I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 408 Corner: Sasuke, Ghost, Robin, is there? Your bounty has risen

I heard the news of the hometown of the East China Sea, there will be some sitting in the card.

Just when he intends to leave Malin Fanto, when he is in a hurry, he hurried back to the East China Sea, the Warring States called his footsteps: "Hey, Kapu, don't hurt one of the little guys who call the original naval, we may be from his Set intelligence in the mouth! "


The blue eyes next to the eyes can not huddle.

Wait, how did the original navigation have been mixed? This is only a few days, how is his reputation?

", Shang Shang Na?"

Kapap heard this slightly familiar name, scratched his head, thinking for a while, suddenly: "Is this not a very dangerous little guy!"


The face of the green gout flashed a sigh.

It is said that it is Capu, I have already caught the focus!

It is a pity that this time is the Warring States Marshal dragged the back leg of the card.

However, the Navy's Marshal Warring States suddenly shakes his head, and the sound of Shen Sheng said: "The colonel of Dana has reported that the little guy seems to be because of the behind-the-scenes boss of the Baroque Tourism.

In fact, according to our understanding, he saved a lot of naval's life in private, in short, you caught it again! Perhaps we can get the true identity of the boss behind the Baroque work from his mouth. "

this stage.

The basics received by the Navy are bad news.

The only news that allows the Navy to gratifying some children, probably the big sea, a bounty hunter, which is very powerful.

And his attitude towards the navy is very friendly. The attitude towards the pirate is extremely bad, and many hundred thieves with super high rewards have been killed.

There is still a lot of this bounty hunter on this big sea.

In order to take advantage of these bounty hunters, the Navy's simplicity has issued a large number of new rewards, and this reward amount will absolutely becomes absolutely heartless!

For example, the two captains of the Hei Piece, because Uzhi Bozuo defeated the general, even sinking a small island in the shampoo, leading to the reward of two people soaring!

Potkas D · Es, Hei Piece Captain, rewards 950 million Pelilers!

Yuxi Bozuo, the deputy captain of the Hei Piece, rewards 900 million Pelilers!

Es and Sasuke these two people who have just been out of the sea this year have become the most powerful super new star this era, once attracts the eyes of the whole sea.

Even the four emperors of the new world are also interested in them.

Hei Piece.

This year, the seventeen-year-old Potcass D. Ece, saw his own super high reward, his face smiled like a flower.

Es turned into the high channels of standing on the bow: "Hey, Sasuke, let's start! Celebrate our reward break through 900 million!"


Yischi Saso helped helping to help his forehead, but also a sentence: "The harmonious amount of the Navy gives us, the more dangerous, those who are in order to risquorely, will not let go of our newcomers ..."

"Don't say this!"

Ace fell to his side, stopped the shoulders of the same age, hip hip hip Tricks: "Haha, there is no way to turn this, no way to change, hahaha ... Just start a banquet celebration Well!"

"Let's prepare!"

Yischo Sasukes nodded slowly.

After listening to their vice president agreed to hold a banquet, the entire black peach thief reminded, and Es fell on the deck, and he shouted to prepare the chef on the boat. He and others took the wine.

Yiszo Sasuo looked at this joyful pirate. The corner of his mouth couldn't help but show a smile. A buzzard sound disrupted his mood!



Yiszo Sasuke took out his own phone, looked at the image on the phone, he couldn't help but wanted to kill the phone in his hand!

"This bastard, I will not be at me!"

After Yuxio sang, after his face, his face showed a gloomy and sinking: "Hey, the corner, why do you want to contact me? Do you want to be with me unless an important thing? Contact? "

"Now it is necessary to contact."

When the corner is talking, it is still calm. His voice sounds indifferent: "Sasuke, there is no time to see it, I want to see you ..."


Yuxi Bozuo did not hang up the phone.

Mom, he knows!

This bastard saw that he and the reward of the two people were on the 900 million Pelile, and he would definitely want to grasp them to the navy, at least want to catch a Es!

The guy's eyes know to make money!

the other side.

The corner looked at the phone hanging on his hand, couldn't help but frown: "Unechebra is not convenient to call?"

The corners shook their heads and looked at the reward order in your hand.

In addition to Unecho Sasuke and Portcas D · Ece's reward, there are many new rewards behind, in which a few people know.

Vice President of the Baroque Try, the devil's son, Robin, rewards 10 million Pelilers, life and death, no matter!

Baroque Total, Shark Man Cartill Tommat Music, Rewarding 10 billion 1 thousand 5 million peel, life and death, no matter!

Baroque Total, intermediate specialties, Shangyuan Na, reward, 3 million peel, can only catch!

After thinking about a while, I dialed another person's phone. I asked: "Nicole Robin, where are you ... Shangyuan and Carton Ghosts are also by your side? We have something to see you one side…"


Maritime restaurant near Balati.

Nicole, Robin sitting on the warship fence, hung up the phone in his hand, couldn't help but knead his forehead: "The corner said, I hope to meet us, he will send us to us. Navy, let us escape ... "

"Don't care about him."

Shangji took a juice.

"Ha ha…"

Cartry ghosts looked at their own reward, couldn't help but stick to the full shark: "For us, the higher the reward, the more trouble ..."

Mainly a careful angle.

This guy is really at all for making money.



At this time, Nicole Robin's phone in the hands of the Baroque, the President of the Baroque Celebrity, finally found it: "Nicole Robin, is there only yours?"


Nicole Robin looked at Shangyuan Nae and the martial arts ghosts in the scene, and he slowly responded: "Is there any order?"

When the voice of Klkkdal suddenly got bigger, there were more dissatisfied in his voice: "You seem to have a small movement, the Navy searches the members of the Baroque Tourism ... What is the situation now?"

"A little problem."

"what is the problem?"

There was a lot of coolness in Klock Darr: "We have not started to be in the plan of Alabastton, the Baroque Tourism has been exposed, Nicole Robin, this is what is going on!"

Nicole Robin was silent after a while, looked at the original navigation and mortar ghosts, whispered: "This time is my mistake, recruiting a member of a question, will lead to this situation ... "

After that, Nicole Robin thought about a while, whispering said: "The driva ghosts who are recruiting we will, do not satisfy themselves, they can only stay in whisters, he wants to do a big one, Be famous for yourself.

I think he probably believes that the strength of the Baroque Take a strong strength, wants to rely with the power of the Baroque Tourism, and return to the fishman and another seven Wuhai to compete for the leader of the fish people, I have found him. Always removed at the opportunity! "


After Klock Dal was silent, suddenly, suddenly smiled and smiled: "It seems that we really don't care about a big fish!"

After smiling, Klkkdal smiled, he opened: "Don't remove him, if he really has a very flat force, I can even secretly help him succeed in the location of the Seven Wuhai!"


Nicole Robin has been in a while, hurriedly said: "This can be not very conforming to our plan, the mortar ghost is too active, it is easy to cause the Navy to our concern, now my reward has been taken by the Navy Update twice! "

"It doesn't matter!"

Klock Darn interrupted Nicole Robin, and Shen Sheng continued: "I said, the people of the Baroque Total is just the one-time tool we use, as long as my identity has no disclosure, the other doesn't matter ! "

"Mr. Clockdal ..."

Nicole Robin's voice slowly down, her voice is more confused: "Don't you want to get Pluto? If you are noticed by the Navy ..."

"Children will do the choice!"

More impatient in Kroddal: "And now the Baroque Total has attracted the Navy because the bastard has attracted the attention of the Navy.

The voice of Kroddal gradually became reunited: "When we will implement the plan, as long as the guy named the snout, the guy is challenging, it will attract the attention of the great navigation!

When everyone pays attention to the seven Wuhai candidates, I have got a hidden Pluto of Alabastan! "

Klock Dal hangs hang up the phone.

Nicocosbin fell into silence.

Cartry ghosts and Shang Nai face each other, it is a sinister sand crocodile, I really didn't think that the guy of Clockdal had really had a brain. In this case, can I calculate the use of ghost?

But all this is fake!

All this is Nicole Robin in order to cheat him now!

"It's really confident in Klockdal!"

Shangyuan Na was rushing a sip, quietly sighed: "I am a black hand after the scene, almost my heart is like a thin ice war ..."


Nicole Robin was silent.

Forgive her, this is really not discovered.

Shangyuan Na was married a juice, and continued: "I am also afraid that I have revealed the flaws every day, I am forced to rule the world ..."


Nicole Robin is more silent.

Others are in order to rule the world, when the scene is behind, how do you don't even have a black hand after the scene?

Is your order wrong?