I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 407, you have a hard show?

"Don't block the way!"

Sigog's temper looked at the original navigation, it was too lazy to pay this little role. Is this a guy who said in Dona?

The lower half of Sigue suddenly turned into a white smoke, driving his body to vacate, crossing the original navigation, rushing to the mortar ghost and Nicole Robin!

When Shangji, I went to the past, I looked at the past, and I looked nervously to Toya: "Hey, Dna School, what is going on? That is the deputy head of the Baroque Tourism Nicole, absolute Not he can deal with! "

"Sigra does not think so."

The colonna of Tina clenched his fist and opened his mouth: "I have already told the things in Sigra, he will definitely ..."

The voice of the colonel in Dana did not fall, and saw that Sigra was waved by the fishman who was named the martillamon ghosts. Direct flight!

Which one of the one thousand and five million Bailei is a hundred pirates!

The colonnaes didn't dare to pay attention to the macro of the macarre knife in the hands of the macaroni, which was the big knife. Her face revealed a shot.

"That is ... armed for domineering!"

"What domineering?"

Shangji is like a small Meng new.

After I finished this sentence, I asked the original Needle or even the sound quality: "Why do you have to come over, know that the goal of the Baroque Total Agency is that the ghosts will be dealt in a navy!"

"Sorry, Da Na will live up to your kindness!"

The head of Tina was hanging down. Her fists had a layer of black, and she raised her head. The eyes were slowly transferred, and they fell on the fishman of the misto.

"Navy ... can't get shrink!"

Next moment, Dana gave a ghost!

At the same time, the two Navy's college shouldered the ghost, as a student of Zemifa, they also listened to the teacher's teachings, good at two-color domineering!

Unfortunately, the mortal ghost fight is stronger!

The mortal ghost is kicked by Tena, waving the muscles to force the Mosc, and quickly raise your finger printed, Zhang Dou spurtted a huge water!

"Water in the water shift!"

Water waves are turning around to surrounded, and the entire square is directly directly in the lake, drowning two naval colors!

I will have the resistance to the rush to let them lose their resistance!

Cartry ghosts are as free in the water, and the flying flying appeared on Soge, the sorrow of the mildew in the hands suddenly expanded, biting the body of the Score, and tried to draw the domineering in his body. physical strength.

"You lost, Mr. Navy."

The martillamon gains grinned, his face with a look: "Is there a natural actor capaba that is like you so unbearable?"

"Blend ..."

Sman looked up with the body.

Just as the Navy's colonel, he still wanted to his mouth. The mortar ghost did not carefully picked his own muscles, scornfully opened: "Hey, kill your waste, I feel dirty my muscles Big knife ... "

Cartry ghosts slowly left this square, this powerful fish people in the cold voice spread throughout the square: "Let's go, Miss Robin ... Shangnai Luo Lu, here, give you, kill these two Navy colonel! "

"Yes, Mr. Ghost."

The original Nah has respectfully promptly promptly.

Nicole Robin helped out his palm, cover his forehead, followed the sanctic ghost to leave the square of Rogge Town.

Is this ... Hard performance?

Also, the cooperation of the mortar ghosts and the original nour is so skilled!

It's really a small , just like it is true!

Wait until they leave.

The water is like a tide to retreat around.

At the end of the original nice, it is difficult to go to the square. He took the ten-handed weapons of Sigue, and he shakes his ten-handed Hamilla.


Shang Nai bite his teeth, flashing a hard look: "Sman, I have to follow the order of the Baroque Total, I can blame ... I can blame you."

"Hey, Shangyuan!"

The colonna of Tina glanced at this scene. Her face flashed a panic. She saw the original nava and waving ten hands on the next moment!

Under the role of the stalactic stone, Sman's body has no way to get atomized. The whole person has been flying directly, he spurt a string of blood beads in the air-moving mouth!

After the land, it fainted directly, and he did not know.


The voice of the colonel of Tina is a little panic!

Just next, she had to turn slowly, and looked at the original navigation, he opened ten hands to himself, and her face revealed a bitter laugh.

"Na Na University."

Shang Nai returned to his voice, whispered: "I just put the Mogue school, if the rescue is timely, he should also save ...

Sorry, Mina is on the school, I can't resist the order of the Baroque Tourism, now Mr. Ghost is far away, I should let you live safely ... "

"Dina ... I know."

The colonello colonel slowly closed his eyes and slammed it again, whispered: "Da Na will remember this day, when the next time ... Dna will never let you down!"


Shangji shook his head, and slowly showed a fear in his eyes: "You don't know the horror of the Baroque Try, but the boss of the Baroque Total, but only one step in the world!"

Shangji was returned to the ten hands. It seems that you want to learn from the weapons in your hands. He whispered: "Even if you have to compromise him ... He is the true devil of this world!"

After saying, I will waive the ten hands in my hand, Shen Sheng said: "Don't expect you to deal with the Baroque Tourism! People in the Baroque Workshop are a group of true monsters!"

Shangji is returned to the head of the top of the colonel, and he watched the face of the colonel of Tina, and there was a lot of regrets in the voice: "Tuna colonel, you must remember ... from the Baroque Torges this whirlpool Lower!

Absolutely ... Never give up again! The high level of the Navy will never let you recruit Baroque's boss! "


The colonna of Tina is silent to look at the original navigation and left here. Her eyes showed a confused and turned into the eye to strengthen.

Port in Rogue Town.

Shangyuan Na fell on the warship, took a glass of juice from the hand of the mortar, and he sighed in the air: "It's been a long time not to perform it." The last time in the past, the acting is too much Exaggerated. "

"Will they believe in the original?"

The corner of the martillary ghosts, smiled and asked: "If you don't believe it, then it is too wasteful to be our strength!"

"Ha ha…"

Shangji Niki looked at Nicole Robin, smiled and said: "The Navy will not believe in it. After a few days, let's find a chance, let Robin asked the Qing gods, don't know?"


Nicocos helped his forehead, and his face revealed a hunger smile: "If you know what happened in the past few days, he will definitely marry me ..."

Since following the original navigation ...

Her Baroque Take a Deputy Social Celebrity Market.

It is estimated that she is not used, and her renovation will be 100 million.

Shang Nai took the shot of his palm, whispered: "Well, let's go to the sea restaurant Balatati!"

This warship has leaving them.

The naval soldiers rescued two people in Score and Dina, and after the colonna, the Na Na was immediately reported to the Crane to report the Baroque Tourism.

The crane will immediately understand the seriousness of the matter, but the Navy is too lacking about the intelligence of the Baroque Tourism, can only determine the way to send people to the Baroque Trying Tactico, which may become their naval spy.

By the way, it also figured out the details of the Baroque Total!

That small member, it seems to be called the original navigation?


Marin Fanto.

The neighboring gods and the naval will hit the black peach thief group in the Navy. It can only hurry back to the Navy.

The Navy's Marshal Warring States don't know what to think, actually sent two actors to chase the black peach thief group, then they are certainly less changing.

Munqi D · Kapu is a grandfather who can't re-tried to grandson.

It has been got a part of the information about Sasuo, and in fact, there is no mistake in the original navigation, and the vice minister of the Hei Piece is indeed very restrained his ability.

If it is not a Sasuke hand, it is likely to come back. Even if the two people build fighting each other, he still burns more.

Member of Xiao ...

Really horrible!

Munqi D · Kapu slowly embarked on Malin Fanto, with a donut in his mouth, beeping: "I don't know if I think more, I always feel the little ghost called Yuxi Bo. How is it a bit of Rayry's bastard? Ace's boy, will not really become a pirate king! "

In addition to the sewer is very proud of this.

In other aspects, Unecheo Sasuke's deputy captain's deputy captain seems to be true and the parsley of the Piece D. Roger is almost!

Yuxi Board and Porta Cas D · Es, the taste between Roger and Rayry.

As long as Sasuke speaks, even if his captain is in his mouth, Es will never refute it; however, Once I decided, even if it is a wrong order, Yisi Bo is only a few The idiot will go directly.

The most important thing…

Still the strength of Unechebra.

Unechebra helped but mastered many strange strange sickness, it is also very good at swordsmanship; and Yuxi Bozuo actually mastered a more skilled hegemony domineering!

The spiritual power of that Sasuke is simply unlikely!


The strength is very powerful.

The combat mind is also very flexible.

Regardless of who I saw Uzecho Sasuke, it will consciously believe that this pair of captains will definitely become the power of Portcas D. Es and Dingtun Piece!

Then a near-perfect deputy captain, idiot can become a pirate!

Corve D. Roger and Portcass D · Es are the father and son, who is two people looking for the deputy director?

Really leaving ...

When the Youth Painting and Kapu will enter the Warring States office, the navy's emperor seems to be more difficult than they think.

"Hey, Warring States!"

Kapu is sitting in front of the Warring States, and I don't care about the opening of the way: "When we chase Ece, don't you have a pursuit of failure? After all, Es, I found a perfect deputy man! "

"To shut up!"

The Warring States shake his head and shake his head, his eyes flashed an angry: "Since Potkas D · Es has went to the new world, let him live from the hands of those villains. Let's! "

After that, the Warring States looked up at the card in front of him, Shen Sheng opened: "Now I have another thing I want to say! The first half of the paragraph and the Donghai have also chaos ... Baroque Tourism This organization, you have heard ?"

The Warring States look at the cards that are still moving in front of them, and the opening continues to say: "According to our intelligence obtained from the intelligence of the information from the Baroque Tourism ...

This crime will immediately be robbed the entire East Sea, and now they have defeated the Stims and Tunna who travels in Roggra! "