I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 411 How do I have a Baroque Try ...


Namei immediately saw the mortal ghost and Nicole Robin, her expression suddenly became extremely complicated, and couldn't help but frown.

"Do you have a fishman in the Baroque?"

In the next moment, Namei's expression changed.

Namei suddenly remembered the other two rewards, respectively, rewards 10 million Nici Robin and a reward of 1 billion to 1,5 million mortar ghosts!

This is all the big one hundred million!

"Mr. Ghost is the intermediate agent of the Baroque Tourism."

After Shangyuan Na, after the end of the Shangyuan Na, patted her small head, and she continued: "You got my reward order, should there be a reward order for Mr. Ghost?

Mr. Ghost is enough to easily defeat the strong people in the naval, speak be careful, he will be the strongest battle of Wang Xiaqiu, the strongest battle in the future. "


Namei looks complex and nodded.

Shang Nai is open and opens the palm. It will continue to say: "There is another Miss Nicole Robin, which is the deputy head of our Baroque Tourism. Don't sin, otherwise it will die very ugly!"


Since encountering Shanghao, Nicole Robin is more time, and it is more difficult to die after being guilty, your heart is a lot!

In fact, nauticalists are still a bit.

After Nametha, Namu has taken them to avoid dark reefs, looking for water flows that are suitable for sailing, let them rush to the Dragon Piece in the fastest speed.

This is anxious to send the evil spirits to die!

On the way they went to the Dragon Thieves, I was constantly filed with the name of the Queen Seven Wuhai, and poured the dirty water in a very flat body; Her hatred.

five years ago.

The Dragon Heief invaded Namei's cocoa village, killing Namea's raised mother, and also crushed the villagers in Coca Village.

Therefore, the leader of Nami and the Dragon One Piece has a contract.

Namedo has been drawing a chart for Aolong, and after collecting 100 million Bailee, Aron will let go of the villagers in Coca Village.

This agreement is relatively loaned ...

Shangyuan Na will slowly open the mouth: "To tell the truth, if someone can give me a billione, I will let her collect 100 million Baili ..."

"Then you are really not a ..."

After Nami said, immediately realized his own mistake.

As a small thbit cat, you must be able to flexate, even if you are busy napping to apologize: "Sorry, Shang Shangdao, I am wrong, my attitude has problems ..."

"Little sister, it doesn't matter."

Shangyuan Nai Lu smiled and took the head of Namei, smiled and said: "I am a good person, how can I follow you?"

"Well, um ..."

Namei nodded.

Her heart is relieved.

Really, this is a hundred thief with 30 million rewards, how can I be with her 15-year-old girl!

Think about it, it is impossible!

When their warships are slowly walking to the sea of ​​Dragon Heili, because the sea courts under the naval warship, the beasts responsible for the peripheral defense are not realized, and this ship arrived directly in this way. Dragon Piece's nest.

Shangji, I watched Namei, I was so excited and painful, and I went softly: "Um ... I want them to die?"

"Let them die, the better!"

Nami glasted his fist, and the fingertips must be deeply cleared. She whispered: "Just like Belmel ..."


Shangyuan nodded slowly.

I want them to die, this price is not low!

He is going to waste for a while ...

Forget it, anyway, now there is another reason to collect Na Beauty's treasure and orange garden.

This is a fair transaction.

No one can say that he will bully the little girl later.

Dragon Park.

I live in a pile of fish here.

The headed person is the leader of the Dragon Heief, who is now rushed to the nest of more than 20 villages, so I think that I have a step by step to dominate the East China Sea, let the fish have become a great dream.

A somewhat rude voice echoed in the Dragon Park: "Hey, Xiaomei, remember? Next time, it is nothing to do with the human beings, they are dead! We are more expensive than humans, anyway, people only But it is the following creatures ... "

"I know, agron."

Another some stupid fish responded.

After that, this stupid fishman opened: "Right, agron, Na Beauty seems to go out, will not be dangerous ..."

"Hey ... she collects the treasure!"

Aolong got the grin, revealing the real shark tooth: "Give her a little hope, let her work hard! How can she really collect 100 million Bailey! Even if she really did it, I will not be more Let her leave ... "

"Hahahahaha ..."


Just as they still exchanged, some people broke the wall of the Dragon Park, step by step into Alon Park along the water.

Each fish is not compromised with this person.

Because they have never seen people who can walk on the water.

"A population of fish, I thought someone!"

Shangyuan Na will slowly walk in the water, watching the many fish people present, taking the mouth of his mouth: "Let me think about it, the price of the slave of the fish is the lowest, I remember it is a 50,000 Bailey? "

Shangyuan Nae's eyes slowly fell on one of the fish people. He looked at the red mark on the fish people, suddenly laughed: "There is a sign of the Sun Piece, or a group of ever-esteem, then It is more worthless! "

"... Bar!"

Sitting in the middle, a fishman with a sawdrawal shark slammed his chair handrail, is the leader of the Dragon 100!

This guy passed the real situation of their fish in the great navigation, and pokeed his layer that had always been inferent.

Now Aron leads his own pirates to bully the human beings in the East Sea, in essence in the great navigation and fish people are species that are discriminated against.

Even if Aron is desperately desperate, I am infused to the surrounding people, and human beings are low, but they are just in the great route ...

Fish people have never been expensive!

They are still slaves trafficking on the shampooland island!

Non-Alan, the face of other fish people is obviously angry.

They are not slaves!

However, the last navigation is correct, and the Dragon Heief has indeed originated from a slavece, which is the sun thief group created by a great fish Fisher Tieg!


Most of the Sun Tieques are the slaves of the Tianlong people, the tag of the Sun Tieason is also printed in the shadow of Tianxiang Dragon.

Aron was originally added to follow Fisher Tieger.

That is also a history that makes them feel humiliating!

In the case of the original Needle, I angered all the fish people in an instant!

It has been hiding in Namiao's face in the warship, looking at this scene, five years, Namei has never seen these fish people so angry!

Now the anger of these fish people ...

It's like it is an angry that Belmel was killed as it was.

A fish suddenly fell up with the original navigation, and the look angry: "The bastard, the sun is not allowed to smear the Sun's thief group of Tieg Brother!"

Shangyuan Nair suddenly built the fish people's throat, reversed his neck in the face: "Then I will send you!"

The surrounding fish people are constantly moving towards the original navigation, all by the original navigation, one kick, at all, without anyone can stop his way!

Shangyuan Needle to kicked a fish, and looked down and looked up and looked at Aron sitting in the middle: "It's a pity, you have only fish people here, it is not worth money, and I don't pay much! Well, Aron, you The corpse value of 20 million Bailey. "


After hearing this sentence, Aron's expression became more ugly.

Shang Nai, I looked at Al Long, suddenly laughed: "Oh, yes, your sister Xia Li is a fish, should be more worth more than you ... Waiting for our Baroque Total to break the fisheries of the fish people, enter the fish After the island, how do you guess me? "


Alan has cleared his fists. He has already thought of the wanted order to see, recognizes the Shangyuan Naou in front of him: "If you have a small role of 30 million rewards, you dare to attack the bastard. ?"

Aron's eyes moved slowly, and the Namedo, who came down from the warship, his face was full of anger: "Na Beauty, is this the enemy you attracted?"


After a second after a second, Nami is silent, and the face is afraid and uneasy: "Alan ... I don't know ... they just started to ask where my Dragon Piece is ..."

At this moment, she is just a lazy little girl.

Next, she suddenly became a revenge woman!

Nowadays, all the fish people of the Dragon Thistle have been easily knocked down by the original navigation, only Alan is alone, obviously, the original navigation is completely laid out!

When Nami looked at Aolong, the expression on his face suddenly revealed a smile. She smiled some spoof: "But I listened to them, they kill you from the great route, then, I will find it. The fastest route, picking the most smooth waves, immediately bring them here! "


The anger of Alan face is more than, and his figure suddenly rushed up with the original navigation: "Hey, the bastard, don't be too small to see me ..."

"There is no small look, it is also overestimation."

At the end of the arrival, I was in his body, and he added him into the wall. It was just a feet to seriously injury to death.

Shangyuan Na will slowly put the head and look at Namei, showing a devil smile on his face: "Hey, Xiao Na Mei, you are responsible for lifting him, sunburn here?"


A drop of cold sweat was revealed on the forehead of Namei.

The strength of this guy is indeed more than ten times more than these fish people, but his cruel seems to be more than ten times more than these fish!

"Do you seem to dare?"

The original Nairou laughed, slowly reached out his finger than a shot of a slight gesture, the militant domineering momentounted from the finger, directly through Aron's head!

"Formed, the fish people of the former Sun Piece is a slave who sells can't sell any price. Our Baroque Total is too lazy to waste time."

Shangji slammed his palm, looked at a bubble of the underwater, there was a fish who was deliberately letting.

That fishman is the stupid little eight, but also deliberately gives it to the trust of those guys, just put this matter in accordance with Mr. Clock Darg!

Shangyuan Nai slowly continued to continue: "After the Baroque Total, after the Baroque Total, after the Hihai Pirace, you can go directly to the fish island to catch the price higher person fish ..."


Under the surface.

Xiao Bao heard his face.

Is the Baroque Totto a greater purpose to attack the fisheries of the fish people?