I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 424, the first part of Drake, the pharmacist, county!

Drake Majac will not find members of the Baroque Tourism, which does not blame him, because some people have constantly hunting them.

Time a few days ago.

The Navy passed the CP organization under the World Government, and he finally found several membership of several Baroque Takes, and several people carry a reward.

As a result, the Navy has just raised their rewards, and their body is sent in a bounty hunter by a corner.

That corner ...

Simply let the navy bald.

Navy G-2 branch base.

The branch commander Gummir will look at the corner of his opposite, and drink a bitter coffee, only to open: "Hey, thanks, the criminals of the criminals, the seventeen criminals Reward, a total of 350 million peple. "

"You're welcome."

The corner is nod, and I will continue to pay for a few months.

It is absolutely unbearable for money.

Even if the corner is smashed with a super high hand speed, keeping this speed for nearly 4 hours, it will finish all the books.

Gummir will be glanced.

Just n't I know the habit of the corner, I didn't care about the judged hunter's quirk, and it was because this powerful bounty hunter's existence allowed the pirates of the great navigation. convergence.

"Is it interested in joining the Navy?"

Gummir will put down the coffee in his hand, whispered: "If the corner is willing to join the Navy ..."

"Not interested in."

The corners shook their heads, put the money in their hands in the box: "I only have a rewarding one pirate, so I am earning an exclusive interest."

After that, the corner is opened again: "But I have a good impression on the Navy, so I will help you when I see the Navy."


Gummir was nodded, and there was a smile on his face: "When the last time I was on my part, I would like to thank my husband."

After saying this, Gummir will finally put forward a question: "So, the corner is interested in being a Queen Seven Wuhai?"

This problem is not asked inummir.

It is a sentence mentioned by the Navy's Marshal Warring States.

If the corner agrees, their navy can apply to the world's high-rise to revoke a big hundred pirates in the Qihai Sea, let the horns come to the top of this bounty hunter.

After all, it is compared to the one who holds the legal name, and the hunter is just an angel. It is really the most suitable candidate.


The corner is silent for a second.

After a long time, the bounty hunter put forward a question that made Gumier will take the tongue: "I remember that the king's seven Wuhai is only seven, which is the position of the Qi Wuhai to be revoked, I can kill him. In exchange for bounty? "

This is really conforming to the corner.

The first thought of this guy did not have the opportunity to become the Queen Seven Wuhai, but which kings have finally become effective rewards, and they can change money.

However, once there is no reason to cancel a king's news, the world government will make the world government sweep!

The balance of the sea will break this.

Even if Gu Mir is enough to understand the corner, there is a little accident between the moment, he hurriedly showed a smile: "Hahaha ... I just opened a joke ... After all, I still have a big one, I still want the corner to become our Allies! "

"This ah ..."

After the corner, the corner is nodded, and I screamed: "I hope that the Navy can revoke their positions! After all, I really want to get the bounty on them!"


Gummir will bow his head and dare not speak.

After a long time, Gumir asked: "Where is the corner? Where is the next step? Where is the next step? The hundred pirates on this route have been hunted too much ..."

Baroque Total. "

There is no expression in the corner to answer: "Now the Navy has improved the reward of the members of the Baroque Try, there is more than 5 billion bounturs, I will go to search for their traces, hunting Kill them. "

"That is the good news of Mr. Cheng."

The landscape of Gumir slowly blows the coffee in the hand, can't help but frown: "The coffee is still so difficult to drink ..."

After waiting for the corner to leave the money.

Inummir, he once died the Warring States Call: "The Warring States Marshal, I privately asked about the view about the royal seven Wuhai ..."

When I said here, the expression gradually became subtle: "The idea of ​​this bounty hunter seems to have some problems. He didn't have the temptation of the Wuhai Seven Haihai. He cared only the bounty of the seven Wuhai ..."


The Warring States are also somewhat speechless.

This bounty hunter's ideas is really clear!

The Navy is sighed, whispered: "Forget it, anyway, I have to revoke the World Government to revoke the Duran Ming Brother Wang Qiqiu's application has not passed ..."

Although During the Franminbang defeated.

However, Dofran Mingge's identity and Drescent's location can make him safe for a while. After all, he is a royal king in the throne, and the Warring States can only find a way to find a chance.

Marin Fanto.

The Warring States helplessly reached out of his application to the goat, let the small goat eat the application, and looked down with his own documents.


The Warring States' s eyes slowly stagnant, looking down on a document: "Pharmacist, in an action, I broke into the ability of the fruit, arrest the Baroque Try Mr. Mr.2 Feng Kle Colony ... "

After the Warring States sank, he looked at the photo of the pharmacist. "It seems to be a very alert little guy ... Take him into the Ministry of Education, send him to Drake to assist him to set up a SWORD troops. ! "

The Warring States didn't know what decisions he did.

Only, from this moment, this decision is very advantageous for SWORD secret forces, at least in the future, this confidential force has developed rapidly.

Some naval base.

The pharmacist saw the neutralization of the Navy Marshal personally batch, and there was a little surprised between the gods, because he was originally intended to promote the support of the branch, and then promoted to the branch school, thus controlling this naval base.

However, this navy's Marshal is generous. It will actually promote him into the part of the department, but why do he want him to go to Drake Major?

Who is this Drake Major?

Everything is going to start?

However, after the drug teacher took the order to join Drake Major, I learned that the current Sword secret team really had two people ...

There is only one less general and a major!

Even this unit has not been exposed to the task yet, it has been in the stage of the grass.

The pharmacist has been analyzed immediately. This so-called Sword secret special force should not be supported by the upper level. Now it is at the end of the dissolution. He must see the future as soon as possible, otherwise it is not expected.

Want to let this troops dissolve ...

Then you must first convince the long-distance Drake Major General Drake!

"Drake Major."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and asked whispers: "The whole arm is now only two people, and the master people will continue to support our army?"

"Oh ... don't worry, we can request assistance at any time."

Drake is sitting on a chair, a pair of horses boots, whispered: "And we will have a third member and our mission, Marshal has given us a suitable candidate.

We now have to find a member of the Baroque Take a Najo, and then develop him into a member of the SWORD troops, you can start the first task of the SWORD secret unit! "


The pharmacist pushed the push eye mirror and fell into silence.

In an instant, the pharmacist judged that this should be conspiracy.

Because there is no matter what people can't have the original navigation, it is arranged for his conspiracy.

In the next moment, the phases of the pharmacist flashed on the eye, and he looked at Drake Major.

It can be concluded that this is a very poor person.

The sentence is real, if you can, in fact, in this SWORD secret troops unfounded, everyone rushes, the best choice for Terake will.

Unfortunately, he is going to have a dead road.

The pharmacist watched the Drake Major, as if I saw the shadow of the Navy, about this, I didn't know the death.

"Don't look at me!"

Drake will not help but hold his forehead, and the sound is open: "Who knows the members of the Baroque Total Society so hard, even if it is CP, what help, feed, newcomers, what way you have? ?"

"There is no particularly good way."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and whispered: "I personally capture a senior agent of the Baroque Total, according to my observation, the members of these Baroque Try do seem very much like this route in Alabastan ... "

"Pocket, you suspect that there is their stronghold there?"


The pharmacist took his palm of his hand, hook his mouth and smiled: "But I know, there must be people who know the members of the Baroque Try to" ...

Because when I arrived, I just got a news. Klkkdal, one of the Qi Wuhai, claims that he will expel all members of the Baroque Take Workshop in Alabastan to relieve the people of Alabastton danger! "

"Hahahahaha ... I think so too!"

Drake Majac will reach a hand to the applause, appreciate: "Pocket, Warring States Marshal praise your mindset, I hope you will not live up to his expectations ... We will start rushing to Allabatan, find that the original naval as soon as possible people!"


The pharmacist has slowly low.

If the pharmacist is not lower now, maybe accidentally reveal the mercy of Drake Major, it is a poor colors. He must not know what you want to face in the future?