I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 425 I am not very happy, I want to see him (third!)

As long as there is an upper place, the world will become magical.

On the way to Alabastton, the pharmacist has gone to find the nature of the SWORD secret forces, which is a spy troops intended to sneak into the thief.

This is really interesting.

A navy is used as a spy for a spy.

As a result, they will come back to two real spies.

The pharmacist rushed to the road to Allabattan, reported this thing to the original navigation, intended to let the original naval and Drake will find a suitable location to meet.

"It doesn't matter."

Shangyuan Na Luo is out of the phone insects: "Mr. Drake This is a Navy Major, I should go to see him! Wait until he bears, tell me your position!"

The sound of Shangyuan Na Raise suddenly became a bit gloomy: "At that time, I will let him see ... A pirate that is in the dark but heart!"

The other side of a teeth.

The pharmacist couldn't help but push the eye mirror and couldn't help but laughed; "Does everything is a neighborhood?"


Shangyuan Nai's voice has also been a lot: "I am still thinking about why the Navy will give up me such a suitable rebellious Baroque Total member. It turns out that they have been ready to attract me. Sure enough, there is no everything else. ah ... "

It was all arranged.

As a result, the Navy is half a month, and the 'only live catching his rewards will be changed to' life and death, and now it should be worried about the suspicion of the Baroque Tourism?

On the one hand, the Ming Wen Road, the Navy said that all members of the Baroque Takes, all the members' rewards are life and death;

On the other hand, the darkness Chen Cang, the Navy's high-level, and the Drake will come to the next to the original navigation, invite the Shangyuan to join the special forces.

"It's a poor drama."

When the pharmacist said here, his face couldn't help but slam a smile: "How do they know, even God is just a good god, a decayed navy, how can it escape? Needar of the adult ... "


Shangyuan Needo was self-satisfied, and smiled and praised: "You don't do it, you will mix this important force so quickly, otherwise I will not get such an important news, I think you have to be in that The naval base is grinding for a while ... "

"Because Nasai adults let Baroque Tourism have become the sea of ​​the sea."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and whispered: "I just complapted to it, caught a specializer of the Baroque Tourism ..."

"it is good."

Shangqi Needan and loudly told: "Then, according to our previous approach, let the Drake will rely on ..."


The pharmacist agreed.

"All right."

Shangyuan Na's voice is sigh: "We have to climb the mountain now, wait until we meet, talk!"

Red Soil mainland, upside down.

Here is the entrance to the great route.

Shang Nai fell, this warship filled with orange trees crossed the entrance of the great navigation, slowly pushed to the top of the mountain, and the warships were on the shark cluster of the mortar, there is no appearance. twists and turns.

"It's unbelievable!"

Cartry ghosts and smiled and smiled: "I didn't expect to have a waters in the world ..."


Branch mission: Crossing the Entrance to the Weiwai Airways (11), the task has been completed, rewards 100,000 live energy, 10,000 points of armed colors, 10,000 points.

After the navigation, I lost my head, I looked at my own system panel, whispered: "Okay, hurry to get rid of the mountain, we will prepare to meet a Navy Major!"


Nicole Robin came out of the cabin and handed a cup of juice from the original Neolite and the chanmonic ghost. Her face flashed a surprise: "Meet the Navy Major? The report of Mr. Dou, is the Navy Kill us? "

"Do not."

Shangyuan Na was launched, after sucking a bite, laughed and opened: "The Navy will be to invite me to join the Navy, let me become the Navy's workstation in Baroque Tourism!"


Nicole Robin shook his head.

What did the Navy think about it, it will want to let Shangji to take them in their undercover. Their general is the undercover of Shangyuan Nai!

This is very smooth.

In addition to leaving the mountain, I encountered a huge whale that stopped in the entrance of the great route. She was able to fly in the end of Nairi!

The Weihe Air Road Entrance to the Gemini, the observer Cuolcas gathered, did not dare to speak, and only glanced at this warship from him.

If it is twenty years ago ... this attire is absolutely not allowed to leave the guy who is bullying the whale!


When I arrived here, when I returned to here, the King of Alabastton was almost named, and this country has completely caught the revolution and rebellion.

Obviously the plan of Crowd Darr has begun.

"Crok Dar is really a short bit ..."

Cartry ghosts look at the recent news about Alabastton, I can't help but laugh: "I only know how to stare at this desert kingdom ..."


Nicobin nodded, softly open: "Klockdal knew that we have returned to Alabastein. He now wants to see us, it seems to talk to us."

"Then let's see it!"

Shangyuan Na will play the oranges in his hand, there are some hundred bored: "It is meaningful, do you want to take the initiative to expose his identity to us?"

"Do not."

Nicole Robin's eyes flashed, she looked at the original navigation and unknown: "Crokdal's meaning, just want to see Mr. Ghost, probably the discussion of the king of the Queen Seven Wuhai. "

This is a bit awkward.

Kroddal didn't seem to be in the eyes.

"And me?"

Shangji put down the oranges in his hand, narrowed his eyes, showing a peaceful smile: "Mr. Klkdal did not mention me?"


Nicole Robin fell into silence.

After a long time, Nicole Robin sounded: "Crokdal does not seem to see you mean, but he will raise Mr. Mr. 4 of Mr. Mr., this is also promoted ... "

"I know."

Shangqi Nairou pinched the oranges in his hand, he didn't care about the ghosts and Robin. "Well, let's go!"


Nicole Robin hurriedly nodded.

The martial artifact couldn't help but grinned, revealing his full shark teeth: "Shang Shang people, if you are not happy, can I let Mr. Clock Lodar be well?"

"Just casually ..."

Shangyuan Nairou does not matter to sway: "Teaching him is also good, so you can always take you as the younger brother, you will replace it very flat into seven Wuhai ...

Go see him! I am going to find a place to take a break.

It's really an urgent hope to see the Teramiarch of Drake soon, tell the Navy with the news of the Navy and Baroque Total Works! "

After that, the original naings did not leave.

"Why is he so angry?"

Nicole Robin shook his head, whispered: "If Mr. Yoshi is a little demonstrating his strong power, Kroddal will never dare to ignore him ... and Mr. Shang original is not to hide?"

"Do not."

When the mortal ghost broke the words of Nicole, grinned: "Miss Robin, if a god is standing in front of you, because you don't know, so you will humiliate him, you think God should be angry ?"


Nicocin looked at the back of the original Needle, nodded slowly, because she saw the figure of the original Needle, disappeared in front of him.

This scene made her eyesight slightly solidified.

"That is ... What ability?"

"If you know too much, you will live very short."

The mortal ghost is grinned and whispered: "Let's go, go see this sand crocodile, the way, let me teach him ..."

The macato ghosts solemnly tightly tight.

Nicole Robin couldn't help but frown, whispered Xiao: "I remember that Mr. Ghost is good at the ability of water! But in the desert ..."

"It doesn't matter."

The snarns of the mortar is still.

For the ghosts of the mortar, no matter where it is a battlefield, it is not the same as the kind of frozen fruit ability to restrain his guys.

When they went to see Klock Dal, Shangyuan Nikou lie in Nicole Robin's coffee shop turned her book, and received a pole of the collections.

"Shangyuan, is it convenient?"

The voice of the corner came over: "Shang, Dofontech has already opened a price of 200 million Feile to get your information, can I sell it?"


How do you want to make money in this corner!

After the Shangyuan Na, after a while, he suddenly opened his mouth: "Let the Dorn Ming Ge will pick a place, I am not very happy, I want to see him."