I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 417, what is your dream (third!)

Shangyuan Needo is indeed a good person.

At least in Majo, the original navigation is actually a misunderstanding that is still trying to struggle in the quagmire.

Even if he joined the evil Baroque Total, but also reduced the hazard caused by the Baroque Total.

"Hey, don't be so faded!"

Munqi D · Lu Fei strongly sat around the Shang Shang, a punch, and the sound of the mouth: "Do you have any dreams? If you really want to do anything, then Go now! "


Shangnai is falling into silence.

Does these protagonists have problems? How do you feel that every protagonist wants to try his mouth?

After a long time.

Shangji ran quietly, looked at Lu Fei in front of him, whispered: "When I joined the Baroque Tourism, I have lost the eligibility of dreams ..."

The sound of Shangyuan Nai sounded some sadness: "We are all members of the Baroque Try, everything is dare to resist the dream of the boss, no one dares to fight his will ... until our boss became the One Piece!"

Shangqi Nai Lu accompanied a black pot to flush on the body of Clockdal, at least for a while, it couldn't reveal.

"One Piece is mine!"

The road flew angry and angryly, he looked at the original navigation is an angry. "Do you have anything you want to do if this guy doesn't do what you want to do? Don't make life for this. ! "

The road flew over the hand covered on his straw hat, and the sound continued: "Just like I have to be the One Piece! I have to be the One Piece, even if it is there, it doesn't matter in the big sea! What is much better than I have to be strong than me! "


Shangnai is still silent.

This guy's mouth is not bad!

But how should this sentence explain with Lu Fei? In fact, he is doing now, it is what you want to do! That is to splaish in Klock Dar!

After Shangyuan Na, it was only a long time, "Sorry, the power of the Baroque Tourism is not what I can resist, even if the Navy is also not allowed, I am just a small member, what can I do?"

Shangji took a juice, and he was full of faces. "You will never imagine the power of the Board of the Baroque Try, now maybe he is the most powerful person in this world. Baroque Total is also the most powerful in this world. Organization ... "

When Shangyuan Na, the face became unusual, it became unusual: "Even if it is like a small role like me, it can be rampant in the East China Sea ... The characters of the Baroque Workshop are all able to make waves in the great route!"

Shangyuan Nair turned angrily, he looked at Lufei, Shen Sheng: "Your guy, now you can't preserve your own life! If not I just brought you, your guy's life has already Gone!"

Shangji was returned to the collar of Lu Fei, and his face became gloomy: "Hey, you guys, before you don't know what others' pain ... don't just correct your life to others!"


Lu fooled the Shangyuan Na Rou in the emotion, caught in silence.

Macenino's face is also a little worried. She looked at Lu Fei, and looked at it again, whispered to persuade: "That ... Do you need a cup of juice again?"


Shangyuan Nae is slowly nod, soft: "Boss, your juice is very good, but unfortunately I can't pay you."


Maceno was held by a sentence.

Obviously it is a good person, why don't you say something!

Just after a second, Maceno's smile returned to his face, it looked very warm to cure: "It doesn't matter, guests can like it."


At the last navig, I looked at the face of Magno, and I explain carefully: "The staff of the Baroque Tourism must grab a million Bailee in every store. Otherwise, the words will ruin the store and kill the store manager. "

Shangyuan Na Luo said a skeleton: "Before I got a fortune from a hundred thief, I secretly sneaked some of the other islands to have a lobbying innocent store, now my private container is only left. Ten thousand Bailei, I have no way ... "

"So this is ah…"

Maceno suddenly realized.

At this moment, Macno finally understood why the original navigation was going to grab her money.

Macenino's eyes bent, smiled and comforted the original Nairi: "It doesn't matter, I have some savings before, I will prepare more than one million Bailei, I will not let the guest feel hard."

At the last naviga, I looked at Maceno. I was a bit of my heart. He stepped to continue: "" In fact, forty-six million Forty Bailee is enough, I have 52899955 Baile, you should be able to give it up to the work. "

This is said ...

There is much better in Shangyuan.

This figure sounds zero, it seems that he is a boss of this pirate, which is more embarrassed. As long as Maceno heard this sentence, will definitely not blame him to grab money?

Macno didn't care, her savings seem very much, soon, she quickly gave a million Bailey handed over the original navigation, and even gave 500,000 Bailei.

The woman's kindness is ultraordine.

Maceno looked at the original navigo, smiled and explained: "This is the hope of being born. If the guest encounters the next innocent victim, I hope that the guest will continue to help him."


Shangyuan Na will be silent.

This woman is too kind!

It is really not to think that in this world, there is such a kind woman. In addition to gentle, she is willing to love the weak heart.

After a long time.

Shangyuan Na was touched his own conscience, and collapsed Marchino to give him money, asked: "Boss, do you have any dreams?"

This sentence has a little irony.

After all, a person who has just said that I don't have a dream, I will open the dream of others, it seems that it is not very suitable.


If you understand the people of the original Nabaid in this pub, and if you hear the original navigation, they will definitely feel that the luck of Macano is really good.


Maceno bowed his head and closed his hand, looked up his head and looked up the ceiling of the top: "Now the dream ... Maybe Ice can be safe in the other side of the sea!"

Because Es is in the sea this year.

Macno is the most worried thing is that child.

After the road arrived at Magno, I couldn't help but scratch my head: "Hey? I remember the last time I saw the reward for Es, he is now a billion bounty. Yes! Es must have become very strong! "


Shangnai is falling into silence.

After a while, I watched the Najoo, and reached my forehead: "You are a truly kind person, I believe that your dream will be realized."


The worry on the face of Macno has not been reduced.

However, Macno's thoughts quickly returned again, she looked at the original naval to speak seriously: "In fact, guests are also a kind person ..."

"Hey, you are called the original navigation!"

Lufei stood up, looked at the original navigation seriously, and reached his hand, Shen Sheng said: "Hey, Shangyuan Na, let's do a contract!"

"What is the agreement?"

Shangyuan never looked at the road.

Nowadays, the big boy is so happy, and the opening: "Three years later I can go out, you want to know what you want to do most ..."

After saying this, the road flew over and continued: "Three years later, I will definitely knock down the boss of the Baroque Workstone, then ... you will do what you want to do!"

"... Is it three years?"

The face of Shangyuan Needs is a bit wonderful.

After a long time, the original Nairou reached his palm, holding the palm of the road, whispered: "In fact, I used to do the most ... it became a navy ... arrested the pirates, protection of the sea Those weak people ... "


Lu Fei's smile gradually disappeared.

After a while, the smile on the road flying fell out again. He laughed and opened: "As long as there is a dream, no matter how you want it!"

"Forget it, it is too late."

Shangji shook his head, whispered: "I promise you, I will think about it in these three years ... I have to do what ..."

"Let's cheer together!"

Standing next to the Macno eyes bent the bend.

Next moment, Maceno suddenly remembered another thing, and quickly asked: "Right, Shangyuan Mr., those who looted in the village ... Do you really hurt villagers?"

"will not."

Shangyuan Nai Lu shakes and shakes, but there are many helicy on his face: "I am not sure now, although the deputy chief of the Baroque Tourism, Nicole, Miss Robin is also a look in the heart. Soft people ...

But her hometown is a innocent scholar, but she is completely shattered by the Navy. Only her a person is surprised by her island. It is difficult to say that she will wonder the hometown of the Navy. "

After saying it here, Shangyuan Na will fall into the mouth: "Forget it, I still go to see it! Lu Fei, Macno boss, you will be here for the time being!"

Just at this time.

A figure appeared in the door of the pub.

In the hands of the martial arts, there is a long-awaited woman, whisper: "Shangyuan, we have finished this, a super big harvest, did not expect to defend this village is a group of thieves!"

"Mr. Ghost, I also received a million Bailey here!"

After the arrival of the original Na, he responded, and turned his head to the worried Maceno and Lufei, whispered: "Maceno boss, I have to go first ... Lu Fei, when I next see, I must Will surprise you! "

"and many more…"

The expression of Lu Fei is a little stunned. He pointed at the sneaked woman in the door of the door: "That is Dan! They want to catch up!"

"Is there a reward on Date?"

After the original navigation wrinkled her own brow, whispered: "If there is a reward on that Dan Dan, the Baroque Total may secretly sneak in the Navy in the Navy."

"I remember there ..."

Maceno's face is a bit worry: "Dan's body has a reward on the body, but Dan is a good person, we have forgotten that she has wanted to have a wanted order!"

"I want to save her!"

The road is flying to rush!

For Lu Fei, Dan Dan is the same as the mother!

No, or say that Dan Dan is the same as the father and mother, and it is longer than the time between Kapu, Lu Fei and Dan Dan, the relationship is also close!

"Do you go to death?"

Shangyuan Na defeated a breath, reached out and stopped Lu Fei, whispered: "I will protect her life, and take the naval base to exchange the bounty of the bounty. I want to give that Dadan to a suitable person. "

"... Thank you."

Maceno was still holding a face and rushed to the original nalar, whispered: "That ... everything is to pay up to the original."