I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 431 The Navy is the most suitable for the home of the original naval (the third! 4,000 words! Search monthly ticket!)

Dingks is silent.

This life has experienced a lot of discrimination, and only the first time I have been discriminated against today because I have a redhead.

What does Uzhi Bozuo mean?

What happened to these people with red hair? So humiliate them these red hair!

"Red, don't try to stop Es."

Yuxi Bozuo watched the red-haired fragrance, and the coagulation continued: "Ace is more difficult than others, he wants to challenge the white beard to declare war with his irresponsible father.

Es wants to prove that he has never succumbed to fate, he wants to prove that he has existed in this world, without anyone eligible to stop him. "

To be honest, Potkas D · Es' destiny is already very bumpy. Now I am also staring at the innocent guy at the original navigation, this is the real human tragedy ...

Moreover, Unecheo Sasuke also has to take the original naval order, take this opportunity to disclose the Essen world to Xiangke, try to make the incense into the game ...

Diagram really.

Now that the brain circuit of Xiangks is still very serious. After listening to Sasuke, his face is a little big. "Is it a small guy who is white beard?"

"Do not."

Yischo Sasuke wrinkled after a while, he was calmly opened: "Anyway, tell you that these people don't care, he wants to march to the ground!

The body of Aies is the blood of Roger's One Piece. Although the guy has no responsibility, even if he is killed, let his life have a shadow! "

Yisizo Sasukes looked at the soul of the soul, and continued in the indifference: "You have seen the people who have seen Corr · Roger take a look, witness a new era, Ace will Transcend Roger, crowned as a new king! "

If you are arrogant, Unecheo Sasuke said to his captain.

If you don't have the original navigation, in fact, Portcas D · Es is likely to be a new One Piece under his support.

After that, Yu Zhiso took the face of the face and the shakes, and the sound said: "Rayle you mentioned is hidden in the shampoo! I saw it in the shampoo. He, hey, strength doesn't look good ... "


The surprise in the eyes of Xiangks has not faded, and the voice: "Is that little guy ... is the son of Roger's captain! Time ... It is impossible to be worth it!"

"Your reflection is really long ..."

The forehead of Yuxi Board can't help but jump, he is open: "Forget, incense, look at it, this sea never calm!"

As long as there is a place where the original naval is falling, there will never be calm!

Xiangks looked at Unechebra to leave, and hurriedly had to reach out: "Hello, Yuxi Board, etc., Es is really a captain ..."


A knife is directly pulled out in front of the incense!

"Don't talk in front of Ays!"

Yuxi Bozuo blew the red light of writing the eyes.

Can't continue to talk, otherwise it is possible to reveal stuffing, and Es only tells Sasuke, he is the son of Gorr D. Roger.

Next moment, Yuxi Bo saga took him to leave, his voice echoked on this island: "The Hei Piece is now immediately returned to our boat, set sail!"


Pingks also want to catch up.

A fierce sniper stopped his way!

Ben Becman flying to the face of Xiangks, swinging the knife and flying out: "Hey, what is going on, incense, do you talk about it? Need to convene people immediately Does the battle? "

"it's okay no problem…"

Xiangks hurriedly waved the people who made other red-haired pirates not to be nervous, his face faintly complex: "It seems to be more troublesome than taking it!"

The shore of the island.

The pirates of the red-haired pirates look at the ship of the Hei Piece, and also looked at Unechebra standing on the bow. Everyone is not compromised with autonomous brains.

"Hello, incense, what is the situation?"

"Head, don't you say that I will open a banquet tomorrow?"

"What's going on!"

"Don't ask."

Pingks hold their forehead and open the mouth: "In short, you will be prepared! Will n't wait quietly in the sea!"

After that, incense, incense, I couldn't help but stand on the rush of the thief, I was soothered in the sky: "It seems ... I really have to appear ... It's more likely to be more likely to log it. The guy of the top sea thief king! "

Although the conflict between the Hei Piece and the Red-haired One Pirates is not sharp, it is no doubt that both parties should be flat, this matter is also explored by the Navy.

The reward of the captain of the Hei Piece and the deputy director broke through billion Bailee, once became the world's news.

White beard sea.

Drive Mobi Dick.

Here is the world's strongest man's white beard, the flagship of the town, Edward New Gate, is called no one, no one knows.

Even in the horns in the four seas, some people have heard of his name.

No matter which person, almost all know the white beard Edward New Gate, who is sitting in the new world, is the strongest man in the world.

Although the white beard is getting bigger, the prestige of the trembling the sea for decades will make others don't dare to move, still sitting on the title of the world's strongest male.

At this moment, the white beard is sitting on his own captain, pinching a newspaper in his hand, writing is the battle result of the black thief group and the red-haired pirates.


The white beard is slightly shrinking, slowly swallowing: "Red-haired ghost and newcomers on the sea? Sure enough, Luo Jie's stinky is sick ..."

This big sea, can criticize the pirates of the One Piece, but the white beard is absolutely one of the most qualified.


Standing on the white beard, Malco, a pair of dead fish, nodded, soft: "Old, now they are catching up towards our site ..."

"is it?"

White beard horn, huge beards slightly shake, he was a lot of loudly: " La la la ... That go see it! This super newcomer, but it has never seen it in the sea. ""

Even if he and the era of Gorgon D · Roger, there has never had a strong newcomer like Portcas D. Es and Yizha, who is so strong, they are only seventeen this year. Years!

Malco picked up the eyebrows: "Old, I will go first."

"no need."

White beard shook his head.

To tell the truth, the white beard is more worried about his son.

After all, the vice minister of the Hei Piece is helpful, that is a person who is a red-haired vice man who is a redhead of Bakeman!

The whole white beard is apart from Malco, no matter how it works, you can't pick the second can be comparable to Ben Becman!

Malco's guy goes ...

There is a high possibility of going backless.

Therefore, white beard Edward New Gate is planned to see Ice and Yizha, and see how much these two little guys are.

"It's a nice little ghost ..."

White beard also looked at the newspaper in his hand, couldn't help but hook in his mouth: " la la ... Compared to the little ghost called the sand crocodile, the two little guys is more energetic. ! "

"Last time…"

Malco's eyelids couldn't help it: "When the next time we encountered the Crowdal, he was all over the year."

After Malco thought, he slowly opened: "The Crok Darna family became the king's seven Wuhai, and there was no courage to come to the new world. I heard that he is very moisturizing in Alabattan ..."

This is not wrong with this.

Klock Darr has really moisturized.

Even more than the Malco imagined much.

The whole man now is bubble in the water, and it is unable to move, and the face is full of cortical ghosts sitting at him.

The martial artiflor is grinned, slowly open: "Wang Xia Qi Wuhai actually does this point to work? It seems that I chose the wrong allies!"

"What is your guy's purpose?"

Crokdal is viewed against the martial arts.

Original Crowd Darl just thinks how to replace a very flat king, the result of the martial artifact, but hit the martial arts to test the ally.

In the face of the martial artifact, the enemy of the water and the domineering, simply perfectly made the sand fruit capability of Clockdal's sand, so that the sand crocodile did not have the power!

... "

Cartry ghosts tried to show a good smile, it seems that it is still : "It's a boring, I just want to find a member, now I look at Mr. Clockdal has not become the eligibility of my allies!"

Running slowly and slowly standing, laughing: "From today, I announce to quit the Baroque Tourism, you can find a way to clarify!"

After that, the martial artifacts continue to say: "Oh, yes, those that I have done may hinder me to board the king's seven Wuhai ... Those things will follow the boss of the Baroque Tourism Next, no Is there a problem? "

"Hey, I promise you."

Klock Dal bite his teeth: "I will let Nicole Robin declare what you betray the Baroque Tourism" on the newspaper! "

"Oh, then I hope that we have a good meeting in one day."

Cartry ghosts grabbed their own muscles and smeared on the back, leaving this rain, there is no nostalgia.

The original mortar ghosts in the Baroque Total, is helpful in the back pot in front of Klock Dar, now I am going to become a navy underground now, then there is no need to go here.

Wait until the mortinger ghost leaves.

Klock Darl looked at Nicole Robin, and the look is difficult to say: "Nicole Robin, you will not betray me?"

"Do not."

Nicole Robin shake his head and smiled and said: "I am just interested in historical text, who can let me see the truth of history ..."

"That is going!"

Klock Darr slammed out from the water, biting his teeth: "I can't wait, I have to start planning as soon as possible! I want to know the intelligence of Pluto as soon as possible, then kill all these guys!"


Nicole Robin nodded, and continued to open: "However, our recent senior agent was chased by a bounty hunter called angle ...

On the way to the rain, the MR.1 team and the MR.3 team have been disappeared. Mr.2 is taken away by the Navy, plus the MR.5 team and MR.4 team beforehand ... "

"Let's find a batch!"

After Kroddal said, he changed his idea: "Wait, how many people still in the Baroque Tominity?"

", Didara ..."

Nicole Robin, after a little bit, I will be silent for a second, she continued: "The senior agent is only two, there are still many intermediate agents."

When I said here, Nicole Robin quickly opened up: "One of them is called Shang Nai, I found out that he is a faithful person.

Well, his strength may not be enough, but the reward is also due to the time of the Tecon, you can consider the promotion into advanced agents. "


Klkkdal is overcast, and the opening is said: "In order to prevent it to go back to someone from the past, there is no need to recruit people again, maintain the status quo!"


Nicole Robin nodded.

If Crokdal rejected the original navigation to advance to advanced agents, Nicole Robe thinks that Klock Dar is too comfortable to live too much ...

Fortunately, he has saved.

I don't know if I first know this news, I will not be happy.

Shangyuan Nikou has no jerk, Robin, he hurriedly called a pile of attractions and began to meet the Navy's temporary people.

When Drake met the original Nairi, I just saw the original navigating a child who was chased by the pirates. This scene made him feel a little familiar.

Because Drake was chased by Don Quixote family, it was happened to be saved by the Navy.

Drake will look at this scene. Some feelings.

Drake was a silent look at the original naval, holding a sugar, comforting the child, and sharp eyes gradually somewhat soft.

As the dragon fruit, ancient plain, the power of the dragon, never in the battlefield, some fierce Drek will, this moment is hard to have a soft.


The Navy will still stare at the original Na.


The navy college pharmacist pushed his own glasses and evoked his mouth: "My point is like you, I think so."