I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 418, Es: My Vice Show, I don't like you, so let's fight! (Fourth!)

Harbor of windmill village.

Shangyuan Nairo warship slowly drove away from this port.

Shangqi Na will stand in the warship, look at the growing windmill village, whispering: "From this moment, the gear of fate will be controlled by me."

"Ha ha…"

The martial artifacts just lost Dan Dan to the land of the warship, he heard the original Needle, he couldn't help but laughed: "Destiny this illusory thing is not in the control of Mr. Needa."

Nicole Robin silently saw two people.

One blows, the two guys are really skilled!

"Oh, I have passed."

Shangyuan Nai was swaying and shaking his head, showing a smile on his face, and said softly: "Miss Robin, I want to let the navy hero Montage D · Kapu's hometown to meet the news of the Baroque Tourism. , Spread through the great route! "


Nicole Rob is slowly nod.

Shangji returned to a lazy waist, continued to add his own order: "Tomorrow, let the and the Didala with the corner, put all the senior agents of the Baroque Tombs, leaving a few live ports, leaking, Crokdal is Baroque Tryard's Boss's News! "


Nicole Robin has been mourning a second for Crokdal.

Since then, the sand will never get a trace of peace, he will also become a piece of chess that is ready to be discarded.

Nicole Robin all died the phonology of the and the corner, let them cooperate with each other, and hunt to arrest those staff of the Baroque Tourism.

Red sand is expressed at any time.

After listening to this news, the sound said that there was a saying that Robin was shocked: "I know, this kind of thing is given to me! I will immediately grasp all members of the Baroque Try. Where are you now ... "


Nicole Robin was silent for a second.

Nicole Robin faintly, and the corner did this guy wanted to change the members of the Baroque Tactica, which may also include two people and martial arts.

Nicole Robin sighed, whispered: "Mr. Case, don't play this kind of text game, you should know the meaning of Mr. Needa Lu ..."


There is no sorry in the corner of the indifferent sound: "Do you really don't want to cooperate with me? That is the bounty of 200 million Bailei!"


Nicole Robin is silent and hanging up the phone.

Is this corner that really drill into the money?

Shangyuan Na was heard here, and couldn't help but ahead. He felt a headache for the horn. He sighed and continued to start the list of gains.

This time he got a lot of windmill village.

Branch Task: Wearing a Piece's straw hat (11), the task has been completed, rewarding life energy increases 100,000 points, armed colors are 100,000 points, seeing the color domineering 10,000 points, the tyrant is domineering to increase a level.


Windmill Village is the real novice village!

As long as wearing the straw hat, it is equivalent to getting a passage that has become a strong world!

Single just now ...

The domineering intensity of Shangyuan Needs is known to be known.

Branch mission: Beat Montage D · Luffy (11), the task has been completed, fixed rewards the spiritual contract to biochemical Magic.

Psychic Contract Biochemical Mightess: You can summon the Biochemical Magic Zach for fighting, consume 3000 live energy.

This reward appears to have a bit of chicken.

However, can it be used to continue bullying in the future?

Branch mission: pinching a rubber face of Munqi D · Luffy, the task has been completed, rewarding life energy is 1000 points, the armed colored domineering is 1000 points, see the color domineering 1000 points.

These are rewards obtained in the windmill village.

Half a month later.

The warship that will lead to the colonel in Tunna is late, and arrived at the windmill village that has already been launched, but fortunately there is no casualties.

They are not the first one.

Only Kapu is the highest here.

The coloners in Kapu and Tina also asked the villagers who came into contact with the Baroque Tourism, and finally learned from the mouth of Margarn, a hidden truth of being robbed by the windmill village.

This so-called hidden truth ...

Anyway, the people who have returned to the original navigation have left, but the good image of Shanghao is left in the hearts of Maceno and Lufei.

After listening to the so-called hidden truth, the mouth of the mouth bite a smoke, caught in the middle: "Sure enough, it is the original navigation to the naval intelligence, and saved the grandson in Capa?"

"The little ghost sounds like it is not far ..."

The brow wrinkled, slowly swallowed: "Although it is still not too strong, the guy does save the boyzine, otherwise, the Navy will definitely be a lot of general!"

"Hey, grandfather!"

The road is sitting in the bar bar, and I am dissatisfied: "I don't want to be a navy, I must become the One Piece!"


Kapu took the collar of Lufei, and a punch took his grandson to go out: "You are too deep!"

This is two of the granddaughters in communication.

Mina colonelli, just watching Macino, continue to ask about the news about Shangyuan Na, because this is the Navy's Marshal Warring States special intended!

The Warring States want to try to develop the original navigation into the navy's internal line!


Ma Qifen nodded, whisper continued: "Mr. Nairou mentioned the Luffy chat, he once wanted to be a navy, protecting a weak person, but unfortunately he joined the Baroque Torges this pirates No chance to join the Navy. "

After saying it here, Maceno's face also exposed a worry, this kind pub female boss whispered: "Mr. Shangyuan should be misunderstood, but he also saved a lot of innocent people."

After that, Macno has told the top of the Shang Shang, and the beauty of the Navy is also sorry.

Such a good one ...

I was forced to join the Baroque Total?

I really don't know what the past is the past.

If the guy joins the Navy like his dream, maybe his rank now can do a major?

Is this fate ...

Therefore, when the colonel, Dina reacts this matter to the Warring States Marshal, did not forget to feedback this, and even heavily mentioned the contribution of the original Na.

"You don't have to worry about this."

The Navy's Marshal Warring States learned that after these intelligence, Shen Yun said: "When you have never been exposed to the original nour, don't expose all your messages!"


"obey orders!"

After the Buddha's Warring States hanged the phonemad of Dina, I dialed another person: "Hello, X. Drake Major, I will not give you the Sword Secret Forces that have entered the interior of the pirates. ? "

After the Buddha's Warring States heard the reply, the voice didn't help but said: "Don't worry, but I have a good candidate, no, or very suitable candidate, you can try to touch it ..."

The beard of the Buddha's Warring States shakes, saying that the name whisper on the other side of the phone is whisper: "Now that person is in the Baroque Tourism, the name is the original navigation, although it is in criminal organization, but still uses his own The way to perform his justice! "

Just when the Buddha's Warring States is still chatting with Terakes with Terake on the other side of the phone, the other phone in the office also rang.

When the Navy's face was toned, he took a touch of angry. After he turned another phoneworm, he was shocked by the sound from the phone!

"Marshal, big things are not good!"

The naval general of the other side of the phone is very anxious, and it is urgent to open the mouth: "Just arrived in the black pihydramid of Drescenta to the king's seven Wu Duo Francun and its The thief group declared war! "


After the Navy's Marshal is shocked for a second, it immediately returned to the calm: "The Es is still an uneasy guy! It's more over to Roger's bastard ... You continue to surveillance, report the battle at any time!"


There is still a panic in the navy's voice.

Great route.

New World, Drazs Rosa King Palace.

Dofran Mingge, Es and Yiszo Sashi station in the high place of the Royal Palace of Drescent, three people are confronting here.

The ground is a cadre of a group of Quixote family.

To be honest, Dofonteo knows that Uneership Sasuke is strong, he really doesn't want to provoke Es and Yiszoa to help these two super newcomers.

If you can, Dofonteo also wants to pull them to be a member, after all, their two strength is strong.


Just as Franmin brothers held a banquet to meet Es and Yishe Sasuke, Potkas D · Ess declared the war on the Sutang Quixote family at the banquet!

Everyone is happy to eat rice ...

Why suddenly want to declare war!

"Because Sasuke said that he hated this country."

The reason why Potkas D · Es gives a very wonderful. I have a bit of a little Quixote family unacceptable: "My vice veteran is unhappy, but you laugh so happy, this should be to the peach sea The provokes of the thief group! "

"Es this whiteness!"

Yischo Sasukes didn't know what to say.

Sasuke said that I didn't like the Quixote family, I didn't like the enthusiasm of Drescent, Drescent ...

In fact, because Sasuke wants to leave a prefix impression in Es, let him find a battle in the future, let Alies oppose ... I didn't expect that Es actually didn't have to be unhappy with her own deputy. !

This idiot, I really don't know what to let Sasu help.

This is good ...

They have played directly in the family!

Now they have just experienced a ratio of a tyrant domineering, the entire banquet hall is directly destroyed by their domineering, and the battle area is placed in the palace.

Dofontech faces Es and Sasuo two people with domineering domineering. Naturally, there is a bit of worry, even if it is a single one is Yuxi Bozuo, let Dogon Ming brothers can't resist it at all. !

" ..."

Dofonteo looked around the opposite side, she wrote a smile, and praised: "Single only argument and domineering, it is two super horror newcomers ..."

"Don't put out the senior shelf in front of us."

Yuxi Bozuo took out the unparalleled unmodel knife grabbed in this world, pointing to Duran Ming Ge, eyes cold and indifferent: "Do Francings, my most hate is that you have these strength but like to make a cavity Guy ... "


I heard it, I was not scratched, and I asked myself and asked: "Is Saso You are not the favorite people in our boat?"

"Shut up! We are fighting!"

The face of Yuxi Bo sakuo flashed a meager, scared his captain immediately rushed to cover his mouth.

Yuxi Bozuo can't help but support the support of the support ...

This idiot is really a broken heart!