I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 397, a provocative Navy! (Fifth!)

The island of Taikoo.

A blue, blue, a blue, must appear here, the huge organism on the whole island is like an antcle, panic, flying!

At this time, the two giants Eastern and Bouri also stopped the battle between them, and did not dare to reply to the huge blue giant!

"I am very sorry to tell two times."

Shangyuan Nairi Station is within the crystals that must be protected on the forehead, and the loud open mouth: "This island is to be used by our Baroque Take a job. If you want to continue fighting here, please join us Baroque Total. "

Shangyuan Na Lu said that he finished the group recruiting, and the opening continued: "If you refuse to join our Baroque Total, then I can only let you ... Leave this small island!"

Next, you must pull out your own tips!

A blue sword suddenly walked to the volcano, the volcano was cut by the sword, and the rock of the foundation suddenly spurted, and went to the surroundings!

Easy and Bouriki two people have a shot, their body is not as good as the hardness of volcano, if this sword will fall in their body, it must be expected ...

Two giants can only run along the spread of magma, they still negotiate with each other when they run in the forest!

"Albaf's god will care about our winners ... but who is divided into the winner, let's kill the guy first!"

"Well, then use that trick together!"

However, after two of them just finished, a blue sword suddenly raised, and they cut off their escape road!

Shangyuan Nairo manipulates to wavily wavably waving, whisper: "Hey, do you really don't want to join our Baroque Total? We are the most powerful organization of this era, to attract you, you are yours. with pleasure!"

"We have never heard of this famous group!"

The green ghosts are eager to waive their own decay swords, whisper: "No matter what is the strongest, the great route is Albaf's taist!"


Red Ghost Bouri crazy waved his ax!

The two giants have launched an attack almost at the same time, and a huge impact wave suddenly hit the need!

This is the super moving domain of Albaf, the giant country!

When the two giants are released over the domain, they have no strength left, and they have some decadent weapons to break, which is their strongest blow!

However, it is a bit a pity that they released the bodies of the country, but they didn't shake the body, and even let it not do it ...

"It's really weak ..."

The tall must be slowly low, reach out his fingers, play the bomb with a finger, and shoot two giants!

Shangqi Na Lu Luo said out: "Roll! Your power is too weak, it is not qualified to join our Baroque Take a job! Albaf's giant doesn't work, even let me kill you. There is no desire! "


The two giants' faces showed a desperate.

Two have been fighting here for so many years. I have never thought that there will be a battlefield in one day, and even insult their respective countries!

In this world, the giant country can be the first strong country in the world, and this is always recognized!

It is a pity that they have no way to ...

It's desperate in a single single just blue giant!

Now they can do, seem to have to give up the dispute temporarily, write down the hatred that is now encountered, returning to the hometown to re-create the weapon for the giant, find those partners who have been in the past ...


Come back to the Baroque Try to revenge!

After the end of their future revenge, the island of Taikoo and continue their fight between two people ...

After the two giants were driven away, the Shangyuan Nairou must Zoro Zodo to a group of vain, and his body was reappeared on the earth.

"Mr. Nairo, I thought you just drive away them ..."

Nicocos slowly walked to his side, the expression on his face was subtle: "But Albaf pays attention to their honor, you humiliate them like this, the future may encounter their chasing or even the whole Elba The hostility of the husband ... "

"It doesn't matter."

Shang Ni Luobin interrupted Nicole, shakes his head quietly: "They only know that the Baroque Total, our boss can be the Queen Seven Wuhasi crocodile Klock Darr, then our boss will definitely solve the entire giant. Country. "


Nicote's expression is more subtle.

After that, Shangyuan Na will slowly extend his palm, whisper continues: "Let Mr. Clock Darg will go back from the scene after the scene!"


Nicole Robin looked with the original navigation.

How do you still use a ringing?

In addition to fighting the green, this guy also wants to use the Navy's governor's mouth to go out of the news of Klockdal.

Although the world government will definitely not remove the Journey of the Seven Wuhai, the Queen of Klock Darfar is removed because of a Baroque Job Criminal.


But if this is the original navigation, if you continue to do it again, Crokhall said that it is a relatively convenient position of the Queen Seven Wuhai, even if he is a life estimate!

Upper Naidu This person joined the Baroque Take a few days, and now it has already begun to contribute, even immediately to a navy general ...

This person seems to have a little thing ...

Shangyuan Na will not care what to think about Nicocosbin.

Because the original naval is very clear, the guy of Clock Darr challenges the strongest man in the world, and this is nothing.

"All right."

Shangji arrived out of his palm of his hand and continued to open: "Then let me take this world, build a battlefield suitable for our!"

next moment!

The land of the ancient island rose upwards, countless animals escaping the rapid rise in the earth, at least they can live in the sea.

"this is…"

Nicole, I can't help but look at my feet, my face is slightly late: "Is it a power of natural fruit? Soil fruit?"

"You can say that?"

Shangyuan Na was slammed, his palm was once again spread, and a huge wind blade began to plow the flat, the island of Taikoo, and the entire island was a four-four square is island!

"As for next ..."

The palm of Shangyuan Nai suddenly fell on the ground, softly open: "Then add some of our two camps! Life must present the ceremony ... This can be a neighborhood, must let him feel surprised!"


Robin is a question mark.

She is really imagined.

The world government has the highest power, the Navy's generals are about to come, this person does not want to prepare for how to prepare for the war, but here is a huge competition battlefield.

How can you like a deciduous farm to do this?

Unfortunately, this person persuaded!

Even if Nicole Robin describes some of the results of the Navy's general, Shangyuan Nairou and the ghosts are still not moving, two people hold the ice juice, as if they are listening to fairy tale.

After a day.

A long white line appears above the sea.

That is the transportation method of the Navy's goblin, using its own frozen fruit capabilities, and then ride the wooden non-slip bicycle along the ice passage.

This way is still terrible for the general pirates.

This is also enough to prove the strength of the Navy.

After seeing a small island, the green spoons ride a bicycle.

The Navy's generals looked at their record pointers and took out a map, and some of them looked at the huge squares of the huge squares in front of them.

Is it called a small garden?

Is it what he rides a bicycle?

Now this island's appearance is that you have doubt your memory, although he has always been too lazy to remember.

Just as a little hesitated, a man gave up from the island: "Come over! Mr. Kuzan, we have been waiting for you."


The green flaming scratched his head.

In the next moment, the body of the green squatted from the frozen, rushing along the rock wall that is unusually perpendicular to the small island, and several longitudinal jumps falling on this island!

When you look at the whole picture of this island, you can't help but be a little shock with him for so many years.

The ground is abnormal in the entire island.

Dozens of kilometers is absolutely unilaterally, there is no weeds, trees and animals on the ground, and it seems that it is entirely ...

No, this is a decisor!

This is a huge final farm for people!

Originally this small island should be a group of paradise perched on a huge Taikoo creature, but now it is made into a decisive farm!

One side is a huge white stone wall, which painted a marker of a seagull, apparently symbolizing the Navy!

On the other side, it is a huge black stone wall, and the original painted a floating red, Xiangyun, apparently symbolizing the enemy!

This is someone challenged the navy!

Some people want to provocate this navy!

But I have to say that people who have made this huge decisive farm, whether he uses strength or use money, plus he dares to challenge the Navy in such a huge fight, really enough to make people Some admire!

The dough faded on the face of the green, his eyes slowly fell in the corner of this duel island, where three people were sitting.

A man.

A woman.

A fishman.

It happens to be the goal he wants to find here.

Mr. Kuzan. "

One of the young men stretched out, whispered: "Do you want to come to drink a cup of juice first, let's discuss the rules of fighting?"

It is the person who is called Shangji!

The face of the green goblin is slightly lighter. He walked over step by step, sitting in front of them, scratched his head, softly opening: "No, forget, I still prefer to drink beer, where are you here? "

"Sorry, the family can only drink juice."

After Shangyuan Na, he suddenly changed his mouth: "No, if you want, we have white water here."

After that, I extended my palm.

Next, the water in the air gathers into a water ball in his hand, and it is automatically rolled into an empty cup.

This hand is indeed amazing!

Even if it is a green, it is also a bit amazed for this magic performance, especially this general, know this is not magic, but the ability of the original navar!

Shangyuan Nairi's finger raised a cold, knocked on the cup, put the glass of water in front of the green, smiling and smiled and looked at the green.

"I guess you should want to drink ice water."


The green goblin is lower.

There are many square ice cubes in the glass cup.