I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 405 Rogg Town is here, please take good gifts, orderly ship ...

Dna is a little confused.

The gas field of Shangyuan Nair is too confusing, so that she can't help but feel that the Baroque Total is really a matter of organization.

The naval beauty has frowned on the school, and I asked in the manner: "Baroque Total ... Daina seems to have heard ..."

The naval soldiers next to him will pay attention to the wings: "Tunna school, the Baroque Tourism is a criminal company, there are also many wanted criminals inside, and in the first half of the great route is very active, we have also caught a ..."

Because the Baroque Total, especially the active area is a route of Alabastton, the route is just a sea area, which is responsible for the jurisdiction, and the naval soldiers on this warship really remember.

After a second, Dai was silent, his face flashed, and she rushed up in the guardrail of the warship, and rushed up to the original Needs!

"Dna is very angry!"

This beautiful woman instantly thinks that the original navigation is toys, she will take her to grab the guy of this bold bold!

Shangji Looking at the beauty of the bold big bag, one foot is on her waist, directly kicking the devil fruit power into the sea!

This battle is so scribbled ...

A demon fruit can be played in the sea, and it will lose all the strength of the body under the wrap of sea water. Is this still slaughtering?

One minute later.

Shangqi Nairies sat in the warship, respectfully moved a chair on the deck, invited Nicole Robin to sit on the chair, and the mortar ghosts also stood on Robin, and the face was revealing If there is no smile.

In front of them, the naval beauty in the deck is lying on the deck, her face with a little desperate blue sky.

This scene made Nik Robin's corners of the eye.

At this moment, Robin feels that you have to have a bow!

Shangyuan Nai fell, looked at a group of people trembled with naval soldiers, and the face was seriously open: "We are members of the Baroque Total, this is the deputy head of the Baroque Tourism Nicole!"


Nicole Robin's face revealed a drop of cold sweat.

Ok, now you don't have to doubt it. It is estimated that after a while, her alivement of Eight million Bailee will definitely rise again.

I really don't know the expression of the green.

As a member of the Navy, as a member of the child, after the election of the body, it seems to be more worrying about the people who are called.

Shangyuan Nairi did not go to the expression of Robin, and the sound continued: "From now on, your naval warship is used by our Baroque Take a job! If you want to keep your colleach, you will immediately turn your head to the East China Sea. Rogue Town! "


A slightly larger number of guts stands out, hesitating and saying: "We also want to rush to Rogue Town ..."

"very good."

Shang Nai fell to shoot his palm, showing a smile on his face: "This is really a destiny! Hey? Are you unhappy? For our destiny!"


A group of navy faces.

Every navy's brain is a question mark.

At the next moment, they saw the tall fishman of the Baroque Try to show a pair of expressions, holding a weird knife and falling on the school.

... ...

The applause spread throughout the warship.

Nicole Robin looked at this scene, and his eyes couldn't help but shake. These navals must have hated Baroque Total!

Shangqi Nai Lu is satisfied with the booth, indicating that everyone is quiet: "The next time, I hope we can get along well, wait until we arrive in Roggzhen, you will bring your own gift!"


All Navy looked in the original navigation.

This fuck is as if it is his boat!

If you take a boat, you will really want to grab your warship!

This nature can be very bad, which is more likely to cause the navy's hostility, will definitely encounter the naval chasing in the future!

At the last time, I watched a speechless navy. The face gradually became solemn. He continued: "I hope that you will remember today's lesson, and then absolutely don't recruit Baroque Total, the next time you really don't So good! "


The naval beauty lying on the ground bite the lips biting their lips.

At this moment, Dana colonel the humiliation, no matter what Nicole Robin, or the original Naja, and the entire Baroque Total ...

Na Na will not let go!

One day later, I will definitely grasp all the members of the Baroque Tourism, due to Pelton!

for sure!

I will not let go!

Unfortunately, this thought, Mina is just insisting on one day, she is planning to save the guy who is called the original navigation.

Because Dina is seen, when the fish called the snimp ghosts want to kill a naval soldier, he immediately stopped the ghost.

Ten days later.

The naval warship drove away from the windless.

In these days, Shangyuan Na is the most respected person in this warship.

He always wants to kill in the mortal ghost, persuading the people to put down the butcher, save those naval soldiers.

It's a big good person.

Even if the Navy's school is also can't stand that this person seems to be a wrong organization, I want to try to save him back.

At this moment.

Shangqi Nairies sat on the warship's guardrail, got a juice, looked at the task reward you got.

Branch mission: through the windless (11), the task has been completed, rewarding life energy is 1000 points, the armed colored domineering is 1000 points, seeing the color domineering 1000 points.

This is just his starting point.

Next ... is the real novice village welfare!

Shangyuan Na will open the map of the East China Sea, intend to plan a task route, a crisp female voice has fallen into his ear.

"Hey, Na Na is not understood, why do you want to join the kind of criminal company, look very sunshine, although there is a little bad, but it is undoubtedly a good person ..."

The naval beauty colonel stands around the original Nairi, and the opening will continue to say: "These Tianjina have quietly saw it, you have been protecting the ordinary navy from the horror fisherman and the devil's monk Robin soldier!"

After saying this, this beautiful woman has a deep voice: "As long as you are willing to join the Navy, Da Na can guarantee that you will not be held accountable!"

"Sorry, I can't promise!"

Shangji shook his head, showing an apology, he whispered: "Since I joined the Baroque Tourism, I can't turn back ..."

When Shangyuan Na is here, the face gradually became a bit fear: "You are just a navy, I don't know how horror is the boss of our Baroque Total!

If I dare to betray the Baroque Tourism, I will definitely be killed by the boss. Don't say that you are just an ordinary naval colonel, even if the Navy's generals or even the Navy is not the opponent of the Baroque Tourism. "


The face of the colonel of Dana reveals a wipe.

Just as she wanted to continue to ask, she saw Nicole Robin, and the Navy closed his mouth.

"You can start preparing to pack up your own things."

Nicole Robin is bitter, but the face is smiling to the top school: "I will go to Rogue Town immediately. These navy can leave this ship."

"vice president."

Shangqi Lu Lu stood up, looking at Nicole Robin: "I will go to rest!"

"…it is good."

Nicole Robin nodded.

Don't do this, I am afraid!

I really don't know why I'm going to show my acting in front of an ordinary navy ... I don't understand ... I don't understand ...

If the original Na will know why Robin will have this question, it will tell Robin directly, because this Mina's colonel will definitely spread the Baroque Try to the Baroque Total Affairs and Clok Darr ... After this grabbed, she Will definitely stare at the Baroque Tourism!

Most importantly, this beauty seems to be a bit soft.

In the face of some threats of pirates and prisoners, the beauty colonel doesn't seem to care about their past, and even directly collect them to join the Navy. This is also the passage of the original navigation to sneak into the navy in the future. ...

It will not be necessary to join the Navy in the end.

Anyway, life is always good, there is always a good way.

At this moment, Shangyuan Nair is a discrimination of Baroque, but there is a person who wants to look back.

After the arrival of Nicole Robin Tingting, the colonel of Dana took his palm and looked at him.

"Hey, Mr. Shangyuan, don't do too much bad things with the Baroque Tourism, otherwise the future will not protect you!

And no matter who this criminal is behind, Dna will give him into the Pelton prison! "


Shangji shook his head and whispered: "The strength of the Baroque Corporation boss and his identity are absolutely can't imagine ... After Luo Gong Town, I hope you can forget today!"

"Nna will do it!"

Colonel Tina was still in an indignant.

After this warship left the windless belt, the speed of travel was suddenly accelerated, and they quickly arrived at the destination they had to arrive.

Rogue town.

Start with the town of the town.

Because this is the hometown of the One Piece, the hometown of the pirates, and the place where Corr D. Roger is killed, and the starting point of the entire big patency era!

"Want my treasure! If you want, then go to the sea! I put all the things there!"

Because Corr D. Roger shouted this sentence before the execution, I thoroughly awakened the wilderness of this world. So many people rushed to the sea, looking for the pirate king staying in the Temple of the end of the Lavre Temple.

Those who are weak, think that there are countless treasures there; people with power, think that there is the truth of this world.

This warship slowly parked on the pier.

"Rogg Town is here."

Shangyuan Nai squinted smiling, it looked very sunshine, he whispered: "Please take your own ceremony, orderly ship ..."