I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 416 Red-haired Xiangks, our Baroque Workshop, one to kill him,

A punch in Shangyuan Nai is very painful!

This punch has a little doubtful life.

Because he is a rubber fruit power, it will not worry about the pain of these things. In addition to the Kapu's fists, he still felt the pain brought by another person.

"Take me with the grass of the incense!"

Munqi D · Lufei's arm suddenly fell, directly grabbed the straw hat on the top of the original na, and struggled to retrans back the straw hat!

In fact, there is a few words in the heart of Lu Fei, I want to ask, I still have a very painful, but the straw hat is undoubtedly the treasure of his life, and the grass hat is the most important!

Shangyuan Na is not stopped, but after the road flew back to the straw hat, he hit his arm in Lu Fei, and he snapped him directly!


Shangji opened his palm, slowly opened: "Don't say that you have to become a pirate in front of us, only our boss can become a pirate king, understand?"

"I do not want it!"

The road flew up and looked at the original navigation, and the face showed a touch of stubborn: "One Piece ... I was already!"


Shangqi Nairou reached out his collar, dragging him to the windmill village: "Let's find a place to talk ... Ghost Mr. Robin, you will go to work first!"

"Ha ha…"

The martillamon gains and sorrowful. "Then you will clean up the little ghost! Let's take the village!"

After the morta ghosts, he turned to Nik Robin: "Vice President, can I kill this village owner?"

"Don't kill people."

Nicole Robin shake his head.

After seeing two of them left, Shangyuan Nai fell to the body of Lu Fei to a pub, and the mouthway: "This village is lucky! If we come out is our boss, we will kill this village. , Burning this village ... "

"... Bar!"

The road flew his fist, full of face: "You have tarnished the guy of the hundred pirates!"


Shangyuan Na was knocked on the head of the road, and smiled and opened: "What is your joke, we are a pirate! You go to the great route to inquire, how many people in the Baroque workstore!"


Lu Fei's face flashed a meadow, he sonned: "Wait for me to go to the great route, be sure to make you all of you!"

"I am looking forward."

Shangji, I took the road, my body continued to advance.

Because Lu Fei is the ability of rubber fruit, the face is long, but the body is still dragging the ground, looks funny.

Windmill Village.


It is obvious that it will not open the door in the morning.

However, the guests in the pub seem to be very rude, and they have opened the door directly, and they will lose it. "Hey, boss, come to a cup of juice!"


The pub quickly came out of a woman who fell asleep Mengxing.

It is the owner of this pub, which seems to be because of the reasons just awake, her face is still sleepy, it looks a bit cute.

Maceno slowly smashed his eyes, sighing to apologize: "Sorry, guests are not business hours ..."

Just when Maceno looked up, he saw the road flying on the ground, and her face suddenly flashed a panic!

"Lu Fei! What is going on!"

"This kid said what is the pirates ..."

A young woman who smiled and smiled, spread his palm to continue: "But this world, only the boss of our Baroque Tourism can become a pirate, so I gave him a little lesson ..."


After Magno was a moment, slowly supported the road to sit on the chair, lifted his head and smiled: "I am sorry ... The little child in the village does not understand, let the guests come in the distance. Laughing! "

This moment is especially reasonful.

Because Macino knows that it is not theory.

Since the road in the village seems to have a demon fruit ability, it seems to be knocked down, then it must be hidden, so it is reluctant to irritate this group of pirates.

However, Macenino helped the road flying to give her face, Zhang Zhangjou came: "I am not a joke! The One Piece, I'm beaten!"

"Lu Fei! Don't talk."

Maceno's face flashed a serious, looked at the road, after she closed his mouth, she looked up at the pirate to continue to smile: "So is the guest want a cup of juice? I am here? Well ... "

"Well, um ..."

One of the young people came in, sitting on the chair of the bar, continued to say: "The speed of labor is fast.

Every minute, we will charge a million Bailey, which is the rule of the boss of the Baroque Tourism, the boss. "

"... a ... a minute? One million Baile?"

After listening to this number, Maceno flashed a surprise, she rushed to the bar after the road!

"Please wait, this is good here!"

"I am not in a hurry."

Shangyuan Na's arm is supported on the table, looking at the hurried macenino: "Anyway, you have a long time, I can take more money from you."


The forehead of Maceno took a drop of cold sweat.

Because from the small small windmill village, this is the hometown of the Navy Hero Munch D. Cap, rarely there will be a thief to take a person.

In the past, there was a red-haired thief group to stay in the windmill village, but those hundreds of thieves did not bully small, and Macno had never seen this pirates that bullying civilians.

"Where is the guest come from?"

Macchini chatted to try to test the attitude of the original Needle, I rushed to squeeze juice, she was just a very ordinary little woman.


Shangyuan Nair is not hesitant to secretly disclose some intelligence of the sand crocodile.

Maceno's brow stretched up, smiling and said: "I remember seeming to listen to the captain of Xiangxi mentioned, it seems to be a desert!"

"Red Haixiang]"

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, mentioned the man, the smile on his face is getting more and more rich: "The boss knows the red-haired Xiangkus? Oh, yes, this noisy has to become a pirates of the Piece. Mentioned the one ... "

"The captain of the incense is the frequent visitor of our windmill village ..."

"It is estimated that he will not come."

Shangqi Nairo interrupted the words of Maqino, and the waves did not surprise: "Our Baroque Total is defeated with the seven Wuhai and the white beard, the next thing is the red-haired pirate."

"Xiangke will not be defeated by you!"

After Lu Fei heard the original Needle, I was dissatisfied with him: "Xiangke is very strong! I am a contract with him. When we will see you again, you will give him a straw hat!"

"Guests your juice."

Macano hurriedly put the juice in front of the Shang Shang, and he looked anxiously to Lu Fei. I hope he should not say to continue to stimulate the original.

Shangyuan Nairou did not continue to care Lu Fei, just took a cup and took a sip of the straw, and the opening continued: "Thank you, this cup of juice delayed me a minute, I gave me a million Bailei it is good."

Macno: "..."

This fighter has just said it!

Only Macno is more worried about red-haired Xiangx's news, she can't help but ask: "Do you have seen the captain of incense? How is he now?"

"No, I haven't seen it yet."

Shangqi Needan to absorb the juice in the hands, slowly continued to open: "He should not be good now, but it will not be almost in the future ... The enemy of the Baroque Total, never anyone can fall."

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai slowly moved to Lufei, Shen Sheng Dou Road: "Ten Wan and Baroque Total is an enemy, because the Navy attacked the Baroque Tourism in Rogue Town, in order to retaliate, Baroque Tourism chose to raise the Navy Heroica's hometown! "

"Washing ... Robbery?"

Maceno covered his mouth.

"Well, they have already went, and if you want to notify it, you will come."

Shangyuan Na Lu also looked at the road, and the sound of the sound will continue to say: "Hey, what is Munqi D · Luffy? Is Munqi D · Kapu family!

Fortunately, I just made a punch, bring you back, otherwise the members of the two Baroque Total Co., Ltd. will definitely kill you! "


Lu is silent for a second.

Next moment, he strongly held his pain, standing up and helped his straw hat, Shen Xiang said: "I know, but I will not watch the village to be robbed!"


The appearance of Shangyuan Nairi suddenly appeared around Lu Fei, a punch once again knocked down again, and the opening continued: "You even play! My reward is only 30 million, their rewards exceed 100 million ! "

After that, Shangyuan Na will continue to say: "Relocate the windmill village, as a retaliation of the Navy, is the order of our Baroque Corporation, no matter who is can't stop!"

This sentence is not wrong.

Because Nicole Robin reported to Klock Dar, Mr. That Saffler was actually disagreed, but Nicole Robin said that the ghosts of the mortmon ghost, she could not stop the ghosts to make a big movement. .

Krod Darr can only agree.

The sand crocodile has a little regret to recruit the martillamon ghosts into the Baroque Tourism. Since this guy joins it, the Baroque workshop is famous, but the enemy of the province will be more and more.

Unfortunately, Crowdal can only comfort themselves, as long as he is the boss's news, there is no need to make anything else.

Now, Clockdal does not know.

The grass hat of the windmill Village has already recorded the boss of the Baroque Total, intended to find this unknown boss for this unknown boss.

"Okay, don't worry too much."

Shangyuan Na was rushing a juice, whispering continued: "I have quietly told the Navy. The navy near the East China Sea is coming to here. The Baroque Total does not have time to do too much, it should be immediately left."

"What this ..."

Maceno's face is still a bit worried. After she heard the Shang Shangnai, she looked at the original navigation and she couldn't stand the gratitude.

Macenino suddenly felt that he misunderstood it.

"Guest ... What is a good person ..."

"Oh, what good people I am."

Shang Nai was revealed on his face. He shook his head and continued: "Since joining Baroque Tourism, I can't look back ... Now I can only do some little things you can do."