I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 434, who will be the most worse (third! Search!)

The gap between people and people is too big.

Even if Dofun Ming Ge guessed that the original navigation may be very powerful, he did not think that this Navy general is the department of Shangyuan Na.

This organization is too terrible!

Du Franchen met with the Navy's general, and thoroughly recognized the gap between himself and the original Na.

Many years ago, Duran Mingcho has worked hard to insert his own part of the undercover, so many years, it finally mixed into the G-5 branch.

Upperland Needs?

Directly insert the Navy's general as an undercover!

Duran Ming Ge feels that his means is in front of the original navigation. If the Navy's general is a person, what do you want to do?

" ... Youth goblin ..."

Dofran Mingge has spread his palm, and the smile on his mouth can't cover it: "Hey ... Since everyone is my own person, my business should take care!"


Youth can't finish the eyebrows.

Just as the Qing Wei wants to say something is worried about what happened, Nicole Robin took the bracelet of the Qing, directly replaced him.

"Du Francumba! Youth, there is no empty thing to pay for you, I have heard of your business, and those trouble should not be contaminated to the green."

" ... Devil's son Nicole ..."

Dofang Ming brother grinned and smiled nodded: " ... What are you talking about, how can a general of this department be used in small things!"

"All right."

Shangqi Nai Lu interrupted the dispute between them, put a hand: "Dover, Robin said that it is true, the gods are general, but I intend to support the choice of the Navy Marshal ..."

" ... it is a big man ..."

Dofontech couldn't help but praise: "The Navy's part will be amazing enough. It turned out that adults actually wanted to take the opportunity to support a naval master ..."

Dofonteo helped his forehead and smiled: " ... Yes, a navy Marshal is indeed higher than a Navy's value!"

It is also a pattern.

They really have a gap between the pattern.

Dofonte brother deeply realized this gap, he still didn't think of the ambition of the original Naji, who didn't think of the ambition of the original Nair, and became the next naval master!

Compared with the general power of the Navy, it is entirely not at the same level at all in the world.

Is this a black hand that controls the world?

Just a way to make Duran Mingge don't want to think.

Now, after the slide of Duran Mingge, the whole of the entire organization has been in, and everyone plays a different identity here.

Shangyuan Naoli, Baroque Tryard, Senior Agent, Navy Sword confidential unit preparation team.

Pharmacist, Navy Major, SWORD secret special forces.

Carton, Wang Xia, seven Wuhai preparators.

Unechebra Sasuke, the Minister of the Hei Piece.

The corner, the bounty hunter, the king, seven Wuhai preparatory candidates.

Flying segments, bounty hunters.

, A high-grade agent of the Baroque Takes.

Didala, a high-grade agent of the Baroque Try.

Black, intelligence member.

Nicole Robin, President of the Baroque Tourism.

Youth, Navy.

Dofran Ming Ge, Draza King, now the king, seven Wuhai, dark world faucet boss Joker.

"All people have already arrived, then our meeting begins!"

Shangqi Nairies sat in his position, slowly closing his palm, whispered: "Maybe I don't have to introduce you, knowing new members, you also know, then I will directly talk about our next step. "

The eyes of Shangyuan Nair falls on the body of Unechebra, because it is the most important thing because of the things of Sasukes to his main line task.

Shangqi Nai Lu said: "Sasuke, don't intervene Potkas D · Es and white beard fight, he can't be a white beard, according to their rules, you add a white beard in the same time. Thief group. "

"Hey, I know."

Yizhi Bozuo took his shoulder, the cold voice opened: "If the strength of the white beard is not recognized, I don't recognize the style ..."

"Ha ha…"

Shangji opened his palm, laughed: "If the white beard guy makes Ece to get rid of Corr D · Roger's shadow?"

White beards can be a man who makes many spirits think he is a father-like man. He is very good for his son! "

As everyone knows, the personal charm of white beard is extremely fascinating.

Shangyuan Nair is very convinced that there are not many people who can resolve Esnees in the heart in the world. White beard is definitely one.

"I know the situation of the white beard."

Yischo Sasuke's face became a little unsatisfactory, he was looking at the original naval, a word: "Shangyuan Needel, you guys ... Do you want to kill who you can't do it? Now Is it the embarrassment of Es? "

"Is this not the simplest?"

Shangyuan Na was rushing up his legs, and his eyes slowly fell on the body of Unechebra. He looked at: "Some things don't understand, you need to look at all, monitor everything of the White Beard One Piece. "

Shangyuan Na Luou looked at Unechebao, and the waves did not surprise: "When I bet in Potkas D · Es, the fate has already made its choice, no matter how you interfere Unable to change the ending. "

"Your guy ..."

Yischi Sasuko couldn't help but hold his fists. He stared at the original navigation: "Shangyuan Needel, this is your nature ... or the guy Chakra is getting more and more affected by you?"

Yisizhike Sasukes bite his teeth and continues to say: "Improve your body should be the side of human nature, why is it more controlled more than a desire of people than God?"

Yischo Sasuke's attitude is a bit strange.

Let Sasuke rebellion to the original navigation must not dare, this guy should be brought, always want to wake up the human nature of the original Na.

Give people feel ...

It is like I hope that I can do my personal navigation.

"To shut up!"

Shangyuan Na's face is dark, the cold voice interrupted the words of Unechebra, no matter who mentioned the six immortal Chakra felt a headache.

Everyone in the field is not from independently looking in Unecho Sasuke and Shangji Na, especially the green goblin and Duran Ming Ge, two people are consciously thinking about Yuxi Bozuo, the more people think about it.

Godiness ...

human nature…

The Qing Dynasty remembered the distressed in the heart of the drug with the martial arts, and the original navigation would not be true God?

Of course, it is certainly impossible to be the kind of creation of the dragon people.

if it is ture…

What is the purpose of this guy?

Duran Ming brother's accepted is obviously high, because he personally felt the means of Shang Nai to make the deceased resurrection ... Such a powerful existence, certainly will not allow the Tianlong people to stain his name. ?

"Sasuke Uchiha."

The face of Shangyuan Na is gradually indifferent, he calmly opens: "It is enough to act in accordance with my plan, don't fall too deep, it is not your home!"

"…I know."

Yuxi Bozuo nodded, Shen Sheng continued: "If there is no matter, then I will leave, I got the news before, I heard that the king's seven Wuhai is very flat, it is coming to block the white beard, I have to deal with him ... "

"Well, I will get very flat!"

Shang Nai was unhappy: "After I ended here, let the ghost rushed to the fishing island, and took advantage of this opportunity to replace a very flat king. As for the guy, let him stay in the White Beat Sea. The thief group made a hundred pieters! "

"Tiao seamless plan."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and loudly praised: "If we have seized a very flat, it is very flat and thoroughly thoroughly.

The World Government must not sit on a seven Wuhai and the four emperors, will definitely abolish his king's seven Wuhai, we can not let the ghosts will be replaced. "

"Hey, it is always not realistic."

The green span is obviously not a little less than, immediately poured a pot of cold water, and the Baroque Tourism, but the Navy's key encirclement object, it may not allow a member of the Baroque Tourism to take the king's seven Wuhai ... "

"This is easy to solve."

At the last navigas, I watched a touch of mortar ghosts, and I saw the Qing Dynasty. "Ghosts have already quit the Baroque Tourism, let the ghosts use the king of Qi Wuhai as the conditions, assist the Baroque Trying Corporation Board Crokdal, this condition "

" ... is sure."

Not waiting for the cyan to answer, Dofran Ming brother got a laugh and replied: "As long as Mr. Ghost is displayed in the boss of the Baroque Tourism, the group of people in the world will definitely promise this matter. of!"

The martial artifacts also got his mouth and smiled: "It seems that I have to bully Mr. Croatar? I feel that he will hate me very much ..."

"Mr. Ghost ..."

Nicole Roben couldn't help but helped his forehead, sighed a good air: "That day, you humiliate the Klock Dalbug in the fish tank, he has hated you into bones ..."

"It's really a small gas, I am clear that he is life!"

Cartry can't help but sigh.

Nicole Robin was silent after a while, shook his head: "I feel that you and Shangyuan have become more and more like ..."

Anyway ...

Is it imprisoned?

"All right."

Shangyuan Na Rou waved their chat, and the opening continued: "Also, in addition to me and Robin, and Didala directly betray the Baroque Total, see the future of a seven Wuhai in the future "


The Qing Dynasty ignored the other, only remembered that the original Nicole and Nicole Robin will not betray Klock Darr, this is a big question mark.

"Sorry, I didn't understand what you mean ... you ... don't you join the Navy's SWORD troops?"

"This is not conflict!"

Shangji is unhappy to open the mouth: "If Mr. Clock Dal is a powerful force in this crusade, the Navy will not mind if I continue to undercover. Mr. Clockdal?"

"Of course I don't mind."

As a Sword troops, he was very saying, and he also added: "If the power of Clock Dar is too strong, the superstrument value of Needar will be higher ... I will also contribute to this matter. "

Everyone: "..."

You are really not a good thing!

Nicole Robin puts forward an important issue: "But has such powerful power?"

"Mr. Clock Darr is a man fighting with white beard!"

After Shangyuan Na, he laughed and said: "I will think of a way, let him become strong, you can help you ... this time, let the Navy's Drake will play forward, let him to the World Government Revolution of the horror of Mr. Croatar! "

Everyone: "..."

Well, it can be concluded.

That poor Drake is less ...

It is estimated that it will be the only war in this battle.

Nominal Shangdrek Major should be the host of the Baroque Tourism, but it is necessary to play with Klock Dar.

This is too bad!

No, the worst person should be the sand crocodia. Clockdal.

After a while, the green goblinded her later, I looked at Nicobin around himself, and I looked at the original naval: "Why are you with Robin to stay in Klockdal? This is not a meaning?"

"We have to enter the new world, Mr. Clockdal, but the big flag of the stroke ..."

Shang Nai is open to open his palm, explain: "If you do not with the help of Mr. Clock Dal, I am so powerful to go to the new world. Once I did something, is it too bad?"

Shangyuan Nai's finger slammed the desktop, whispered: "Okay, this war first forced Klock Darn to leave the hometown, leaving this gentle town in Alabast, and makes the first half of the great route to completely shuffle!"