I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 423 Crokdal ... he must get Pluto!

Finally, I still came to this step?

The glory of human nature is difficult to completely cover up.

Originally, the original naval is still intended to meet each other, leaving a good impression of himself, and the result is now the meaning of Dorage ...

Is this guy who wants to pull him to join the revolutionary army?

Of course, this is of course refusing.

According to the experience of Shangyuan Na, it will not be cherished.

Of course, when refused, it is necessary to show yourself with noble and willing to protect weak, and to show yourself helplessness to life.

Shangji shook his head and looked at Dorag. "Sorry, you guess the wrong person, I am not a kind person, otherwise I will not join the Baroque Total, just seek a place where you can survive."

After saying it here, Shanghao said: "Ascending to save some people like Dad, I have a thing, I have a thing that I have, I can do it, I am just a bile bold."

As long as you are self-satisfaction this time.

Wait until Dalg and Sa Bo took the return to the windmill village, if Sa Bo and Lu Fei, Macino chatted, it would definitely inevitably talk to the original Na.

At that time, they would know the struggle and kindness of the original navigo from the mouth of Luffy and Macano.

After all, a person will take the initiative to tell others, it is better to quietly pay more credits from other channels.

Monkey D · Dorag heard the original Needle, the smile on the face became more and more deep: "Oh ... can I do some small things that can be able to do?"

After smiling, Dora, continued to ask: "But the original gentleman has thought about another question, if your side is not the evil member of the Baroque Tourism, but a group of people like the same thoughts? "

Dorag's voice suddenly gradually low, he quietly continued: "No matter how strong a person can become, his strength is the limit, but if you unite more like-minded people, you can save the world. How weak people ... "

"I know."

When I arrived at Dorag, he cleared the Dorag, and he cleared his fist and whispered: "I want to be a navy ... and many naval soldiers ... protect those village towns who are violated by the pirates ..."


Dorage's eyes couldn't help but shake.

This is also normal, once mentioned like-minded partners and just camps, people of this world will always think of the Navy, and their revolutionary army is really very low.

In many people, the Revolutionary Army is a group of criminals.

"But Mr. Yue Qi is unable to join the Navy?"

Munqi D · Dorag's voice is more sorry, he seems to have to feel the same: "Let the Navy have been judged by the World Government for a long time, is not true justice, and their maintenance is only the authority of the world government ..."

"I know."

Look at Dorag, whispering said: "Because our Baroque Try, Miss Nicole, Miss Nicole, is the people who survive the Ohara incident, all of the O'Jaran innocent people were killed by Navy "

After saying this here, I will continue to say: "But what can I do? My strength is only like this ... I just want to do something you can do ... Others I don't qualify."

"Do not."

Munqi D · Dorager shake his head, smiled and continued: "You can have such a sense of realization and thought, it is excellent than many people on the sea!"

After that, Dorage slowly reached his palm, took off his hood, smiled and said: "Self-introduction, I am Dorag, a revolutionary who is looking for a person who is looking for like."


After Shangyuan Na, after a second, the face revealed a panic: "Wait ... You are the most ferocious criminal in the world! You are revolutionary!"

After that, Shangyuan Na will not be retired from autonomous places, and his forehead tightly stretched, Shen Sheng: "Sorry, we will do this!"

How can I show a bundant!

If you can't continue to hide your identity and talk! Dorage is directly showup, so that the next navigation is very difficult to continue to perform!

At this time, if you say anything, you will have doubts!

"and many more…"

Dorag rushed to stop the Shangyuan Na, and the sound broke out: "Mr. Shangyuan, the revolutionary army will not threaten any companions, we will not hurt you ..."

"Do not."

Shangqi Nairou hurried shook his head, whispered: "Your revolutionary army, my people are blended ... and the revolutionary army is also the enemy of the Baroque Tominance, I can't be discovered and You stay together! "

The calm moments between them were broken.

Even Dan Dan and Sa Bo are not looking for themselves.

"Mr. Shangyuan."

Dorage slowly shakes his head and whispers explained: "I just hope that you can learn more about the revolutionary army, and your criminal company in the Baroque Tourism has also seen enough darkness?"

When you say this, Dorage slowly put down your arm, whispered: "The world's most understanding of the original Mr. must be us, if one day, Mr. You can think about it, welcome to join Go to our team. "

"I know."

The original nematic is in a hurry.

After that, he no longer stopped, quickly left here.

Montage D · Dorag looked at him, his mouth was slightly hook: "Sa Bo, there will be chances in the future, you can talk to this Mr., I believe he is destined to be our companion. "

"Yes, Mr. Dorag."

Sa Bo nodded carefully.

When they rushed to the port, the RFC's leading big ship was suffering, and the materials on board were also plundered by the Baroque Tourism.

Dorag does not care to be robbed by the Baroque Total, anyway, from the mouth of Shangyuan Na, the revolutionary army and the Baroque Tourism have been enemies.

In the future, we must focus on this crime.

After the faucet big boat of the revolutionary army left the direction of the windmill village after the black, they will put down Dadan here.

They will also know part of the Shangdao Village.

For example, Shang Na will fall in the high-rise of the Baroque, and take the risk to save the road; for example, Shang Nai is in order to save some innocent store owners, it has been pretending to be looted with its own savings.

Everything in the top now has been layout.

The remaining time is the moment waiting for the harvest.

"The revolutionary army will definitely believe that I am a good person."

Shangqi Nai Lu looked at the Wang Xiaqi Haodan Franminbiao was defeated by Unezhi Sasuke, whisper: "Let's go, we will go back to the mountain to return to the great navigation.

"People who are guilty of Baroque work in Baroque ..."

Nicole Robin frowned a question: "I am afraid that the great navigation will really believe that Crokdal is the behind-the-scenes boss of the Baroque Tourism?"

After all, Klock Dar is just a king of Qi Qihai.

Now the Baroque workman has to die of the Navy and the World Government, but also sinned the revolutionary army. If it is ran to push the black pot to the head of the Crokdal ...

It's hard to say that people will believe it.

"It doesn't matter."

Shangji is not carefully looked at the newspaper: "Does Crokdal in Alabastan is not to find what Pluto?"

Shangyuan Ni raised his head, watching Nicole Robin and continued: "We simply let people who are arrested by the navy, Klock Darr has got a weapon of Pluto, this is not enough?"

Nicole Robin frowned: "But Crokdal and I have not found the history of the Pluto clue ..."

"It is not our business."

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly closed his palm and laughed: "Who knows Mr. Klock Dal? We said that he got ... then he must get it! As for him, where is it to hide, then Let the Navy check it! "

The smile on the face is somewhat bad: "Let Klod Darn explain! Look at the Navy's Marshal Warring States and the World Government will not believe ... anyway ... they don't know the fall of Pluto!"


Nicole Robin looked at the original navigation.

This is really a good life!

So many people were sinful, so many people were sinned enough, and the original Nairou also arranged the death of Plock to the head of the Clockdal.

Once Clock Dal is known to have this war weapon in his hand, the monsters in the second half of the great route may be heart!

"The only unfortunate thing is ..."

Shangji shook his head, feeling: "This is a hard layout for so long, the Navy does not want to make anti to me, but even change my wanted order ...

I really hope that I am a naval spy, so I can take all the things in Klock Darl through this opportunity! "


Nicole Robin looked with the original navigation.

After a while, she whispered: "We have already inserted Youth in the Navy as our undercover in the navy, can't take the line with the Navy, it doesn't matter."

"You do not understand."

I asked Shang Quan Lu: "If a stranger suddenly tells you, he is the behind-the-scenes manager of this world, you have nothing to do?"

Shangqi Nairou standing on the bow, welcoming the sea breeze softly: "If you have always been a trusted person in your eyes, he suddenly tells you, he is the behind-the-scenes manager of this world, what will your feelings ..."


Nicole Robin fell into silence.

Let me talk, it is not doing personnel.

Just as the original navigation is still regretting that he did not get a navy to recruit, a navy will come to recruit a neighborhood of the original Navy is also a headache.

X. Drake Major.

This will have a little rough.

Drake has come to the East Sea for a few days. He did not discover the trail of the Baroque Total, and he finally understood why the Navy's Marshal Warring States would let him recruit a member of the Baroque Total a Sword Secret Force. The first team.

If there is no undercover ...

It's really hard to find members of the Baroque Total!

"This group of people in the Baroque Tourism is too good at hiding ..."

Drake's expression is very ugly. He stood on the map of the East China Sea. He sighed in the sky: "Universal members of the Baroque Tourism can't find it, let alone look for the trail of the original navigation in the sea. "