, and never betray? This kind of words you can live, and you will always be self-defeated. "


Nicocos' lips nodded.

"I promise."

"very good."

Shangyuan Nairo slowly drumped his palm and sat down. His expression recovered lazy and casual: "That first tells us news on the sea!"

By the way, I will prepare a list of members of the Baroque Tombs, I see who, then put our people insert ... "

at the same time.

The two completed tasks are prompted on the Uppended System Panel.

Branch mission: Have a minister (11) with demonic fruit strength (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the life energy 3000 points, the armed colored domineering 3000 points, see the color 3000 points.

Branch mission: shelter Devil's Zi Ni Coc Robin (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the energy energy of 7900 points, the armed colored domineering is 7900 points, seeing the color of 7900 points.