I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 406 How can he domineering how to be a black hand after the scene (fourth!)

The navies have grown away from their warships.

The mood of these nursers is really not very good. Every Navy remembers the name of the Baroque Total History.

Before the arrival of the ship, stopped in front of the original Na, and tried to save the original navigation: "Hey, don't do those dangers, Na Na must ..."

"Na Na University."

The original Nairi interrupted the words of Danna, whispering: "Baroque Try to leave the great route this time, I want to take the opportunity to rank the most prosperous place in the East China Sea.

If you have received, please rush to the naval base on this town, telling this state of Campo, you must be careful!

Because we got the boss's order, Sman is the strongest person in the East Sea's Navy. If you want to raise the East China Sea, you must first resolve the rushing of the Samma, so we have prepared a secret weapon to deal with him! "


The expression of Dina is very serious.

Next moment, Danna took the nodded, left the warship, intended to go to the Rogue Town Navy Base to find the friends who stationed here.

Sigra is a natural system and smoked fruit power.

The members of these Baroque Try don't have to deal with the Megue's means, that is really not very wonderful, you must notify Scoge as soon as possible!

If the Mos is resolved, even if there is a reactment to arrive, it will not stop the Baroque Works from being built!

"Nna knows."

After the school wrinkled her brow, I left a sentence and left: "Shangyuan Na, you must be careful, don't be discovered!"

If the original navigation is really true, it must be prepared early; if it is the fake, it doesn't matter.

However, according to the observation of Tina, she believes that it is not necessary to lie to her.

Perhaps because of these days, this people who call the original navigation have actually have a look, but he also fears the boss of the Baroque Try to ...

After watching this beautiful woman in a hurry.

The macator ghosts came over, and couldn't help but laughed: "Shang Shang people, the Navy's IQ is so low? She didn't find that Shangyuan big talent is the most terrible one!" "

"Ghost ..."

Shangqi Lu defeated the mouth and sighed: "Isn't it because my performance is superb?"


The martic ghost shook his head helplessly.

Nicole Robe slowly came out, looked at the original navigation: "Do we really have to wash the East China Sea?"

"of course."

Shangji nodded, continue to say: "The road map I am doing, the first stop, Luogzhen, the second stop, sea restaurant Balati, third stop, orange village, fourth station, windmill village ... "


Nicole Robin's eyelid shake.

What is the ghost road map to Shangyuan Na?!

In addition to Rogue Town, there is a small village who has never heard of the small village, and why there is a sea restaurant!

Obviously your strength is so strong, is it slightly atmospheric? I really don't understand, this place can have a few dollars!

"All right."

At the last side, I went to the stem of the martial arts, and smiled and opened: "Let's take a look at the prison of the One Piece!"


The martial artificial ghosts looked at the original navigation, and I couldn't help but curiously asked: "Shang Shang, do you say hello to Roggzhen?"

This is the tradition of Xiao.

No, or it is the tradition of the original navigation, no matter where the attack is to attack, you must first call with a strong style.

"Forget it."

When I arrived at my forehead, I shook my head: "Now I am a good person! Wait until we arrived on the Piece's punishable table, let you say hello to this town!"


The martial artifacts have a strong interest in the face of the ghosts.

Rogue Town, Navy Base.

The Ministry of Naval lives on the school in the Ministry of the Ministry, this town is also his hometown. He has also seen the pioline D · Roger in his own eyes many years ago.

When other people are crazy to find treasures, Sigue swear to prevent the big patented thief of Corr · Roger from the same township!

This is really ...

I admire the three views!

Have to say, Score is doing well.

It is precisely because he is stationed in Rogue Town, caught a lot of pirates who want to enter the great route, so that the high level of the navy is love and hate.

Because people are sick, Sman is rarely listening to orders from superiors, but always rushed to attack, so it is still an upper school.

Now Srous is slowly smoking, walking on the streets of Rogge, a look is very unpopular, and he grows very badly.

to be frank…

In the eyes of many Town of Rogge Town, this named Migue's naval colonel, compared to the black head of this town, Baconoomio is a black helper.

The favorite of Samhami is to carry a cigar, walking on the town in the streets in Rogg, this peaceful town, because this is the result of his efforts for many years.

When I was just about two cigars, I saw a hurriedly running, and his eyelid couldn't help but jump: "Hey, Dina, how can you come to Luog Town? ? "

Dina is a good friend of Sigue.

Two people have studied in the first year of the former Navy, from the same batch of training camps, so two relationships are really good.


Dana has no helves, and the opening introduces all the situation: "There are a few powerful pirates enter Rogg Town ... they are for you!"

Danna immediately told Sigra, and told him that the Baroque Job Society wanted to raise the news of the East China Sea.

After all things, the naval beauty gave a slightly, and the little sighed and sighed: "Tira is very shy."

"It seems that the enemy seems to be strong!"

Sigog spit out a strong smoke ring, open the mouth: "I went to send the warship to surround them, I went to solve those guys, recapture your warships ... No matter how strong, the Navy is absolutely Can't retreat. "

Just as two navy's school convergence.

The square of Rogg Town.

It is also the most lively place across Rogge.

The punishment station that was punished by Corll D · Roger was still retained. The World Government will regard the prisoner as a warning of the world.

"It seems that no one looks like it ..."

At the left and right left and right, I saw the criminal station, and he looked at: "You are waiting for me here, I will go up."


The roof is nodded.

Nicole Robin expression is some subtle.

This criminal station is actually not greenery, because this is once a final in the world's most terrible pirate.

I went to the next step.

The towns on the square have taken note of this scene, and the expression is slightly discolored, and some people seem to have not stopped to stop the original navigation.

Shangyuan Nai fell and not smelled it, step by step, as if I had embarked on a throne, he finally stood on the prisoner.

This is the last landscape seen before the one-generation Pirates.

Branch mission: Standing on the thief king of Roggue Town, feel the will (11) of the One Piece, the mission has been completed, rewarding 100,000 live energy, 100,000 in armed colors, 10,000 points.

Hidden Tasks: Awakening the Kingdom Domineering (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the tyrants to use skills, synchronous spiritual energy to improve the domineering level.

Fighter Kingdom Domineering: Millions of people have their own natural domineering, you can use your opponent, shock your opponent, or even directly attack.

This is what the novice village should look!

Single only walks on this execution desk!

Sometimes I am really bought, it gives an adult road, but the original navigation is inexplicably selected.

Shangyuan Needle (conventional form)

The power of the world: 5200000

Life energy: 583900

Fighter Kingdom Domineering: Super Level

Armed color domineering: 583900

See you: 583900

Life energy recovery: 1296 seconds

Armed color domineering: 648 seconds

See you, domineering: 648 seconds

Remaining gold coins: 13020

At the last naval, I looked at my own property panel. He also got three-color domineering, and I didn't have to worry about being suppressed by the enemy.


As a leader who wants to lead the organization standing in the world, there has been no tyrants, and I always feel weird.

No, this is not right.

As a person who always likes to manipulate everything behind the scenes, you can get the domineering domineering, this feeling seems to be more strange!

Shangqi Nairou fell to the side of the mortinger ghost and Nicole Robin, and smiled and said: "I have already got it, let's go!"

"It seems that the mood of the original adult is good ..."

The martillamon godged, his face revealed a smile: "So will we leave Rogge Town? Do you say a greeting in this town?"


Shangyuan Nai Lu Lu Lu Lu Lu and Dina, who came over from a street, and his brow wrinkled slightly.

Even if I have already got a tyrant, now the first thought is still in front of Mina, I'm going to show my acting skills?

Sure enough, the black hand is more suitable for him?

What is the use of tyrants domineering?

Even if it is strong, it can only be exchanged in the enemy!

If you have always hidden your identity in front of the enemy, when you disclose it, you can't make the enemy's shock, you can make your own pleasure super double!

It is just to leave a psychological shadow for the enemy.

of course…

Repeatedly jump ...

Make more psychological shadow area.

The footsteps of Shangyuan Needo were slightly wrong, blocked in front of the Migue college and the colonel, his face was anxious, and the two of them made a eye.

"Hey, didn't I say? Don't come to provoke the Baroque Total!"