I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 435 This combat meeting did not look at it.

This game is overcrowded, except for Dram Ming and Yizhio, there will be other members of the organization.

At the last pocket, I looked at the pillians, looked at this most believed in the department, and asked softly: "Pocket, tomorrow I want to officially face with Drake.

In this meeting, I have to disclose all information about the Baroque Tominity. Do you have any way to let me join the Navy? Don't cause him to doubt? "

"of course."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and smiled and opened: "Just a young god generally gave Drake Major Magic Order's golden telecommad, Nairuity looked at me."

Shangji Na Ruo has arranged the case of Klock Dar, turned to look at the people present, and the eyes slowly turned, stopped in the Dofran Mingge: "Dover, you will not get out of the chaos. ... "

" ... Follow!"

Dofran Mingge has spread his palm, and smile is almost suppressed: "I am just a small pirate that is shaking in the pressure of Thara Monster ..."

"so be it!"

Shangji was launching: "Any member in Alabastton, waiting for my next order tomorrow!"


The pharmacist slowly pushed his own glasses and whispered: "I immediately want to arrange a way to arrange Drake Major to invite Nenta to join the Navy."

Youth: "..."

When are you in a general, do you have so mad?

However, the greenness is really a very curious pharmacist how to do it, and it will make the original navigation to join the Navy.

late at night.

The Qing Dynasty, the whole process of the pharmacist, lured the Tech will, and the whole person feels not very good. He also became a chess piece of the pharmacist.

the next day.

Drake will once again encountered the original navigation.

The Navy's Major General Simultaneous Requirements and the original navigation talked carefully, and put forward their own conditions: "Shangyuan Na, now you have two options."


Shangyuan Nai did not raise his head.

Drake is slowly pulled out the golden telecommad in his hand, and the look is seriously open: "This is the phone of the Tun Magura. Once the dial is dial, the Navy will directly dispatch ten powerful warships and the elite Navy. The war is erased into Alabasan. "

After Drake was finished, looked at the big change of the original Nairi, continued to add: "The Tu Magu is in the emergency, if the Navy does not receive the intelligence of the Baroque Total, will be the whole Araba Stein destroyed the Baroque Total.

We have already found the most active place in Baroque, in Alabasan, the Baroque Tourism Cooperative is one of the most dangerous organizations of the whole sea. In addition, the Navy's generals are also On the way. "


The look of Shangyuan Nairi glanced in Drake in front of him: "Tu Magui is to destroy the deputy chief Nicole Robin ..."


Drake has nodded, softly: "In addition to the Tun Magic Order, there is also a person in which the Navy's generals are in person. In the case of specific intelligence, the Navy can only make such choices, this is also the world government. The command!"

This is true enough to listen to this.

Only Drake will think that people who can be used to scare in front of them.

After that, Drake will slowly collapse the golden telecommad, whisper continues: "In addition, there is another way, that is, tell us the information of the Baroque Total, cooperate with us directly destroyed the Baroque Tourism In this way, the innocent national innocent nationals of Allabast is surprised. "

"The Navy does this ... What is the difference between the fighter ..."

Shang Nai is like a dead gray to lift his head and look at Drake, just the unprecedentedness of the Navy.

Obviously ...

As long as I arrive, I will not agree, Drake will seem really press the golden telecommad, and directly launch the torch.

Shangyuan Nai is a noddion, whisper: "You guess it is right, the headquarters of the Baroque Tourism is indeed in Alabastton, the person headed is the king's seven Wu Haiklock Dar ...

After the defeat of Klock Darr, after the fierce battle, Croatus has been hidden in Alabasan, absorbing this desert country hidden power ... Now his strength can easily destroy a city!

I have not seen the Navy's general, I don't know the power of the Navy, but I know the horror of Kloddal. He just secretly used a trick in the desert, let the bus from Alabastan in Alabast in the desert. . "

The original Needle is a little bit of the power of Klock Dar.

In addition to this, he also leaked the Baroque Try to the Member List of the Member of the Drake, which also included the purpose of the Baroque Total.

"The Baroque Tourism has been in the end of it."

Shangyuan Needressed with his forehead, continued: "Crokdal believes that Arabastan is one of the 20 countries that have created the World Government, and there is countless secrets to make him stronger. Now he has become more Stronger ... "


Drake is very quietly listening to everything.

Although his mood has already turned into the sea, but his face is still calm, he is just a constant nod, and it is a serious listening.

These intelligence, Drake remembered in his heart.

Now Drake is more concerned about the next suggestion to him, that is, through this opportunity, invites the original Needle to join the Navy.

the other side.

After the secret of the Baroque Tourism, he suddenly grabbed the wrist of Drake, Shen Sheng persuaded: "I don't think that the Tun Maguo can destroy Klock Dar, will only damar with the innocent civilians of Alabastan. "

"I know."

Drake is a little bit, and after heckaken it, slowly and slowly fell a gift, rushing to the last navigation.

"I just let you want to provide us with the information of the Baroque Try to threaten you, if you want to blame, please blame me!"

Drake will insist on this , "I still have one thing, this time I won't use the Tempera, but this doesn't mean that the Navy will not continue to use this devastating blow ... "

The head of Drake is getting lower and lower, and there are more sincerity in the voice: "In order to avoid this situation in the future, I want to invite you to join the Navy confidential forces.

I hope we can fight together, help the navy collect information, change the Navy's face of strong enemies, the future can accurately attack the evil spirits that hide the evil spirits of yourself, rather than being forced to use the Tun Maguo. Divide my means. "


Shangyuan Na will be silent.

This Drake will have a hand!

Yesterday, I would definitely listen to the pharmacist to give him a class!

On the one side, I put a low posture, while playing a great name, this also made the original navigation to the navy, what kind of people who are kind are good to refuse?

Finally, you can mix the navy ...

In the future, he finally leaked the intelligence to the Navy, using the Navy's power to combat other pirates and guide the situation in the sea.

Shangqi Nairou reached the hand to support Drake Major, sighed a gap: "Mr. Drake, you say this, let me have no way to refuse, I am just a small thing that can do a little short."

"... we are all the same."

Drake's face revealed a smile.

In fact, Drake himself doesn't seem to be smirk, and his smile is a bit stiff: "Mr. Shangyuan, welcome you to join the Navy, we will be a colleague."

in the afternoon.

Due to the case of emergency.

The Navy SWORD troops will be held.

Terammire took the lead in reading the appointment of the Navy's marshal: "Protect the pharmacist to go to the Navy's department, appoint the original navigation to the Navy's Ministry of Education."


Shangyuan Needs and pharmacists vary.

The pain of the pharmacity revealed a smile, and I was sighing for a sigh of relief, and I had a sneak in the face of the eavesdropping.

What is the opening of this combat meeting?

The SWORD troops have three people, two of them are undercover, Drake Majors really can't wake up?

Drake will not be alert, and there is a little relaxation in his heart. At least the SWORD troops have moved toward the right track, the first host of the Baroque Total, finally can be officially implemented.

The Navy's Marshal Warring States also sent a hopes to the SWORD troops and even gave the SWORD troops to mobilize the power of all Navy forces around Arabastan.

"Let's first discuss directly to destroy the Baroque Tourism, caught the king's Queen Seven Wu Haikloddal!"

Drake will look at the two parts of his own. Human selection ... "

"This requires an intelligence of Shanghao Major."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and calmly opened: "In order to avoid being known to everything, we will first find a secret place to capture Clock Dal, but also brings too much trouble for the Navy."


Drake is a nodded, Shen Sheng: "If this is, you need to find a wasteless place in Alabattan ..."

"This place ... is quite."

Shangyuan Nair's finger falls in the central desert area on the map of Alabasan. He explained: "He generally stays in the rain, occasionally occasionally playing some pirates in the port, but only recently, often Go to the desert center ... "

The look of Shangyuan Nae gradually be more complex: "If it is in the center of the desert, it is absolutely impossible to have the opponent of natural sandha fruit power ..."

"The battle on the land, the natural system is not able to decide everything."

The pharmacist has interrupted the original Nairi. He pushed his own glasses, and the palm opened the palm of the palm.

The expression of the pharmacist has gradually become serious: "Drake is a rare animal demon fruit. Ancient plain, a derailry, the power of the land is also very amazing ..."

"All right."

Drake is a lot of the pharmacist, and slowly closes his palm on the table: "We look for the right area in the past few days, find the location of Klock Darr, this is the first of our SWORD troops The task is absolutely can't show. "


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses.

Drake's leading finger a little bit to the fist, quietly continued: "I will not be proud to think that I can defeat Collore, but I will not take the initiative to take the opportunity to face the evil one."


The green spheres outside the door couldn't help but wear their eyes.

This combat meeting is really letting you see it.