I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 428, the joining and reading of night-fork (the third!)

This guy…

A bit improper.

Dofontech looked at the original Needle, after a while, after a while, I will only open the words: "Hey, you just might" I killed me twice ... "

Shangyuan Na will collapse his phone, and after watching Dofonteo, hold his fist: "Oh, yes, haven't come to you, right?"

The forehead of Dofonteo jumped, he looked at the original Needle fist became dark, hurriedly opened: "Hey, I don't mean this ..."

Dofran Ming Ge looked at the original Nairi's figure, only hurriedly opened a spider web, trying to block the attack on the original Needle!

Next, his sight disappeared the trace of Shangyuan Na.

Someone knocked on his back, when the Franmin brother just turned his head, I realized that I made a mistake, and his chada hit a punch!

Dofontech fell in a cliff!

The next encounter is to be beaten in the past!

The night-fork finally experienced an unprecedented nightmare. It is a feeling that is more powerless than in the face of Unexpello. This guy is clearly just a simple body, how to feel completely unaware!

ten minutes later.

Shangqi Nairies sat on the cliff, Dofun Mingge is scarred, some wolf sits around him, two people look at the sea together.

"to be frank."

Shang Nai was looking at the vast sea, quietly sighed: "When I came to see you, my mood is not very good. After you have just played a lot, now I am a lot."


Dofran Mingge can't laugh, just hurt your forehead, and he doesn't want to speak, so you don't want to be angry with this guy.

But this guy is not a human language.

Shangyuan Na will continue to say slowly: "Hey, Dofangming, we should be a black hand in the scene, why do I see you can live so today, how do I feel so tired? "


Dofonteo still did not answer.

In fact, he really wants to answer this question.

At the end of the original Needle, I said that this can be wrong. Do Francumbi knows what people who have manipulated themselves, the ordinary people of Drescent, Tata small people, some ordinary tauters on the sea, Basically, in addition to the administrative farming.

What kind of person is Shangyuan Needo?

Single only the corner encountered in Dofonteo, flying sections and Unecho Sasuke, these few people can now be a big sea in the sea.

Shang Nai, I watched a silent Dofontech, I couldn't help but frown, and I reopeically opened: "Du Franchen, you have unobuutable evil, I will give you one Do a good job! "


Dueran Ming Ge's eyes can not help it, this guy is not to do it with someone else.

Dofran Ming brothers suppressed their own mind, grinned: " ... What opportunities? Do you want to treat me as a piece of chess?"

"you are not willing?"

"No, very happy."

The smile on the Francumbhan face is still in power: "For me, it is also a pleasure to be a chess piece that you can do ... I don't know if I know if You Zhizuo is helpful and the relationship?"

"Sasuke ..."

At the last, I looked at my system panel. I looked at the Franmino: "Yuxi Bozuo is my brother of my old friend ... said that it should be said that he is my brother I once.

As for the present, it is, if you count, it should be that I can rush to the top three in my hands! "

In addition to the big torch of Mu Hui and whirlpooling in the Nango World, it is true that Unechebra is the strongest.

The justaving of the Francience was still amazed at the power of those people in the hands of the original navigo. He suddenly saw a golden light on his body. He also heard a familiar sound between his ear!

Wait, his neck!

Up to the born, he didn't agree to surrender!

After the Franmino returned, the expression faintly collapsed: "You, I have promised to become your chess ..."

"I have my own judgment."

Shangji opened his hand, whispered: "What is your heart thinking, I may not know ... But I am very clear that you think about it."


Dome Franmino is silent.

After a long time.

The mouth of Dofran Mingge suddenly revealed a smile: "Hey ... So at least let me know the goal of your goal? Just as we want to recruit companions or allies, you must know his purpose. ? "

The expression of Dofran Mingge gradually succeeded. He looked at the original navigation, and the voice was a little serious: "So ... what is the true purpose of your Lord?"


After the Shangyuan Na will be silent after a while, it has spread out his palm, calmly opens: "This world is too calm, like a beach dead water, I just want to let this era run away ..."

Next moment, a sea wave suddenly set off!

This group of waves have risen to hundreds of meters high in an instant, and people are very surprised!

If this hairdry swept Drazsosa, Drescent, who is still working hard, can declare direct death!

This guy raises his hand and has the ability to dieland!

The face of Dofran Mingge has changed, and he looks at the waves, and the look is cloudy. After a long time, he bite his teeth said: "If your purpose is to get the world, I will help. you!"

"very good."

Shangyuan Needle waved the waves, and his hand has a black hole in the middle of his palm. He took a Xiangyun black robes from the black hole.

Shangyuan Na Lu also looked at the height of the Francience, and put the Xiang Yun black robes. After he took out a ring, he took a sick in it, handed over the Franmino. .

Dofontech took the ring, looked at the words of the ring, couldn't help but smiled: " ... What is this, your symbol?"

"When an inconvenient, contact the tool in private."

Shangyuan Nai waved his waving, whispered: "If you in the sea, or in the war, someone wearing the same ring, that is your companion, now you can't see them ..."

After the Shangyuan Na Rou, the whisper continued: "You try to use the domineering input ring! Maybe I can accept the news you came ..."

" ... very interesting."

Dofran Mingge reached out to put the ring in his own hand, couldn't help but said: "I seem to have never seen the corner of the corner and Yuxi Board to help the ring ..."

"There is no need."

The original Nairou took out a scroll and revealed a coffin after liberated. He continued: "It is a person's body, if you have trouble, you will take him out!"

This is a ninja that is embarrassed.

Basically, each team has one.

Only the two groups and art two groups, they are all in the hands of the seal reel, which are sealed in the coffin of the embarrassment.

This is an original ninja bodyguard.

Among them, the corner of the team is a four-generation fire shadow windshore door, mainly bringing them to escape; the art of the Red Sands, the second generation of the second-generation rigid, the routine, is a full-energy ninja.

The hand of the martial artifact is the first generation of rigid shadows.

In addition to his own embarrassment of the Ninja Legion in the hands of the pharmacist, there is a part of the remaining body to resurrect.

Even if there is a reel in the Yuxi Boasso helper, and Yiszozo helps, his hand holds a bastard named Yu Zhibo ...

As a newly joined member, he got the tweet killed bodyguards naturally only the three generations of fire shadows, and then did not know the coffin without Chakra, and then could only put the coffin after going back. Put it on your own boat.

Speaking of the truth, very embarrassing.

"All right."

After Shang Nai, I watched a Du Franmin brother, and the light continued: "You are the most people who know the world government and the navy. In the future, there will be a lot of things to find you, now you will help me solve one thing. "


Dofontech can't help but raise his head, smiled low: " , is really curious ... Is there anything that adults can't be solved?"

"The king of this world is too troublesome."

At the last navig, I looked at Du Francumbi, whispering said: "I really want me to replace it in one of them, I have become the Queen Seven Wuhai, do you think reliable?"

"Is it a stem of martial arts?"

During the heart of the heart, he gave a name. He suddenly laughed and suddenly said: "If you want to replace it, let Mr. Ghost to withdraw from the Baroque Tominance ...

Then defeat with the fisherman ... Anyway, the world government has long been dissatisfied with the collusion of the white beard! "

After saying this, Dofonteo grinned again, smiled and continued: "In addition to the ghosts, the corner does not seem to have the same way ...

If someone defeated the Qi Mu Magola's seven-Wuhai Waste, the corner is now the most suitable for this big sea to become a Queen Seven Wuhai! "

"let me consider it…"

Shangyuan Nai can't hurt it to pick your eyebrows.

This is true that there is really feasibility.

After they discussed these things, Dofontech had a smile and looked at the last issue of himself.

"I'm curious."

Dofontech slowly cleared his fists, whispered: "So I want to know, adults have been in this big sea to cover up their strength ... What is the meaning of their strength ...

According to my feelings of adults today, it seems that you can defeat a new world's four emperors, so you can win a bigger benefit!

At that time, this era will truly rush away! "

"Du Francience ..."

Shangyuan never squatted his eyes, smiled and said: "How do you know ... The fate of those people ... I am not being controlled by my manipulation? One I have arranged ..."


The Francumbi's face is stiff.

The big night in this big sea suddenly smiled!

At this moment, Dofran Ming Ge finally felt that the Shangyuan Nairou appeared in front of the scenery of the black hand!

This is the real behind the big sea!