I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 395 Warring States, you will regret it! (Third!)

"Unable to understand."

After returning to the ship, Nicocobin still can't understand the brain of the original Nair, her brow wrinkled very tight: "Why do you want to bully a weak reindeer?"

Shangyuan Nair is too lazy to make it.

Because the thinking of it should not be normal, it should be understood.

Now they have more important things, the angle and flying segments have come to their boats, and just the corners have completed the heart of the plunder Valbo.

"Can you use fruit capabilities?"

This is undoubtedly this.

The corner is divided into one, slowly point and nod: "Well, theoretical should be ok, I can feel the power in this heart, just this is not suitable for fighting at sea. "

"Then go to plunder some more powerful fruits!"

At the last naval, I looked at Valbo's body, and the opening continued: "Tove his body back to the shore! Let others know the end of the Baroque work."

This matter does not have to say more.

Anyway, the members of the Baroque Take a job attack the drum kingdom, soon he will pass to the harmony of the Navy, Valbo's body is just one of them.

The only thing is a little quirky.

The national mood of the drum kingdom is complicated.

Because Valbo is a tyrant, living in his treatment is not beautiful, the Baroque Try to help them kill Valbo, which is equivalent to rescuing them; but the Baroque Tourism has grabbed them to 1 million Bailey.

This feeling is really strange ...

A bit like everyone's crowdfunding one million killed their kings.

No, it should be said to be a crowded two million Bailey.

Among them, the ancient Lapu doctor won one million, so the ancient Lapa saw the body of Valbo, announced his own city of Valbo.

Even the attitude of Qiaoba is also complicated by the attitude of the Baroque, the guy is bullying it, and it has also taken the money; but the guy also killed the tyrant of Valbo ...

These civilians don't matter.

It is completely different for the World Government.

In the first time of the news, the World Government will order the navy to decrease the reward of two newcomers of the Baroque Trust, because some people actually kill the kings of the franchise, this situation is too bad.

Shangyuan Na, Baroque, rewards 8 million Pelery.

Ghost, Baroque, rewards 15 million Penel.

After the Navy has arranged two Baroque Works, it is inevitably to mention the woman who can order them.

Will this woman will be returned to the world?

No matter what, the Navy has updated the wanted order of the wanted, the devil's son, Nicole Robin, and rewards 80 million Penel.

Navy's department, Malin Fanto.

The Warring States Warring States Warring States will have a wanted order, and they will put the wanted order, and he did not put the original navigation of these small characters.

Even if Nicocosin, the devil's devil is again, it is better to be the most important thing now. After all, they have waten Nicobin for so long ...

The Warring States bowed to look at the most important wanted order in his hand, his eyes gradually gotten a little bit, it was the head of the Hei Piece, the wanted Wan of Potkas D. Es make!

The Navy's marshal sighed in a sigh of relief, putting the wanted order, and later this wanted order should be invalidated ...

Because the World Government wants him to join the Queen Seven Wuhai!

Once a big thief has become the Queen Seven Wuhai, then the Navy will not continue to wanted to them, and even sitting on them to enjoy a certain degree of legal plundering, this is really a harm of the Navy ...

For the entire navy, there will be a new big watertice to join the Queen Seven Wuhai, this matter is more important than what to arrest the criminal company ...

Especially this big one thief is still with their high-rise, no, or if they are a family.

Once I is refused, then the entire navy will make full pursuit of him, prevent Potkas D. Es from entering the second half of the new world in the long way!

"Hey, Warring States, is there a donut?"

Just at this time, that and Portkas D. Es, the naval high-level, the navy, is the navy, will be Munqi D · Cap.

Similarly, this Kapu is also a naval hero, a real naval veteran, is also a friend of the Navy.

After the card will come in, I didn't see the donut, but he saw a bag of Xianbei on the table, he was not disappointing, directly torn and poured into his mouth: " ... Belle can ... "

"Is it finished?"

In the war country, it flashed a shining. He looked up at his old friend to eat his snacks. The expression on his face became glorious.

"Hey, Kapu, the World Government has invited Portcas D. Es to become a seven Wuhai. If you finish it, go to run!"


Kapu fly quickly shook his head, bowed to the table of Ice on the table, and some were a little in his face: "I am from Xiaoxiang Es, the little ghost, the navy's justice, now let him look at me. Grand Master's Justice ... "

To be honest, this feeling is really bad.

Let him invite the naval grandfather to invite the pirates to join the king's seven Wuhai this legal dripping, isn't it to send your face?

The mixed boy is still not laughing!

The Warring States closed their palms and looked at their own old friends: "Hey, do you really don't go? If you fail, the Navy will strive to attack Potkas D · Es from entering the new world. ! "

"Hahahahaha ..."

Kapu slowly scratched his backheel, reached out to the Ace's wanted order, intended to find another hundred pirate transfer topic below.

As a result, Kapu found that the following is a wanted order called Shangji.

On the wanted order of Shangyuan Na, it is still squinting, laughing very and good, it seems that it is definitely a human livestock, it is simply a perfect.

Is the photo bought in the photo studio?

"Hey, Warring States."

Kapu raised the wanted order of the original Needle, and explained his face: "I intust this guy is a very dangerous existence, see this guy's face, a pair of things that don't put the world in the eyes!" "

Kapu is serious ...

I really don't know if it is, it is still playing ...

The Warring States must not believe in it. He has wanted a wanted order in Kapu's hand, full of face: "If you don't want to go, I will not force you, this time you are in Malin Waiting for the result! "

After that, the Warring States will continue to say: "If Portkas D, Es accepts the king of the Queen Seven Wuhai, just what you do;

If he refuses, then you will be responsible for preventing him from entering the new world, and putting him into the seabed prison. "

"The guy is really dangerous!"

Caproid has passed the topic of Es, but also tirelessly wants to continue to discuss the little role called the original naval, he even took the initiative to ask: "I now go to grab the guy who is the original navigation!"

"Don't give me a subject of Ice!"

The Warring States anger hurriedly interrupted the words of Cap, and the sound of his own command: "Kapu, we already know the identity of Es.

You should be clear, no matter how you can't let the person enter the new world, the World Government will never allow this world to be born again, a hundred thief arrived in Lavdru

"I said it is true!"

Monchi D · Kapu is still insisting on his own opinion: "The guy is really dangerous, maybe he is still very weak, but his thoughts are definitely dangerous, hahahaha ..."

When it comes to it, the card is not hired by independently.

Because he felt that someone else's thoughts were very dangerous, it seems uncomfortable, which makes the Warring States to identify the words that Kapu just said is all fake.

"How are you still good to say?"

The Warring States' s face gradually became uncondole, and the finger fingers the door, indicating that his old friend rolled out: "You are a born, the most dangerous person in the world, is not your son Dora!"


Munqi D · Kappeng rushing a foot and flying the chair around him, as if it was a crab, he left this Marshal's office. He was just the last sentence left.

"Warring States, you will regret it!"

"Kapu, I am the Navy Marshal!"

Since there is a quarrel with your old friend, the Buddha's Warring States simply took the opportunity to take out their own marshal identity, directly issued the marshal command: "Capa will, please stay in Malin Fanto, wait for the king seven The appointment of Wuhai came out! "

"…I know."

The body stopped at the door of the door.

Next moment, the figure of this naval veteran was resurgent, he turned his head: "Yes ... Is there a donut in your cabinet?"

"Only Xianbei!"

The anger on the Warring States face has not been dissipated.

"Oh, do it."

Kapu took a nodded, turned back to rear, slowly gazing his old friend with his face and gave him snacks.

After the whole quarrel, the heart of the Warring States will be slightly soft.

The Warring States is not willing to share snacks, even if it is still angry at this time, will also share him because of the feelings of the heart.

This is the experience of Qapu.

Since they have just been quarreled, they must now continue to talk about a matter.

The Warring States have taken out the wanted order of the original naviga, the mortar ghosts and Nicobin, and the light open continues: "If you really feel dangerous, let the Kuzana guy go to a trip! After all, it also involves the year. Harla's Yuki, I remember he has been in the first half of the great route ... "

"Oh, casual."

Kapu took a bag of Xianbei in his mouth. After eating clean: "Anyway, I just want to find a reason to find a reason ... Because I know that Ais's guy will not agree to become a seven , I really understand the group of baubles at home! "

"Kapu, yourself!"

The Warring States couldn't help but hurt, he also dialed the call of the Kutzan: "Kutzang, I have the demon of Robin and the news in her two parts ..."