I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

The troubles encountered in Chapter 414 (fourth!)

early morning.

The sun reaches it.

Most of the Navy base in the East China Sea did not sleep overnight.

Because they received an emergency order from the Navy, all Navy near the Kingdom of Coaga, all headed to the Baroque Tourism of the Koa Kingdom.

All naval is necessary to enclose Munqi D · Kapu to the East Sea in the Navy, surrounded or entangled in members of the Baroque Tourism.

This is the disaster of Shangji.

Because when I was eating near a naval base, it was said that the Baroque Tominity of the Baroque Monochi D · Kapu, as the Navy Hero Monchi D · Kapu, as a punishment against the Navy in Rogge Town.

This is tantamount to the provocation and declaration of the Navy.

However, in the Warring States Marshal and Dana, this is the member that is very likely to be transformed into the responding to disclose the information, otherwise why don't you have the hometown of the Rapuku, let the Baroque Total claim to claim Is it responsible?

When these navals move forward toward the Kingdom of the Koa, a warship with orange trees had already quietly stopped on the dock of the windmill village.

The warships came down three people.

Nicole Robin looked at this quiet village, frowning: "Crokdal knows what we have to do, he will not be too happy ..."

"It doesn't matter."

Shangji opened his palm, smiled and looked at the ghost: "He didn't say, let us cooperate with ghosts, do anything ..."


Nicole Robin thoughtfully, henied his words on his head, or Krockeldal just let us do what he can settle?

Wash the windmill ...

I feel that Crokdal should be ignorant!

"Axin Ceremony ..."

Shangyuan Nairou extended his palm, and raised: "We will rob the windmill village, and the top more is just a naval hero, a new world, a revolutionary army, and the total length of the staff, There is also a very hot super star ... "

Shangji was launched, and smiled and said: "These small characters, Mr. Clock Dar must not be placed in the eyes, but he wants to become a man of the One Piece!"


Nicole Robin was silent.

How is this terrible thing if you don't have anything! I feel that no matter which one can cause a big hassle to Crokdal ...

Nicole Robin frowned, softly opened: "Mr. Needa, I think, do you want me to tell Klock Darr in advance now, we will immediately attack the hometown of Navy hero, so he suspects that our self-proposition "


Shang Nai, I looked at the martial arts, and calmly opened: "After today, let the neighbors have begun to clean the Baroque Total! The old way, let Mr. Clock Dal can only rely on us!"

After Shangyuan Na, he continued: "Right, solve the members of the Baroque Try to transfer the news of the President of the Baroque, led this guy to wash our own and Baroque Total relationship."

After saying this, I am sighed in the air: "Don't force Klock Dar to go to the road. He won't recognize yourself."


The citilla ghosts have grinned and touched their own phones. I plan to contact the corner that I don't like to contact.

Great route.

Gaya, Magic Valley Town Bar.

This is a paradise composed of a pirate. Most of the town is a pirate. The business is all coming from the pirates, so it is also attracted to some bounty hunters.

"It's a paradise town."

A figure opened the curtain and walked in, and he didn't even hurry his mouth: "It is like it is as easy as it is on the ground."

No, not a two people.

This guy is two bodies!

"Hey, the corner!"

Another some young people followed it, he was obviously uncomfortable: "We are going to the bar, can you not be able to carry these two bodies!"

"To shut up!"

They are the corners of the two groups.

After all the horns broke the flying segment, reached out of the body on his shoulders on the ground, and got the pirates in the bar, and the sound of snoring: "It seems that we can have a few trophies!"

The pirates in the Bar Town Bar look at them.

Every pirate is not like a ridicule of the pirate hunter. Their face is frightening and uneasy. These two pirate hunters are definitely what they can't provoke!

Only one of the pirates sitting in the corner couldn't help but laugh: " ... obviously the powerful pirate hunter, but it is really interesting like a guy who is garbage!" "

"Breast, what do you say!"

The face of the flying segment was angry, waving the sickle in his hand, but flying the section has not been able to get it, it is invisible to impact the wave back!

A silk is suddenly eradicated, sticking on the flying section!

Next, flying sections waved the sickle in the hand rushed to the corner, his mouth high-channel: "Hey, the corner, I can't control my body!"

"I can tell."

After the corner hiding, his fist was in a flash of petrification, and a punch was smashed in the flying section and took his teammates.

" ... interesting."

A tall lossy man is slowly leaving, his face with a small sunglasses, with a pink feathers coat, a pair of pointed shoes under the foot, and the posture of walking is extremely arrogant.

The pirates are not from autonomous to open, let him give him a road!

One of the ficeps looked at this man, and the voice stopped and trembled his identity: "Wang Xiaqiuhai ... Dofran Ming Ge!"

"Still there is a lot of guys!"

Du Francam's ink glasses flashed a bright light, and the next moment, a silk is suddenly flying from his fingertips, and every pirate is cut directly!

After the Franminben kill these pirates, he turned his head to the corner, and his face was very enthusiastic to spread his palm: "These hundreds of pirates are I specially sent people to lure here, send Give a gift to the corner ... "

"Then thank you."

The corner didn't care, I didn't care, I didn't put this person in my eyes. He just screamed: "Reassure, we will not move the Queen Seven Wuhai, because killing these guys don't have any bounty "

"No one dares to say this in front of me ..."

Dofran Ming Ge has spread a few times, suddenly continued to say: "But I forgive you! I will meet with the corner, I just want to know one thing, why did you kill? After some people, their heart will always lose, which reminds me of a devil's ability to dream of myself, you know that ... "



The voice of the phone is in a hurry.

The corner is not in the intention of the Duran Mingchi, took out his own phone, traded quietly: "I am not very convenient here, now there is a king called Du Franchen brother. It seems to be from what person to find here ... "

The corners are all talking about these words.

Dofran Mingzy is standing next to it, just whispered a few words: " ... More and more interesting."


The other end of the nematop is caught in silence.

After a while, the other end of the teleconference came to a voice: "Turn your phone to Dramming brother."


The corner is slowly swallowed, and the phone in the hand is handed over to Dofran Ming Ge: "Someone wants to talk to you, you'd better pick it up."

This sentence sounds a bit like a threat.

Dofran Ming Ge didn't mind, just grinned his mouth, slowly extended his palm, and took the pole in his hand.

On the other side of the tall, a arrogant voice came up, sounding an abnormally overbearing: "After the phone is over, far from my department."

"It's really arrogant ..."

Dofran Mingge's mouth smiles are getting bigger and bigger, he doesn't care about the opening: "If you want to threaten others, you must first say your name first ..."

"Don Quixote Huo Names."


After listening to this name, During his face, his face immediately exposed an angry, because this name is his father's name!

It's not more insulting than this!

The sound of the other side of the phone is not in his attitude, but only a little bit: "I thought you would be so calm ... I don't know if you are more arrogant than me! Dragon people ... Muddy ...

Oh, I'm wrong, you are just a pirate, even if you guys want to enter Marie Joya with your father's head, but the group has no longer let you join. "


Dofonteen gripped in the phone in his hand, when the end of the face suddenly, the opposite is what people are in the end, even this kind of thing knows ...

What is most accidental is ...

There is no doubt that the guy is also a person who can't be a day!

"Your guy ..."

Dofontech hurriedly took the phone in his hand, put it on his mouth, full of eyes, and whose "...?"

"Let me see your strength!"

The people in the other end of the tall will continue to say: "Oh, right, tell you in advance, there is a guy who loves his brother, and has entered the new world with a very loveless guy who is very loved by his brother.

They will probably send you some gifts in Drescent, it is best to go back to save your country. Before you die, if you come, let's say a word for your enemies, just say a guy named Yuxi. Let him spare you. "


Yishiwei ...

This last name is very rare.

The expression of Dofran Mingge instantly, he immediately remembered Yischo Sasuke, who had just been in the sea, became a monster, and the person in the other end of the phone is not unless!


Once you have entered the pirates of the new world, you almost meet with the enthusiastic Drescent, but you are only some of the small characters in previous years.

This year, I came in two monsters!

Even if there is a lot of Franmin, how can't I don't know how it is, it is seriously injured in the shampoo, and even the guy who killed the dragon people!

Nowadays, people in the other end of the phone remind nothing ...

In case of the black peach rumor, I've logged in Dreslasa. I really don't have a good time. This Duran Ming brother has long been expected, so he is also taking the opportunity to secretly hiding. So arrived too much ...

" ... I am more interested in you ..."

After a few times, Dofiang Ming brother, continued to the phone: "Today, I will put your hand first ... If I found you, I found it ..."

"When you, you will have a head for me."

One sentence in the other end of the phone has given Dofon Ming brother after dying, and it doesn't care about it. "Roll, if you don't return to Drescent today, there will be no one after the future. The country is. "