I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 420 Your waste, accepting good destiny!

The battlefield is completely flying into white heat!

In the face of complete body, it is difficult for Dogon, and even the basic resistance is difficult. The whole Drescent is shivering in the domineering that must be disguised.

"Sixteen sacred fierce!"

Dofonte brother manipulated the white line of the ground to gather a sharp thick white line, armed torque winding above the white line, flying to the need!

"It's a full waste ..."

Yiszo Sasuke is within the crystals of mustas. It is unscrupulous to mock your opponent: "Du Franchen, your strength is only this level? I really don't understand why that person will tell you. first name…"

The voice did not fall, Yisi Bozuo manipulates the huge tights that must be able to wavily swaying the huge tattoo!

The voice of Unecho Sasuke echoed in this earth, his voice is indifferent to people's heart: "If you are like your waste, you can stay in the new world ... that new world is really not looking forward!" "

With the voice of Sasukes fall ...

A smashing is flying out of the moon!

This must be smashed by the strikes that have been smashed out of the scene, maybe in the field, maybe compared to the legendary world's first big sword hawk omelette. Bar!

This is down!

The thick white line of the 16th flying is cut off!

All Drazsosa all the mountains and high-rise castles in the range of attacks in this round moon, cut off with this cut, revealing the neat incision!

Dofonteo seems to also expect his own destiny, his mouth still keeps the smile, just this smile is more complicated and sigh ...

Now the only Franmino's only thing is to pull up a strong spider web. I have been squatting directly from this to this.

"Hey, can you still have to resist Urcho?"

Yisizo Sasuke stands in the crystal of mustas, and manipulates that you must walk in the earth, the ground tremor, scare all the national people in Dresros, in this scene, the house building on the road is all Bread!

The pirates of the Quixote family rushed up, trying to stop the direction of the Franmino, but they were able to get out of the way!

The only person who seems to be better than the card!

This sound Some childish stone stone fruit power is very fierce. He instantly condensed the stone of Drescent, and incorporated the stone giant of thousands of meters!

It was still surprised by Sasuke, but after he manipulated a knife and slammed a knife, he directly took the huge stone giant into two. In the face of the hardships of the need, the strength of the stone giant could not Good to resist, fragile, like sand!

Until, he must be able to get to Dofran Ming brother, the huge must be finally broken into a smoke, and exposed the figure of Unechebra.

"It's hard to see ..."

Sasuo looked down on the Franmin.

The king is lying on the ground, and it is a blood, which is a blood, and only use his own line fruit to barely suture against fatal injuries.

"Let's talk."

Sasuke's eyes slightly, look at Dofontech said: "What is the original words that the guy is telling you?"

" ..."

Even if such a wolf and dangerous situations, Dofran Mingge's smile still hangs on his face: "He said, a person named Yuszhi, let you leave my life."

"It seems that you didn't do it as he said."

Yuxi Bo sag sagged his head, and continued to say: "Even if you say this, you can't change your own destiny. Since he wants you as a chess, you will learn to listen to him! "

After that, Yuxi Bozuo will leave here.

"and many more."

Dofran Mingge struggled to sit on the stone next to it, looked at Unechebra helping to laugh: "You Zhibo Sasuke, at least tell who is the person!"

The smile on the Francium's face is somewhat gloomy: "Who is that person, even if you are in this monster, you will fear his strength ..."

Yuxi Bozuo is indeed a monster ...

A monster that is able to shoulder with the new world!

Let Dofon Mingo are more shocked. Yischo Sasuke actually obey the guy, this manner is more terrible than what is the imagination!

All this is within the control of the person.

Is it a pair of power including Unechebra?

"I have never fear him!"

Yuxi Bozou helped to refute, his eyes flanged, and he slowly opened his mouth: "Forget it, even if you explain with you, you can't understand ...

In short, when the born looks at you, it means that your fate has fallen into his control. "

Yizhi Bozuo's contempt is researched, whisper continues: "Du Franchen, although you are a waste, but the guy wants to threaten my name with the name of Yuxi, obviously you are not useless…"

"What do you mean?"

The face of Dofran Mingge is gradually yin.

Although Unechebra helped he was fearing that person, but at least Yu Zhibo was also jealous of the person behind him!

A pihydress that can be more than the new world of the four emperors of the world, is actually taboo that the person behind the scenes ...

Moreover, this battle will occur at least under the manipulation of that person.

The smile of Dofran Mingge is getting more and more sinking. The person stared at him in the Qihai Sea, who wants him to be a piece of chess?


Now even the other's identity is not clear!

Even if you want to resist this, you have to have an object that can resist!

Dofonteo looked at the back of Sasuke, suddenly opened: "Yuxi Bozuo, even you didn't dare to disclose his identity? Don't you think about the elimination of that guy, solve the secret threat you person?"


Yischo Sasuke's footsteps stopped.

When I saw Sasuke's footsteps, Dofran Mingge's smile gradually became more, he dressed to spread his palm, whispering: "I have the world's most striking news channel, you have four emperors Monster's general power ... "

"Stop dreaming."

Yuxi Bozuo has interrupted the Dofontech, and the voice is more contemptuous and disuisable: "You don't even know anyone he is, actually trying to destroy him?"

Yuxi Bozuo helps the sound of the open mouth: "There is a saying on his proverb in our mouth. When you see his true face and unable to shake the power, it is just what he wants to see. Part. "


Dofran Ming brothers jumped.

This hand has an official background, one hand, the king of the Dark World Trade, has a shock in the heart.

Sasuke said this sentence is really in line with an identity of the underground king ... but now the faucet boss of the dark underground world is his francience!

There is still someone to hide more deeper than him!

At this moment, Dofran Ming Ge suddenly remembered his code is Joker in the poker card, which seems to be the identity of the king, but it is not a clown ...

that person…

Who is it!

The guy actually took his king of the true dark world as a chess piece, even the identity of the player, and the appearance did not know. The only one knows that there is only one of Yizhi Bozuo. These two people are very taboo!

The look of the Francience, he slowly cleared his palm, whispered: "Is there any secret I don't know in the world?"

"Hey, the truth can be cruel than you."

Yuxi Bozo helps some confused Duran Ming Ge, the cold voice continues: "No, it should be said that some of the truth is enough to make you feel cruel!"

After saying it here, Unechebra saga helps the migraine: "But when you really stand in front of him, there is only one truth."

After saying these, Yuxi Bo said that the head did not leave.

Sasuke does not care about how big the shadow of Dofrang Ming Ge, and everything that Sasu is not to eat that person, he is telling the truth.

Dofran Ming brother looks at the back of Sasuke, I can't help but bite the teeth: "Betting, not only to say a bunch of non-use nonsense ... When I find out who is that person, I will find out Everything! "

Dofontech took a phonetice from his own body, connecting one of the family cadres: "Violet ... Can you see Qing Yubo Zhike Sason?"

This is a Don Quixote and has not appeared at family cadres.

This family cadre is not very common, with superman, glaring, can look through the enemy's inner idea with his own eyes.

"There is no way."

On the other end of the tall, a indifferent female voice came, she whispered: "But ... Dover, I saw your failure, and I also saw the fear and restlessness in your heart ..."

" ... really can't rely on people ..."

The smile on the face of the Francience is still not reduced, smiled and asked: "So ... violet, do you want to betray me now?"


The other end of the nematop is caught in silence.

After a long time, Violet is whispered: "Dover, now you are just someone else to play the chess pieces ..."

" ..."

The laughter of Dofran Mingge gradually became bigger, and his voice suddenly became in the world: "People live in this world, always have to be used by others! I can't escape, you Can an exception? "

Dofran Mingge continued to ask: "Tell me ... have you seen something from Unechebra Sasher!"

"I have no way to see his heart."

There is more frightening in violet sound: "Dover, that person ... more terrible than you think! His eyes ..."

Next moment, the voice of the phone was suddenly broken.

After a long time, a person's voice appeared in a torse.

"I thought I would like to have a illusion to me ... a group of ignorant idiot, I don't want to use the zone a pair of quirky fruit capabilities to counter Yuxi Wave's writing?"

This voice is the sound of Unechebra.

Obviously, the other end of the temon, the violet that I want to spy the inner heart in Sui Zhiko is found.

Yisizo Sasukes stands by the violet, and the knife in the hands is falling on the neck of the violet. This quite charming woman is full of sweating, and the double-eyed is sitting.

A fruitful person ...

When snoying, it is directly written in the illusion of the eye.

"Is the Franminster?"

Yiszozuo took up the phone on the ground, and did not carefully open his mouth: "I thought a waste will read a little fear. I didn't expect you to arrange people to see me?"

" ..."

Do Francang has helped his pain and open his mouth in the phone: "I just want to know some of the information ..."

"you do not need to know."

Yuxi Bozuo has interrupted his words, disdainfully open: "You just can crush the bugs, like your weak waste, the arrangement of destiny, I really have to fight for it. ? "