I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 392 leaked a person's identity, how big is it! (Third more)

Klock Darr.

The big one, challenged the world's strongest man's white beard, is one of the kings of the world's government acknowledging, and is known as the king of the desert, sand crocodile.

At this moment.

Kroddal didn't know that someone was very admiring him, wanted to be his hand, add brick tiles for his career, and help him help him.

If he knows, it must be hated to cut the head of the person.

Crowd Dargon is very busy now.

A few days ago, Kroddal left the rain, defeating a hundred thiefs who wanted to invade Arabastan, and continued to pretend to be a hero of Alabastton.

After enjoying a wave of heroic treatment, Crokdal returned to the base camp in the rain.

After coming back, Klock Darl intends to look at the new situation of the Baroque Tourism. After all, he just started to implement his own plan, and it is certainly not too much for powerful people.

"It's really amazing! Nicole Robin."

The big ripple in Klock Dar is sitting in his desk, holding a cigar, the scar on his face is slightly smashed, his hand is pinching a resume.

Klock Darl slowly looked at several resumes and took the lead in picking out the resume of and Didara.

This sand crocodile is interested in the opening of: "Two guys who like to kill and war? A good at killing, a kind of manufacturing bomb, can it be more powerful than MR5 explosion fruit?"

"Unclear ..."

Nicolen shook his head and laughed: "Just find a few suitable people, and they have recently been in the area near Alabastan ... It seems that it seems that the strength is not weak, and someone is someone. "

"Then let them add two advanced agents!"

After that, he also looked at the fisherman's figure of the fishman's figure of the fish, the opening: "Cotmoti Ghost ... Is this guy a wandering fishman?"

"I heard that it is like this!"

Nicole Robin sat on a chair, holding his own cheeks, smiling and continuing: "This changer is seemingly a guy who can't stay in the second half of the great route, even there is no habitle, intend Escape to the four seas to do the big shackles ... "

"Hey, it is not too smart,"

Klock Dar took a sigh of relief, spit it out of a turbidity, whispering said: "The power of the fish is always slightly stronger, then attract him to join, can be used as a supplement!"

After the Crok Dallan, the voice: "These guys seem to have not got a reward for the Navy now, but they can let you be willing to recruit, it seems to have a certain use ..."

In this world, the Navy's reward is obviously knocking on the door.

For some powerful thieves, whether they feel that their strength is powerful, it is not as good as a reward for the Navy to take it.


After listening to the words of Klock Dal, Nicole came to see him at a glance. This sand crocodile didn't seem to mention the last person!

Just as Nicole is intended to continue asking, the palm of the Crokdal stayed on the last resume. The photo above is a very gentle young man, which looks very mad animals.

His name is Naja.

Klock Dal looked at the resume of the original Nair, and spit a smoke ring slowly. The eyes were slightly smashed: "It seems that this person is completely unlike a dangerous person, it seems to have not written. What special ability ... "

"There is not a special place."

Nicole Robin's finger knocked on his cheek, and his mouth told a smile: "This is just good at the fight, it seems that I don't have it too high, right? Anyway, we just find a few Tools that are delivered at any time ... "


Klock Darn nodded with satisfaction: "You are very good, these guys are really only one-time tool, you look at the arrangement!"

"it is good."

Nicole has laughed, whispered: "The two people who make Didara and Zhuqi added to the last two senior agents, and sent to the fish people who named the snout to go to the mountain together. Nearby Whiskey Mountain! "

"This kind of small thing you handle."

After Kroddal finished this sentence, his face gradually became uncomfortable: "You can start the next step of dancing powder rainfall, let our king, feel the people's anger ..."


Nicole's finger knocked his cheek.

Anyway, the mission of the original navigation to her is also completed, and a few people who have no names have entered the Baroque Tourism.

The only problem is.

And Didara become Baroque senior agents.

Shangyuan Needle and Cartill Tommatmat Tommatoe became intermediate specialists, in fact, it is equivalent to the small head of the Baroque Tourism.

Therefore, when Nicocur Robs came back, several people present were slightly subtle, and Didala's face revealed a sinister smile.

This position intermediate agent ...

Almost equivalent to the neutrality of the world

Didara, the guy who is afrained in the world is now open: "Hey, Shangyuan, if there is no suitable location, then we simply solve those people in the position, anyway, all of us is not a good person!"

"Thank you, I am a good person!"

After the original Needle, I touched myself, I touched myself: "Robin, I remember the whiskey hill, is the willingness of the pirates that have passed the great route from the mountains?"


Nicole Robin nodded, loudly replied: "Because there is a power of many new people in the mountains, there are some worthy treasures.

If they are too big, they will be documented by Baroque in Wiskey Hill. This kind of thing is also one of the ways of collecting funds in Baroque ... "

After that, Nicocobin added again: "However, occasionally there will be powerful pirates to clean the people in the whiskey mountain, such as the Potkas D,, will put whiskey The person is swept away ... "

"It sounds a good place!"

After the navigation, I opened my nods, "then starting from there, let the new people in the world, because of the prestige of Klock Dar, let them know the horror of the Queen Seven Wuhai!"


Everyone's forehead jumps.

Oh, is it serious?

Original Nairou is of course serious!

The upside down the mountain card task is necessary to complete!

And you can also take the top of the Baroque Tourism to go to the East China Sea, go to Rogge Town to stand on the Pira King, overlooking the scenery, and then ravage the wind and car village, smash the road to fly the task ...

You can also kill Along gang.

By the way, Grab the treasure of Namei.

These tasks are definitely a high income task.

Even in the future, I, Tiequat, Red Haixiang, or Revolutionary Army, Dorag, to find the door, and greater Lu Fei, resume memory Sa Bo to revenge ...

That is the matter of Klockdal.

"Well, let's go to the name of Mr. Crokdal. Wait until we spread the reputation of the Baroque Try to the four seas. You will pass the information of several Baroque members to the corner, let him catch those people to change the bounty. Let's! "


The crowd of people present is subtle.

Nicolellin looked at the original navigation, and the mouth couldn't help but pulled: "It's really a ... more than I want to be bad!"

After a moment, Nicole Robin suddenly thought about what she suddenly said: "Wait, Mr. Needa, the staff of the Baroque Try is absolutely impossible to know the boss behind the scenes is Klockdal ..."


Klock Dar is the national hero of Alabastton, and it is also a seven Wuhai sea of ​​the world government. His identity will definitely be confidential.

"rest assured."

Shangyuan Na was heard here, couldn't help but laugh, waved his hand: "I will arrange his identity clearly, and the identity of Clockdal will definitely be the world government CP guys or the naval leaked out. "

This kind of thing ...

Shangyuan Needs to have a lot.

No matter how deep the sand crocodile is hidden, as long as the original navigation is a little, it will not take long, everyone will know the identity of Clockdal.

Anyway ...

Klock Dal is not the first victim.