I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 401 The Navy's general may be your spy! (Fourth!)

"The gun!"

The fingers of the Qing Dynasty suddenly want to wear the original navigation!

However, the figure of Shangyuan Na will suddenly disappear in front of the green gob, let the gossy of the green span are in the air, and this moment makes the green eyes tight!

Shangyuan Nairou appeared on the side of the green, his fingers also fell on the head of the Qing, squinted and smiled: "Just I know a similar trick, Mr. Kuzan wants to taste it. ? "

Although in the mouth of the original Needar, it seems to be in consulting the goblin, but his movements have no hesitation!

Shangyuan Nairi fingertips, a water splash!

This watercolor suddenly shot into the head of the green, the naval part of the head of the body is on the ground!

next moment.

The body of the green squat is slowly recovering from the ice.

Duel farm seating area.

When I gave the original naval and the Youth gods, or when I was in the original naval, when I was pressed against the green goblin, my cortical ghost slowly drunk juice.

Nicole Robin faced surprised never disappeared.

Although she knew that the original navigation was enough to fight hands, but now I only saw the original navigation thoroughly suppressed the Navy's general ...

Or, the cyan is almost no power!

At least from the current point of view, Youth is in the state of being beaten, even in the original movement, and the greenness still appears to have some wolves.

"Mr. Ghost ..."

Nicole Robin watched two people fighting on the duel farm, couldn't help but ask: "What is the ability?"

"Who knows!"

The mortal ghosts thought for a while, grinned: "If you really want to say, you will take him as a god of the world in the world ..."


Nicole Robin's eyes flashed.

Duel on the duel.

The battle of the green gout is completely crushed.

Because he wants to defeat the only way to the original navigation is to use your own rich combat experience, find a chance to break the original naval time in the time of the non-tolerance ...

But I will not give the opportunity at the last navigation!

This battle is undoubtedly a kind of young, no matter whether it is faced with any enemy, he has never felt its own weakness like this.


Shangyuan Nair's palm seized the throat of Kucrais.

Next moment, the doubles of Shangyuan Nai suddenly became the natural round to the eye, quickly extracted the armed colors in the library!

Just as the original Naji is going to kill himself, when the elements are going to get off, they feel that the domineering quickly lost!

This guy is actually absorbing his domineering!

After the phlegm of the phlegm, after a temporary loss of domineering, it is completely a large sandbag, and no effective resistance is made.

"Mr. Kuzan, you have lost."

Shangyuan Nair's hand condensed a group of armed colors, hard to fight on the face of Kucra, and fell this tall man!

The green spar is lying on the ground.

The Navy's general wolf is unprecedented.

"Let's go."

Shangyuan Needo picked up his collar, just like this naval general, dragged and dropped their seating area.

Qing Wei doesn't care about his image, just looked at the original opening and asked: "Hey, Shangyuan Na, what is your guys really purpose? What is the organization of Robin to join your organization?"

Anyway, he can't resist it now.

And it is dead, and you must not be yourself.

In this case, it is not as good as returning to the origin, and you can ask for some truth before you die.

In the way ...

Also see it is not the destination of Robin.

The only place where some trouble is, even if it is no longer the home of Nicole Robin, even if you want to take advantage of her dangerous things, you can't help her.

Youth did not hear the answer to the original Needle, so he could only ask: "Hey, Shangyuan Na, you don't know what Nicole Robin is?"

So far, the big sea is all in the relationship between Nik Robin, only she is very excited. "


Shangyuan Na was heard here, and finally couldn't help but look back: "Mr. Kuchan, those Nicole Roben have been added to the organization, is it really destroyed?"

"Is there a part?"

The green oan scratched his head, whispered back: "Anyway, the woman is alone, and there is nothing in the relationship with her. O'Hara is like this, Saularo is like this, you will not exceradify ..."

After talking here, the Qing said that it will continue to say: "From the age of eight, Nicole Robin is mixed into some organizations with his smart mind, as his own hidden, and promoted will Those organizations are destroy ...

Although her strength is not as good as you, her brain is very smart; she will make your plan a mess; I think you still go out, let the woman who is self-destruction in the sea. ! "


When I got it, I suddenly nodded, I suddenly touched my own chin: "Go to an organization, then put this organization's plan, and finally destroy this organization ..."

After the Shangyuan Na, after a while, slowly todped: "Why do I feel this kind of practice is a bit familiar ..."

As for the cyan, it is dangerous ...

Nicole Robin where is dangerous?

To tell the truth, the hazard of the members of the organization is dangerous, but the woman in Robin is much!

It happened to the seating area, and Shangyuan Na will lose his hand on the ground, sitting on the stone chair.

Nicole Robin naturally heard their dialogue, her face was white, and her eyes showed a panic.

Just when Nicole Robin looks nervously, the original Nikou is still good to open the opening: "Hey, Robin, your past is really like he said?"


After a long time.

Nicole Robin finally nodded slowly.



Shangyuan Na was touched his chin, suddenly opened: "When I will send you in the future, I want to send you to the end of the tiller, are you willing to go?"


Nicole Robin was silent for a while.

This woman finally took a nodded: "If it is the order of Needar, I will do it carefully."

"very good."

Shang Nai took a shot of her shoulders, and the eyes showed a smile: "So ... how do I give you a reward now?"


Nicole Robin lifted his head.

On the hands of Shangyuan Na, a knife suddenly appeared, and the ice knife in his hand was on the shoulders of Nicole Robin, only one inch from her neck!

The eyes of Kuzan suddenly tight!

He didn't expect that the original Needa will kill you so suddenly!

"Mr. Needai ..."

After the eyes of Nicole Robin, after a second, retranscate the calm: "What do you mean?"

"Means nothing."

Shangyuan Nairo slowly melted the ice knife into steam. He sat quietly on his own chair, and his legs were on the table, slowly opened: "When I wanted to kill you, you didn't pay attention to the library. Mr. Mr. Zo? "


Nicole Robin Heart has returned to his head, but he only saw the face of this Navy's face slightly complex.

In the seventeen years, then she still lived in her hometown O'Jara, and the only friend was a naval called Savo Luo.

It is a pity that O'Jara has issued a slave Maguo by the World Government because of the historical text that was prohibited.

One of the people who brought the team is the green gout in front.

Only after the Qing Dynasty killed her friend Sauro, respect Sa Luo's wish, promised to let go of Nicobin.

The relationship between two people ...

In fact, it is quite complicated, and there is a fence.

Shangji was calmly spread quietly, whispered: "Well, Mr. Kuzan, don't play in front of me ..."

Why is there always people in front of him ...

These people don't know at all, is he true videos?

Shangqi Nae returned to take out his own juice, waved: "Forget, you will solve it in your own inside, anyway, some members of our organization are to watch, especially the story. They prefer! "

"Mr. Needa, what does this mean?"

Nicole Robin was a bit surprised to open his mouth. She couldn't help but look at the Lak on the ground, whispered: "Do you don't want a navy to tell? "

"how could be?"

Shangji shook his head and smiled and said: "This is a neighborhood of the Navy. How many intelligence can we provide for us in the future ... Let him tell if it is too wasteful!"


Nicole Robin's expression became subtle from the horror. At this moment, she looked at the eyes of the original navigation.

This guy…

It's going to do so much!

How can a neighborhood will be aware of the spies!

The Qing Wei heard the original Needle, suddenly slowly opened: "As long as you are willing to believe in me, of course, you can ..."


Nicocos' eyelids couldn't help but shake.

Although the phrase of the green goblin sounds, it is really perfunctory, but you will be reluctant to be stubborn, this is not too qi!

After all, a Navy's general, how can it be a small group of spies, or he wants to take the opportunity to make a double-sided spy, and wait for the information of the naval set.

Nicole Robin immediately found the opportunity to counterattack, this Navy's general has been deliberately pokeing her scars in seventeen years ...

Today is really a heaven reincarnation ...

Nicole Robin is even a bit of glasses of himself.

Nicole Robin looked at the original navigo, whispered: "Mr. Needa, the Navy's generals, the gods are the naval training camp!"

Moreover, the goblin general is the disciple of the neighborhood Zemifa, which is said that he is most likely to succeed in the next navy, and there is some ignorant of the world government.

This kind of person is absolutely impossible to promise to be our spy, I guess that he wants to take the opportunity to escape, set our information! "

After that, Nicole Robe slowly reached his finger, and his face flashed a cold: "Mr. Needa, it is better to let me kill him!"


The expression of the green gout is subtle.

In the O'Jara incident, he took this woman, but now it is dying in this woman's hand?


Can you accept it?