I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 400 returns to the original state of the battle! (Third more)

In the face of this strong enemy of the Navy, Shangyuan Needo is still relaxing.

Even the original navigation is still in the interest in the city, and I will take the initiative to ask this Navy's general. Do you need to help what to treat.

"Mr. Kuzan, do you need me to help you treat your physical strength? To some extent, I can actually be a good doctor."

This sentence is not wrong.

Because the existence of the starry perfusion is retained, it is enough to become the strongest ship doctor in the world. In addition to life energy, it can help restore the armed colors.

Star perfusion: consumes 10% of life energy and armed colors, supplementing a certain value of life energy and armed color domineering for the target, cooling time.

"Oh, there is no need."

The green oan fits the hair that scratches your own, rejects the proposal of Shangyuan Na.

As the neighborhood of the Navy, the body function of the green gossip is far more than the ordinary people. The time to fight the ghosts just now, in addition to the retrofit of the ice, the era of the ice, the era of consumption, there is nothing wrong with others.

"it is good…"

The figure of Shangyuan Na will disappear in the same place.

Shangji took the hardcore, almost flying in the library, almost flying in the library: "Then we ... Let's start now!"


The palm of the green gout suddenly sprinkled a cold air shock wave!

This group of colds, in the blink of an almost blink, falling on the original Nairi, but did not have any obstacles to the original navigation!

The in the body of Shangyuan has a frozible ability. As the same ability, the ice-free fruit capability of the green gossip will not play any role!

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, slammed his palm, laughed and opened: "This trick must really like it ..."

Next moment, Shangyuan Nair's hand fell out of a magma!

This scene made the face of the green sputum change again, and his eyes were more than a yin, because the power used to use the original navigation is his most annoying.

"Can you use Saskaschi guys?"

"This is the ability of your colleague's red dog. Don't you like it?"

Shangyuan Na Run waved the magma to the green goblin, and the rock pulp was smoke, and the air was scattered in the air, as if the rain is as falling!

A cold air broke out from the body of the green, he waved the drizzle rain quickly cooled, all the frozen!

Just as the greenness was relaxed, his face é became lifting, because he saw a golden light in the physicalization of the original Nairo!

this is…

The glittering capacity of the generals!

"What should I say ..."

Shangyuan Na's body shrouded in Jinguang, the next moment, his figure was suddenly appeared in the green goblin, lifting the chest of the green gout: "Do you have a speed of playing? ? "


Youth is just silent to raise your arm to block this hit!

At this moment, the mood of the Qing Dynasty is extremely bad. It is the same as the three major people of the Navy, and how difficult it is very clear about the pain of the yellow ok!

I really didn't think ...

Upper Naidu, this person can still use sparkles!

Does this guy will be capable of using all natural fruits?

Shangyuan Nai's mouth hook, the figure suddenly became a flash dissipated, and these flashes were resuspended in the air!

"In fact, I like the abilities of Huangjiao ..."

The figure of Shangyuan Nae returned, and his two fingers were pinched with a golden light, suddenly marked toward the position of the green.

Countless dazzling bullets fall from the sky!

Every lightball is absolutely not to be underestimated!

Each light can quickly cause a dramatic explosion!

The body of the green squat is a cold ice, and the ice shield appeared in front of himself, whisper muttered: "This is really troublesome ..." even Pu Saleno's eight feet Can you use it? "

The problem is a bit big!

Why is this ability to stay in the first half of the great route!

I got this kind of pirates that were so powerful to use many natural fruit capabilities, shouldn't it be to go to the new world? Why is it in this place!

"Shangyuan Needs."

Yellow goblin lifted the head of Shangyuan Na, directly opened: "What is the meaning of your guy in the first half of the great route?"

"Of course, for Mr. Clock Dar!"

On the air, Shangyuan Na was revealed on his face. He looked at the greenness and said: "Mr. Clockdal became the One Piece, but my faith!"


The greenness looked at the original navigation, scratched his hair: "Hey, clear your guy wants to kill the Klock Dar, should it be a light?"

Both of this copy ...

I have already poked by him ...

Don't play at this time!

"Oh, then you can be wrong!"

Shangqi Nairou hovered a finger shakes his head, laughing and continuing: "If you have a day you really have a truly hidden power, then I believe you will be shocked!"

It seems like Really Klock Dardo terrible.

The greenness did not hear the truth, helplessly explored his palm, pointing to the air Shangyuan Na Rou: "It seems that I can only find a secret to get your body ... Navy's general, you can don't have these guys It's so simple! "

Next moment, a shock wave suddenly appeared!

This is the email release of armed colors!

As the highest power of the World Government, as three people in the top of the Justice Navy, they also have extremely powerful domineering, except for the powerful nature.

The eyes of Shangyuan Nae have suddenly in order to go back to the eyes!

Shangyuan Naou explored his palm, simply absorbing the armed colors of the Qing Dynasty to release the milking of the millet to enter your own body!

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, smiling and said: "Mr. Kuzan, let me release domineering, it is useless ..."

"This guy can also absorb domineering?"

Looking at the death, I looked at the original navigation. At this moment, he finally recognized what the enemy he had encountered, and the pupil of the Navy's generals suddenly narrowed.

No, or ...

The speed and method of absorbing the domineering of the original Naido is more terrible than the ghosts!

Because in the heardory domineering of the green, the original Needle is just reaching out of the palm, just release the huge armed colors of him to absorb the hush wave!

This guy is the monster who comes out, but it is not possible to use many natural demon fruits, and even specializes in absorbing domineering skills!

If the armed colors are invalid to the top ...

That is basically there is no way to restrain the ability of all kinds of elements, let alone the ability of the frozen fruits of the yourself, it is invalid for the original Nair ...

How can this be played?

Isn't it true that Sakaski guys, whether in any enemy, do you have to resist your life with your life?

When I started to meet, I didn't know that the original naval is not good to pay, I didn't expect this guy to see more than him.

Really ... can't imagine strong!

At this moment, the Qing Dynasty finally understood, the powerful person of the mortar ghost, why would also serve in this man named from the original navigation ...

This guy simply perfectly made anyone on the great route!

Even if it is a green, at this moment, I can't think of what kind of person can defeat the original navigation. It is just these capabilities, let him have almost no weakness!

On the great route, an enemy is powerful is not terrible, because no matter how powerful, there will be his weaknesses.

So, is it weak?

The eyes of the green gout are slightly serious.

Shangyuan Na Rao looked at the eyes of the Qingli, whispered: "In addition to armed colors and frozen fruit capabilities, what else do you have? Navy six-style, don't come to show me?"


After the original calm, he heard the original Needle, his eyes were finally couldn't help but shake.

How can the navy six types can be useful for this enemy?

But now it seems to have a better way? Then I can only rely on pure body, quietly resend the original navigation in the battle.

The lazy brain finally came up, and he a little estimated his winning rate. You can have a hundred percent!

When the brain of the green, the figure of Shangyuan Na will suddenly disappear in the air, floating in front of the green gout!

Shangyuan Na was slammed his head, smiling and said: "I really really blame you these generals? We will fight for a few minutes, let me lose your fight with you soon. ? "

Shangyuan Na's smile suddenly became over. "Mr. Kuzan, I prepare a luxurious decisory farm for this battle!"


Youth spoke slowly shakes his head.

Although the mood of the green squat is actually very heavy, his face has gradually returned to calm, because life always has to continue.

The eyes of the green spar are moving slightly. He saw the sea outside the duel, no matter what the demon fruits of the original navigation ...

As long as he is the power ...

It is destined to be agreed.

But you want to do this, it's not easy ... Because you are not afraid of the sea, he can freeze the sea with a frozen ability at any time, let alone the original navar, this guy has so many powerful natural system ...


I finally find a way to crack weaknesses!


The figure of the green gout disappeared in front of the original Needle!

By continuously dozens of stepping on the ground in 0.36 seconds, high-speed moving body is used to achieve high speed movement.

Navy six-style, one of the top body of this world.

Just these body have been in the memory of their neighbors, because the enemy they face is solved with the devil's ability.

Now, you can only use six or armor-tightening ...

And a navy's general experience has been fighting for many years!

Even if you have never thought about it, you will be forced to give up our own frozen fruit capabilities and cultivate for many years.

Instead, it is necessary to return to the original state of the battle.

"Hey, I haven't used it for many years ..."

The body of the Qingli has passed a residue. It is like a transient that has appeared behind the original Nairi. His finger suddenly fell on the original Nairi!