I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 402 is forced to surrender, the gods (fifth!)

It's really a man.

The story of this world is also very dog ​​blood.

The Youth Harmony has always wanted to let Nik Robin follow the old friends of the old friends, find the partners who have a good life, live well; Nicole Robin wants to kill the green goblin now, revenge for Saulalo.

Nicole Robin looked at the gods. Her looks faintly excited, and her eyes gradually accumulated a water fog, tears fell in a little bit!

"Sauso is my only friend!"

The woman slammed into the tears on her face, and the voice gradually became a bit. "The Qing Dynasty general, I never dare to think about this thought, I can have the opportunity to kill you this kill. Saulo's Devil ... "

Yes, I have never dared to think about it.

Nicole Robin knows how he can't be a rogue, so she never wants to revenge, can only be like a mouse.

Once someone finds that someone will hunt her, she will escape directly.

"pretty good."

Yummy looks at the blue sky, slowly open: "I really didn't think, are you still remembering Saulalo? That's now, I will kill me, you don't have to carry hatred. ? "

After saying it here, the green flaming suddenly looked at the original naval. "Hey, Shangyuan Na, you should not let me go? Is it a tomb that I am prepared? Before you die, you can let me Hohi But Robin said a few words alone? "


Shangyuan Na will take a nod to nod, when the martillamon is temporarily left, his mouth hooks slightly.

Wait until two of them leave.

Youth is slowly sitting, looking at the look at the moment of nervous Nicole Robin, whispering: "No need to be nervous, I will not do it, now I am defeated, only one death, and it is dead in them It is better to die in your hand. "

"What do you want to tell me?"

Nicole Robin face is still very vigilant.

The greenness looked up at Nicole Robin, the voice suddenly lowered: "The giant for the O'Jara, Harvarvale D. Sauro is my good friend."


Nicole Robin's look changed.

When she saw the green goblin, she saw the blue oysters! At this moment, Nicole Robin suddenly understood, why you will take her from O'Hara ...

The expression of the green squat is still indifferent. His voice is getting lower and lower: "I followed his will to put you on the island of Ohara, and I have been paying attention to your life. I have been observing these years. Hold you.

In the past seventeen years, you have not changed, never think about finding a family, but after hearing someone to hunt, I will sell my companion to escape, I thought you saw me this time, it will also Sell ​​them, escaping.

Now that you have not escaped, maybe it is a powerful force, perhaps it is really found a place, this should be happy for you.

But the original navigation is very dangerous ... "

When I said here, the Qing Wei suddenly smashed her head and interrupted his head: "Well, forget it, at least you also found a place, then don't live up to Saulalo, you Live! "

"As long as you are alive, O'Jara has no destruction."

After that, I sat on the ground, and the back is slightly smashed. His head slowly went down: "I finish it, now kill me!"

This is the words of the cyan.

For so many years, he has been paying attention to Nik Robin, and I am afraid that this little girl who is going to put away is dead at the big sea.


His own heart is to treat Nicole Robin as a daughter?

Or, it is also atone for the Navy's sin in O'Hara.

Who knows!

This is the most wanted guy in the world, but it has received the most cold fruit in the world, which is really ironic.

" ..."

After listening to the words of the Qing, Nicole Robe slowly cleared his fists, and her eyes returned a layer of water in her eyes.

Nicole Robin shook his head and went to the mouth: "I can't be betrayed ... Qing, you surrendened it!"

Nicole Robin looked at the green goblin, continued: "What did you just say what to make a naval spy is to kiss you, he will never let you go back to disclose news!

But as long as you are willing to surrender, you will be in love with me, Shangyuan Needa will definitely not kill you, everyone in this organization treats him as God!

Shangyuan Nairi also thought that he was a real god, manipulated this world, he was so proud person, as long as you surrendered, he will definitely accept your neighbors, because this is a toy to him. "

"The Navy's department will not surrender."

The blue goblin is ahead of the head, and his voice is more reluctant and cold: "When I am defeated, I have already died in the consciousness of here, let's go, Nicole Robin, at least I am reluctant to leave. "


Nicole Robin was silent.

Nicole Robin sat in front of him, looked up at Kuchan, her voice suddenly became excited, her cheeks had tears.

"Don't tell you it easily! In the seventeenth year, I worried that someone chased it every day, but I still have to work hard!"

"It's really a little girl ..."

The green goblin stretched out his palm to stroking the hair of Nik Robin. His that always had a cold face, showing a smile: "I haven't seen you well, now I have grown up, then Don't play any child's temper ... "


Nicole Robin wiped his tears.

At this moment, the grievances of the seventeen were eliminated here.

Nicole Roben knew everything that this man did for her, now she just wants to let the greens can live, even if she is like she is like the same place.

Nicole Robin understands the pride of the Navy ...

But she still wants to let the green oan live, even if it is humiliating.

Just as the Qing Wei wants to continue to say something, he sees a distant naval to look at them, showing a mysterious smile.

No, the guy has weird!

The expression of the green squat suddenly changed, retransmond the indifference: "Nicole Robin, hurry, I have no strength in the body, there is no way to commit suicide ..."

"Don't worry about death!"

Shangyuan Na's palm fell on Nicole Robin's shoulder, his mouth touched a smile, looked at the Qing Dynasty: "In fact, you both are wrong, I am telling the true As long as you will promise to be my spy, I will leave you. "

After saying this sentence, Shangyuan Needo ignored the horror of Nicole Robin and Qing, reached out and smashed his forehead: "It's a headache, I want to threaten that you are loyal to me, I can't find anything. People can be human ... "

After Shangyuan Na, he said, he looked at the green goblin, and his face suddenly revealed a weird smile: "Do I want to threaten you with your teacher Zemifa? You must know, Zemifer will definitely be My opponent ...

Is there a Srous, who is watching in Rogg #? Is he your friend? But I think that your indifferent guys will not care about them ... "


The expression of the blue gob is not changed.

In fact, there is a little in the heart.

Because two people who say it is the original navigation, it is really one of his most intended people, especially his teacher Zefa.

After the original Needle, I thought about it for a while, I suddenly reached my palm toward the mortar ghost, and a folk energy pulled out of the martial arts!

That is the soul contract that he and the ghosts signed!

Although the call of fate has been exchanged by him for Chakra energy, the soul contract is still on his and ghosts!

Shangyuan Na Run waved the resurgered green energy on the ground, a green short spear fell in front of the green goblin: "If you don't want them to die with you, pick up this dark spear!" "

The dark spear: With a cooperation agreement to others through the Dark spear, if they accept the agreement, the dark spear will enter their body, bind their soul, if they betray the contract, the soul of the betrayal will In the dark spear, it strengthens its power. (You can only bind one person, you can be initially released.)


The green gout can't be silent.

The mortal sigh is sigh.

Nicole Robin loudly said: "Youth, first follow his orders, no one will fight his order ... If he is angered, he will definitely do it as he said. of!"


Youth span slowly extended his palm.

Nicole Robin said it is true, no matter how you have to wait to stabilize the original navigation.

Next moment, he slowly held the dark spear of the dark green energy of the ground.

When the green spurts held the moment of the dark spear, a quiet green energy wrapped around the body of their two, and a god sigh appeared in their ear.

The vow has signed.

"Even if you are a neighborhood, as long as you betray our agreement, you will die immediately, the soul will not rest in peace."

Shangyuan Nairou waved for the green gobbies, only whispered to continue: "If this is, even if you betray me, it is impossible to have a chance to disclose my intelligence,"

After that, he was in the past, and his face revealed a smile: "Don't be so cold on your face, happy, at least this kind, you can also take this opportunity to monitor me, and even persuade me Abandon some mistakes ... "

Shangyuan Na is indeed reasonable.

After at least the person who has become this guy, you can monitor his one fell, prevent his dangerous move.

The expression of the green squats slowly slowed down, and he rushed up and asked: "So can you tell me now, is your true identity and true purpose?"

"Our true identity is Xiao, meaning the hope of this world."

The expression of Shangyuan Nairies has introduced his identity, spread its own palm to continue: "Of course, our surface is the staff of the Baroque Tourism, the main purpose is to let the world know the horror of Mr. Clockdal!

We must let the whole world know that Mr. Clockdal is the most terrible pirate in the world. He is the man who is most likely to become a pirate! "

"Sorry, stop first ..."

The green spheres can't score my head, and I looked at the original naval and asked: "Oh, I can ask, are you hatred with Klock Darna guy?"

Is this going to kill Klockdal?

This way to spread the fear of terrorism is something that some little pirates who want to celebrate will be done!

Klock Darl This volume is a king's seven Wuhai, and there is a very famous one. If you dare to do this, decide will provoke a group of strong enemies!

Why is these two people clearly have such a powerful strength, but it is really kneeling in the Baroque Tourism.

What is it for what is it ...

If there is any hat, can't you sneak him directly?

"Should there be no hatred?"

Shangyuan Needle to turn to Nicole Robin: "Hello, Robin, Mr. Klock Darr said what bad words I have? For example, regard me as a experimental item?"


Nicole Robsi went for a while, shakes his head: "No, Crowd Darrel just said, he puts your employees as a one-time tool."

"So now I have a hatred between him."