I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 396 When my reward is too high, I started afraid that my companion is.

The first half of the great route.

A unknown island.

A tall man wears an eye mask, after listening to the command of the Navy's marshal, the finger brings down the phone in his hand.

After a long time, this tall man took the eyes of his eyes, and his mouth was doodled: "It's trouble ..."

However, after this man complained, the lazy face was slightly emotional: "Miss Robin, now no longer hid in other organizations, but it has established a messy organization?"

After the man said, he sighed: "Hey, it is really except for me, no one is suitable for going to her!"

After that, he launched a huge wooden bicycle from a corner and began to ride the bicycle.

After his bicycle ride a sea, the sea is automatically condensed into a narrow road consisting of ice, so that this bike can continue.

The general of the generals of the Navy, the code of the Qing Dynasty, the natural system of frozen fruits, the highest power of the world, dispatched this!

Shangyuan Na, Ghosts and Nicole Robin, three people don't know this, they also rushed to the direction of the small garden in their own, and went to the small garden to receive their reward. .

This is not surprising.

When a news bird sneaked with his photo, he was found by Shangji, and he also put a good appearance of a human animal, that is his standard image.

As long as it is a navy, see him a good people who are so good, will definitely do him to be a big evil person?

"8 million Bailei ..."

The angle of the mouth of the martial arts hook, he smiled and smiled: "It seems that the so-called World Government is really decadent! Does the guys do not have a person a horrible?"

"I am a good person!"

Shangji shook his head, reach out, knocking his own wanted order, slowly opened: "Eight millions of Bailei is already very high ..."

After all, the windmill village once the foot of the fairy, the hand bottle opened the four emperors, the siki, the number of this figure.

"Hey, my reward has a thousands of millions."

Cartry is holding his wanted order, a pair of small eyes suddenly caught up: "It seems to be careful about the guy in the future ..."

After that, the mortal ghosts slowly looked up and looked at Nicole Robin: "The most dangerous person is not me ... we organize new people! This figure is hard to let The corner stops greed ... "


Nicote's expression is a bit complicated.

What are these two people get a ghost!

Why do others get the reward of the World Government, emotions are still very high, after all, it is also a symbol of strength.

However, after these two guys get a wanted order, the performance is completely different.

Shangyuan Nai Fei feels that the number of eight million is already very high; the martial artifacts feel that the number is too high, it is easy to cause the heart of the companion ...

Of course, for these two ...

Their numbers are really unable to be low.

Because the original neighborhood and the mortal ghosts killed the franchise king's impact is extremely bad. In fact, the strength of their two performances can't be calculated.

Nicole Robin looked at the reward in his hand, looked at the top of 80 million Bailey, her brain gradually fell into meditation, and said that the companion that called the corner would not really secretly embarrassing her bounty. Take her head to change the reward?

Really ...

People think about blame.

This is really Nici Robin thinking more, the corner is bright, and even now I have seen their rewards. I wanted to kill Nicole Robin for the first time. Because 80 million is too Ok!

If it is not for the former Nairies to go to the leader, it is not really thinking about it. After all, the first half of the great route wants to find an eight million Bailei such a high reward!

This world is always so bizarre.

The corner of this person likes to earn money, desperately looking for those super-high reward pirates; Shang Nai Luo lost this person is not interested in making money, but they have encountered two hundred million rewards.

Because their boats finally arrived in the small garden.

Although this island is known as a small garden, the organism on the island is very huge, and the island is also known as the island of Taikoo, the island of Pangu.

On this island, there are two big pompids in battle.

One hundred years ago.

No, strictly should be more than 90 years ago.

The two captains of the Jenching One Piece, the Green Ghost Easternly and Red Giugi decided to fight here because of a child's problem, their duel has lasted for more than 90 years.

"Do we have to stay here?"

Nicole Robin is curious to look at the original navigation, ,,

"Ha ha…"

Shangqi Nai flying fell on this small island, continued: "I just want to join them to join the Baroque Total ..."

Robin learned about this world of creatures, she said to say: "They will not agree with the giant's stubborn."

"Then there's no way."

Shangji shook his head, laughed and said: "I can only force them to stop boring battles, let them return to the place where they should go, to spread our Baroque Total Horses ..."

Two big hundred pirates in the small garden duel are from Albaf from the second half of the great route, and the Jenching One Piece seems to be active in the new world.

Nicole: "..."

This guy really spreads the horror of the Baroque Total, not the hatred of the Baroque Tourism?

Is this going to make Baroque awareness of the great route?

I really want to know ...

In one day, Klock Darn guy knows that the original naval is so excited to help him, what will I think in my heart ...

Anyway, it will definitely be grateful.

"Except for these."

Shangqi Nikou looked back at Nicole Robin, smiled and continued: "I also want to clean up a suitable battlefield, prepare for the more intense battle!"


"Because some people come over in our direction!"

The original Nairou reached his hand, stroking his eyes, smiling and continued: "A very worth fighting! Although you will definitely want to see him, this guy can make my plan more smooth!"


After Robin asked, her face was suddenly changed, because she thought of a person: "Mr. Needa, you should not tell me ... The Navy headquarters is coming to this place? "

"It's a smart!"

Shangyuan nodded and nodded.

Because he was on the road to the island of Taikoo, a wide range of fate observations were opened, and the traces of the Navy's gods.

Although I don't know what this general is going to do, but according to the relationship between Qing and Robin, this guy comes to find Robin's probability!

So, the original Needle is intended here to play with him!

By the way, I also want to see this general of exiting the Navy in the future, I will choose a spy that he puts down!

If the cyan is willing to promise to become his spy, then the future plan is not more smoothly; if you don't agree, then you will grasp the corner!

As for failure, this kind of thing ...

I haven't thought about it.

Shangyuan Na Lu has not thought about himself will fail, but Nicocobin must have thought about it. She knows that the original Niki is in the power of the country, and even the kind of knife, the sky is enough. Mi high Wu Shen ...


That is the general of the Navy!

Most of the nightmares of the great route!

"do not worry."

The chanmon godged grinned, laughed and said to persuade: "It is really a full newcomer! Miss Nicole, do you think God is failed?"


Nicole Robin is not a nna whispered like a mortal, and she shook his head after a while: "You don't know the power of the Navy ..."

"Oh, then I am really curious!"

The martial artifacts look at the original navigation, and the sound of the sound: "Shang Shang people, it is better to let me first come first? I also want to see how much power can be in the so-called general ..."


Shangji shook his head and shook his head and reminded: "In addition to big bomb surgery, the other power seems to be very restrained, if you still can't master Chakra to guide Chakra into domineering "

"It's okay."

Cartry ghosts slowly pulled out their own muscles, and his hands gradually emerged, gradually wounded on the body of the muscles.

Cartry ghosts looked at the original navigation, grinning and glaring: "After coming here, my body energy and spiritual energy are ready to move, but they seem to be other than other power than Chakra. "

... "

Shangyuan Nai couldn't help but shook his head.

Obviously, someone can practice from its own body to extract to domineering. It seems quite normal. This guy is also the strongest one of the people in the middle of the village!

"Let's cheer!"

Shangyuan Na Ruo encouraged his own part, honestly ramping his fingers, tall must suddenly appear on his body!

This gentlestance is standing on this island!

This island is in front of him, even the small garden is not called!

Shangqi Needan to stand within the crystals of the mustvas, the sound gradually became a little cold: "Let me open a ring that is suitable for us and the Navy!"