I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 409 Our Baroque Trying Workshop eats the rice of your restaurant, can you pay for us?

Sea Restaurant Balatty.

This is a restaurant built on the sea.

The entire restaurant is transformed from a huge sea boat. The chef of the restaurant has also been a big one-in-one year who has entered the great route.

A warship slowly parked at the entrance to this restaurant.

Just as people at the maritime restaurant thought that when the Navy's big people, I saw three people on this warship, so that everyone's eyes were suddenly tightened!

"Reward of 150 million devils!"

"Reward of more than one thousand million sharks!"

"And rewarding 30 million Shangyuan Na)!"

When I arrived in a group, I immediately attracted everyone's attention, because their reward has just been sent to the sea restaurant yesterday.

Everyone's eyes are not compromised on their body, even if it is the weakest Shangyuan Na, the habitat is higher than the most terrible pirates throughout the East China Sea!

It is real, hundreds of millions of rewards, the whole East China Sea has seen the strongest pirates in their lives, maybe this sea restaurant Balati chef long red foot, also However, only 7,4 million Bailei reward.

Even many waiters and chefs in this restaurant have been villain, they don't want to imagine that there will be hundreds of millions of rewards, the thief appeared here!

"We are the Baroque Total."

Shangyuan Nai fell as a self-reported house, he sat down and looked at the waiter of a look, and smiled and said: "We heard that the sea restaurant Balati is the best restaurant in the East China Sea. "


The waiter trembled nodded.

"Don't be nervous."

Shangyuan never squatted his eyes, showing a sunshine smile, loudly attracting this waiter: "If you do it delicious, we will not pay; if you don't do our taste, We will remove this restaurant, understand? "


The waiter was scared.

Is this fucking a man?

This is the mother's distinctive to find it?

If you don't look at these three people, it is not very good. The waiter of the Balai restaurant really wants to clean up them, let them know how to talk ...

Unfortunately, he didn't have this courage now.

"Oh, right."

On the face of Shangyuan Na, he still smiled. He erected a finger, saying a creepy words: "Please prepare as soon as possible, because our Baroque Work Society is a few million Bailei, waiting for food Every minute before the table, you have to pay for the Baroque Take a million Bailee, understand? "


The waiter's expression is slightly changed.

This fucking is here to find it!

Shangyuan Na is rushing to the head of his own, smiles with his eyes: "Your expression ... Is there any opinions for me?"


The waiter rushed to the back kitchen!

This powerful pirate is not he could pay, and now I can only ask the chefs of the kitchen.

Cartry ghosts looked at the original navigation, couldn't help but grin: "It's bad! Even if any restaurant is not possible to meet this condition!"

"is it?"

Shangyuan Na's finger slammed the desktop, looked at the watch in the restaurant, slowly opened: "Can you really meet this condition!"

Less than a minute.

A waiter came out of the waiter, and each waiter's hands were on a plate, put on their table.

These dishes are cold cuts.

A young man who was full of blonde came over, and his mouth took a smoke and took a bottle of red wine on the table.

"This bottle of wine is given to a few."

After the blonde youth took a smoke, I looked at the three people presenting: "I am a vice chef of this restaurant. These dishes are what I did. If I am not satisfied with the dishes, I can come to me ... "

"Home is strict, you can't drink."

Shangyuan Nai looked up at the mountain gure, slowly opened: "Because you got a bottle of wine, destroy our mood, the entire Balati restaurant is ruined by our Baroque work ..."

... "

This year, he sixteged a sixteen-year-old mountain to succumb to a smoke, sighed, "Your group of hundreds of pirates, really come to find !"


After the Shangyuan Nairou took a nod, I extended a palm of his own nose, smiled and continued: "Now because you smoke in front of me, someone must send you this smoke, but you You can freely pick a person's life ... "

Shangyuan Na was squatted, so he looked at Shanzhi. "Hey ... Let me think about people we want to kill! One person is selected as the chef of this restaurant, the long red foot, as for another person, ... "


After listening to the name of the red foot, he was slightly shrinking with his pupil, because it was a red foot.

For Shanzhi, the red foot is like a real father, not only raises him, but also guides him to find a life that really belongs to himself.

Shangyuan Needressed, looked at Shanzhi continued: "The second person chooses ... Let me think about it ..."

When I said here, I suddenly laughed: "Hey, Mr. Diki, Mr. Wenzk, Diki, Mr. Wenzko Lei? Anyway, just our Baroque Totto immediately wants to be with the North Sea Mok family started! "


The face of the mountain is poor!

How did this guy know his identity!

Once so many years, he has never mentioned anyone!

The Wens Mok family is a family-born family. Although his inner heart wants to have a relationship with that family, it is the only person in the family that has feelings in his sister. Scen Mok Lei.

This person is too terrible ...

Why can this matter can be found!

Nicole Robin's expression is subtle, she still doesn't quite understand the relationship between these people, but when is the Baroque Tomino be able to fight with the Wens Mok family in Beihai?

How many enemies do you want to help Baroque?

Until the whole sea, is it to prepare the Baroque Total Celebrity?

Shang Nai, Looking at the face of mountain governance, it became unusual, and he was satisfied with the mouth: "Okay, I am hungry, although this restaurant is definitely to be dismantled, people also want to kill, but rice is also eaten. "


The face of mountain is is cloudy, and he can't help but hold his fist.

"After all, the chef can't look at someone hungry."

Shanzhi slammed the smoke in his hands and whispered: "If the guest is hungry, then I will not disturb the guests for your dine. Everything is waiting for you to use the dinner, we will carefully calculate it."

This is true and courteous.

This is the education of red foot to Mountain, letting the prince who once truly born, until it is still as elegant and gentleman like a prince.

Shangyuan Na Li smiled nodded, softly: "Oh, yes, you said to me a few minutes, remember to prepare millions of Bailei, understand?"

"Ah, that one ..."

The fists of the mountains were once again squeezed again. He looked at: "I said, everything is waiting until the guests have finished eating!"

After Shanzhi left this table, he slowly went to the back of the kitchen and saw everyone who worried about his face, and wrinkled his brow.

One of them couldn't help but asked the vice chef of his homingly: "Hey, Shanzhi, what is it now?"

"do not ask me!"

Mountain couldn't help but knead his brow, whispered: "You have a few ... Take the time they still eat, you have a philosophyte!"

"What do you mean?"

"The few pirates have to ruin Balati!"

Shanzhi slammed his fist, and he went to continue: "Zhe Puch guys will stay with them ... but that will only send it, the group is more than the imagination, single just standing Let me go coldly in his side! "

Yes, very strong!

Shanzhi has been very calm in front of Shangyuan Na, but also maintains his own style, because he has experienced a more horrible thing.

Original mountain cure has always thought that his father Pass Mark Gah is the world's most cool and ruthless person. I didn't expect him to see a colder person today ...

Shangyuan Nai!

Is that guy called this name?

Baroque Tourism!

Is the place where guys stayed is this organization?

Just as Shanzhi sat in the ground, the face was smashed, and his face is still thinking about his own death. Suddenly, someone patted his shoulders.

The face of mountain is suddenly changed, and it is necessary to kick the people in front of him. Unfortunately, the legs kicked out faster than his speed!

The red foot is a foot to open the mountains, and the face is unfair. "Shanzhi, you are doing this, you are doing it! Guests have made great opinions on you!"


Shanzhi raised his head and looked at the red foot of the red foot in front of him: "Hey, how do you have not yet? That group of guys ..."

"What is messy! If you are talking about the powerful guest, they have left after eating!"

The red foot is like a Hong Zhong, holding a piece of paper in front of the mountain gure, full of angry rushing open mouth: "Guests have made great opinions on our Balati, you can no longer Smoking! "

Mountain is a chapped paper.

The strips are clearly written in a few lines.

[Mr. Shanzhi:

The food you have made is delicious. We decided to punish this restaurant for the time being, of course, we will not pay, because we have to eat a tyrant.

Also, talk to you delayed our three minutes, so we took three million Bailey.

Finally, thank you for your hospitality.

By the way, your restaurant can make money, can't help but think of a few.

Baroque Work Society is respectful.

This Baroque Total has directly become the enemy of the number one in the hearts of the mountains!

"Breast ... dare to play me!"

Mountain is hard to hold the paper in his hand, and the anger is full of full of his face. He stepped away from the door: "Is the group of hundreds of thiefs eat a tyrant?"

Is this still a personal?

Going to a restaurant to eat, eat overlord food and grab the money of the restaurant!

These pirates are really bad than imagining!

It is so powerful that a strong pirates, actually robbery a small restaurant!

at the same time.

The naval warship is above.

Shangqi Needan is bored to look at the rewards you have got, and I have begun to sigh the wonderful place to open the new game in the opening of the newbie. This is just lying!

Branch mission: enjoy a meal (11) in the sea restaurant, the task has been completed, rewarding life energy is 500 points, the militant color domineering is 500 points, see the color domineering 500 points.

Branch mission: Enjoy a meal (11) made of mountain governance (11), the task has been completed, rewarding life energy is 1000 points, armed for domineering 1000 points, seeing 10,000 points of domineering.

Branch mission: eat a tyrant (11), reward the gold coin 100.

It's really a newbie village.

According to the data, you can eat a meal and a big fice to a hundreds of millions!

In addition to the task of Balati, there is also a task is about the reward of Shangyuan Na, after his bounty arrived, he got a new reward.

Branch task: The amount of rewards reaches 30 million Pele (11), the task has been completed, rewards the life energy of 3,000 points, the armed colors are 3,000 points, see the color domineering 3000 points.

Shangyuan Nairou took a suction, after reading the reward you received, slowly opened the map: "Let's go, first pick up a little girl before going to Coca Village, let her take us to dig all the eyes. The orange tree of the house! "