I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 432, Adventures and Navy

Narrow street in the harbor city of Alabattan.

Shangji is just walking in, it is directly surrounded by Drake and Pharmacist, so that he can't help but frown.

"I am a neighborhood of Drake."

X. Drake stood in front of Shangyuan Na, and did not express his intentions: "Shangyuan Na, Baroque Tourism, mention you, I invite you to join the Navy, the Navy will go to you Sin is not going. "


Upogenic expression micro-change.

To tell the truth, Shangyuan Nairi did not expect Drake Major to invite him to join the Navy, don't you need to slowly contact?

"No need to be confused."

Drake is a little serious, he will continue to say: "We check that you are doing things under the Baroque Tourism, even if it is in the dark Baroque Tourism, your heart is still just right, Only the Navy is your home. "


Shangji, I was holding my fist, and I wanted to open the mouth: "I can't betray the Baroque Total ... There is no one dare to betray the Baroque Tourism."

"Don't worry about this problem."

Drake will spread his palm and will continue to persuade: "We already have a full determination, no matter who the people behind the Baroque work, the Navy will resolutely implement justice!"

When you say this, Drake is more cold: "You have been in Baroque Workshop for so long, you must know their danger ... You don't want them to continue to happen to this sea! "

"It's useless."

Shangji shook his head, showing a scared on his face: "Even if the Navy is dispatched, it is impossible to eliminate the boss of the Baroque Total, let's go, I will not tell others what happened today ..."

After that, Johi Nai is going to be overwhelming, but he is separated by the Navy.

Drake will look at the original navigation, soft: "There is no way, I can only send you into the sea."


Shangyuan Na will be silent for a while, and slowly nod.

Looking at Drake, I extended my own hands, and I went out of the appearance of a bunch of hands.

On the face of Shangyuan Na, even showed an emoticon smile: "You send me into the sea big prison, at least this kind, I don't have to use my own conscience again ..."


The face of the pharmacist has been stiff for a second, and he pushes his own glasses under him, because the pharmacist feels that his boss is getting more and more good at saying ghosts ...

Drake's cold is cold and somewhat stretched. He looked at the original navigation: "Shangyuan Needel, since you didn't dare to betray the Baroque Tourism, why did the pirates have saved so many people?"

Drake Majac will not be arrested, but instead continue to open: "In fact, you must want to save more people? Now this is a chance ... Please believe in the Navy, we will never let go of any sin ! "


Shangyuan Na will fall again in silence.

After a long time, he slowly looked up and looked at Drake: "You have come too late, the late justice is no longer used, no one can stop the ambition of the Baroque Total ..."

"What do you mean?"

"When the Baroque Tourism has not been discovered by the Navy ..."

The eyes of Shangyuan Nae became heavy: "Our purpose is to win an ancient weapon, and now the boss of the Baroque Tourism has already got it!"

When Shangyuan Na said, the eyes gradually became a little dark. He seems to continue to say like a nightmare: "As long as the boss of the Baroque Tourism is willing, he can easily destroy any country in this world, any Small island! Kill anyone in this world! "

Ancient weapon ... "

Drake's face changed.

The legendary ancient weapon, the sea king and the king, these three weapons almost many people heard that there were not many people in the years.

Because the era is too long, the history is broken.

Everyone thinks that ancient weapons have already become a legend.

"Even if there is no weapon, the Navy can't deal with him."

Shangyou, I watched Drake, the voice gradually became more fear: "That person ... is the nightmare of the world ... even if it is white beard now ..."

When I said here, Shangyuan Na will seem to see what it is, after flashing, he has made a shocking arm, and waving his fist to Drake's teenager!

On the other side, I launched a attack, and I rushed himself: "I will leave here. I almost forgot that today's Baroque Total Agent is coming to call me, they are all boss's affinity!"


Drake will block the fist of Shangyuan Na.

When Drake's face was slightly surprised, his ear suddenly heard a somewhat voices: "Shangyuan, get off quickly! This guy is an enemy, let me kill him!"

A clay suddenly falls on Drake.

Just as the Navy will not help but look up in the air, he saw a clay giant bird flying in the air, letting his eyes flashed a surprise.

Especially when Drake saw Huang Mao Youth on the clay giant bird, his face has changed!

"That is…"

Drake Majac General is consciously narrowed: "Blasting Artist Dida, is the guy is also a member of the Baroque Total?"


The Didara, standing on the clay giant bird, laughing: "Hahahahaha ... Art is explosion, drink!"

In the next moment, the clay on Drake suddenly exploded!

Drake can't prevent it to fly out!

Shangyuan Na Ruo has launched a attack on Drake. It is to cover the pharmacist to take Drake escape, and his party is chasing this Navy Major in the Navy Major and Pharmacist in Drake. War!

Until the pharmacist and Drake entered a secret store, I saw them after I saw them, but I went directly to the Didala chased another direction.

Wait until the original naval and Didala are leaving.

Drake is relieved, looking at the pharmacist to help his body, Gu Gu Jing said: "Blasting artist Didala, destroying a small island with one person, did not expect him to work with the Baroque Total member…"

"Leadens, first healing!"

After the pharmacist took the arm and shoulders of Drake and his shoulders, the opening continued: "Didala seems to have only done that one, 7 thousand Bailei, but he The strength may have exceeded the big hundred thiefs who have rewarded 100 million Feile ... "


Drake is not a nod to nod, whispered the right thing: "At least our today is not all harvest, the attitude of the original Nairi has been loose ..."

When I said here, Drake received his own phonetic, allocated the telephone number of the Navy.

Marin Fanto.

Navy's base.

The Navy's Marshal Warring States has connected their own phones: "Drake Major, is there anything? I remember that you are recently ... What? Ancient weapons!"


More heavy in Drake: "I have already contacted the original navigation, his attitude has been slightly loose, this is the news we know from his mouth, but he is too afraid of the boss of the Baroque Try "

After that, Drake will continue to say: "There is another thing, blasting artist Dida is the senior special agent of the Baroque Tourism ..."

"I know."

Next, the voice of the Warring States is a bit serious, and the sound of the sound: "Be sure to find a way to find all the secrets of the Baroque Tourism! I will send people to assist you, if it is about ancient weapons ..."

"This is the first task of the SWORD troops. If you can, I hope that there is a general support."

Drake will look at the injury on his arm, and the light continuation: "According to our intelligence, the boss of the Baroque Workshop seems not weak, and there is no great benefit of the support in this department. "

"I know."

After the Warring States thought, I agreed to his request: "The Green Painting General has been patrolling in the first half of the great route, I will order him and you will work with you, support your task!"