I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 410 wants to kill the white beard, must kill very flat, want to kill very flat, must kill Aron!

East China Sea.

A small island's pier.

A little girl sneaked out from a big tree, scratched his head, curiously looked at this quiet pier: "Well? Isn't there any other nearby? It's too much? Late? "

Her name is Namei, today is only fifteen years old.

The career is a thief specially stealing the pihydress.

Nami said that after he finished speaking, he looked up and looked at the sky: "No, today this sea area is sunny, but the weather is best for the drops!"

At this time, the pier suddenly came out of a buoy.

The sound of the waves quickly fell into Namea's ear, and her face suddenly revealed a smile, carefully retreat behind the big tree.

Just when Nazi secretly wanted to see which one of the 100 pithi, he saw a warship and saved her face could not change the big change. This orange hair little girl got a complex. .

"It turned out to be the Navy ..."

Namei's face finally pulled down, and his face was somewhat frustrated: "If this is the case, the piolig group in nearby will not come?"

Just when Namei is planning to leave, her eyes suddenly reflects a movie, it is a very sunshine youth.

That youth looks ...

Really a big good person!

"I always feel so good ..."

Namei slowly frowned his brow, but suddenly, what did it think of, and it has a backpack.

Soon she turned out a reward.

Reward of 30 million big pills, Shangyuan Nai!

There is no such powerful pirate throughout the East China, maybe this is the most terrible pirate that has emerged since the East China Sea. It is said that he is also from the great route!

"Is this a fice to seize the navy's warship?"

After the face of Namei flashed, after the eyes suddenly exposed a bright light: "If it is the one level of the pirate, even if it is just a collection, there will be a lot of treasures around him?"

It is worth venture!

If she can steal the treasure in this warship, they will definitely accumulate more than 100 million Bailei ... if there is a treasure that I can't get.

I can get my hand after doing this ticket!

The problem now is ...

How can I mix the warship that is thrown by the One Piece!

This is not a problem, because the Shangyuan, who laughed very sunshine, seems to find her traces, he flying in Namei's side.

Shangyuan never squinted, watching only fifteen-year-old little girl, smiling and said: "Little sister, bothered, we are the Navy, do you know which direction is the Dragon Park? We have to destroy it. The pirates there. "


Na Mei is silent for a second.

Hello, this liar has also been paid too, your guy's reward, but it dares to pretend to be a navy!

Just as this Nami wants to say anything, the original Nairou suddenly pointed to the mark on her shoulder, that is the marker of the Dragon Heille!

The face of Shangyuan Needle is coming, and you are a member of the Dragon 100, which is also their people ... "

"Hey Hey hey!"

When you hear him, Namei's face suddenly flashed a shovel, she took out the reward of the original Nairi: "Your guy is also a pirate! I just want to use the naval's identity!" "

"Hey, you are poked by you!"

Shangyuan Nai fell to help his forehead, showed a smile on his face: "Forget it, since you know where our destination is, then take us!"

After that, the eyes of Shangyuan Na will suddenly become inexpensive: "If you dare to play on the road, the means of our Baroque Tourism is very cruel!"


Namei's face revealed his hesitation.

Next, her face squeezed a smile of surprising: "That, I can ask you why you want to find Aron leader? I ... I am worried that you are our enemy ..."

"Oh, you are worried about, we are your enemy."

Shang Nai picks up the eyebrows, reach the hair, the hair, and smiles, smiles. "Your luck is really not very good ... we ... just to destroy your Dragon Piece, you are like this Guys can't let go! "


Namei was once again caught into silence.

If other people eliminate Al Long, she doesn't quite believe.

But in the sea, it is the most intuitive, because Aron's rewards are only 20 million Bailei, and the youth in front of you has 30 million Bailei!

It is said that there is a powerful organization behind him.

Next, Nami looked up and looked at the original navigation. The gods gradually became cold: "Let's go! If you really have strength, then kill me and the Dragon Missionary Let's! "

At this moment, her heart doesn't know whether it is cold or hot!

If this pirate is really and the badls of the thief group, even this fice is able to kill Aolong, what will he do next?

At least will not be worse than the eyes?

No, no, maybe the situation will be worse, so that the higher pulp harm should be bigger than Along?

Just when Nami cranky thought, Shangyuan Needeling pushed her to the warship, asked: "Hey, your Dragon Piece and the king are very flat, now there is a connection now?"


Namei's face revealed some doubts, she slowly shaken her head, with the mouth: "I am just an ordinary small pirate, I don't know those ..."

"Oh, don't you know?"

Shangqi Na's hand fell on her head. His voice is indifferent: "The king of Aron and the great route is very flat. That guy provides a lot of funds that expand the 100 pirates! "


Namei's face is still puzzled.

She did ever heard of this name, it seems to be mentioned when Aron will mention it, are they not a happiness?

"Forget it, you don't know what you like this ..."

Shangyuan Na fell to the back of Naza Mei, showing a smile: "As long as you take us to kill Aron, eliminate the gang who has been providing funds for Wang Xiaqiuhai, I will spare you. ,how about it?"


Namei's eyes are not strong.

Although I don't know why I will change her life, I obviously seems to be just to remove Aron!

Remove the 100 pirates that provide funds for the Queen Seven Wuhai!

What is the king of the seven Wuhai ... Is it a person who has been searching for Allowing Money in Canikia Village!

That bastard!

Namei's teeth are not biting!

At the last naval look at Nami's look, satisfied with a smile, he slowly opened: "Our Baroque Tourism is about to fight with the king's seven Wuhai, so you must destroy all people who support him!

Wang Xia Qi Wuhai is very flat, one of the most powerful people in the great route, and he is also the strongest man in the world!

Our Baroque Job Society wants to eliminate the white beard, and must first destroy the king of the white beard to provide the fishman army, and if you want to eliminate it, you must destroy Aron for him to provide funds! "

"... Aron ... is very flat ... White Beard ..."

Namei's expression became unusual. She took these names and back to the heart in their hearts, secretly remembered these hatred, but she only wants to see the cigarette of the Alance, let their village return quiet!

Perhaps it is consistent because of the goals.

The atmosphere between Shangyuan Needar and Nas became friendly, and two people slowly surrounded the Baroque Tourism and the Queen Seven Wuhai, and the white beard talked about the sky.

"Hey, is your Baroque Celebrity lack?"

"Is it ..."

After Shangyuan Na, he took a slowly, and he opened: "Right, we don't miss the strength of the strength, like you have become the habitat of our Baroque Tourism, the weaker people of our members. It's me ... "

Shangyuan Nairi knocked knocked the head of Naimei, laughed and continued: "If you have a special talent, maybe I can refer to you ..."

"I will steal things!"

"We are all forced others to pay."

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, not covered the head, the opening is exemplified: "For example, I directly threaten all the companions of your Dragon Piece, forced you to hand over your treasure, do you pay?"

"Of course, don't pay!"

Namei clenched his fist, not familiar with the opening: "I am a hard work for five years, you can kill them directly!"

Shangji fell aside the opening accused: "You see your kind of person, even your own companions don't care, what qualifications join our Baroque Tourism?"


Namei has been silent once a second, not satisfied: "They are not my companions! I can't wait to kill them!"

Shangji took her head and continued to ask: "If you don't make your treasure, I will not kill them, do you pay?"


Nami's expression is gradually subtle.

What is this in this way! Why Nami only felt this guy in front of him just want to grab her treasure!

"We said that it is just now!"

Namei clenched his fists, Shen Sheng: "After you join you, you can do the nautical servants on the boat, I know very well for the weather!"


Shangji picks up the eyebrows, asked: "You tell me first, what is the nautical?"

"Do you not know the nautical?"

Namei's face was faintly horrified. She suddenly felt that this pirate in front of him was not very reliable. This guy really can kill Aolong!