I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 436, a tail, column, Croatar

Drake is a lot of people.

Let him face a king's seven Wuhai, especially the prestigious sand crocodile, Drake is really a bit of pressure.


The generals are behind him!

A Navy's general brought is still very good, at least Qing Dynasty will be able to break the Queen Seven Wuhai.

Once Drake will discover Klock Dal, it will directly let the Qing god generally, and wait for them to work together to catch the Klock Daltal, you can fully encircle the Baroque Total.

The only thing of the trouble is that the legendary ancient weapon in the hand in the hands of Klock Dar, which has not yet given a clear statement of the Navy.

The five old stars of the World Government have a little ambiguous.

Five Elderly gave the Warring States Marshal Marshal, Crowdal should have not yet got an ancient weapon, so that the Navy can not worry about the threat of ancient weapons;

Even if Crokdal has got an ancient weapon, he should now have the ability to urge an ancient weapon;

Even if Crokdal has the ability to push ancient weapons, he should not be fully destroyed.

Can you rely on some spectrum?

It is really important to listen to this.

It is simply to let the Navy go to death.

In fact, the Navy is to play the striker to send death, the world government needs to use the Navy's life to verify whether the Pluto is in the hands of Crowd Dar.

In the first time I heard the specific news of the Pluto, the World Government was still very eager. They also thought that Crokdal had not completely controlled the Pluto.

After the highest leader of the World Government got the news of Pluto, privately sent CP special organizations to Alabasttan.

These people are still rushing to the road to Alabastein.

This kind of thing is definitely unknown with the navy.

Alabasan, desert center.

Crowd Darr has not seen the shadow of Pluto,

Klock Dar is still a bitter duststuff here, so that the whole Alabasan has become more drought, and the prestige of the King Brun, Arabastan.

Until this time, the entire Alabartan has become the swirl center in the first half of the great route, and Crokdal is still not aware of the crisis of the crisis, and even a big crisis now.

When Klock Darr raised his hand to make a sandstorm, a huge raccoon cat suddenly drilled out from Huangsha, and Zhangou took a wind gun!

"What monster is this!"

The look of Clockdal has changed.

In the desert, many horrible poisonous beasts are true, but like the raccoon cat such a weird beast, Klock Dar is still seeing!

"Are you a fruit power of Shasa?"

This huge raccoon cat revealed a wipe of a weird smile: "The uncle is hidden in the desert, looking for the ability of Shasha Fruit."

Next moment, Kroddal only felt that Huangsha flew out from the ground, and it was completely surrounded by a pyramid!

At this moment, Croatar tried to mourn the Huangsha left here, but found that these Huangsha did not receive his control!

Immediately, the huge raccoon is a yellow sand flood, flying into his body, let Klock Dal is shocked!

"What exactly is going on!"

"We are always integrated."

The sound of a tail guard from the bottom of Klock Dar, and the voice of this monster has a little bad way: "Hey ... Let the uncle look at how much power can be played after the two!"

"What joke!"

Klock Darl feels the immediateness of the body, and the expression on the face is a bit collapsed: "I will not allow others to invade my body!"

"Then you have to see your own will ..."

The sound of a tail guard is still very bad.

As it borrows your own strength to Klock Dal, the yellow sand under the foot of Clockdal is crazy!

These sand dusting under the mad winds, easily gathered into a sandstorm that covers the sky, which makes Crokdal can't imagine!

After more than that horror monster in the body of Klock Dar, it would be easy to manipulate Huangsha. He felt that he could turn everything around him into dust, perhaps this is the true power of Shasha fruit. ?

This power is indeed strong.

But what is going on?

Just when Clock Dal is still surprised in the desert.

Shangqi Nairou Station in Alabastein's rain, whispering on the phone in the hand: "Crokdal has become a column, we can do it to support Drake Major, and disconte Klkdal."

Yes, people who manipulate this are just the original navigation.

The endurance believes that the original naval is the six cactus Chakra, which has brought him a lot of trouble, but also brought a lot of convenience.

For example, nine tail beasts are still very obsolete.

Shangqi Nai Lu enjoys a tail guard to enter a person's body, let the person become a tail, and I will agree with the tail guard.

Anyway, this time will not be too long.

Moreover, Klock Dar has become a rough process of a tail, and even the seal is not set, this sand crocodile does not know at all times, it is possible to be deprived of the body of the body at any time.

This is actually a big pit.

Jumping off and brutal sex ...

Who knows what the guy will make?

However, it has to mention that Crowddal has got at least many of the application capabilities of many sandy sand, which is also greatly strengthened, so that he manipulates his strength to be more comfortable.

the other side.

The Navy's Major General Drake According to the original Nair's intelligence, the neighborhood has entered the desert. As for the pharmacist, he was sent to the Baroque Tourism, others.

Prior to the past, Drake was contacted with the green, and he got the exact guarantee of the Green Panjun. You can support him at any time.

What else does this still don't worry?

Crokdal has also received a phonice of Nicocos, and his deputy chief informs him that there are some changes, and the Navy I don't know how to follow the activities of the Baroque Try to find Alabastein.

"Mr. Clock Dar, maybe the martillamon ghosts have been disclosed."

Nicole Robin's voice is more nervous: "At least one of the naval will sneak into Alabastton, it is to find us;

And the rain suddenly encountered the navy's attack, they claimed that you have abolished your king's seven Wuhai ... "

"I will go back soon."

Klkkdal hanged the phone in his hand. His face has a gloomy smile: "Hey, a navy will be willing, then you can use him to try Laozi just get the power ..."

If he hasn't got a Pluto Radio, he did not get a Pluto Marine.

Now Crowd Darr suddenly got another powerful force, it is already ignored the threat of the World Government.

Just on the way to Crokdal returned to the road, it was encountered by Drake Major, so that the sand crocodile is a bit suspected that the World Government will want to do it.

After Drake, Drake saw Kroddal, he was relieved, and he saw Klock Dal, and the plan should not have any errors.

Everything is going well.

The rest is the tricky battle!

Drake blossoms his sword, and looks coldly in the desert. The desert is: "Saj Croolk Dal, you secretly manipulate the Baroque Try to harm the sea, I am deprived of your king with the name of the World Government Navy The next seven Wuhai is ... "

"What rules can I have?"

Klkdal's face flashed a slim: "I already know, it is the guy who has helmemon leaked the news!

However, this doesn't matter, if you, maybe Laozi still needs this position, now Laozi just needs a ready-made living target! "

"Sand spots!"

Under the manipulation of Clock Dar, countless Huangsha brings together into a sand ball in the air, and if the bullet is generally launched to Terake Major!


Drake's arm is directly broken by the sand.

The Navy will immediately realize their trouble.

Drake's body suddenly swells, turns into a huge heroic dragon, trying to resist the attack of Huangsha with a hard body!

Just after Drake became a videody, it was still unable to defend the attack of the sand scorpion, and the next moment of his feet suddenly, countless yellow sand was wrapped in his body, and he buried him directly!

The battle has just begun ...

Drake Major will be defeated directly by Klock Darr.

At this moment, the Navy will finally realize the horror of the Queen Seven Wuhai, and it is also aware that there is more stupidity in the environment in the desert.

It has been a bit dumbfounded by Shangyuan Na, which has been monitored this battle. He thought that both parties would also have a big war ... This Drake is directly lost directly?

"Pocket, this less will not play?"

Shangyuan Nai fell, he couldn't help but read the juice in his hand: "The juice in my hand is still not cold ... Drake is willing to cool? Is our future chief?"

"No, Drake's colors' strength is this."

The pharmacist couldn't help but laugh, push his own glasses, whisper: "Perhaps the power of Needar is too powerful, let you think an ant is at least you can have a piece of finger ..."

"Let the Qing Yin hurry to support it!"

Shangyuan Na Run shakes his head, got a juice, sighed a mouthful: "When you are almost, you will take a ghost, scorpion and Didala!

Let Mr. Clockdal know that the entire Baroque Total, in addition to me and Nici Robin, the world has betrayed him ... "