I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 439 White Beard One Pirates and Hei Piece, fighting!

Alabasan, rain.

The Navy is searching for the entire rain, and the rest of the Baroque Total, whether it is much smaller, it will be all grabbed.

Drake was universalized in his hand, and he looked at the Naval General Standing around him. The side of it. "

After that, Drake will continue to say: "According to the news provided by the previous major, the sand crocodile Klock Dalga will also walk with Nicole Robin, and enter the new world in the second half of the great route."

"Oh, I know, give me a call to the tune!"

The green squid has passed the golden telecommad in Drake, crossing his own bike, and waving the waving at will: "Then the rest will hand it to you!"

This crusade, Qi Wu Haiklod Darr and the battle of the Baroque Total, have a feeling of some tiger head, at least at least.

Klock Darr has finally arrived at the port.

When he was the most wolf, Nicole Robe leaned his helping hand, brought him to a boat filled with orange trees, and this big ship immediately sailed to leave Alabastton.

Three people stand together on the bow, watching them gradually away from the Desert Kingdom, and also looked at the mortar ghosts waiting in the port.

Kroddal was full of face and silently clenched his fists, whispered: "Nicole Robin, you can really find a group of good helper, a total of four people, three of them are traitors!"

"Who knows that these people are so deep ..."

Nicole Robin's mouth contained a smile, whispered: "This time we should be a gangster alone, but can't be so good!

This country has historical text. When the Navy is no longer concerned about us ... At that time, let's come back! "


Klock Dar slowly nodded, his eyes fell on Nicole Robin and Shangyuan Nair: "Let's go, let me go to the new world! Let me see the new world of monsters!"

"Yes, the captain."

Nicole Robin smiled nodded and continued: "So do we need to recruit some crew?"

The captain said that the expression of Clock Darr hiked, he seems to have never heard of this title, because he has always been in the sailing.

This name is as if it is a responsibility.

The expression of Kloddal has eased a lot, he looked at the original navigation asked: "Hey, the original navigation, what do you do?"

"I know, he is a qualified ship doctor!"

Nicole Robin's mouth revealed a smile, instead of the original navigation: "Mr. Shangyuan's home is in the blood, there is a magical ability to quickly cure the wounded in the wounded."


Shangyuan Nairou seems to be a bit shy, not very embarrassed, he is still helping Klock Darr, with stars to cure his wound.

At this moment, Kroddal felt that his physical fitness was abundant, suddenly born back to Alabastan and fight a few rounds!

"What is the ability?"

"Hey, it is a kind of exchange!"

Shangyuan Nai fell to smash his palm, weakly opening: "I consume my own physical strength to help you treat, after using it, I will become weak and weak, I will be in the East China Sea, I will help a village. When the injury was treated, this secret was discovered by Miss Robin ... "


Klockdal slowly nodded and whispered: "Do not waste this ability in the weak."

This ship doctor is a bit reliable.

This ship doctor is definitely the object to be protected. As long as this board doctor, he will return him to the battlefield after serious injury.

The eyes of Klkkdal slowly moved, falling on Nicole Robin: "Nicole Robin, can you only read the historical text?"

"I can help grind coffee ..."

Nicole Robin's smile is very warm.

"It's really useless ..."

Kroddal took a cigar with a cold voice: "Forget it, anything else can do, then we will go directly to the shampoo! After the film, you will enter the new world directly!"

Klock Darren is also a full talent.

Whether it is a nautical, chef, fighting or even boatman, the guy of Croatar seems to be doing, no wonder he has not partner.

Obviously everything is a thing he can do, why do you want to raise others?

Unless it is an indispensable person.

For example, Nici Robin and Shangyuan Na.

Nicocosin is the only one in the sea to read historical text, Shangyuan Na, has excellent treatment.

Just when they rushed to the shampoo in the archipelago, the entire sea was also dramatically crossed because of the changes in the seven Wuhai, and the new reward will release this.

Sha, Klock Dar, the original king, seven Wuhai, rewards 800 million peple.

The son of the devil, Nicole Robin, rewards 200 million peple.

Baroque high-end agents, Shangyuan Na, rewards 8,5 million peel.

The original Baroque senior specializer, blasting artist, Didala, rewards 10 million peple.

The original Baroque senior agent, artist, scorpion, reward, 8 million peel.

In addition, the reward of the mortal ghosts is abolished.

The World Government announced abolished the position of Klock Dar and a very flat, the seven Wuhai, and directly announced the new king's seven Wuhai candidates.

Since the corner and the mortar ghosts, they will continue to become the new king seven Wuhai.

The name of this person is very loud, he is the most famous bounty hunter on the sea, so that many hundred thiefs have changed.

Cartry is also a big one that suddenly jumped by supernova this year.

If it is not a reward of Portkas D. Es and Yiszo, the mortal ghost should be the strongest super star this year.

With the support of the Navy of the World Government, the mortar ghosts clearly removed the Yu Er of the Sun Piece, and announced the whole fish island.

Because the fishman island is a white beard site.

This matter is also regarded as the provocation of white beard in the World Government.

Just as everyone is waiting for the white mustache's response, the white beard watered a message that makes the whole world to shake again.

White Beard One Piece and the Hei Piece!

The second half of the great route, a small island in the white beard sea.

When the black peach rummates rest on the shore, a huge sea boat parked on the island, a tall figure handheld a big knife appeared on the bow.

In an instant, a shotful air wave swept the entire island!

Fighter kingdom!

The power of this bullet is fundamentally can't live in the mind. In addition to Uzecho Sasuke and Ece, other crew members have dicedly suffered from this domineering impact!

Even if I is also a little shake!

"This is ... White Beard is coming!"

The prisoner of the Hei Piece is very flat, and his face has been blessed, "why is the old man coming over this time!"

"Is this white beard?"

Yiszo Sasuke slowly eaten the grilled skewers in his hand, and took out a paper towel and wiped his mouth, and slowly picked up the knife around him.

Yuxi Bozuo helped the body of Es, who was not careless: "Ece, you are here waiting for me, I will come back soon ..."

"and many more…"

Ai made the arm of Sasuke stopped him. This man's face revealed a stubborn, he was unknown: "Sasuke, this is my battle, the guy is what I have to challenge.! "


Yischo Sasuke caught into silence.

After a long time, Sasuke was re-sitting down and calmly opened: "I know, let's go! No matter what you lose, you are always my captain."

"rest assured!"

The His face showed a smile: "Even if it is the best deputy captain in this world, I will not lose to the guy!"

After that, Esyi didn't hesitate to meet the coast.

White Beard Edward New Gate stands on the bow of Mobik, holding a big knife in his hand, grinning: " La la la ... Let me see, I want to take me the first level Who is it! "

"Portkas D · Es!"

A flame is accompanied by Ace's voice and went toward Mobi Dick!

The Malco around the white beard turned over the dead fish eyes, and looked at the fire. "Only this power also wants to challenge the old man?"

In the next moment, Malco's sudden opened a pair of light blue wings, it was necessary to directly block the flame!

This is an animal system, a vague vette, an undead bird, and the devil fruit on Marco is a more rare existence than nature.

Unexpectedly, I took Malco to go out!

Yischo Sasukes recovered his tutor, his voice spread throughout the coast: "Hey, even I have no interference, what eligible?"

" la la la ..."

The smile on the white beard is can't help but deeper, and the domineering sweeping on his body has extinguished the flame hit, and smiled. "Then satisfy them, anyone should not intervene, this is between the captain. fighting!"

"... Old!"

Huamei Best Tita will stop.

However, after the white beard shook his head, the hand held his big knife and fell on the shore. He looked at the Ace in front of him, smiled and said: "Little ghost, you really found a good pace!"


Ais wiped the sweat on his face, Shen Sheng: "Even if it is forces, I will never lose it!"

" la la la ... that, let me see your energy!"

White beards have a good mouth, step by step to Es, a punch will fall down the departure of the Black Piece!

Really ...

The dishes were surprising.

Even if Ece is standing again, it is still easy to defeat the ground, as if the adult is as easy as a child.

This battle gap is too disappointing.

When the battle between the White Beard One Piece and the Short of the Hei Piece, some white bearded crew quietly fell on the shore and surrounded by Unechebra.

These people want to save very flat.

The flower sword is holding his own two swords, looking at Yuxi Bozuo to open: "Little ghost, your hand is a big fast knife grass? Let us come to a sword. ! "


Yuxi Bozuo helped for a second.

In the next second, the corner of Unecheo Sasuke revealed a brids, and he looked at Es, who was beaten from the white beard, and looked at the Sword Tower in front of him!


The smile of Unecheo Sasuke suddenly became drafted, and a huge momentum was emitted from his body. The purple must be able to cover his body!

A full-body purple of hundreds of meters high must appear!

Yuxi Bozuo manipulates that you can suddenly remove the huge tacklers in your hands, and you will take all people around the Sword Tita and all people around!